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New Scan with new information about the New Guy


Rather bizarre
The name is definitely Shinji. And, oh my, he DOES look like a midget, with an adult face on a child's body! XD

Also, as taitofan just said, the world RIVAL has a question mark. He could really be anything.


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The thought that Shinji might be Hikari,s contest/love rival keeps
spinning in my head.

Drew 2? Nah it cant be..


The three starters could be on there just to pormote themselfs. if Brock's really in they main group (like i know he is) he's getting the fire monkey. He got Mudkip before, when May got Torchic and Ash got Treecko, i may be no different.


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Shinji being a rival was the only possibility since they showed Takeshi on the main cast.
Pokemon D/P Episode #6 - "Takeshi vs Shinji! Who gets Hikozaru?!"


Indeed, his name is Shinji...

Cue my Evangelion fanboyness kicking in. :/ I'm liking him just on the basis of that. Plus, he looks like a punk. I'm getting sick of 'nice' characters and 'nice' rivals. Let's have this guy be a c*ck, and remain one.

Should make up for the fact we never really got Silver. :/


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I've only looked at around 5 of the 3294943240 existing threads dedicated to D/P so I don't know if they've been posted already or not, but here are some other tidbits of the summaries on the scan:

Rival Battle: Pikachu seems to be gone for an entire episode, because at the beginning of this ep, Ash is still looking for it. And while searching, he meets Shinji who challenges him to a battle, but that's been said already.

Pocchama VS Subomii: Ash and Hikari don't seem to get along at first. That's why she challenges a minstrel called Naoshi to prove her strength.

Ash definitely gets Mukkuru, as the first sentence of the summary for "Get Naetoru!" states that he pops TR's balloon with it.

EDIT: ...when was the last time we saw a minstrel on this show? o_O
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Ash definitely gets Mukkuru, as the first sentence of the summary for "Get Naetoru!" states that he pops TR's balloon with it.
...Oh lord. :/

Not only are they already shoving the token 'Balloon Popping' task on the poor thing, but Ash seems to just be getting the same Pokemon he's been getting for 8 or so years now.

Edit: Yay, a minstrel! :O I just love one-shot trainers. :x


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Since Bippa is #013 and Mukkuru is #010 then that means that Mukkuru most likely has 2 evolutions... so that automatically makes it a bit more interesting... let's just hope it's final evolution is cool.

As for Shinji, he's got one creepy mug on him haha. I wonder if he's a jerk.


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Maybe he just grabs a sleeping Mukkuru from a nearby tree branch and throws it at the Meowth balloon like the dart it is? Betcha didn't think of that completely plausible reason, didja?


I did finnish a little but the rest of the info will be within this week or so

here's what i finnished so far: (fixed the link)


also, the writings at the right side was the sypnosis of the first 3 episodes of the anime and on the left of it wi the 1 hour special of the first episode of DP.

I'll be translating the rest within this week as I have still projects in school. so I'll just apologize for the lack of translations I made in that picture
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The new guy, Shinji has the same name as the lake near Futaba town!

Do you think there is any relation?

Maybe that guy comes from Futaba town and he is an legend (maybe elite four or champion) and that's why they named the lake like that:p.

Or second rival.


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Well isn't this the splitting image of the first two captures in Hoenn so far. (Not that I really mind though)

Ash catches Mukkuru (Taillow) and then Naetoru (Treecko and starter).
Hmm... he still is handsome =) I like his face, maybe he looks little old but
nice. Probably he is Ash's rival. I'm glad, he isn't Hikari's rival or something
because if he was we would have next May/Drew thing. Probably he is in
Ash's age because they have this same size. I would like to hear his voice,
probably will be deep and mysterious....ahhhh.....