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New Set Discussion


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Can't believe no one's made this thread yet. Anyways, with the new Furious Fists set being released worldwide in August, there's bound to be new team ideas bouncing around. Feel free to discuss strategies involving the new sets or just talk about the new sets in general.

Personally, what has my attention the most in the new Furious Fists set is the Korrina supporter card and the new Machamp. The new Machamp has an ability that lets the user's active Fighting type Pokemon do +20 damage while Machamp is in play. While this is a decent ability, it would normally be held back by the fact that Machamp is a Stage 2 Pokemon, but then you have the new Korrina supporter card. The Korrina supporter card allows the user to search their deck for one Fighting type Pokemon and one item card and add them both to their hand. It might not be useful for pulling an extra N or Juniper like Skyla, but it sure is useful for setting up Stage 2 Pokemon when you have Rare Candies in your deck.


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Not really, big basics garbo and seismetoad/garbo which have already existed in the format however the cards from the set just add more speed and more dmg. Korrina hype is on almost every forum and grab's only item cards, the stadium cards offer a lot and special fighting energy similar to special dark. And every other card in the set kinda, pretty much sucks (I think I'll buy 1 box this time, first time in over a year). I would rather talk about x/y and flf and its relation to the new set over just talking about rising fist.
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