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New Signature Rules - Updated 2/21/11

Discussion in 'Serebii.net Discussion' started by emeraldellie, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. emeraldellie

    emeraldellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    SPPf Signature Rules
    Get your Signature Checked!
    Note: Everyone will have two weeks following the publication of these rules to change their old signatures to fit the new rules, and will not be punished if their signature followed the old rules and does not follow the new ones. After that, everyone needs to change their signatures to fit these rules.

    1. No Links to Dangerous/Offensive Websites
    You may advertise anything you want and have as many links as you want, but you may not link to phishing sites or anything similar, or sites that break basic forum rules such as porn or offensive pages.

    2. No Text that is Higher than Size 4
    Simple, don't use any tags that make text Size 5 or bigger. You can have as many colors and capitals in your signature as you want now.

    3. No Signatures Taller than 420 Pixels
    Your signature, when measured in pixels, cannot be taller than 420 pixels. To measure it, just take a screenshot of it and measure in MS Paint or another program. For reference, this is what it should look like:
    Note: Height is measured using the Serebii.net V9.0 Skin. Some skins have different text sizes and such, so a signature may appear larger or smaller if you use a different skin.

    4. No Signatures Wider than 600 Pixels
    This means you can't have an image that's 40000x1 pixels or something to stretch people's screens, or put a ton of characters in a row or something. Make sure if you have a long word or image that it doesn't exceed 600 px wide.

    5. Image Limits
    You can use up to 150000 pixels (if made into one image, that would be 500x300), spread out in any amount of images you want, as long nothing breaks stretching limits. So you add up the total pixels (Height x Width) in each image, and if it's under 150000, you're good.

    Also you may not hotlink to any images from arkeis.com in your signature, or use tinypic (as they randomise URLs periodically). If you want to use an image from the site, save it and upload it to another image/file hosting site (e.g. photobucket, imgur, dropbox, etc) and use that link.

    6. Spoiler Limit
    You may only have one spoiler in your signature, no exceptions. Also remember that anything inside the spoiler counts towards the other limits, so you cannot have an extremely tall signature or a huge image hiding within a spoiler.

    7. No Offensive Content
    This can include text, images, or whatever. You may NEVER bypass the censor in your signature, in part or in whole; it must be completely starred out if you use a censored word. You also may not have any images that use censored words in them, or any other offensive types of images. You also may not insult any person or group of people, or falsely quote someone. If it is something that they actually said on the forums (or elsewhere), you are free to quote them.

    Note that these rules also apply to your usertitle, profile picture, user details, and anything else that is seen every time you post.

    8. No large GIFs or .bmp files
    You may not have over 500KB when all of your images are added up (this only happens if you have large animated GIFs), and you cannot have any bitmap, or .bmp, pictures, as they are far too large and take too long to load.

    9. Give credit for images used
    Unless you made every single part of an image yourself, it is an official image (such as a sprite directly from the games), or the artist has explicitly stated no credit is needed, you MUST give credit to where you found an image. You need to either give the artist's name or the site you found it, but search engines like Google and Photobucket are not acceptable as credit sources.

    10 No fear mongering messages
    Please refrain from having messages like 'I believe ____, if you do not put this in your signature then you are going to be banned/going to hell/going to be eaten!' It's silly at best, and not fitting for a forum which children go to.

    Signature FAQ​

    1. Is my signature okay?
    This is NOT the place to ask that, nor should you PM any mod asking. There is an Official Signature Check Thread, which is linked to at the very top of this post, where you can ask if your signature is okay.

    2. What happens if I break the rules?
    If you are found with a rule-breaking signature, your signature will be removed and you will receive an infraction (or warning). The message will have a copy of your old signature and a message explaining what rule(s) you broke. Violations that are covered under normal infractions (such as flaming or trolling) will result in that infraction being given. All other violations will use the following infractions:
    Mild Signature Infraction. This lasts for 45 days and is worth 3 points. The following situations will give you this infraction:
    -Breaking limits (height, pixels, and GIF size) by less than 10%
    -Having a file in .bmp format regardless of file size
    -Having one line of text or less above size 4
    -Having 2 spoilers
    Moderate Signature Infraction. This lasts for 90 days and is worth 5 points. The following situations will give you this infraction:
    - Breaking limits (height, pixels, and GIF size) by 10-100%
    - Having 2 lines of text above size 4
    - Having 3 spoilers
    Heavy Signature Infraction. This lasts for 180 days and is worth 10 points. The following situations will give you this infraction:
    - Breaking limits (height, pixels, and GIF size) by over 100%
    - Having 3+ lines of text above size 4
    - Having 4+ spoilers

    3. I was given a strike unfairly. What do I do?
    PM the moderator who gave you the infraction and explain your case. Note that this should only be used for serious complaints, and PMing them just to whine that you didn't know the rules or something will not be tolerated.

    4. Someone has a rule-breaking signature. Who can I contact?
    Any moderator and above can now edit signatures. It is probably best to PM a moderator since the other ranks have far more things to take care of, but any of them can do it, and if the signature is especially offensive (such as if it has pornography or something), you should PM any of those staff members right away.

    Please remember when you PM someone to report a signature to explain what's wrong with the signature, just like when you use the Report button.

    5. I broke the rules a lot and now I can't edit my signature anymore. What happened?
    People who break the rules over and over again may be placed into a special usergroup that does not get signature privileges, as they would have in the old system after reaching 5 strikes. This will be done on a case by case basis, but the staff will not do this lightly, and once we have decided to take away your signature privileges, it is final.

    6. Will my usernote strikes be reversed after these rules come into effect?
    For the most part, yes. Logistically it would be a nightmare for us to convert strikes to infractions, so almost everyone is being given a clean slate. However, if you broke the rules enough times to lose signature privileges, you will not be getting them back with this change.

    7. I got banned for sig violations even though I didn't reach 15 points. What gives?
    Since signature rules are a part of the infraction system now, we reserve the right to place a manual ban or custom infraction on someone who appears to be breaking the rules juuuuust enough to skate under the ban thresholds.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2014
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