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New Title - AG 160

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~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~
AG160/EP435 - Gonbe's Battle Debut! Harley and Taking the Game Seriously!

Source - Bulba Garden
Source - Bulba News

So...i guess this is the NEXT CONTEST :D

And it's Harley :D...wonder what new pokemon he'll have...and 'Taking the Game Seriously!' WOW...this should make things 'intresting'..lol

as i'm sure..he's going to have tough pokemon

EDIT: OMG...i'm sorry..i didn't notice..there was another thread...i was looking and i thought there wasn't..but hten i checked agian...I'M SORRY...

can a mod close thsi plz. AND I'M SORRY

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gee that's swell
Munchlax in a contest? Wow. May may not win this one. [Harly is such a jerk]
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So hot he's on fire.
You got owned. Rofl.

Taking the game seriously, huh? God, I hope he totally wails on her. Cause she needs to lose to him BADLY.


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Torchic23 said:
Munchlax in a contest? Wow. May may not win this one. [Harly is such a jerk]

I'm predicting that she'll win, simple because I think that munchlax needs to be given some sort of spotlight in the show and I think a good contest episode could be just the ticket.
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