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New to Team Building. Questions!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by OfficialD4, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. OfficialD4

    OfficialD4 Member

    Hi there fellow Pokemon trainers!

    I put down my pokemon games a few years ago, at about the age of 14. School became tougher, athletics heavily increased, and sadly I lost a bit of interest for the games as other systems and games were released.

    Recently (after cleaning my room for once), I stumbled upon my old gameboy with Pokemon FireRed still plugged in. I hoped on for a few minutes and instantly my love for the game was re-kindled. This gave me great joy and I even asked to borrow my sisters gameboy with her Emerald game. The contrast of the two different pokemon regions provides a bit of variety from time to time.

    So, with my love for the game at full thrust right now, I have decided to do some research. Now, I've never been a team builder. Basically, in my younger years, I just picked a pokemon with a cool name or something along those lines. Never thought much of their stats, moves, or even types. I would simply get my starter pokemon and powerhouse through the game using just a few pokemon. Now that I understand types, moves, stats, natures, given items, and all of that I want to actually build a proper team but possibly with a slight twist.

    Now, as I said before, I have been researching. I've put together a general outline of what I'm looking for. I looked up a few moves and whatnot but it feels they are bunch of individuals still. I am lacking the team aspect.

    Currently I looking at (in no specific order... yet) :
    Name (Type)
    Item : Nature

    Move 1
    Move 2
    Move 3
    Move 4

    Dewgong (Water/Ice)
    Item : Nature

    Rain Dance
    Ice Shard

    Mr. Mime (Psychic)
    Item : Nature


    Charizard (Fire/Flying) = *Shiny*
    Item : Nature

    Dragon Claw
    Fire Blast
    Blast Burn

    Pidgeot (Normal/Flying) = *Shiny*
    Item : Nature

    Ariel Ace

    Jolteon (Electric)
    Item : Nature

    Shadow Ball

    Nidoking (Poison/Ground) = *Shiny*
    Item : Nature

    Sludge Bomb


    You are probably thinking, "Oh boy, this rear-end has three shinies in his team!". Now relax, this team hasn't been created yet and is purely set up as a guide for my future team. The ones marked with *Shiny* I will indeed succeed at obtaining them as shiny whether they make it into my starting lineup or not! :)

    So, I'd love to know your thoughts on my future team. I still am lacking the prefered natures and held items for these pokemon, but seeing as I am willing to make changes to the team, nothing is set in stone yet! If you could help out with possible substitutions, held items, natures, possible move changes, or anything else it would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you!
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2013
  2. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

  3. OfficialD4

    OfficialD4 Member

    Thank you kind sir.
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