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New Year Thread - Welcome 2013!


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Happy New Years guy. Hope yall have a successful year. :)


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2012 was a good year. High marks at school, plenty of new friends, getted punked by the Mayans, and I got a few phone numbers. Over all good year, hopefully 2013 is a good follow up. I hope you guys had a splendid 2012 and a great 2013 ahead of you.
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I'm going to try to get 50 subs on my YT channel by July. LET'S DO THIS!

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Just under five minutes until New Years for me.. Well just want to say 2012 has been.... one where lots of emotions have been shed. Probably the year were I felt I reach a few goals I promise myself at the beginning of it, but I can't remember XD

Anyways, I hope this year brings new things and a lot of good stuff P: I want to call it the best >.> I hope it gets to be the best >_>
Crossing this line and soon in 26 days my birthday will be coming up as well >:3 XD Soo close! D:<


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Happy New Year! It's officially 2013 where I live. I hope that 2013 is a great year for not only the Serebii community but for the entire world! :)

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Happy New Year, all you cats.


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Happy and prosperous new year to everyone here!

This is my first post for the year 2013, woohoo! Anyways, last night was great, had a lot of great food and I joined the neighbors here in our place in the fireworks and wow, it was a blast! It was definitely quite an experience for sure and right now, hoping that 2013 is good and I have a pretty good start for this year. Looking forward to what would happen from here on out :)


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2012 was an average year for me- some good and some bad.

Hope 2013's better!!

My resolutions:
Gain more muscle
Make new friends online and offline (hehe', i'm a loner)
Strengthen my existing friendships
Improve on my drawing skills
Learn how to paint
Spend more time with family
Be more dedicated to this forum
Start watching Pokemon from start to finish without giving up
Get a good start into a chaptered fanfic
Get good grades all year long


Dr. Geek
Happy 2013 everyone
The Mayans were wrong... I KNEW IT!!!
My resolutions: Get back into shape/try to get into healthy fitness zone. This is PRIORITY and the one I'll be working on most of the time.
2: Learn piano and guitar. I've been meaning to do this for a long time, and I think 2013 will be the year.
Wish me luck on my resolutions, for I wish you luck on yours!


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2012 was awesome, this year is going to be even better.

I plan on accomplishing the things I didn't get the chance to last year.


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Is it bad that I'm already counting down to December 13th of this new year? :'P

I just can't wait that long. ;___________;

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Every time I anticipate for a year: It dissapoints me. So I'm gonna do reverse psychology & see the outcome...


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I was in a manic mood last night, and I wrote a lot and drew and stuff until two, and then I blasted music, and then I woke my mom up. Pretty much business as usual.