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Newbie Help Topic and FAQ

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by RaZoR LeAf, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    In order to clean up the Newbie Forum and reduce the space taken up by stickies I had removed most of them and placed all the information into one big topics.


    Complete Forum Link List

    This really isn't necessary, but here is a list of all the forums and sub forums, as well as other links found at the top, or bottom of the main forum page.

    User CP
    Members List
    New Posts
    Quick Links:

    Private Message Inbox

    Serebii.net Forums
    Anime & Manga
    Pokémon Games - 4th Generation
    Pokémon Games - 3rd Generation
    Pokémon Games - 2nd Generation
    Pokémon Games - 1st Generation
    Pokémon Games - Other
    Trading Card Games
    Pokémon Role Playing Adventures
    Other Forums

    View Forum Leaders
    Currently Active Users

    Important Links

    Useful, informative and important topics are sticked, but, from the entire forum here are the important topics people have made and stickied for your instant viewing pleasure.

    Complete Signature Rules

    General Discussion Rules

    Miscellaneous Discussion Rules
    New Miscellaneous Rules

    Get Your Signature Checked!
    Official User Name Change Thread

    Serebii.net Site Suggestion Thread
    Pokedex/Attackdex Errors
    This Site stole from Serebii.net!

    Pokemon Anime Forum Rules Redux
    Anime FAQs

    Bishie Thread
    Alternate Anime Rules

    Where to buy Manga FAQ
    Manga FAQs/Dictionary

    The Shippers Info Centre
    What's this Ship Called?

    Diamond/Pearl Discussion Rules
    R/S/E Discussion Rules
    Other Pokemon Games Rules
    Stadium 1 & 2 Discussion Rules
    In-Game Team Rate Rules
    Competetive/Link-Up Team Rate Rules

    SPP PASBL: Getting Started

    Fizzy Bubbles Rules
    Fizzy Bubbles FAQ

    Nintendo Discussion Rules
    Other Video Games Discussion Rules

    Webmasters & Websites Rules

    Digital Media Rules

    Club Request and Report PM's
    Club Rules

    Games Rules
    Game Approval Thread

    RPG Forum Rules
    RPG Forum Advice

    Fanfiction Rules
    Advice for Aspiring Authors
    Advice for Aspiring Critics

    Fan Art Rules

    Programming Forum Guidlines
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  2. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    How To Put Attachments In To Posts

    1. Find the Picture you have on your computer.
    2. When making a New Thread / Replying, look toward the bottom of the Page and Find the Button that says "Manage Attachments"

    3. A new window will pop up. You can also attach images from the internet. File size limits are listed for each format.
    4. Choose the file and click Upload. After the file uploads, you will find the filename on the main reply page

    5. Close the Attachment Window and continue posting your topic as normal

    The Picture Guide: How To Put Pictures Into Sigs

    1. Load the website where the image is can be found.
    2. Either:
      If the Image is alone, highlight the URL in the Address bar and copy it (Edit > Copy)​
      Right Click on the image, go to 'Properties' and copy the URL from this (Highlight and press Ctrl+C)​
      Right/Ctrl click the image, choose 'Open in New Window' and copy the URL from the Address bar (Edit > Copy)​
    3. On the forums go to User CP and choose 'Edit Signature' from the options on the left.
    4. Place the cursor in the text box and Paste the URL into it (Edit > Paste)
    5. At the start of the URL, before http write in [noparse][/noparse][/b]
      [*]At the end of the URL, after the filename write in [b]
    6. Preview your signature to check if it's OK, then click Save

    It should look like this:


    How To Put Links Into Sigs

    1. Find the webpage you want to link to.
    2. Copy the URL from the Address bar (Edit > Copy)
    3. On the forums go to User CP and choose 'Edit Signature' from the options on the left.
    4. Place the cursor in the text box and Paste the URL into it (Edit > Paste)
    5. Preview your signature to check if it's OK, then click Save

    If you want text to link to a webpage, but do not want the plain URL, then follow these instructions.

    1. Follow the initial instructions to put the URL into your signature.
    2. At the start of the URL, before http write in [url=
    3. At the end of the URL, write in a single ]
    4. Now write in what you want the text to be (Such as "Read my fanfic")
    5. After the text write in [/URL]
    6. Preview your signature to check if it's OK, then click Save

    It should look like this:

    [noparse]Serebii Forums[/noparse]

    Serebii Forums

    Signature Material

    If you're looking for something to go into your signature, a Banner, Image or Trainer Card. If you want one, then head over to the Fan Art Request Forum, where there are numerous 'shops' where people will gladly make you one. If you want Pokemon Sprites, then check the Avatar list and get the pictures from there. How to do so is explained above.

    If you're adding things to your signature that you have made yourself, then be sure the read, understand and follow the Signature Rules. If you don't, you may find your signature is removed by one of the mods.

    Trainer Cards

    A lot of people aren't realising that they need to go to the Fan Art section for Trainer Cards, so a basic tutorial for making one has been made to go here.


    The collection of backgrounds from Fire Red and Leaf green can be found on this link:


    If you need any further information, help or guidance with your trainer card, then you must ask in the fan Art forum, not here.

    Custom Avatars

    You may see some members with Custom Avatars. They are moderators who have earned the right to have them. Normal members are not permitted to have Custom Avatars due to the bandwidth that would be taken up by 8,000+ members uploading their own images.

    There is a wide array of avatars available for use, and, if you have a fast enough connection, they can ALL be viewed here.

    User Titles FAQ

    Here is a list of all the User Titles currently on SPP. In order to advance to the next level, you must meet the required Post Count quota listed to the right of each User Title...just remember do not SPAM to get them:

    • Unverified Account: 0
      There is no Image until your account is fully verified.
    • Beginning Trainer: Verified
    • Boulder Trainer: 20
    • Cascade Trainer: 40
    • Thunder Trainer: 60
    • Rainbow Trainer: 80
    • Marsh Trainer: 100
    • Soul Trainer: 120
    • Volcano Trainer: 140
    • Earth Trainer: 160
    • Indigo Champion: 170
    • Coral Eye Trainer: 180
    • Sea Ruby Trainer: 195
    • Spikeshell Trainer: 210
    • Jade Star Trainer: 225
    • Orange Champion: 250
    • Zephyr Trainer: 280
    • Hive Trainer: 310
    • Plain Trainer: 340
    • Fog Trainer: 370
    • Storm Trainer: 400
    • Mineral Trainer: 430
    • Glacier Trainer: 460
    • Rising Trainer: 490
    • Johto Champion: 550
    • Stone Trainer: 600
    • Knuckle Trainer: 650
    • Dynamo Trainer: 700
    • Normal Coordinator: 750
    • Heat Trainer: 800
    • Balance Trainer: 850
    • Super Coordinator: 900
    • Feather Trainer: 950
    • Mind Trainer :1000
    • Hyper Coordinator: 1050
    • Rain Trainer: 1100
    • Master Coordinator: 1200
    • Hoenn Champion: 1300
    • Legendary Pokémon Coordinator: 1450
    • Battle Dome Champion: 1600
    • Battle Pike Champion: 1700
    • Battle Factory Champion: 1800
    • Battle Arena Champion: 1900
    • Master Pokémon Breeder: 2000
    • Battle Pyramid Champion: 2100
    • Battle Hut Champion: 2200
    • Battle Tower Champion: 2300
    • Pokémon Snag Master: 2500
    • Supreme Battle Frontier Champion: 2600
    • Coal Trainer: 3000
    • Forest Trainer: 3200
    • Cobal Trainer: 3400
    • Fen Trainer: 3600
    • Relic Trainer: 3800
    • Mine Trainer: 4000
    • Glacier Trainer: 4200
    • Beacon Trainer: 4400
    • Sinnoh Tower Champion: 4600
    • Sinnoh Champion: 4800
    • Link Master: 5250
    • Master Pokémon Ranger: 5500
    • Lucario Rank Rescue Team: 5750
    • Pokémon Champion: 6000

    You can also have a Custom User Title. To do so, just enter the User CP and choose Edit Profile. On the page you'll find this:


    Just add what title you want, and next thing you know, it's appearing beneath your name in every post. If you want to go back to the ranks, then just check the 'Reset' box, and save again.

    Forums Posts that don't count

    Although Post Count is not displayed, it still exists. There are some forums however, which will not count your posts. These forums are the ones that get more than the average amount of replies and the count has been removed to prevent people getting high counts quickly.

    These forums are:
    • Newbie Section
    • Site Disc
    • Anime Polls
    • R/S/E FAQs
    • R/G/B/Y RMT
    • Stad/Colo RMT
    • Rate My Deck
    • Webmasters & Websites
    • Clubs
    • Games
    • Fanart Requests
    • Programming
    • Misc Polls
    • Pokepolls
    • Faceoffs

    Last edited: Apr 23, 2007
  3. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    How to become a Mod

    A lot of people wonder how you become a mod on the forums. Well this little FAQ should answer your questions.

    1. Don't Ask. The most important of all points and it's first on the list. Don't post about it, don't send PM's about it, and don't talk about it in the chatroom. If you're asking about it, then you most likely don't have the necessary qualities required of a mod.
    2. Know the Rules. In the forums you frequent there are set rules that you should know. Not only that, but there's the overall forum rules. It says a lot about the person if they break basic rules, and a mod shouldn't be breaking the simple things.
    3. Have the skills. Do you have something to contribute to the forums? If you do, then you'll be considered to be in the ranks above the regulars. It doesn't make you better than them, it just means that you have something to offer that's new, exciting or useful. It will let others know that you have skills that make you stand out.
    4. Know the current situation. Look around, and check out how many mods there are at the moment. There's a lot of them at the moment, and new ones are only appointed when they are required.
    5. Be patient. Nobody is saying you wont ever be modded. You might, the future is never certain, but don't expect it. You might think you're modding material, but it's not your decision to make. Be a good member and do the best you can to help. Don't forget that you're here primarily to have fun.

    Logging out Difficulties

    If you're having difficulties logging out, then you need to clear your cache of Cookies. These are files that are stored whenever you visit a website, and remember the things you have done, such as logging in. The easiest way around this is to clear all your Cookies. If you want to be more specific and only delete cookies for these forums, then make your way to the Log-out topic located here.

    For Internet Explorer Users:
    1. Go to Tools and then Internet Options
    2. Scroll to Cookies and choose 'Delete All Cookies'

    For Fire Fox users:
    1. Go to Tools and then Options
    2. Go to Privacy and then scroll to Cookies and click 'Clear'

    For Mac Safari users:
    1. Go to Safari (on the men bar) and then Preferences
    2. Go to Security and then Show Cookies
    3. Choose 'Remove All'

    If there are any browsers that are not listed here but used by members, please PM me (RaZoRLeAf) with basic details of how to clear ALL cookies, so that they can be added here.

    What is SPAM?

    What is SPAM?
    SPAM basically stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, though there are numerous other abbreviations they are all based around the one same point. SPAM is everywhere, and it continues to litter the forum every day.

    Why is SPAM wrong?
    Well for starters, it gets in the way of the regular posts. It's short and pointless so there's no need for it to be there and it's taking up space. It's annoying, and people have to scroll past it it to get to what they want to see.

    Why shouldn't I SPAM?
    The number one reason why you shouldn't, is that it's against the rules. SPAM is also a sign of a lower class. You can fast become known as a 'Spammer' and your reputation will drop.

    How do I know if i'm making SPAM or not?
    Ask yourself some questions while you look over your posts.

    • Can others read it?
    Is what you are typing straight to the point, or is it littered with things that distract the reader from what you are trying to say? Things like bad grammar and replacing words with letters or numbers. Smilies are very distracting too, and shouldn't be used unless necessary. For example:

    • Are you replying to SPAM?
    If you see SPAM, and you reply to it, with the intent to say it is SPAM, then you too are Spamming. This in turn relates to a topic that need closing. For example:

    • Is it in the right place?
    If you decide to put an RPG in a game forum, then you have Spammed. It's in totally the wrong forum and will attract the wrong posts. It will likely have people saying it's in the wrong forum and it should be closed. Your topic will gather more and more SPAM until a mod closes it. In most cases a mod will catch it and move it to the correct forum, but you should be careful that you are posting things in the correct forum first.

    • Are you repeating things?
    If someone asks a question that you know the answer too, you will probably reply to answer. Check first that nobody has already answered it. Reply with a repeat of an answer is SPAM. An exception to this, is if you can answer with more detail. For example:

    • Does it have a point?
    Look at the topic, the first post and the other replies. Now check your reply and see if it has relevance to the subject under discussion. If the topic isn't pokemon related and you have replied with "Shedinja is my favourite pokemon", then your reply is SPAM. Make sure you are on topic.

    • Have you just posted?
    Look at the last poster in the topic. If it's you, then don't reply again. This is considered Double Posting. If you have forgotten something, or wish to add more to your reply, there is an Edit button you can use to add more to your existing post.

    The Edit Button: [​IMG]

    This also includes replying in order to 'bump' a topic up. Replying to a topic puts it first on the forum page. If your topic hasn't had any replies yet, or it has and it's just sunk down the page a little, bumping is not an excuse for getting more replies. If the topic is more than a few weeks old, regardless of who the last poster was, do not bump the topic in order to revive it.

    • How long has passed since someone replied to your last post?
    Are you replying to a post made only a few minutes ago or are you having a short conversation with a member? Don't. The forums are not a chat room. If you want to talk to a member use Private Messages not topics. Don't hang around a topic refreshing so that you can reply straight away.

    For Fan Art and Fanfiction:

    • Are you rating the fic?
    If you have replied with something that only gives a rating out of 10 and nothing more it is SPAM. Unless you intend to offer criticism to aid the artist or writer, or tell them what you like, your rating alone isn't going to help them. For example:

    For RPG and Fanfiction:
    • Is your post of a good length?
    Both these forums require more than the average post length. If you are writing an RPG or replying to one, or writing a fanfic, then they must be of adequate length. Anything less is considered to be SPAM. You can find out more details by reading the rules of these forums.

    What are the consequences for Spamming?
    Punishment is based on the severity of the SPAM, but it will follow these basic steps.
    1. You will be warned, most likely in the topic itself or via private Message from a Moderator.
    2. The more warnings you receive the higher the chance is you will be banned.
    3. If you are banned it will likely be temporary. It';s length will vary on the severity or amount of SPAM.
    4. You may be permanently banned if you continue to SPAM, or your SPAM has gone beyond just Stupid, Pointless and Annoying.

    Official Dictionary of Terms

    General and Chat Terms

    OMG - Oh My God
    OMFG - Oh My Fucking God

    WTF - What The Fuck
    STFU - Shut The Fuck Up

    BS - Bull Shit

    AFK - Away From Keyboard
    BRB - Be Right Back
    BBS - Be Back Soon
    BBL - Be Back Later
    BBT - Be Back Tomorrow
    BBW - Be Back Whenever
    G2G - Got To Go

    WB - Welcome Back

    IC - I See
    IIRC - If I Recall Correctly
    BTW - By The Way
    NM - Never Mind
    IRL - In Real Life
    JK - Joking or Just Kidding

    YW - You're Welcome
    TY - Thank You
    NP - No Problem
    GG - Good Game

    IMO - In My Opinion
    IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

    LOL - Laughing Out Loud
    ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing
    LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off
    ROFLMAO - Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off

    N/A - Not Applicable

    TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
    TTYL - Talk To You Later

    1337 - LEET or Elite. Something very cool
    w00t - Expression of joy such as Hooray!

    owned / pwned - something that has been defeated or shown to be weak.
    own / pwn - verb form of above

    emo - emotional

    FTW - For The Win

    Forum Specific terms

    SPP - Serebii's Pokemon Place
    SPPf - Serebii's Pokemon Place Forum

    Mod - Moderator
    Mod+ - Moderator+
    SMod - Super Moderator
    Admin - Administrator

    Newbie / Newb - A new person.
    n00b - A person who fails to follow rules, acts disrespectfully to other members or is immature

    Reg - A Regular forum member. Someone who is seen to be posting often.
    Vet - A veteran forum member. Someone who has been at the forum since the start.

    Sig - Signature
    Avy - Avatar

    Stickie / Sticky - A topic that is 'stuck' at the top of the forum. Usually contains important information.

    Troll - Someone who flames or spams incessantly with no regard for rules

    Bumping - Replying to an old topic that is more than a month old. Alternativly, replying to a topic for no reason other than to 'bump' it back to the first page. Neither of these instances are allowed.


    Shipping - A relationship between two or more characters in Anime

    Doujinshi - Fan Made Manga

    Hentai - Animated Pornography. FORBIDDEN at this forum
    Sukenbe - Hardcore Pornography. FORBIDDEN at this forum

    Ecchi - The Japanese pronunciation of the 'H' in 'Hentai'

    Het - Short form of Hetrosexual, a male x female relationship
    Shojo-ai - A female x female relationship
    Shonen-ai - A male x male relationship

    Yuri - A sexually explicit female x female relationship
    Yaoi - A sexually explicit male x male relationship


    TCG - Trading Card Game[/b]

    TRR / EX7 - EX: Team Rocket Returns
    FRLG / EX6 - EX: FireRed and LeafGreen
    HL / EX5 - EX: Hidden Legends
    TMTA / EX4 - EX: Team Magma vs. Team Aqua
    EX3 - EX: Dragon
    SS / EX2 - EX: Sandstorm
    RS / EX1 - EX: Ruby and Sapphire

    SR / e3 - e-Skyridge
    AQ / e2 - e-Aquapolis
    e1 - e-Expedition

    LC - Legendary Collection

    Neo4 - Neo Destiny
    Neo3 - Neo Revelation
    Neo2 - Neo Discovery
    Neo1 - Neo Genesis

    Gym2 - Gym Challenge
    Gym1 - Gym Heroes

    TR - Team Rocket


    RPG - Role Playing Game
    RPGer - A person who takes part in Role Playing Games

    Twink - A person who's character is invincible, unbeatable or more important that anything else. An immature RPGer
    Godmodding - Portraying the character as unbeatable
    Power Playing - Portraying the character as unbeatable

    LSU - Late Sign Ups
    OOC - Out of Character
    IC / BIC - In Character / Back in Character
    NPC - Non-Participating Character

    Bunnying - Taking control of another person's character and making them act unnaturally.

    Game Master - The owner or person running an RPG


    Fanfic - Fan Fiction.
    Fic - An article of Fan Fiction

    AAML - Ash And Misty Love. Ash x Misty Shipping

    JAJL - Jessie And James Love. A Jessie x James Shipping

    PWP - Plot What Plot?

    POV - Point Of View

    AU - Alternate Universe

    Lemon - A fic with strong explicit sexual themes. FORBIDDEN at this forum
    Lime - A fic with with strong sexual themes.

    Journey Fic - A story revolving around a character on a Pokemon Journey

    Canon - Official recognition of a series
    Fanon - Fan belief of a series, unconfirmed by by Canon or official sources.
    Jossed - Fanon disproved by an official source or Canon.

    Mary Sue - A female, unrealistically perfect character, that offers no originality
    Gary Stu - A male, unrealistically perfect character, that offers no originality

    Writer's Block - A condition that writers have when they are stuck for ideas

    Gaming Terms

    RBY / RBYG - Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow and Green
    Chromatics - Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. AKA the original Gameboy games

    GSC - Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal
    Metallics - Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal. AKA the Color Gameboy games.

    RS / RuSa - Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
    FRLG - Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green
    Advanced - Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red and Leaf Green. AKA the Gameboy Advanced games.

    DP - Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

    XD - Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness
    Colo - Pokemon Colosseum
    Stad - Pokemon Stadium


    STAB - Same Type Attack Bonus

    TM - Technical Machine. Preceding a number it represents a specific TM in the game.
    HM - Hidden Machine. Preceding a number it represents a specific HM in the game.

    E4 / E5 - Elite Four or Elite Five

    RMT - Rate My Team

    Eeveelution - An evolution of Eevee.

    Evo - Evolution

    Lv / Lvl - Level
    HP - Hit Points
    Atk - Attack
    Def - Defence
    Spd - Speed
    Sp.Atk - Special Attack
    Sp.Def - Special Defence
    Spc - Special (Chromatic Games only)

    HP [type] - Hidden Power, and the type the attack uses. Eg. Hidden Power Fire

    EV - Effort Value
    IV - Individual Value

    OU - Over Used
    UU - Under Used
    NU - Never Used


    Metagame - Online Battle Simulators

    BP / BPer - Baton Pass / Baton Passer

    Annoyer - A pokemon that annoys the opponent.

    Beller / ATer - A Heal Bell or an Aromatherapy using Pokemon.

    Sweeper - A Pokemon meant to finish off weak pokemon quickly
    Physical Sweeper - A Pokemon that specialises in mostly physical attacks
    Special Sweeper - A Pokemon that specialises in mostly special attacks

    Tank - A pokemon with high attack or defence. Difficult to take down.

    Lati_s / Lati@s - Can mean either Latios or Latias

    Japanese Words

    Baka - Stupid
    Gaki - Brat
    Kawaii - Cute

    -chan - A suffix showing friendly affection between the user and named person.
    -kun - A suffix showing affection between the user and named person.
    -sama - A suffix showing great respect between the user and named person.

    Otaku - A person obsessed with Japaese Anime


    Satoshi - Ash
    Shigeru - Gary

    Rokketo Dan - Team Rocket
    Sakaki - Giovanni
    Musashi - Jessie
    Kojiro - James
    Nyasu - Meowth

    Haruka - May
    Masato - Max

    Kasumi - Misty
    Takeshi - Brock
    Kenji - Tracey


    [noparse]:)[/noparse] - Happy
    [noparse]:([/noparse] - Sad
    [noparse]:D[/noparse] - Grinning
    [noparse]:p[/noparse] - Sticking Out Tongue
    [noparse]:eek:[/noparse] - Surprise
    XD - Heavy laughter

    o.o - Surprise or Bewilderment
    o_O / o_O - Surprise. 'Weirded Out'

    ^_^ - Happy
    ^_^; - Anime style sweat-drop. Embarrassment

    ;_; - Crying
    $_$ - Money
    -_- - Sheesh. Whatever
    ¬¬ - Fed up.
    x_x - Something's gone wrong. Dead.

    >_< - Squinting. Pain.
    >_> / <_< - Looking aside.

    <3 - A heart. Love.

    > - Greater Than. Used to show one thing is better than another. Eg. Toast > Waffles
    < - Less Than. Used to show one thing is worse than another. EG. Toast < Waffles

    Topic Contributors

    RaZoR LeAf, Dragonair, Delta Suicune, Evanarious, Mr Cat Dog, Coolcatfish, Dratini927, Latios, Mondo, Serebii, Jay, MS, Arctic Wish, Yoshi Clone, Fox
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2006
  4. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    How to link images

    In order to make an Image link as though it were a plain URl follow this example:


    Make the IMG tags as usual, then around those put the URL link as you normally would.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    • There's a plus (+) sign beside my name/someone's name on the 'Currently Active users' list. What is it?

    People with a + beside their name, are people you have added to your Private Message Buddy list. If you see one beside your own name, then you've added yourself.

    There are people on the list with a red +. This means they are a Moderator+.

    • How do I Subscribe to a post?

    When you reply to a thread, the option to Subscribe is just below the reply box. You can also choose it from the Thread Tools drop down menu when viewing the topic itself.

    • Do I need permission for a topic?

    Some forums do require Mod permission for a topic. These include Clubs, Games and Face-Off. You do not need to ask permission to post an RPG Sign Up, despite the wording of the forum description.

    If you are unsure as to where a topic belongs, PM a Moderator of the forum you think it belongs in and they will help you or guide you to the right place.

    • How do I report a post/thread?

    Click this button: [​IMG] to open a window where you can report the specific post. Give a good reason as to why you have reported it, because inadequate reasons will earn you a warning in return. If you are reporting the whole topic, then say this in your reasoning.

    Alternatively, some Mods prefer to have reports sent to them in Private Messages. I Will try to find out who those Mods are so that a list can be made here.

    • What are Referrals?

    When someone joins the forums they can say if they have been referred here by someone. If a joining member puts forward your user name, then you gain a referral from that person.

    How do Mods want to be contacted?

    Some mods prefer different methods for being informed of topics breaking the rules. This is so far an incomplete list of what some mods prefer.

    Report Button

    Private Message
    RaZoR LeAf
    Wolf Goddess
    Edward Elric

    Either or Any
    Shining Mew

    If you are looking for a particular mod to PM, then check the Groups where you can find a list of all the mods and direct links to PM them.

    What can the staff do?

    Mods can delete threads, edit threads, move threads, delete posts and edit posts in the forums they moderate.

    Mods+ can do the same things like mods, but they can also ban members and edit their sigs in the forums they moderate.

    Super Moderators can do the same things mods+ can in every forum.

    Admins can do everthing here: edit the forums, edit the members, create styles and a lot of other stuff through the AdminCP.

    Invisible Mode Difficulties

    If you are having trouble turning the invisible mode off, switch your skin. Uncheck the box and click "Save Changes." If that fails to work, clear your cookies and cache, and try again. You may have to switch skins after clearing your cookies and cache.

    Note: Refer to "Logging out Difficulties" for intructions on how to clear your cookies and cache.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2006
  5. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    How do I put Smilies in my sig?

    1. Find the smilie

    The best place to do this is by using the Smilie List.

    2. Get the URL

    Right click the smilie itself and choose Properties. In the properties menu, highlight the URL, and right click that to copy the link.



    3. Use the URL

    Use image tags to put the image into your sig.



    Please remember the signature rules. You can have no more than 8 Serebii.net or Serebiiforums images in your sig.

    How do I upload an image?

    When you have an image on your computer, you'll need to upload it to the internet if you want to show it in your sig or in a post on the forums.

    1.Find yourself an image host

    Here's some examples. For the sake of this guide, we'll be using the first choice, Imageshack.


    2. Upload your image

    Make sure you know where your image is on your computer, so you can find it. With the image host page loaded (in this case Imageshack), click Choose File. Find the file and choose ok. Now click Host It! and wait for the file to be uploaded.

    3. Get your URL

    The next page that loads will have a list of links. One should read 'URL'. That is the direct link to your image. Use that with image tags (check this FAQ for help) to put your image into a post.

    Useable Forum tags

    [noparse]bold[/noparse] - bold
    [noparse]italic[/noparse] - italic
    [noparse]underlined[/noparse] - underlined


    [noparse][color=]coloured text[/color][/noparse]

    Colours can be put in either as a basic colour word such as red, yellow or blue, or can be put in as a HTML value. For example:

    [noparse]Word red[/noparse] - Word red
    [noparse]HTML red[/noparse] - HTML red

    Complete HTML True Color Chart


    [noparse]Size 1 text[/noparse]

    Size=1 text
    Size=2 text
    Size=3 text
    Size=4 text

    Text size can go higher, but you will rarely need text size larger than 4. Please do not abuse the size code.


    [noparse][font=]this is courier[/font][/noparse]

    this is courier

    Fonts will only show up if they are presented on the computer of the person viewing them. Standard fonts like Times new Roman, Courier, Arial, etc. They should be standard on most if not all computers.


    left alligned​
    center alligned​
    right alligned​

    left alligned​
    center alligned​
    right alligned​


    [noparse][spoil]this is a spoiler[/spoil][/noparse]

    [spoil]this is a spoiler[/spoil]

    Unread Private Messages

    If you are seeing your private message inbox read Unread: 65535, then please take note of these very simple instructions:


    How can I change the forum Style?

    The quickest way you can do this is to scroll the forums down to the very bottom. In the lower left of the screen is a bar that reads your current style:


    Just click on that to bring up the list, and choose what you want from there.

    Alternatively, head into your User CP and chooseEdit Options. At the bottom you'll see the same menu.


    Just change it on the list and hit Save Changes

    What Styles can I choose from?

    • Serebii.net V9.0
    • [​IMG]
    • Emerald
    • [​IMG]
    • Serebii.net V7.0
    • [​IMG]
    • Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald
    • [​IMG]
    • Fire Red & Leaf Green
    • [​IMG]
    • Gold, Silver & Crystal
    • [​IMG]
    • Red, Blue & Yellow
    • [​IMG]
    • Diamond & Pearl
    • [​IMG]
    • Colosseum & XD
    • [​IMG]
    • Pichu Bros!
    • [​IMG]
    • Pokémon Channel
    • [​IMG]
    • Bug Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Dark Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Dragon Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Electric Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Fighting Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Fire Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Flying Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Ghost Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Grass Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Ground Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Ice Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Normal Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Posion Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Psychic Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Rock Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Steel Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Water Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Beauty Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Cool Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Cute Type
    • [​IMG]
    • Default Style
    • [​IMG]
    • Happy Style
    • [​IMG]

    What is this icon?

    On the Main Forum List

    [​IMG] - Click on this to hide the section of forums it represents. The forums will not appear, and this setting will be remembered the next time you visit.

    [​IMG] - The inverted form of the above icon, clicking this will show the previously hidden section.

    [​IMG] - Go to the last (newest) post in the topic shown.

    On the Sub Forum List

    [​IMG] - Click this to create a new topic

    [​IMG] - The topic in question is rated 1 star
    [​IMG] - The topic in question is rated 2 stars
    [​IMG] - The topic in question is rated 3 stars
    [​IMG] - The topic in question is rated 4 stars
    [​IMG] - The topic in question is rated 5 stars

    On the Topic page

    [​IMG] - Click this to reply to a topic

    [​IMG] - This replaces the above image when a topic is closed. You can no longer reply to the topic.

    [​IMG] - This will only appear for your own posts. Use it to Edit the content of them or delete them.

    [​IMG] - Quote the post in question. You will be directed to a Reply page, where the quoted post will appear in the reply box.

    [​IMG] - You will be redirected to the Quick Reply box at the bottom of the screen.

    [​IMG] - The Report Button. Use it to send a report to the mods, about the post in question.
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  6. npdargy312

    npdargy312 Master Coordinator

    idk where to go to make a trainer card that fits on this thing...can osme1 please help me?
  7. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    Your answer lies here.
  8. Atoyont

    Atoyont Brains for brawn

    Well, the official dictionary of terms does help, but it doesn't have one thing that I can't seem to figure out. It is 'emo.' Any help would be appreciated.
  9. miken park

    miken park hush.

    Emo- Emotional
  10. Bayleef

    Bayleef Onion?

    Now that your total amount of posts are clearly labeled in your Public Profile, wouldn't it be better just to remove the original instructions on finding your post count altogether, and replace them with instructions on how to reach your Public Profile, for the "logic-phobic?" XD Just a suggestion.
  11. Dom94

    Dom94 LeedsUnited Forever

    Do your User Titles change for your amount of post's(i.e100 post's=Marsh trainer)??
  12. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    God, yes they do.
  13. hIrAm

    hIrAm Well-Known Member

    Well, I was looking through the rules, and I found an extremely small mistake .. so, uh, I'll point it out, if that's alright.

    Where you have the user bars, the Battle Palace Champion says, "Battle Hut Champion". I don't know if this an error, or what. So, yah. Thought I'd point it out. 0.o;
  14. XDbonsly

    XDbonsly Bonsly lover 4 life!

    I cant get a smilie no matter what I do I read what you put down but it isnt helping. Were do I go to get a smilie?
  15. Virtual Headache

    Virtual Headache *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    Where to get a smilie?
    The smilie box is on the right side when you use the normal reply (not the quick reply).
    Click on "More" and all the smilies will show up.
    You can also just use the Pokémon's number and put it between ; like this:
    Will be a Pikachu.
  16. XDbonsly

    XDbonsly Bonsly lover 4 life!

    Thanks this was very helpful;bonsly;
  17. XDbonsly

    XDbonsly Bonsly lover 4 life!

    I need more help I want a picture of a pokemon next to my name, I belive they are called avatars. I specifically want a ;bonsly;.
  18. RaZoR LeAf

    RaZoR LeAf Night Terror

    Ok for starters, maybe you should go read the FAQ again, particularly the bt about double posting considered spam and a warnable offence. Seems you missed that bit. Secdondly, right at the top is a link that sayd "Edit Avatar". If you click that, then you can look through ALL the avatars and find yourself the one you want.
  19. Serebii93

    Serebii93 too... much...

    Very nicely done, RaZoR LeAf! There was a load of things in which I did not, realize. The part that helped me out most would probably be the part about SPAM. Maybe if all the n00bs in this place would take a look at this, they might become 'Modeled Citizens' and not be such SPAMmers. If I had the power, I'd wipe 'em all out in a heart beat.

    My overall rating of this FAQ: 9.999/10 -Complete, Helping, Readable, Understandable, and all anyone would ever need to know. It clears so many things up. I just wish everyone else would read it...
  20. JoshYEAH

    JoshYEAH ???

    Not sure if it's done already, but is it possible to link to this thread from the user registration page? It'd probably help a bit if the first thing new members saw was this. :/ Because going from everything, it's not really the case atm.

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