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Newbie here =]


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Hi all =]

I just joined up here, silly i havent done that before really, ive been visiting the site for a while now.. Ah well, lets see..

Name on here is Nakashima, or Naka for short, I'm from the Netherlands, am female, yes girls game too, hush ;) I also seriously need to grow up, since i am now 19 years of age and currently playing through all my pokemon games again. Currently on Diamond.. Playing while watching the anime really, so yeah, in Sinnoh now! Getting absolutely nowhere since im pro at getting lost =]

I have never done competitive battling before, although I really would like to get into that. I know about all the EV training and stuff, I just have no clue what'd be considered a good choice and a bad one pokemon wise. Any help with some guidelines for that would be greatly appreciated..

Yeah i think ive rambled enough here now ^^
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Welcome and I could help you with some thing in competitive battling. Well...what can I tell more about me...*thinking*...Oh, my favorite Pkmn are Growlithe/Arcanine, Gardevoir/Gallade and the Dratini evo line. (And MUCH MUCH more;)) I'm 14, will be 15 in summer,;) and I'm also a Dutchy :D;)


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Welcome, Naka. I'm Kingothestone, but most people on here call me Kotsy. I'm 18 and, like you, i still play the games. Unlike you, however, I battle compttively. I'm actually a leader of a competetive battling clan on here called Operation Obliviate. We battle competetively, have tournaments, breeding services, and all sorts of other interestng things. We also hav 2 of th best teachers around (In my opinion, anyway), and they would be more than willing to help you out with team selctions if you were to join. Well, anyway, If you want to take a look, you should check out the link found in my signature, below :)

Welcome to Serebii!


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No need to grow up IMO. I'm 20 years old, and I rushed to the store to get black ;P I'm new too, but welcome to serebii.


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Welcome to Serebii, you'll find this is the only nice part of the forums.


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Welcome to the forums! :3 Competitive battling can be veryyy fun, just don't let it become an obsession (like me) once you get really into it. :p

If you'd like to Friend Request me, I could be of some help. I finally feel very confident in my team building skills, and my battling strategies and techniques. So if you would like some help with anything, you can ask. :3

Also, remember that you don't have to make a team because their stats are great. Make a team that you feel you personally love. :3


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Lol sup? ima girl too xD i know how that is lol im workin on black verion and restarting dimond :p you can friend request me if yah like, mai name's kelci :D anyways, welcome! :D