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Hey everybody, I'm coming here from Pokecommunity.com! I've been there a while so you won't have to worry about me spamming and stuff. I also like messing with sprites....like this:

And hunting for shiny pokemon is fun to!

PC doesn't have smileys like these!:;202; ;338; ;363;


Matt the Drat
Welcome to the forums...Read the rules carefully. :)

And a word of advice...Don't use random animated smilies like that in a post...We tend to get agitated at that, and it's considered spamming most of the time.....Just a little heads up. ;)


I have a question, this place is alot different than PC... the avatars ...at pc we can just put in a URL and get a custom avatar, why can't I do that here?


Floored! said:
Only mods can get costum avatars...

Hmmmm....that's the first time I've ever seen that rule at a forum.....how come?


Bandwith reasons. And PC runs real slow for me so...
Don't bring PC ideas to here.
It doesn't work.
Welcome, hope ya like it here.


one love
EvilDunsparce said:
PC doesn't have smileys like these!:;202; ;338; ;363;
I would consider that to be an advantage of PC.

Anyways, salutations to the forums! Please, make yourself comfy.


"Just kidding!"
Welcome to the forums! You're from PC, huh? Never been there, except to get a TC tutorial. LOL. Great spriting, btw. Like Roy said, only mods can get custom avatars. Since there are so many members here, if they were ALL given custom avatars, that would be a lot of bandwidth, not to mention that poor Serebii would have to pay a lot for the bandwith used. They don't have those smilies, huh? Eszett said it, PC's got an advantage since they have those smilies. There are a lot of people who abuse them just to annoy the members who have dial-up. Anyway, enjoy yourself, and PLEASE don't use the smilies as Pokemon name shortcuts or anything useless. (No, I don't have dial-up) >.>