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Newer team


OK, following a lack of replies (and some bad advice) in my last team thread,I have decided to make a newer team, once again.

The Team

Credit for art goes to arkeis


Jolteon @ Choice Specs
Timid nature
~Hidden Power [Ice] / [Grass](in testing)
~Shadow Ball
~Baton Pass

My leading pokemon. Hits stuff with its stab move, Thunderbolt, for nice damage, while Hidden Power [Ice] hits the grounds which resist his stab. Shadow Ball hits psychics such as Azelf and Ghosts such as Gengar for Super Effective. Baton Pass may seem strange, however it is to scout the opponents moves, therefore proving quite useful. Can also serve as a late game sweeper, if I choose to Baton Pass at the baginning of the battle.


Gyarados @ Leftovers
Adamant nature
~Stone Edge
~Dragon Dance

This serves as my late game sweeper, however he can show up mid game and still get good results. Simple enough, come in on something I frighten and DD up. After one he becomes powerful, after two hes insane, OHKO'ing and 2HKO'ing most of my opponents team. Due to his bulk, he also taes hits qute easily. His x 4 weakness to electric is also covered by Jolteon, meaning he wont be getting fried very often.


Slowbro @ Leftovers
Bold natured
~Calm Mind
~Slack Off
~Hidden Power [Electric]

This guy is amazing and the star of the show. Sorry but I'm NOT replacing this guy. After a few Calm Minds, he can begin to tank very effectively. Makes an amazing Gyarados counter, due to him packing Hidden Power [Electric]. After a few Calm Minds, he can also act as a make shift MixNape counter.


Ludicolo @ Leftovers
Calm natured
~Leech Seed

Packs a Stab in the form of surf. Stall Ludicolo is amazing. He gets extra healing in the form of Leech Seed, which coupled with Toxic, will easily wear the foe down quick. Protect allows me to stall for more Toxic damage and extra Leech Seed and Leftovers healing.


Forretress @ Leftovers
Relaxed nature
~Toxic Spikes
~Rapid Spin

Forretress offers spin support, helping my team against Spikes / Toxic Spikes and Gyarados with Stealth Rock. He also lets me set my on set of Spikes up, wearing my opponents team down effectively. Earthquake offers a nice attacking move, but should I replace it with Gyro Ball or keep Earthquake ?


Metagross @ Leftovers
Careful nature
~Light Screen
~Stealth Rock
~Meteor Mash

I noticed I needed a special wall and a supporter. Noticing Metagross, I decided to use smogons supporter EV's, but use a careful nature, as I needed him to special wall too. This guy supports my team with Stealth Rock and Dual screen, while special walling. Meteor Mash is my attack of choice, due to it haveing a chance of raising Attack, getting stab and having a nice base power.

As I have stated before, this team is defensively based. However most of the members have ways of inflicting damage, therefore it is not completely lacking in ways of damaging the foes team. While these EV spreads work, I wouldn't mind better EV spreads, as most standard spreads bore me...
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2 recommendations first give wish to jolteon so he can wish, then you switch and heal. (get rid of baton pass), next explosion over toxic spikes since forretress likely will be dead before everything can be set up.


Serebii's Finest
Yes! Gyarados, and Jolteon have great synergy, but you really dont want to start with Jolteon. I would prefer you have your Metagross lead, and change it's set to this one:

Metagross @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 SDef
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
~ Trick
~ Meteor Mash
~ Stealth Rock
~ Explosion

This Metagross will being able to trick common suicide leads such as Azelf, Aerodactyl, and more. You can then switch to Heatran for a boost and a free sub on the switch. After Trick, the opponent usually switches, giving you a free opportunity to set up Stealth Rock. Then, just Explode on whatever is in play. Metagross also usually takes Hypnosis from lead Bronzong and such.

I would recommend Hidden Power: Grass on your Jolteon for Swamperts that can be a pain to any team if they dont have any grass move.

Also... just letting you know that opposing spec Jolteons pwn this team just from using thunderbolt. Yes you got Jolteon to absorb opposing spec Jolteon thunderbolts, but once he faints. Opposing spec Jolteons can just thunderbolt your whole team into pieces until it is good game.

Here are some pokemon that counter Jolteon that you could possibly find room in this team, so you wont be weak to it.

~ Blissey
~ Snorlax
~ Regice
~ Cresselia
~ Lanturn

I will edit this later once I find more time.


so adorable...
I would be more worried about Zapdos. Heat Wave/Thunderbolt/Roost/Hidden Power breaks your team apart.

You seem to rely a lot on Metagross, which is dangerous due to no recovery.

Yes, Hidden Power [Grass] on Jolteon. Everything you would use Ice for is 2HKOed by Thunderbolt anyway, bar Flygon.


Serebii's Finest
Yeah. Zapdos also gives you problems, but adding one of these pokemon to to team will solve the problem.

~ Blissey
~ Snorlax
~ Regice
~ Cresselia
~ Lanturn


=/ Sorry Final Flare, but Metagross stay where he is and doingwhat he does, hedoes it surprisingly well.
Reno, I know I make a risy choice relyng on Metagross, do you have any ideas on a pokemon which ca do what I'm doing with Gross, but has reliable recovery (basically set up light screen and rocks, I'm more dependent on light screen for an easier Slowbro set up)?
=/ I'll take into consideration what you said with Jolteon, however Hidden Power [Ice] has been serving me quite well, however, I will run a set with Hidden Power [Grass] and see if there is an improvement. By the way, just wondering, but can Jolten OHKO the standard Zapdos with Hidden Power [Ice], mainly the physically defensve one and the offensive one, as the specially defensive ones are uncommon on wifi...
Bookist, sorry, but Baton Pass is an invaluable part of my team. If I feel Jolteon is threatened by anything, I can Baton Pass and scout its moves, or I could simply scout its moves...


A Rampaging Luvdisc
Hey penguin.

Not much wrong with the team, as it ripped me apart. Just Forretress needs tweaking.

You've got the right EVs and nature *high five* just the moveset needs changing slightly. Change Toxic Spikes for Explosion, it breaks BP chains and OHKO's the standard Blissey I think. Also with Toxic Spikes you can risk giving the opponents Scarf Heracross a free Guts boost, which could prove a MAJOR problem.

Also, change Earthquake for Gyro Ball. It hits Weavile and Aerodactyl a lot harder, and it puts a big dent in any DD Tyranitar.

Hope I helped =)


Hi Mango :D
Anyways, yeah I was thinking of Gyro Ball on forry from the beginning *changes*, but sorry,he isn't getting explosion. Hes my Rapid Spinner and a helpful physical wall, so it would be kinda dumb to kill him using explosion,sorry.