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Next Pokemon Thread IV: A New Hope (Use for capture/release/evolution speculation!)

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Ahahaha like there's any hope of intelligent discussion here

This thread is for team speculation for the main cast(including Ash, his cohorts, their rivals, and Team Rocket), recurring characters, and important characters in general. You can speculate what Pokemon they're going to catch, release, or give away, and what their teams will be by the end of the region (aka "Isshu". At least it will be in, oh, two weeks or so).

This means you can speculate entire teams for the end of the region, just what a given character is catching/releasing/evolving next, what an upcoming major character(ex:gym leaders) will have in their team, and/or what new Pokemon a recurring character(ex:rivals, evil team members)will have in their next appearence.

This is not a thread to speculate about the one or two Pokemon a generic character of the day will have, because a)that's usually fairly obvious anyway, and b)nobody will ever care about that character again once their episode has passed. Keep this kind of thing in the appropriate episode speculation thread.

Ground Rules:
-Your opinions are not facts. Acting like they are and then getting pissy when people disagree with you will not be looked upon favorably.
-All SPPf rules apply. Forgetting that and starting flamewars over whose completely unfounded speculation is the best, making no-content posts, etc. is an excellent way to get some shiny new infraction points.
-Of course, you wouldn't be posting completely unfounded capture speculation anyway - you have to post reasons for your speculations. I'll admit that this rule gets forgotten a lot, but for the sake of keeping discussion semi-intelligent, always try to include reasons along with your speculations.
-See that forum directory at the top of the page? "Serebii.Net Forums > Anime & Manga > Pokémon Anime Discussion > Anime Spoilers"? Yeah, that. This is the Spoilers forum, and you should consider everyone's current teams in Japan when posting speculation. If you only know the current dub teams, don't post here.

Now go forth and make wild guesses about which starters Ash will get, who will get the awesome afro buffalo, whether anything will ever evolve, and whatever else your hearts desire! So long as your heart's desires fall within the rules.
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I'll start things off by carrying my bet over from the NPT3 to here:

I will eat my left shoe and post a picture in my signature if Ash gets all three Starters.

Now, on to what I want:


Pikachu - Derp.
Mijumaru - Confirmed.
Mamepato - Confirmed. Obvious.
Boappu/Unrevealed Fire (Fire/Bug or Fire/Ghost) - Anything to keep him from getting Pokabu or Hihidaruma, honestly.
Unrevealed Grass/Churine - Either something we haven't seen or evolve Churine into this supposed 'awesome' evolution.

And a few other wildcards.

As for evolutions:

Pikachu - Nope. Derp.
Mijumaru - I'd be fine if it stayed in its first stage or went to the final. Futachimaru was in the Beta Art, though, so I definitely expect that.
Mamepato - Evolve to final. They always have.
Boappu/Whatever - If it's Boappu then go ahead and evolve it the one time it does. Anything else, either first stage or final.
Grass/Churine - If it's Churine, I want it to evolve all the way. Anything else, it depends.
Moguryu - Definitely, PLEASE go to Doryuuzu.
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Team Gracidea <3
Pikachu (derp de derpderp)
wild card (Shikijika maybe? would like to see him with it.)


King of the World

Pikachu - (staple)
Mamepato - probably first caught Pokemon (included in the rotation of Pokemon)
Mijumaru - confirmed (staple)
Pokabu - both seen in Dento's (please see previous thread should you want to now what made me say this. (staple)
Tsutarja - the female one makes it interesting (staple)

Other Pokemon in rotation:
Baffuron (Tauros)
Dark Dragon Pseudo Legendary (Yes I'm keeping my hopes up since legendary status has diminished yet again)


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Mamepato==> Middle Stage==> Final Stage

Mijumaru==> Futachimaru==> Final Stage

Pokabu==> Chaobuu==> Final Stage

I still need to see all of the revealed Gen V Pokemon before I can make my assumptions, since all of the Grass types so far suck so badly to be on Ash's team, minus Tsutarja but I doubt he is getting it.








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Ash pokemon prediction gen V:
Mamepato: Hataboo and too the 3rd Evolution
Mijumaru: Futachimaru and too the 3rd evolution (Powerhouse) Hopefully Water/Fighting
Tsutarja: Jyanobii and too the 3rd evolution just hope its not pure Grass maybe it will be Grass/Psychic/Dragon/Ground/Electric and has all its limbs
Pokabu: Chaobuu or maybe all the way too the 3rd evolution and lose Fighting part hope its 3rd form isn't Fire/fight hope for Dark or Rock/Hihidaruma: or the Pre evos or evo.
Moguryuu: Doryuuzu a Ground/Steel and Ash never had a Steel type before and has developed a fetish on Ground types and this is both so. Totally can see it on his team
Wildcard: And a unrevealed good/cool Pokemon.
Or an unrevealed pseudo legendary Pokemon. I doubt it will turn out too be a pseudo he is going too catch because the recently caught Gible who have the potential too become Ash strongest Pokemon and maybe take him with him too Isshu.
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- Pikachu (obvious)
- Mamepato (pretty much confirmed)
- Mijumaru (confirmed)
- Fire/ghost or Fire/bug (so I'd prefer Ash to get either one of these as fire types, I'll explain more later...)
- Tsutarja (the female one, I'll explain more later too)
- Desukan/Meguroko/Buffaron/other (yeah, I'm loving the potential for the wildcard choice, I'd be okay with the three I listed or maybe another pokemon depending on who they are/what they look like)

Okay so in terms of the fire and grass types, here's my current hope/speculation. While it may seem like Ash could get Pokabu due to the gym match, I hope Iris gets it and she's just trying a gym match. Because, Ash already has Mijumaru as a possible main starter powerhouse and I'll explain my idea for Tsutarja. And it also gives Ash a different type combo as well. And no, I don't want to see Boappu with Ash. Ash already has Infernape and with all of Infernape's development, there's no way Boappu (or Pokabu) can compare. At least with a fire/ghost or fire/bug pokemon it's got the ghost or bug aspects that set it apart from Infernape (and even Charizard).

Now a female Tsutarja wouldn't be that bad for Ash imo. It could have like a "seductress" type of battling style. This basically means it could be sly, tricky, use Attract, etc. in battles in order to make the opponent get caught off guard. So she wouldn't actually seduce the opponents, I called it that way due to lack of a better word for it. Idk, something that involves sly tactics or whatever. Now, Tsutarja could go with Dento or Iris and I'd be okay with that. This is just an idea for now. Although with the grass pokemon that have been revealed, Tsutarja seems more Ash like at the moment imo. But we'll see.

- Kibago (confirmed)
- Pokabu (see above)

Yeah, I can't really think of anything else because I don't know what type of pokemon the writers want Iris to get. Cute pokemon, non-cute pokemon that could pull cute off (like Kibago), it depends. So Pokabu is the only other pokemon that I can think of for Iris at the moment.

- Yanappu (confirmed)
- Shikijika (later would evolve)

Can't think of much for Dento besides a possibele second pokemon for him (and it's pretty much game speculation for that). I do think he could catch non-grass pokemon when he travels with Ash. I said Shimama could work for him before so we'll see about that.

- Wobuffett (pretty much second TR mascot besides Meowth)
- Seviper (to be replaced by the potential centipede pokemon)
- Yanmega (to be replaced by Koromori)

- Carnivine (to be replaced by possible Cactus pokemon or Monmon)
- Mime Jr. (to be replaced by possible garbage pokemon, let's relive a Weezing situation and the grass pokemon can take over for James' cute pokemon)

Assuming TR follows a similar pattern to the pokemon they've had in the past, maybe James could go back to his roots by getting a poison type again while the grass can take over the cute role. Jessie can replace Seviper for the possible centipede pokemon (close replacement for a snake right?). Yanmega can be replaced by another flyer in Koromori (and it was seen by Jessie so it's possible it could be hers).


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I'm gonna do my prdictions for Ash based on my wishlist, then do the three most likely scenarios.

Mamepato/Wargle- Regional bird Fully evolves as always, but gets oaked and Wargle is caught to stop it from destroying a flock of Mamepato and its second form. (kinda like the fearow/pidgeot episode, only Mamepato3? doesn't get released it gets swapped for Wargle so Ash can train the giant bird.
Migumaru- Goes all the way please!!!!!!
Tsujaja-Goes all the way. I hate almost all of the non starter grass types, with the exceptions of Tropius, Carnivine, Abamasnow, and now Yanappu, although I'm still on the fence about the grass monkey.
Pokabu(all the way) or unrevealed fire type that's bad-A-I'd rather have this than Hihiduruma or the new fire monkey.

As for the wildcard/reserve pokemon
Denchura - I'm with Dman on this one, either Ash gets it or no one in the main cast (that includes TR).
Desukan- I freaking love this thing. It makes me smile everytime I look at it. I could see it having a playful/cocky attitude and pull pranks and occasionally give Ash and hug...and by that I mean open up its sarcaufigus(sp) body and put Ash inside for a minute.
Baffuron- a new battle buddy for Tauros!!!

More likely scenarios now.

All three starters- its been a while since he had all three and he does use his pokemon more than anyone else on the show so it would make sense for the writers to try again with giving him all 3 this time. Mijumaru should go all the way and so should Pokabu. Ash has 2 fully evolved grass type starters at Oaks, 1 fully evolved fire starter (Charizard doesn't live at the lab), and none of his water types (I mean main water types, NOT Kingler) have evolved so Mijumaru should go all the way.
Mamepato-confirmed, and will go all the way since every regional bird does.
Wildcards/Reserves: After that I'm not sure. I just hope he doesn't get the mole line. It makes me think of the Sandshrew line, and just doesn't seem very special to me.

Mamepato-Confirmed more or less
Mijumaru- unless something absolutley redonkulous happens its confirmed too.
Pokabu- seen battling in the gym, just like Mijumaru.
Shikijika- Ash was shown attempting to catch one so who knows, plus it has a Bad-A evo soo I wouldn't mind it.
Reserve: Read reserves for scenario 1.

Pika-Do I really need to say more?
Mijumaru- same as before
Mamepato- Confirmed more or less
Tsutaja- The female that was shown would make things interesting.
Hihidaruma/Baoppu/unrevealed fire-Ash likes ape/monkey based pokemon sooo Hihi and the new fire monkey could work, but I hate them both for him, not the pokemon themselves, just hate the thought of them with Ash. An unrevealed fire type could also happen.
Reserves: again read 1.

4. (Final)
Non-starter Grass
Non-starter Fire


Gallade owns
God forbid it. I will not have Ash/anyone with Pokabu's evolution(s).

Ash will have Pikachu, obvious,
I want Ash to get Mijumaru->->final form
Mamepato (always gets the flyer)
To be honest, he doesn't need a Fire-type this time 'round.
None of the monkeys please
I don't want this to happen, but Moguryu->Doryuuzu, as his first Steel-type
For something different to what they usually do, take the Tauros leader and evolve him.
I have a hunch Ash will also catch Shikijika

Iris has Kibago, confirmed.
I see her getting Chillarmy, maybe
She might possibly get Meguroko early on
One of the monkeys for her, rather than Ash

Dento (hmmm) dunno really

Just to get this out of the way, rival (Shooti) can have
-Janobii->final form of Tsutaja, breaking tradition of base form->final form
-Shimama/whatever it evolves into, if it does

Edit: Actually, I want Ash and Iris to trade Shikijika and Meguroko, respectively. Once we find out if/what Meguroko evolves/into, I will hope for both to evolve, seeing as Ash never got Feraligatr/Garchomp...

Typhlosion Trainer

Fire Trainer

Kibago - confirmed
Chillarmy- seems like it would fit with her
Yoreterrie- I can see her getting this little guy


Yanappu- confirmed
Shikijika- like most ppl, I think it will fit him.


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A new next pokemon thread? Cool. I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring and give a prediction:

Pikachu (no explanation needed)
Mamepeto (confirmed)
Mijumaru (pretty much confirmed)
that's really all I can say. I'll wait until the game comes out to give it a shot.
i think i will just do ash for the time being:

Mamepeto [Final Stage]
Mijumaru [Final Stage]
Unrevealed Fire Type [Middle Stage]
Unrevealed Grass Type [Has no Evolution]
Meguroko [Final Stage]


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A new next pokemon thread? Cool. I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring and give a prediction:

Pikachu (no explanation needed)
Mamepeto (confirmed)
Mijumaru (pretty much confirmed)
that's really all I can say. I'll wait until the game comes out to give it a shot.

Sorry but how does this qualify as a prediction when you admitted it yourself that you mentioned is confirmed?

I DUNNO, just a waste of space with no value added.

Charizard Lord

Probably Napping
All right! My first predictions for Best Wishes!

Pikachu: Duh.
Mamepato: Confirmed.
Mijumaru: Confirmed.
Tsutaja/Unrevealed Grass Type: I'm not sure how many starters Ash will get this time around..but I doubt that he'll be getting Tsutaja. I'm only considering it since Ash has caught every Grass starter thus far. Since Dento and Shooti seem to have one, Ash will likely catch an entirely new Grass monster...since none of the currently revealed ones suit him, IMO.
Pokabu/Hihidaruma: Both of these Fire Types suit Ash well. If they spread the starters among the characters, then Hihidaruma for sure.
Moguryu: This critter suits Ash perfectly!
Desukan/Baffuron/Unrevealed Wild Card: If Ash really is catching more Pokemon in Isshu, then he should stick with two wildcards, like in Sinnoh. These two suit him well, though another unveiled down the road may work better.

Kibago: Confirmed.
Chillarmy: Suits her.
Shimama: Suits her.
Pokabu/Unrevealed Fire Type: If Ash only gets one starter, then Pokabu should go to Iris. If not, then something else.
Others: More to come...

Yanappu: Confirmed.
Tsutaja: Suits him.
Shikijika: Suits him.
Others: More to come...


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I am thinking that Ash will get that fire gorilla. Sorry about the names, I am not too good with the Japanese names.
As for Jessie, could it be that she gets Tsujata, the grass starter, as she seems to be the favourable one with snake poke'mon.
Shooti should be getting the eagle type bird.


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We already know Pikachu is staying..... I dont see the need for side comments like DUHHHHH, DURRRR, Obviously, Duh, what are you stupid? etc.

For some of you guys thinking Ash will get the 3-starters: NO WAY!!!!

About around 60 +/- Pokemon have been revealed, so there is still around 70 more more to be revealed(excluding the around 20 Legendaries to be in the game) for Ash to get. Right now its obvious Mamepato, Mijumaru are in his teams, As for the Fire & Grass types, not to fond of what we have so far. And who knows who the Wild-Card is... Im hoping he gets the Mole Pokemon, Hihidaruma and some other Yet-to-be-revealed Grass Type.


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Alright, here's my guesses:

Mamepato-Hatooboo-Final Evolution
Tsutarja-Janobii-Final Evolution
Pokabu-Chaobuu-Final Evolution

Okay, let's get down to business. Pikachu is obvious, there will never be required an explanation as to why Pikachu is on Ash's team. Mamepato has been practically confirmed to be caught by Ash in the preview, as we see Pikachu kicking its butt and Ash chucking a Poke Ball at it. As with all of Ash's Flying types, Mamepato will probably evolve all the way to its final form. Mijumaru is also confirmed for Ash, and I definitely think it will evolve at least once. It could evolve twice, but out of all of the starters, I think it would be the best one left at middle stage. Tsutarja and Pokabu both seem like likely captures for Ash as well. There are two Tsutarja, one who belongs to Shooti and battles Pikachu, and a wild female one who Ash chucks a Poke Ball at. We also see Ash chuck a Poke Ball at Pokabu, and we see it battling in a Gym environment. If Ash gets Tsutarja and Pokabu, I think they would both have a fairly decent chance of reaching their final stages. Moguryuu would be a good wildcard for Ash, as he seems to get a lot of Ground types, and evolving it would be a good way to give Ash his first Steel type. If he really is catching more Pokemon like back in the Kanto days, I could see him catching some things like Rankurusu, Gear, and Basurao. Heck, maybe he'll catch a herd of 30 Baffuron. Now that would make for an interesting time at Oak's.


Honestly, I find everyone but Ash hard to predict. Kibago is a dur one like Pikachu, and I think it'll end up being the Piplup of Isshu. After all, Iris couldn't easily drag around an Ononkusu in her hair. Chillarmy and Emonga both seem to be energetic Pokemon that would fit Iris's personality. Shikijika and Churine are both nature-oriented Pokemon that would suit her.


Yanappu is obviously confirmed, and it could probably evolve into whatever-its-evolution-is. Kurumiru is a Grass type that somehow remotely fits him in some slight way. Swana seems to fit him, but if he only catches Grass types this obviously won't be the case. I could strangely see him with something like Denchura, too.


Wobbufet will never leave. Ever. Seviper and Yanmega are both on this series' endangered list, and at least one of them will probably be released. Koromori is seeming likely to be hers, as when we see it in the previews, it seems to be attacking Ash and Co. in a typical Team Rocket manner.

Mime Jr.
Rankurusu prevo/Gochirezeru-prevo/Tamagetake

Mime Jr. isn't leaving or evolving, and Carnivine probably won't get released quite yet. James will probably only catch one new Pokemon, probably either a new baby Psychic or a Grass type like the Mushroom dude.

Tsutarja-Janobii-Final Evolution

Pretty much anything tough and cool looking I put on this list. The only one confirmed is Tsutarja, and the rest just kind of fell into place. Hihidaruma covers his Fire type slot, Shimama and/or Denchura cover Electric, Wooguru is the Flying type, Basurao is the Water type, and Gigaisu and/or Desukan are big bulky wild cards.

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
I've already said why I don't think or want Ash to get all the starters (and with pokabu's evo typing confirmed i doubt anyone's gonna want him getting that thing.) I also don't believe the writers are going to fill his roster up by the end of the year either, so i'll do up to then for now and finish it off later.

Mempeto(May follow in Starly's footsteps and evolve quickly which would be nice if it's a three stager.)
Fire Monkey from triad: hear me out, given the information from the games regarding the monkeys, I could see the writers pulling this, Dento already has the grass monkey and this would secure Ash a fire pokemon of course this also helps "Deduce" what Iris and Dento would end up having in my opinion as well.

Tatsuja(not because it's a girl but because I think it really clicks with Iris.)
Water Monkey (Same reason Ash gets the fire monkey, her starter beats it.)

Grass monkey
Pokabu(either shows up early and snags it or owns one already as a back up pokemon.)
possible third capture: Munna
This is what I see possibly by the years end, beyond that I don't know.


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Unrevealed Grass/Churine - Either something we haven't seen or evolve Churine into this supposed 'awesome' evolution.

I'd actually not take my word for it since I really doubt you hold the same opinion as me but something like a queen "fairy" Pokemon evolution really interests me a lot, I put fairy in quotes since I doubt it will have wings or look too much like a fairy, but that's what I get out of hearing its description (a feminine looking Pokemon, with a bulb dress and a crown on its head).

And just so you know I tend to like feminine humanoid Pokemon a lot. This is one of the reasons I love Gardevoir so much (as my favorite psychic type) because of how it's designed.

So if that's not you in the least I wouldn't hold your breath in that it will be a good design for you, and come to think of it, I don't know why I would want Ash to have such a Pokemon actually. So from the previous Next Pokemon Thread, I actually remove Churine and its evolution from its list (unless its design is wickedly cool looking), but right now I don't see it.

Now for my guess (keep in mind I'm only doing 5 captures, possible rotated Pokemon will be decided AFTER all the Pokemon are revealed:

What I want (although there's one Pokemon that I could live without but it just works best):

Pikachu- Obvious. But Pikachu will evolve into Emonga (I just know it; just kidding).

Mamepato- Fully evolved, and confirmed (Mamepato anyway).

Mijumaru- Evolves early, stays as Futachimaru for a long time, and evolves a few episodes before the league. Gets two league wins, (and is replaced with Totodile in the filler saga), Okay that might be too harsh, I'll wait for Futachimaru's evolution's sugimori art.

Pokabu: I don't want Pokabu on Ash's team, but it really is the only way my rest of the team works. So it will evolve fully into Ganonbuu, skipping Chaobuu's stage completely (just kidding).

Grass/Steel Pokemon- Rumor says it's a metal ball and it evolves further into a bigger metal ball with tentacles. I don't really want this Pokemon BUT none of the other grass Pokemon work. I mean the only other options are Shikijika and Tsutarja, but this a team of what I want and what I want is the final choice which is:

Denchura: Yes my most desired choice I want on Ash's team. I know it's part electric, BUT it being dual typed really helps me easily choose it on Ash's team. It doesn't need to overshadow Pikachu in the electric type (but maybe have it know an electric type move Pikachu doesn't know like charge beam, or electric spider web attack (which would be awesome if it was real), So what I'm saying is it will have 2 bug type moves, 1 electric move, and 1 versatile move maybe poison or something. Besides I hate how Pikachu locks out Ash from receiving another electric type Pokemon. I know, I know why they won't give Ash another electric type, but Denchura is just too perfect of a chance to pass up. There has not been any other dual typed electric Pokemon that I could see Ash with. But Denchura is Ashbolutely perfect.

What will likely happen (which is okay as well in my opinion and may even be a better choice) since Kiba's being mean I just won't include Pikachu:

Mamepato: I just can't wait to see what its final evolution looks like as well as its "spring" pink mask alternate form looks like.

Mijumaru: 30 episodes to 50 episodes between forms.

Tsutarja: Aside from Shikijika (or rather Mebukijika) it's the only one that fits and I really do not see Ash catching Churine (unless Queen Fairy is pure wickedness) or Monmen (despite how cute the cotton sheep fan art looked). And I really don't see Ash getting that grass/steel ball, I only put it in my wants because I'd have to resort to Tsutarja (which means in my wants Ash would've gotten all starter, but no I don't want Ash to get all the starters, I mean sure having 3 fully evolved starters does sound appealing, but there's just so many better options, at least in the fire Pokemon possibilities). Oh yeah Tsutarja definitely evolves to its final stage.

Fire/Ghost or Fire/Bug: Either one will work, but I'm leaning towards the fire ghost candle Pokemon more for a new typing.

Moguryuu- I want it to evolve and give Ash a steel type Pokemon, and Doryuuzu is just plain awesome.

Other options:

Dark/Dragon Psuedo- But? A Hydra Pokemon? Either way the typing sound epic.
Ice Polar bear Pokemon- That would be awesome.
Desukaan- I'd rather have the fire ghost but sure why not Desukaan.
That Ground Ghost Pokemon thing sounds kind of neat.

Like I said I really hard to guess without knowing what it looks like

SHOOT, I forgot that there were more grass types than I thought but I don't know, as neat as Tamegetake is I don't know about it, I'd have to see it's evolution (but if need be I'd replace it with grass steel metal ball in a heart beat (unless the metal ball is somehow cute). And I don't see Ash catching Kurumiru.

Either way I do believe Ash is getting 2 if not 3 starters. There's a lacking in feasible Grass Pokemon for Ash specifically, and while I like some of the fire types I really don't want Baoppu or Darumakka/Hihidaruma on Ash's team (though I'd much prefer Hihidaruma over Baoppu).

Either way Denchura is looking too conditional to be on Ash's team, unless they forego giving Ash a fire type or don't care if they double on types like bug, or they don't care if fire/ghost eventually looks spider--like.

Fire Monkey from triad: hear me out, given the information from the games regarding the monkeys, I could see the writers pulling this, Dento already has the grass monkey and this would secure Ash a fire pokemon of course this also helps "Deduce" what Iris and Dento would end up having in my opinion as well.

Why would you want Ash to catch another Chimchar but be so hesitant on a brand new animal origins? I mean Ash has never had a fire pig before.
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Did I miss something? Does Mamepato evolve into Hatooboo? I always thought Hatooboo evolved into Swana..... >__>
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