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Next Pokemon Thread (Updated!) **YOUR OPINION =/= FACT!**

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Potentate Carpathia, Jan 27, 2004.

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  1. Okay well before the forums got deleted there were many threads containing what pokemon with Ash and May or Brock or whoever catch next/whose pokemon will evolve next and it was crowding the boards so I decided to make this thread. This thread you can post whatever you want whoever you want to catch/evolve a pokemon next and what pokemon. I'm only doing this to not crowd the threads because I didn't really like seeing, "What will be Ash's next pokemon". So any ideas?

    Mine is May will catch a Swablu in the upcoming episode. Maybe Brock's Lotad will evolve but he never uses it so I highly doubt it.

    Now post what you think and I kinda hope this helps to not crowd the thread and people getting really mad over there's to many threads on who will catch the next poekmon. Enjoy! Torkoal Greg

    06/28/08 -- Remember, this is what YOU THINK, meaning YOUR OPINION, NOT FACT. You have no right to tell other people that they are wrong unless it is absolutely necessary and/or you are just correcting them on something. That's it - otherwise, you will receive an infraction for SPAM, kthnx.
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  2. JazzJazz

    JazzJazz Well-Known Member

    I'll say it before anyone else does, I think there's a chance of James capturing the gulpin in the upcoming episode. I would really love James to get more pokemon, but I'm not sure I'm keen on him having a gulpin. It'd be kind of like Jessie with her seviper (the Hoenn equivalent of arbok), gulpin is the Hoenn equivalent of weezing... a poison blob. They should really broaden out the pokemon types that Team Rocket has, let not have it so full of poison types.
  3. Grovyle

    Grovyle Guest

    Well, like a good majority of the people here, I think Brock's Lotad should evolve into Lombre, Haruka-chan will catch Swablu, and James will get Gulpin. I can also see Haruka getting a Spheal on their way to Mossdeep.

    As for Ash, I can see several Pokemon for him to catch. Absol, Duskull, Spoink or Vibrava all would go well on his team.
  4. Evil Azurill

    Evil Azurill RIP Maddie

    I think Jesse or James should get a water type. Maybe an Azurill...heh heh. Actually, I can kind of see Jesse with a Milotic.
  5. GoldenNoctowl77

    GoldenNoctowl77 Back in Business!

    Here's what I believe:

    ~James's next Pokemon will be Gulpin and it will be caught in the Gulpin episode.
    ~May will get Swablu in the Swblue episode.
    ~Possible evolution of Lotad, but I'm starting to doubt it as they rarely every get rid of comic releases, but maybe a dopey Lombre would be cool.
    ~I think Ash's final capture will be a Kecleon.
  6. Kecleon for Ash? o_O He has never had a normal type pokemon. I would like to see him with psychic type or dark type. I have no idea which pokemon he should catch. I`m glad, May will catch Swablu. This pokemon suits to her.
  7. Pokeballs

    Pokeballs Custom Torkoal 01

    well his taillow is a normal/flying u kno
  8. Arnold

    Arnold <<< Epic Avatar

    Ash has had a few Normals.....don't you remember th big tub o fun Snorlax and then Pidgeotto/Pidgeot, Tauros too ^^

    Anyways...Lotad best evolve to Lombre.....and then to Runpapa =P

    Would Love to see it pop out randomly and start dancing around ^^;;
  9. Rappy28

    Rappy28 Guest

    I could easily see May catching a Swablu and Brock's Lotad evolving (cuz Lombre is cool =P)...

    But James catching a Gulpin ?

    NO WAY IN HELL !!!!

    I've hated Gulpin since I've started playing Pokémon Sapphire, which means for a year. I'll be really angry if he catches the damn living stomach... Poison type ? Why would Team Rocket need another one since they've got Seviper ? And about Gulpin being funny... do you really want the poor guy to be harassed by each of his Pokémon ???? *pants* Sorry, but I strongly dislike poison Pokémon...

    James needs a Trapinch. That's it. A cute ground type Pokémon (which will make battles against Pikachu maybe a little more interesting) who can dig holes, has a big mouth (litterally) and chomps down on everything (doesn't THAT suit James as well ?).
    However I doubt it'd evolve, maybe to Vibrava, but Flygon ? After all, we're talking about Team Rocket here...
    *pictures Team Rocket with a Flygon, kicking the fat rodent's ass with an Hyperbeam, an Earthquake and a Dragon Claw*

    Either that or a Tropius. It's big, it's a grass type, it can fly and has got bananas growing around its neck, which would solve Team Rocket's food problem.

    IMO both of them would be a lot more useful than a sticky stomach holding a bunch of bottlecaps...

    But that's just me.
  10. Archangel R.J.

    Archangel R.J. Spikeshell Trainer

    Here's what I thin:

    Ash - His next Pokemon will be Grovyle, who evolves from Treecko not too far from now.

    Brock - He will either catch a Solrock or evolve his Lotad (or both) in the upcoming "Solrock vs. Lombre" episode.

    May - Will catch a Swablu in the upcoming episode

    TR - James will get another Pokemon, possibly a Gulpin or even a Trapinch, in the near future. Jessie won't get anything else for the rest of Hoenn.
  11. I understand you. Gulpin isn`t pretty for me too, but...writers have another taste. James has had poison type pokemon for long time. I think, he will catch new POISON pok again.
    Flygon would be a nice pokemon for James, but how we know, Jessie and James have to lose with Ash and co. so they need weaker pokemon than Flygon, who will lose with Pikachu. Flygon is to powerful.
  12. Lupin

    Lupin Legendary Pokémon Coordinator

    i reckon that Brock will get either an Aron or a Lairon coz it suits him.

    May will get a Sealo or a :333:

    Ash will get a :291:
  13. Andyman

    Andyman Guest

    Yeah Lupin...Aron and Lairon does suits Brock...hoping for Ash catching Beldum..Imagine Ash with Metagross...I don`t think it`s gonna happend, but I hope...
  14. Rappy28

    Rappy28 Guest

    That's what I said, Flygon is too powerful to be a Team Rocket Pokémon. I can only dream... u_u
    If James somehow catches a Trapinch, I think it'd stay like that, or maybe just evolve into Vibrava. Flygon ? Nah, now that's not how the writers' mind works. =P Besides, another trainer already has a Flygon. (the shadowy figure from the recent Delcatty episode definitely had a Flygon to his side)
    Oh, and since Trapinch is a desert Pokémon, it'd get along well with Cacnea. ^_~

    Yeah, so, back on topic... James is gonna catch a Gulpin. May the writers rot in hell.
  15. Evil Azurill

    Evil Azurill RIP Maddie

    Why does everyone think Ash should have a Beldum? It's not that great of a pokemon if you ask me...but that's just my opinion. Somebody should catch a Bagon. Maybe Ash.
    I think may should have an Azurill. When she tried to catch one, I was disappointed when she didn't get it.
  16. *Murkrow

    *Murkrow Guest

    For some reason I've just got the idea in my head of Ash getting a Spoink/Grumpig, don't ask why, I can just imagine him running after it as it manically bounces around xD But then again, I'm weird. Other than that, I hope he'll evolve some of his current Pokés rather than catch anymore, maybe not Corpish, but Treecko and Taillow, it's annoying when he starts facing evolved trainers/gyms with un-evolved teams and managing to beat them all<personal opinion! Don't kill me because of the way I view the animé.

    I can see May getting Swablu, it's cute, and does suit her. I can also see it evolving, ok, Altaria might sem to powerful for her, but, I don't know, it just suits her^_^

    I hope Lotad evolves sometime soon, I'd like there to be at least one evolution in each of A/B/M's teams. The idea of Brock getting Solrock(as suggested by R.J), it'd be a throw-back to when he was a Rock type trainer.

    I still wish James had got Zangoose though, though that might be favouritism butting in^_^
  17. As i said before,Ash for a Snorunt,and I think a Gulpin for James(what else, NOT SNORUNT!!!),a Tropius for Brock as Brock likes docile pokemon(maybe Aron, but it Shouldn't evolve), and for May either a Swablu(but she Has Beautifly)or Barboach/whiscash
  18. JazzJazz

    JazzJazz Well-Known Member

    What about Jessie? No one ever says anything about her line-up, possibly because she's always has more pokemon than James. I think it's time for wobbuffet to go... he's has his fun. They need to make way for a new source of Team Rocket's comic relief.
  19. SpaZZ

    SpaZZ Guest

    LOL that's what I also said.
    That would be great material....

    Trapinch would also be cool, no more digging for Meowth and James:D
    and besides, strong pokemon always are weaker when used bij J&J....
  20. pikasaiyan

    pikasaiyan Guest

    Ok well I think that it is quite evident that May will catch a swablu or start to think about catching one although it is slightly possible that they just come across some. Brocks lotad evolving, is slim but it is also possible. I still do not see why everyone is speculating James to catch Gulpin. Based on the title it shows no evidence that anyone will catch him, it just makes me think that gulpin repels trainers and the only way I could see James end up with him is if it beats pikachu or repels him or something like that. I would rather not see gulpin caught by anyone cause i personally am not a fan, but what can you do. Im also hoping that ash's next pokemon is spoink or a grumpig, that would be an amazing addition to his team.
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