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NFL/NCAAF Thread: We don't huddle anymore in our society.

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Hunter Zolomon, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Hunter Zolomon

    Hunter Zolomon Into the Shadows Staff Member Moderator

    The Lions and Michigan both won, so this was a good week for sports. For me anyways lol.
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  2. Det. Viper

    Det. Viper That’s Detective Viper to you

    As long as the Lions stay either third or fourth in the NFC North I’ll be happy. The way the season is going it looks like the Packers will win the division and the team I root for will likely take one of the two Wild Card seeds.
    Hunter Zolomon likes this.
  3. bobjr

    bobjr It's Fusion, I don't have to expalin it. Staff Member Moderator

    I’m glad NCAA players can now get paid and use their likeness, but I don’t like their statement and it obviously needs input from the players themselves. Plus screw them for acting like they’ve been pushing it for years now.
    Hunter Zolomon likes this.
  4. Genos

    Genos Sword

    I just witnessed the worst defeat USC has gotten this season.

    All aboard the "Fire Helton" train!
  5. Hunter Zolomon

    Hunter Zolomon Into the Shadows Staff Member Moderator

    So during Monday Night Football a black cat showed up on the field. Talk about bad luck.

    Welp, the Lions lost again. Losing to the Raiders is not a good look...
  6. Det. Viper

    Det. Viper That’s Detective Viper to you

    The Chargers (that beat the red hot Green Bay Packers) also lost to the Raiders in a great game on Thursday. Also appreciate the Chargers keeping Green Bay within one game of the Vikings.
  7. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    The Ravens are definitely surpassing my expectations for this year. I thought they might be a pretty good team and at least compete with Cleveland if not beat them out. But they're not just competing, they're dominating. The rest of the AFC North is pretty mediocre and we've come away with wins against some of the toughest teams in the league (I thought we'd be lucky to beat one of Seattle and New England, and we beat them both). Really feels like the sky's the limit with this team, things like 1st seed in the AFC and/or a Super Bowl win are actually in the realm of possibility for us this year.
  8. Genos

    Genos Sword

    The way 49ers and Seahawks are playing. I'm staring to think my Rams aren't reaching the playoffs this year. The "superbowl hangover" has been into effect since week 3. Our only hope is to win the remaining games and other two starts losing. But that'll never happen.

    The only I thing I want is to re-sign Ramsey. Trading for him was the only positive outcome this season.
  9. Hunter Zolomon

    Hunter Zolomon Into the Shadows Staff Member Moderator

    You bring up some great valid points. Unfortunately they lost to the Bears yesterday. All in all though the Lions have improved this season. All of their losses were winnable games. They faired better than I expected yesterday especially with Stafford being injured. Not to mention Kerryon Johnson has been on injured reserve. When he's in the game the Lions actually have a legit running game.
  10. Det. Viper

    Det. Viper That’s Detective Viper to you

    At the beginning of the season I thought that the Lions had a legit shot at taking the division or grabbing a wild card slot. But unless things change between now and Week 17 it seems that the NFC top 6 are almost a lock.

    One thing I do like about football is that anybody can win any game. This past Sunday the Saints (7-1) and that won their last 6 lost to the Falcons (1-7). The Falcons looked like they were ready for the playoffs while the Saints looked like they were packing up for the season. Clearly the Saints are actually the ones playoff bound while the Falcons will watch from their living rooms. But divisional matchups could always go either way with no regard to how good either team is. That’s why the fans and the NFL loves these divisional matchups. (See NFL Week 17 for more proof of divisional game love)

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