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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by PsychicPsycho, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. PsychicPsycho

    PsychicPsycho Well-Known Member

    So, the first round of the draft was today. I know I was glad it came so they can FINALLY SHUT UP WITH ALL THE FIRST ROUND MOCK DRAFTS!!!! Now to the rest of the rounds, I guess :(

    Did anyone's team get anybody cool? I'm for KC; we got a WR. I've heard (and agree) that we needed one, so that's cool.

    Did players from anyone's college team get drafted? Personally, I'm glad to see Gabbert went to a team I don't hate. Missouri had a couple first round picks; I guess that sucks for the team, but good that we're developing talented players.

    Is anyone surprised that Newton went first? I guess I'm not, with all his hype and the skills he showed in college. Guess in carolina he'll still be in SEC country.
  2. OJG

    OJG r u not entertained

    I'm a Philadelphia Eagles and North Carolina Tar Heels fan.

    Eagles: Happy with the pick. Mature OG who stepped in at Baylor and was awesome, fantastic intangibles.

    Heels: Quinn slipped out of the top ten, which surprised me because he has Peppers-level talent. Hoping my guys Austin and Little go in the second round.

    Rest of the draft: Lots of surprises. Ponder at 12 was amazing, Prince Amukamara slipping to 19th was ridiculous, Fairley as far as 13th was surprising and no Daquan Bowers in the first round? Amazing.
  3. PsychicPsycho

    PsychicPsycho Well-Known Member

    Booo, lockout's back on. I'm feeling more and more like there won't be any football this year, although I hate to say it. I also keep getting a stray thought in may head that the divide over this will be so great that we may miss years although I especially hate to say that.
    Yeah, that surpised me as well. I'd never have thought that he would be 12 and malett (sp?) wouldn't go until the 3 round.
  4. Bears319

    Bears319 Dont forget to wipe!

    If you guys/gals like any kind of football. Then you should join the American Football Group. (there's a link on my profile under Groups)
  5. Shneak

    Shneak totem lurantis is the hardest boss

    Steelers didn't do bad in the draft. I'm worried about the lockout still though.
  6. Jenni

    Jenni _

    i was raised in miami, and just graduated from florida yesterday. so ****ing happy the dolphin's got pouncey.


    **** cam newton.
  7. PsychicPsycho

    PsychicPsycho Well-Known Member

    New confernce stuff in college football starts this year; I'd forgotten. We lose colorado and nebraska. I hope that we'll become the big 10 now, the old big 10 will be the big 12 and the old pac 10 will be pac 12. It drove me nuts the way the big 10 has had eleven teams.

    Hey, I've been thinking. Although I don't want the lockout to continue, I'm wondering that, if it does, will college football do anything differently? Like maybe having games on sunday and saturday. Or, not holding my breath, start a playoff. What do you guys think?
    Do you hate him as a player, or is it just because he's from another SEC team?

    I'm not his biggest fan or anything, just wondering.
  8. Jenni

    Jenni _

    eh, i don't think the lockout is going to affect cfb.

    it has nothing to do with being in the SEC. i'm a recent florida graduate, and i'm a big fan of bama's cfb program.

    that being said, it would be foolish of me to deny cam newton's athletic ability--he performed (extremely) well at florida, blinn, and auburn. but! guy is still a ****ing tool. kid got arrested for stealing a laptop, and transferred out of florida before he could get expelled by the honor court because he was caught cheating as a freshman and sophomore. not only that, but the controversy surrounding his transfer from blinn to auburn, and the fact that his dad tried to solicit close to $200k from MSU? i give it a year before he turns into reggie bush: part 2.
  9. rykerr1

    rykerr1 The Great Gublet

    I heard that the Patriots got a decent RB and another backup QB. Not really sure, but I will definitely find soon since I'm a big Pats fan =)
  10. Vernikova

    Vernikova Champion

    The UFL draft happened in less than an hour supposedly. NFL should follow their example because the NFL draft is the most useless thing in all of the four major sports. Sucks that people still eat it up though. So serious here.
  11. bushie

    bushie Well-Known Member

    i completely disagree with you. the nfl draft is great. i mean after a two month break from football the draft gets you back into it. seeing what your team picks the being on the clock waiting what playes are going to be selected. who trades up or down. i do agree though that after the first two rounds it gets tedious
  12. Jenni

    Jenni _

    ugh. i don't even bother after watching the first.
  13. PsychicPsycho

    PsychicPsycho Well-Known Member

    Oh, you meant in terms of giving back the heisman. I thought you meant he'd turn out to be a decent player at first.

    I agree about the laptop stealing thing. I thought it was convenient though, that it came out as his heisman campaign was gaining momentum. It made me wonder how much other dirt other players have that we don't hear about.
    Bah, I don't watch any of it. All of the speculation between picks is totally boring.

    I have to agree that the draft is overblown. Maybe it's just because I watch espn all the time, but I'm sick of the draft before the draft even gets here. The thing I hate most is after its done they'll ask about next years draft. Like they'll really be able to predict anything before the college season even starts.
  14. Vernikova

    Vernikova Champion

    Gets you back into it? It's three days(Or is it only two?) of calling names of people who will be out of the league within a few years. Really, many people watching it probably don't know half of the people being drafted and probably haven't watched any of them play more than one or two games outside of the bowl games. How great can it be after it gets tedious after the first two rounds?
  15. PsychicPsycho

    PsychicPsycho Well-Known Member

    Hey, something I forgot to mention a few days ago: what do you guys think about mendenhall's comments about bin laden?

    To me, they just seem stupid. How can we hate him if we haven't heard him speak? His plots lead to the death of thousands of people. In the face of that, what do we need to hear?
  16. bushie

    bushie Well-Known Member

    i think its stupid the only thing any american should say or tweet after bin laden's death is:USA ,USA
  17. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    The NFL draft is the biggest out of major sports. main reason is that college football is the most popular collegiate sport and the draft is the intersection of the two. college fans like to see where their stars and hometown heros go and NFL fans like to see their teams fill needs because first rounders are usually good enough to start, unlike other leagues.

    I question the panthers drafting cam newton: you spent a 2nd round on jimmy clausen and could have drafted someone to support your team. better yet, trde down and get two guys to help you out. obviously they are gambling on their ability to trade jimmy.

    as a packers fain I wasnt really excited about the draft. did like the OT pick since that is one injury away from a need for us. word on the street is that jemical finley will not resign with the pack so makes sense why we got some TEs. excited for the hawaii running back, I was wishfully hoping mark ingram would fall low enough for us to snag him as an alabama fan. and another WR in cobb, which should be exciting since we can build a wildcat package for him. outside of a CB prospect and DE longshot, we really did not address the defense, which we can get away with because that front 7 won a super bowl, I got some confidence in them. It looks like we drafted some people specifically for special teams, which was probably our only real need lol.

    and as for the lockout I really hope they get it together. I think the owners are starting to look like the bad guys since they reinstated the lockout during the draft
  18. PsychicPsycho

    PsychicPsycho Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I've looked at the owners as the bad guys from the beginning. My brother sees it oppositely, though. What do you all think?
  19. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    both sides are kinda greedy, but I do think that the players argument that a lockout will have negative effects on their careers is better than what the owners have to say. next season is going to be a s#!& show due to the limited about of coaching time and that some player havent kept up with workouts. and in rookies who got a playbook 2 weeks ago and free agents with that much prep time and things are going to be below par. a good player has about 10 years in him and losing one is real bad.

    granted, there are some things on the players side that have to be worked out. rookie wages should be adjusted with some ability to negotiate after the first season, after they have played nfl downs. case in point jamarcus russell and arian foster. long-term heath benefits are reasonable

    and on a related note: http://www.onionsportsnetwork.com/articles/report-nfl-may-end-lockout-by-hiring-scab-owners,19770/
  20. bushie

    bushie Well-Known Member

    i think the lockout will be lifted i just don't see the owners giving up millions that they would make during football season.if there is a lockout cfb however might benefit we need our football fix and without the nfl we have to turn to ncaaf.

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