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Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
The Lions drafted Jake Rudock in the 6th round. I would love to see Jake pan out in the NFL, but getting drafted by the Lions.....Let's hope Bob Quinn can help fix that mess of an organization, so far he's making some nice changes. It will take time for a thorough fix, though.

I'm happy for Willie Henry. He had a pretty good last season with Michigan. The Ravens just nabbed themselves a great player. When I went to Michigan Football Media Day in 2012 I actually met Willie. He's a huge dude with a very strong handshake lol.

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
We're getting pretty close to the NFL's 100th season, which is 2019.

With the 2016 season looming, I have decided that based upon who advances, I will consider Super Bowl 51 the real golden anniversary of the first Super Bowl in 1967, reasoning that other major things from 1967 will also celebrate their golden anniversaries in 2017 (like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Summer of Love, and one of my favorite TV shows, Mannix). I've already stated my displeasure for Super Bowl 50 and so I will stick with my decision.