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Nibblez' Emporium

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Nibblez, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    You have my word; it will never see my shop. :) What would you like for the rest of them? I think I liked, what, 5 things there altogether?
  2. Nibblez

    Nibblez Sucker Punch

    I'll check soon, I'm going out now so I'll message you tomorrow. Or post here, whichever xD
  3. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    Okey dokey. See you then!
  4. Hi~
    I'm interested in your SF Ekans, I can offer the following:
    SF Timid Houndour w/ HP Ground 70
    SF Timid Electrike w/ HP Grass 70
    SF Modest Yanma w/ Speed Boost
    SF Modest Horsea w/ Swift Swim
    SF Modest Chikorita w/ Grasswhistle, Ingrain, Leech Seed
    SF Adamant Totodile w/ Dragon Dance, Ice Punch
    SF Timid Gastly w/ HP Ice 70
    PKTOPIA Magmortar
    PCNYd Zangoose
    WISHMKR Jirachi
    XD Cyndaquil w/ Blast Burn, Reversal
    Movie11 Shaymin

    Lemme know what you'd like.
  5. DarkCharizard2

    DarkCharizard2 Vae Victis

    I think you missed this post. This is what I would like for:

    Shinsegae Feebas
    Lv. 5
    Calm Nature

    Shinsegae Munchlax
    Lv. 5
    Relaxed Nature
  6. Taigastyle

    Taigastyle hardened battler

    Alright sounds great, any thoughts about the cloning? Just please tell me when you're available to trade!
  7. yoda5000

    yoda5000 New Member

    Hey I was wondering if you would want to trade my flawless shiny Tepig for your flawless shiny electrike? Thanks:)
  8. Nibblez

    Nibblez Sucker Punch

    I think you need to add a 'recent additions' section or something, I couldn't tell what was new :p However, I like the Lileep and Adamant Ralts, if they're both flawless then I'd definately like those ones.

    The Yanma, definately like that one ^_^

    Sure, sorry if I missed the post. Busy day yesterday :p I'm fine with that trade.

    As in, clone backs? Won't be a problem. I can trade later today, buddy.

    I actually have a SF Tepig :/ You got anything else to offer?
  9. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    That's not a bad idea. Maybe I'll go add a new additions.

    The Lileep, I think, is something like 31/30/31/30/31/30. Something like that. The Ralts might have X for Sp. Atk, but I'm pretty sure the rest of it is Flawless.

    EDIT! I added it. :)
    Last edited: May 20, 2012
  10. yoda5000

    yoda5000 New Member

    I have a semi flawless shiny ditto it's stats are:
  11. Klaus™

    Klaus™ Banned

    hey nibblez, im interested in your shiny slowpoke. i'll trade you my YOTD swablu for it.
  12. meepooh

    meepooh New Member

    What makes you think your Infi Archen is hacked? The original Infi lvl 25 one looks fine, it's just been RNG'd, which is to be expected of a SF.
  13. Nibblez

    Nibblez Sucker Punch

    I'll look shortly, busy with homework atm :p

    Yeah, sure. That'll be fine.

    What are the IVs of the Swablu? I'm only really interested in flawless or very near. Seeing as I only want them for battling purposes.

    Someone told me they investigated it and it turned out to be a hack, and apparently a very obvious one. I'm still a bit unsure but they have no reason to lie, I guess.
  14. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    Take your time; I'm editing the info about my pokemon into my shop.
  15. Nibblez

    Nibblez Sucker Punch

    I like the Clamperl and the Lileep. Give me ^_^ :p
  16. Sid87

    Sid87 I love shiny pokemon

    So you like the Garchomp and those two? Anything else?

    From the five I named for you earlier, I ended up getting a Koffing and a Bronzor, so all I'd need is Vanillite, Bellsprout, and...um...whichever the third was. :D (OH DUH! It was that Exeggcute!)

    We could do a 3-for-3, but if you see anything else, I'm positive I can find more from your list. ;)
  17. aquriomaster

    aquriomaster Hyori Hasama

    I would like the v-create rayquaza I am willing to trade my lvl 100 shiny mawile or my 2011 shaymin
  18. DarkCharizard2

    DarkCharizard2 Vae Victis

    I am interested in:
    Name- Rayquaza (Nobunaga's)
    Nature- Adamant
    Ability- Air Lock
    OT- @ ID-
    EVs- Untrained IVs- Flawless
    Egg Moves - N/A

    Name- Victini (V-Create)
    Nature- Lonely
    Ability- Victory Star
    OT- Peli14 @ ID- 12031
    EVs- Untrained IVs- Not Flawless
    Egg Moves - N/A

    Name- せんきょ Pokémon Popularity Poll Winner Adamant V-Create Rayquaza
    Nature- Adamant
    Ability- Air Lock
    OT- (Japanese) @ ID- 02102
    EVs- Untrained IVs- Not Flawless
    Egg Moves- None

    Name- Mamoswine
    Nature- Hasty
    Ability- Thick Fat (DW)
    OT- Matias @ ID- 52984
    EVs- Untrained IVs- Not Flawless
    Egg Moves - N/A

    I can offer: (All shiny and Flawless)

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Adamant Nature
    Clear Body
    Knows: Take Down/-/-/-/

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Timid Nature
    Knows: Wish/Fake Tears/Stored Power/Yawn/

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Jolly Nature
    Knows: Scratch/Leer/-/-/

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Adamant Nature
    Knows: Scratch/Leer/Ice Punch/Dragon Dance/

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Bold Nature
    Magic Guard
    Knows: Psywave/Trick/Imprison/Calm Mind/

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Adamant Nature
    Sand Rush
    Knows: Scratch/Mud Sport/-/-/

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Modest Nature
    Knows: Shadow Ball/Energy Ball/Psychic/Nasty Plot/

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Jolly Nature
    Knows: Rollout/Toxic Spikes/Spikes/Take Down/

    Lv. 1 (NNed "Big Man) (UT)
    Adamant Nature
    Knows: Pound/Leer/Mach Punch/Drain Punch/

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Impish Nature
    Knows: Poison Sting/Toxic/U-Turn/-/

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Timid Nature
    Knows: Hypnosis/Ember/Will-O-Wisp/Protect/

    Lv. 1 (UT)
    Jolly Nature
    Knows: Confuse Ray/Spite/Shadow Sneak/Pain Split/

    Lv. 30 (UT)
    Jolly Nature
    Mold Breaker
    Knows: Scary Face/Slash/False Swipe/Dragon Claw/

    Lv. 50 (UT)
    Timid Nature
    Knows: Ancient Power/Ice Beam/ Aqua Ring/Water Spout/

    Lv. 42 (UT)
    Adamant Nature
    Knows: Helping Hand/Retaliate/Rock Slide/Sacred Sword/

    You can pick any 5 of these or cmt for anything else.
  19. grokusama

    grokusama New Member

    hi im interested in your shiny:
    Eevee, Nature- Timid, Ability- Anticipation, OT-Vixana @ ID-46463, EVs-Untrained IVs-Near Flawless, Egg Moves - Wish / Yawn
    Happiny, Nature- Bold, Ability- Natural Cure, OT- Andy @ ID- 07322, EVs- Untrained IVs- Flawless, Egg Moves- Endure/ Heal Bell/ Aromatherapy/ Natural Gift
    Larvesta, Nature- Timid, Ability- Flame Body, OT- Alex @ ID- 62873, EVs- UT IVs- Near Flawless, Egg Moves - Morning Sun
    Scraggy, Nature- Jolly, Ability- Moxie, OT- Reiko @ ID- 56484, EVs-Untrained IVs-Flawless, Egg Moves - DD, T-Punch, D-Punch, I-Punch

    i have this shiny:
    Bulbasaur-M-lv1 (Adamant) ZATTANA/35076-good endurance
    Squirtle-M-lv1 (Adamant) ZATTANA/35076-Misschievous
    Charmander-M-lv1 (Modest) Pur/26383-quick to flee
    Charmander-M-lv1 (Adamant) ZATTANA/35076-Scatters things often
    Pidgey-F-lv1 (Hasty) ZATTANA/35076-sturdy body-keen eye
    Ekans-F-lv18 (Jolly) BRANDY/40355-often dozes off-intimidate
    Nidorian-F-lv3 (Docile) ITACHI/20813-a little quick tempered-poison point
    Nidorian-M-lv3 (Impish) ITACHI/20813-strong willed-rivalry
    Vulpix-F-lv5 (Relaxed) JOEY/44373-highly persistent-energy ball, hypnosis
    Vulpix-F-lv1 (Timid) ZATTANA/35076-often dozes off
    Poliwag-F-lv1 (Timid) Carlos/25329-often dozes off-damp
    Poliwag-M-lv1 (Adamant) ARREN/60503-mischievous-water absorb
    Abra-F-lv4 (Modest) Keimen/22098-somewhat vain-synchronize
    Ponyta-F-lv8 (Modest)
    Gastly-F-lv16 (Modest) ShdwVen/56980-alert to sound
    Chansey-F-lv1 (Docile) Meluvia/60452-quick to flee-natural cure
    Magikarp-M-lv9 (Adamant) BAHAMUT/43667-proud of its power
    Lapras-F-lv1 (Timid) ZATTANA/35076-loves to eat-shell armor {30/x/21/x/22/x}
    Ditto-lv29 (Impish) DIAMOND/46184-very finicky
    Eevee-M-lv1 (Jolly) AUSTIN/40368-somewhat stubborn-adaptability
    Eevee-M-lv1 (Adamant) ZATTANA/35076-thoroughly cunning-adaptability
    Snorlax-M-lv1 (Lonely) ZATTANA/35076-somewhat vain-immunity
    Totodile-M-lv1 (Adamant) L-BOT/53564-often dozes off-crunch
    Cyndaquil-M-lv1 (Modest) David/23306-likes to trash about-fire blast, flamethrower
    Murkrow-M-lv1 (Jolly) ZATTANA/35076-somewhat stubborn-insomnia
    Crobat-F-lv37 (Lax)
    Mareep-F-lv1 (Modest) ARREN/60503-often dozes off
    Pineco-M-lv5 (Adamant) Sammo/19066-impetuous and silly-sturdy
    Treecko-M-lv1 (Timid) Karl/51073-likes to trash about
    Treecko-M-lv1 (Jolly) ZATTANA/35076-capable of taking hits
    Mudkip-M-lv1 (Adamant) Meph/53581-often dozes off-ice ball, mud bomb, curse
    Poochyena-F-lv4 (Adamant) May/42674-mischievous-run away
    Lombre-F-lv16 (Quirky)
    Nincada-M-lv1 (Jolly) MokKish/48229-proud of its power-pokerus cured
    Carvanha-F-lv1 (Sassy)
    Keckleon-M-lv1 (Adamant) ZATTANA/35076-impetuous and silly
    Absol-F-lv20 (Adamant) Eryne/34358-very finicky-super luck
    Starly-M-lv4 (Adamant) Tai-Chi/36918-strong willed-keen eye
    Riolu-F-lv1 (Modest) Geniva/40173-strong willed-inner focues
  20. Nibblez

    Nibblez Sucker Punch

    Unfortunately, I'll only be interested if the Mawile is Shiny/Flawless.

    I actually have every one of those :p

    Sadly, you'll have to tell me the flawless/near-flawless ones. As they'll be the only ones I'm interested in.

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