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~Nickname contest~

Sushi Bunny

ハチミツをたべてる フっフっフっ
~Nickname contest~

Thanks to SaphireL for the approval of this, and also thanks to flyboy1308 for allowing me to begin this contest based off of the previous one he made. Thank you both!

Now on to what this contest is! In this contest you nickname Pokemon (obviously). I will decide which Pokemon it is that you have to name.

1. There will be eight Pokemom to name, and this will be carried out within two weeks. Four Pokemon will be named each week, you may submit a nickname for each of those Pokemon at the same time, nicknaming all is not required, but is recommended. You can submit names until the end of Friday, and on Saturday the Judges will make their decisions.

2. Once you’ve won I will edit the first post with the Pokemon that was named, they’re nickname, and the username of who named it.

3. Once the eight winners are picked they will be separated into four groups of two, each of those groups will be given one Pokemon to name. After that one person from each of those groups , whose nickname won, will go onto the next round, and be separated into two groups of two. Once again each group will be given a Pokemon to name. One person from those two groups who won, will go on to the finals and face off against each other. And then whoever wins in that round is the winner!

4. There will be three judges. I will be one of them, and then there will be two other who will be selected by myself. But I will need two back up judges, incase one of the judges don’t feel like judging anymore, or they are incapable of fulfilling they’re duty for any reason, if you are a judge and this happens please inform me. PM me if you wish to be a back up judge. Judges cannot participate in the contest, so don’t ask!

5. Another thing is that even if two, or more, of your Pokemon nicknames wins the votes of all the judges, you will still win for both of them.

6.If you are unsure on whether or not you won, post or PM me about it.

If anyone has any questions about the contest, feel free to ask.

1. Sushi Bunny
2. NES
3. Voltaic

Here are the first four Pokemon to name for this week:

1. Aerodactyl ~Jawrassic ~ Nicknamed by Yanma 024~
2. Yanma ~Sonneque ~ Nicknamed by Miraiyouko~
3. Tropius ~Bronte ~ Nicknamed by Yoshinichi~
4. Teddiursa ~Theo ~ Nicknamed by Yoshinichi~

The nicknaming for the first week is over. So please do not name the above. I will also have the winners for the first week up, as soon as I have all the votes.

Edit: The winners are now up!

Here are the Pokemon for the second week that can be named:

1. Gengar ~Dullahan ~ Nicknamed by Big bang theology~
2. Shinx ~MissingP ~ Nicknamed by itsme~
3. Dunsparce ~Duggie ~ Nicknamed by Shiny Hunter Saf~
4. Salamence ~Salazar ~ Nicknamed by Dark Master Zork~

The nicknaming for the second week is now over. So please do not name the above.

All right Everythings been sorted out so here's how it going to go, If you look above at the rule number three, you'll see that that's where we are now! And here's whose going to be facing off against each other, and the Pokemon they will be naming:

Yoshinichi VS. Shiny Hunter Saf, and they will be naming Vulpix.
]~The winner of this round is Yoshinichi, who entered the nickname Kashou~

Miraiyouko VS. Dark Master Zork, and they will be naming Jigglypuff.
~The winner of this round is Miraiyouko, who entered the nickname Jello~

Yanma 024 VS. itsme, and they will be naming Chatot.
~The winner of this round is itsme, who entered the nickname Noyinbirdy~

Yoshinichi Vs. Big bang theolgy, and they will be naming Honchkrow.
~The winner of this round is Yoshinichi, who entered the nickname Vitocascio~

Congratulations to you all!

All the winners are up! I will also have what Pokemon will be named up on here soon! Thank you all for waiting so long!

EDIT: Everything is now ready for the semi finals! Here it is!

Miraiyouko Vs. Yoshinichi, and they will be naming Lapras.

itsme Vs. Yoshinichi, and they will be naming Croagunk.

You all have till the end of next Friday the 25th to name your Pokemon.

The contest is now over! And the winner is itsme! Congratulations! Thanks to all who participated, and thanks to my judges! Hope everyone had fun!
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Coming Ta Town
I'll enter!

Aerodactyl- Anciero
Yanma- Swarm
Tropius- Frootasaur
Teddiursa- Fuzzle


will give nethin 4it
Aerodactyl: Stonefang
Yanma: Buzzwing
Tropius: Tropicana
Teddiursa: Ursa Mayor

Sushi Bunny

ハチミツをたべてる フっフっフっ
Is it supposed to be names realted the the pokemon itself, or can they be names?

Names as in "Takuya"

The name doesn't have to be related to the Pokemon. So Takuya is fine, as long as your naming the selected Pokemon.

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
1. Aerodactyl: Fossbursand [[Foss-bur-sand]]
2. Yanma: Drayanfly [[Dra-yan-fly]]
3. Tropius: Difriunt [[Dee-Froo-unt]]
4. Teddiursa: Luna [[Loo-nah]]


Eevee Trainer
1. Aerodactyl- Ironhide
2. Yanma- Sonneque
3. Tropius- Guam (as in the country)
4. Teddiursa- Lil'Dipper


The Mono-type Man
Tropius: Tanystrof
Teddiursa: Ursa
These would all make sense if you look up their wikipedia entries.

Sushi Bunny

ハチミツをたべてる フっフっフっ
The nicknaming for the first week is over! The nicknaming for the second week may now begin! I edited the first post with the new Pokemon to nickname, and I will also have the winners for last week up, as soon as I get all the votes.

Big bang theology

Yur notsoaverage az
Gengar: Dullahan
Shinx: Kimba
Dunsparce: Fafnir
Salamence : Nidhogg


Gengar - Gespenst
Shinx - Topper
Dunsparce - Noko
Salamence - Ascalon

I know, I'm not very good at thinking up names, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.