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Nickname Discussion

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by deokishisu.123, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Padfootismine

    Padfootismine Well-Known Member

    Why-Because I like naming Pokemon real names, espically ones that end in 'y' for some reason.
  2. Lady Umbreon

    Lady Umbreon Well-Known Member

    Scizor: RogueRouge - In Gen 2 my cousin needed help naming her Scizor. I suggested "Rouge Rose" but misspelled it ""Rogue Rose." She's an X-Men fan so it worked out.

    Swampert: DeltaForce - Pun on the Chuck Norris movie and a river's delta.

    Gengar: Ursula - One of my favorite Disney villians. Gengar's not a Water-type but it's personality and body shape match.

    Darkrai: Winnowill - After the "ElfQuest" villianess.

    Shaymin: Cheech - It is a high-flying Grass-type after all.
  3. TeeterDance

    TeeterDance Member

    I lol'd at Obamasnow.
  4. Kaika

    Kaika Haters gonna hate

    My platinum Team nicknames:

    Prinplup: Pebbles
    Drifblim: Balloo
    Jolteon: Zappy
    Houndoom: Woofers
    Ambipom: Banana
    Mamoswine: Missy

    They are just random and came to me while nicknaming them, I think they are cute! Except for maybe Missy, who is the only femaile pokemon on my team. They aen't my favorites though, that honor goes to my old Yellow file which my idiot brother deleted to make his own after I told him he couldn't:

    Pikachu: Sparky
    Arcanine: Archie
    Marowak: Bones

    I think now that I have my Yellow back I'm going to try and recreate that team, though I got Cubone and Growlithe in the beginning from my brother doing the Mew glitch so it will take longer this time around... but I <3 Archie the Arcanine
  5. Grei

    Grei not the color

    Species: Lucario
    Nickname: Ryo or Rio
    -Taken from the end of it's species name.

    Species: Arcanine
    Nickname: Blues
    -I've always imagined Arcanine being similar to a husky, which have awesome blue eyes. :3

    Species: Ivysaur
    Nickname: Saur (♂) or Saura (♀)
    -Taken from the end of it's species name.

    Species: Togekiss
    Nickname: Topi
    -Togekiss's baby/first stage is Togepi, which is where Topi comes from.

    Species: Ambipom
    Nickname: Tails

    Species: Cherrim
    Nickname: Sakura
    -Japanese word for a cherry blossom.

    Species: Feraligatr
    Nickname: Jaws
    -It's an alligator.

    Species: Monferno
    Nickname: Fierzo
    -A corruption of a Spanish word for Hell: Infierno.
  6. Sceptrigon

    Sceptrigon Armored Guardian

    Species: Sceptile
    Nickname: Sceptspeed

    Im not sure if it should be called a 'nick'name, its spelled out longer.. but I chose this because Sceptile as awesome speed


    Species: Torterra
    Nickname: Torterror

    Same as Sceptspeed, I dunno if this is a nickname.. I called it this because its pretty big and tanky with good attack and defense stat..

    It might also be terrifying to battle a Tort erra!! =D
  7. Conundrum

    Conundrum Member

    Pokemon: Lucario
    Nickname: Luca
    Reason: Have no idea. Luca sounds like a good name for a Lucario.
  8. Dragonphantom

    Dragonphantom Banned

    Rio- Lucario

    So orignal, I know.

    Staraptor- Rapture

    First thing I thought of.

    Bibarel- Biba Mexico!

    I'm Mexican, and it sounded cool.
  9. Ami the Trainer

    Ami the Trainer Breeder and Artist

    Absol: Echo
    Reminds me of an Echo for some reason xD
    Scizor: Kite
    Caught my Scyther while watching .hack//
    Archanine: Pup
    Cause its my little pup :D
    Gyrados: Noms
    Omnomnom with its massive mouth!
  10. pokechamp116

    pokechamp116 I like tacos...alot!

    Abomasnow: Barrack Obamasnow
  11. Visual

    Visual Nine one six ~

    My Platinum team:

    Species: Torterra
    Nickname: Snap
    Reason: Turtwig looks like it can make snapping sound with its mouth.

    Species: Rotom
    Nickname: Plasma
    Reason: Plasma TV?

    Species: Gallade
    Nickname: Garin
    Reason: Based on a character from Neopets. ;)

    Species: Yanmega
    Nickname: Zoom
    Reason: It's fast!

    Species: Vaporeon
    Nickname: Ariel
    Reason: Based on The Little Mermaid. ;)
  12. MissFrederick

    MissFrederick Well-Known Member

    Species: Vaporeon.
    Nickname: Waves.
    Reason: Vaporeon can disappear into the sea, like waves do when crashing on a beach. That and because my one holds a wave incense.

    Species: Meganium.
    Nickname: Bliss.
    Reason: I imagine, unless you suffer from Hayfever, being next to a lovely smelling, and cute pokemon is bliss.

    Species: Absol.
    Nickname: Siren.
    Reason: Absol will appear whenever they sense of an impending disaster coming. They appear to warn people of the disaster. Like sirens do.

    Species: Dratini.
    Nickname: Haruka.
    Reason: I'm interested in Japanese names and their meanings. I picked Haruka for my female Dratini because it means 'Far Away.' I thought this was fitting because not only are Dratini rarely seen, but they usually seen from far away.

    Species: Flygon.
    Nickname: Apollo.
    Reason: When a Flygon flies, it's wings make a noise that sounds like music. I thought this was fitting because Apollo is the Greek God of Music.

    Species: Staraptor.
    Nickname: Aquila.
    Reason: It's another word for an eagle.

    Species: Lopunny.
    Nickname: Cotton.
    Reason: She has very fluffy parts of fur, like cotton wool.

    Species: Tyranitar.
    Nickname: Terra.
    Reason: Terra means Earth.

    Species: Luxray.
    Nickname: Sparks.
    Reason: I wasn't feeling creative.

    Species: Empoleon.
    Nickname: Emperor.
    Reason: Big, powerful, and penguin-like. Just like an Emperor penguin.

    Species: Jolteon.
    Nickname: Shock.
    Reason: Electric things shock you, so does a Jolteon when annoyed.

    Species: Lucario.
    Nickname: Lucy.
    Reason: My Lucario is female, and Lucy is just short for it.

    Species: Gallade.
    Nickname: Susceptor.
    Reason: It's 'Guardian' in latin.

    Species: Lapras.
    Nickname: Alcedonia.
    Reason: It means 'Tranquility' in Latin. I imagine riding on a peaceful sea on a Lapras would be very tranquil.

    Species: Altaria.
    Nickname: Cloud.
    Reason: Altaria looks like a cloud when flying.

    Species: Leafeon.
    Nickname: Syn.
    Reason: He's a plant pokemon. So his name, is for Photosynthesis.

    Species: Glaceon.
    Nickname: Polar.
    Reason: I reckon this Pokemon would be very comfortable in the Polar ice caps.

    Species: Espeon.
    Nickname: Solar.
    Reason: It is the Sun pokemon.

    Species: Umbreon.
    Nickname: Lunar.
    Reason: The moon Pokemon.

    Species: Flareon.
    Nickname: Ignis.
    Reason: It's latin for 'Fire.' It suits him pretty well.
  13. Ri-Chan

    Ri-Chan ♚ get s l e a z y

    Nick: Dimension

    Nick: Snap

    Nick: Curser
  14. Pebblewing

    Pebblewing I. Like. Cereal.

    Species: Infernape
    Name: Hestia
    Reason: Greek goddess of the hearth, and this infernape is female. 'Nuff said.

    Species: Empoleon
    Name: Poseidon
    Reason: Greek god of the sea and oceans. You can see I like greek myths xD

    Species: Luxray
    Name: Volt
    Reason: I always name the male electric pokemon I get in the beginning of the game Volt. Tradition.
  15. FlameRose

    FlameRose Well-Known Member

    Platinum Team

    Species: Torterra
    Nickname: Shinji
    Reason: Paul from the anime has one, and his Japanese name is Shinji.

    Species: Staraptor
    Nickname: Clara
    Reason: An elegant name for an elegant bird.

    Species: Luxray
    Nickname: Bianca
    Reason: It kind of sounds snappy and sparky to me, perfect for an Electric-type.

    Species: Gastrodon
    Nickname: Killian
    Reason: I forget.

    Species: Rapidash
    Nickname: Rhinna (Pronounced Rein-uh.)
    Reason: Pun on the word "Rein", which you use to ride a horse.

    Species: Lopunny
    Nickname: Trixie
    Reason: Parody of the "Trix" rabbit. Since she's female, made it a girl name.
  16. swalot=yes

    swalot=yes <-Get in ma bella!

    I usually name my pokes after things like tv shows or internet memes.


    Kangaskhan:Jack (Kangaroo Jack)

    Swalot:Rapist (I don't know, he has the rapist moustache?)
  17. Hive Mind

    Hive Mind Is not a GIRL

  18. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    Species: Suicune
    Nickname: Blue
    why: Because its blue silly >:
  19. TheLeviathan

    TheLeviathan Has left forever.

    Let's see if I can remember em all...

    Platinum team:

    Charizard: Ra
    -Because I consider him my personal god of FIAH!

    Kingdra: Poseidon
    -Same as Charizard, except his power matches his title more...

    Gengar: Kane
    -Named after that ghost in Poltergeist...

    Torterra: Atlas
    -Carrying his own world on his back.

    Scizor: War Maiden
    -It's a she, and she's a warrior...

    Flygon: Mystic?
    -It MIGHT have been that, but I don't actually remember...

    Also Swalot=Yes, I lol'd at your pokemon names, namely swalot :p
  20. Rokroad

    Rokroad Hot Drops

    Pobble the Psyduck.
    Messed up the word Bottle a bit.

    Happy the Spheal.
    Look at its wonderfull little face.

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