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Nickname your pokémon?


Fossil freak
It's a dude. Evolved already and is a lv.57 Ninetales now. Okami sounded pretty good but if there's anything else i'll be happy to try it out.
It's a pretty good nickname, just maybe not that unique, but you can't go wrong with it.

I don't have any good ideas right now, maybe Agni (An hindu deity, god of fire, and ends in NI), or Logi (Norse god of fire, not related in any way but sounds better than Agni IMO). But they don't sound that convinving this time around.


Smash Trainer
Those names sound nice but i think i'll stick with Okami, i've gotten used to it by now. He's lv.85 already so.. Yeah, got used to it. :p


Fossil freak
Those names sound nice but i think i'll stick with Okami, i've gotten used to it by now. He's lv.85 already so.. Yeah, got used to it. :p
It's great that it grew on you. I agree that it was the best option in this case. ;)


Mother Monster
I usually nickname my Pokemon something from another Video Game, such as a character. Like I named my Male Flareon, Bartz from Final Fantasy V's Bartz Klauser.


Well-Known Member
I always nickname my team members. Most of my nicknames draw inspiration from pop culture, personal stuff, mythology, etc etc..

Salazar the Serperior (Named after Salazar Slytherin from Harry Potter)
Zaborg the Electabuzz (Named after a yugioh card; Zaborg the Thunder Monarch)
Bluto the Darmantian (Named after the Popeye the Sailor character)
Demona the Gligar (Named after the villainous character from Gargoyles)
Apollo the Lucario (Named after a karate studio in my town)
Peach the Starmie (Finding Nemo reference.)
I have made it a point to nickname all my Pokemon, so I can't list all of them. But I really think Verona fits my Reshiram very well.


Smash Trainer
Caught a Heatran today, and called him Podoboo. Named him after the living balls of lava that appear in the Super Mario Bros series.


Pokemon SwordMaster
I've only nicknamed one of my pokemon, but I've been considering nicknaming others. I nicknamed my Volcarona "Starfire". It's a shiny female Volcarona. Her name is mainly because of her green eyes, but also because I thought the name made sense. Besides, I <3 Starfire.


Back in the days of Gen III, I used to nickname Pokemon.
I don't any more though. I just think it makes them seem weird with a nickname. Once I named a Female Mr. Mime Mrs. Mime


Strange Creature
I do nickname my Pokémon 8D
Here are some nicknames I remember:
Mr.108: Spiritomb (108 spirits, 108 base defenses, etc)
Amber: shiny Raichu (The word electricity derived from the greek word for amber, elektron.)
Voltrgeist: Rotom (A poltergeist is a spirit that makes noises and moves objects.)
Yomiel: Chandelure (Ghost Trick reference. There is not really a reason for this name, it just seemed to fit)
Inti: Volcarona (Incan sun god, not very original)

Also, I'm looking for a nickname for a (future) shiny Garchomp. Maybe I'll just stick with Squalo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) 8D
Oh, I also need one for a shiny female Bibarel.


My fav nicknamed poke is my Growlithe she is called Laura.


Smash Trainer
I caught a Larvitar on Mt. Silver last thursday. Nicknamed it T-103 and sent it to Black 2 where it evolved into Tyranitar. T-103 is the codename for a B.O.W. in the Resident Evil series.

I also caught a shiny Buneary in Castelia City yesterday. It is pink and a male, so i called him Pink Daddy. Yes, that's a reference to a homosexual person, just a joke i thought was funny.


Martial Arts Pokémon
I love nicknaming Pokemon :p Here is some I named:

Stoutland - NaughtyDog (After the video game developer)
Unfezant - Domino (Referring to its domino-like face)
Marowak - Lavender (After Lavender Town)
Mienshao - Nova (After one of my OC's)
Sawk - Jay (After one of my OC's again)
Tympole - Flipnote (After the video game Flipnote Studio)
Emboar - Ganon (After the LoZ villain even though I never played LoZ :p)
Honchkrow - Donna (After the word don, which is often used as a title for mafia leaders)
Carracosta - Leonardo (After the TMNT character)
Torterra - Tank (After the MLP: FIM character)
Floatzel - Sony (After another OC of mine... Well, sort of. The OC's name is actually Sonya, but since this Floatzel is male, I went for Sony instead.)


Well-Known Member
I give nicknames to everything I can (unless it came from the Pokéwalker or a similar device).
One of my personal favorites is a Volcarona I named TROLLARONA because I was irritated with it when I was trying to catch it. It cracks me up whenever I need to use it (mostly for hatching eggs) and whenever I see " What will TROLLARONA do?" because of its nickname.


Muffin Button Master
Theme some of mine after Greek gods, such as:

Kabuto(To be evolved)-Ares

And some others are just nonsense or life based, such as:
Houndour-Brandy (Named after my recently passed Dog)
Cloyster-Big Freeze
Ursaring-Ursa Major

And so on. Never used to see the appeal of nicknames, but now they're pretty common with me.