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Nicknames - What do you name your Pokemon? & Nickname Help!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Radon, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. celibi88

    celibi88 robochu=win

    i usually name my Pokemon after Greek gods
  2. SapphireL

    SapphireL Lydia

    I tend to nickname all of my Pokemon, but I put more effort into the nicknames for the Pokemon I use for battle.

    I even go as far as looking in the dictionary, pet name websites, and using Spanish words to name them. lol Sometimes I give them human names too.

    Some of my favorites from the pet sites/dictionary:
    Lotus the Lucario
    Tempest the Lucario
    Zhi the Infernape
    Baron the Empoleon
    Anvil the Metagross
    Bullet the Metagross
    Guava the Garchomp
    Ghost the Salamence

    Rayo the Zapdos
    Cansado the Snorlax
    Fuego the Moltres
    Hielo the Articuno
    Lengua the Lickilicky

    Human names:
    Leroy the Aerodactyl
    Florence the Feraligatr
    Jerome the Meganium
    Vern the Venusaur
    Pablo the Torterra
    Santiago the Torterra
  3. Riptyde

    Riptyde New Member

    Normally i only name last stage evos or pokemon i really like and after almost anything; gods, places, movie charries, etc...

    Flygon- Altair/ Beau
    Milotic- Mistique
    Arceus- Kami
    Darkrai- Shinigami
    even named a celebi; Thyme(a herb) cos its a grass type n travels time

    Still trying to name a female dragonair but cant think of anything...
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2009
  4. Master Ruby

    Master Ruby One more level...

    I name all my Pokémon after metal bands or rock legends- Anthrax, J. Bonham, Jimmy Page, Dropkick, Draiman, etc.
  5. surfer treecko

    surfer treecko Highly Explosive

    Usually something random, like "cake" or "cheese"

    I used to name pretty much everything "Mama Luigi" and "Robotnik", but I've strayed away from that.
  6. nkishadow

    nkishadow Shiny Trader

    But i rarely name them
  7. KyogreKing

    KyogreKing I'm back

    I caught a Ninoran male for my HG trade box ( so I have one at the start) and I named him Nidoregiem.

    My Palkia's name is phil
    My diagla's name is Bob
    My Giratina-O is Earl
  8. rocko

    rocko hihowru

    I only nickname my favorites like
    Flygon=Ruizu(my name is romanized chinese something)
    Gyarados=Cone(bass player from Sum 41)
    Heracross=BeetleBorg(tacky show from the 90's)
  9. MissFrederick

    MissFrederick Well-Known Member

    Female Lucario - Lucy (because she was a girl and it's a short version x3.)
    Male Empoleon - Emperor.
    Female Lopunny - CottonTail (I was a fan of Beatrix Potter as a child.)
    Female Tyranitar - Terra (Latin for Earth.)
    Female Absol - Siren (Sirens warn people of oncoming disasters or a current disaster that is happening. So do Absol.)
    Male Jolteon - Shock (Electric things will shock you if you are not careful with them.)
    Male Flygon - Apollo (because he lives in a sunny dessert, and his wings sound musical when they flap.)
    Female Vaporeon - Waves (just Waves.)
    Gallade - Susceptor (Latin for Guardian.)
    Female Meowth - Surripio (it means 'to pilfer' in Latin. And Meowths are known to Pilfer money by night, when she evolves, I'll think of another name.)
    Male Meganium - Bliss (because I like that feeling and I like Meganium.)
    Female Gible - Inculta (Latin for desert.)
    Female Kangaskhan - Matron (because of Motherly instinct is connected to that.)
    Male Glaceon - Algeo (Latin for 'to be cold')
    Male Flareon - Valor (Fire God.)
    Female Umbreon - Lunar (means moon)
    Male Espeon - Solar (means the sun.)
    Male Leafeon - Syn (As in Photosynthesis.)
    Female Dragonair - Haruka (Japanese for 'far away' as it's very hard to see a Dratini/Dragonair up close.)
    Female Aerodactyl - Fumi (Japanese for 'History.' As we all know, we can Aerodactyl in the games by reviving them from fossils.)
    Female Lapras - Mizuko (Japanese for 'Water Child.' As I raised this Lapras from an egg, I found it fitting)
    Female Manectric - Procella (Latin for 'Tempest or Storm.' I imagine Manectric like that.)
  10. Nightlingbolt

    Nightlingbolt AKA Nightlingbolt

    I think my Remoraid's nickname is perfect for it. I call it Aaroniero because to me, Remoraid represents Aaroniero's Kaien disguise, while Octillery is the perfect embodiment of his Resurreccion. I also named my Kingler Barragan. Crown-like horns, oversized weapon, and "King" in the name - I mean, do the math!

    Of course, not everyone is as much of a Bleachtard as I am.
  11. cannibaleyes

    cannibaleyes Holier Than Thou

    I nickname all pokemon that I EV train/otherwise use. ^__^
    ...So, I have LOTs of nicknamed ones. I name things after just about anything, whatever I feel like, really.
    Some highlights:

    Blissey - Ovary
    Vaporeon - MermaidMan
    Donphan - Zou
    Ditto (Jolly natured) - Jolly=)
    Empoleon (female) - Big Sis
    Shiny Staraptor - Svend (7th one in the chain)
    Salamence - Masuda (Got him while attempting Masuda method)
    Jolteon - Sora
    Skarmory - PaperCrane
    Drapion - Diazepam
    Lapras - Bird Flu (One of my first pokemon to get pokerus.. and still has it.)
    Charizard - SubOrdinry (his IVs are beyond ordinary, but in the wrong direction...)
    Linoone - Mrs.Clause
    Infernape - DateRape
    Ninjask - Kock-Block

    ...Yeah... Don't ask. XD
  12. clone1

    clone1 Aesthetics brahz

    I usually nickname my pokemon after one of the following:
    -Greek gods
    -Cool terms I.E. Crobat (PurpleRain)
  13. I'll name my pokemon
    - Greek/roman gods
    -their name backwards
    -random name
  14. Dragon Master Fiona

    Dragon Master Fiona Dragon Master

    I don't normally nickname my Pokemon. The only time I nickname is if I'm creating a Johto team only.
  15. yeminied

    yeminied Well-Known Member

    I have so much fun thinking up nicknames.

    In my first Platinum run through I got two words from their PokeDex entries and put them together. Eg. Tropius=Fruiteat

    Then in my second Platinum run through their nicknames were based off of karate moves such as Gaidan and Burai.

    Then in my third and current Platinum run through they have all been nicknamed after a word or similar word from their PokeDex entries with a gender specific title based off their gender. Eg. Turtwig=Sir Twigs, Rampardos=Mr. Bash, Gengar=Ms. Spite, Gliscor=Ms. Barb
  16. Kiruria

    Kiruria La Melancolie Noir

    What do you know--I have a Castform named Weatherman as well!

    I nickname all my Pokemon, of course. I've done themed nicknames for some of my Pokemon, but the rest I just pick whatever name is appropriate or sounds cool. I have a few current nickname themes I kind of strive for:

    (if there are commas separating nicknames, that means I have multiple Pokemon of that species with those nicknames)

    The Harry Potter Theme
    Alakazam - Hermione (appropriate, since both are really smart)
    Buizel - Ron
    Sneasel - Fred, George, Percy
    Floatzel - Ginny (I'm nicknaming the weasel Pokemon after the Weasleys!)
    Noctowl - Hedwig
    Uxie - Dumbledore
    Azelf - Dobby
    Purugly - Minerva
    Absol - Remus, Sirius (Sirius has a Serious nature! Was going to give that name to a Mightyena, but all my Mightyenas are female...)
    Gastrodon - Slughorn (which literally makes sense as well)
    Linoone - Hufflepuff (whose symbol is a badger, which Linoone looks like)
    Seviper - Slytherin, Nagini
    Exploud - Muffliato
    Spinda - Confundus
    Kecleon - Nymphadora (who can change her appearance at will, kind of how Kecleon can)
    Heracross - Skeeter (who can transform into a beetle)
    Vileplume - Fleur (also is French for flower)
    Ariados - Aragog
    Ho-oh - Fawkes
    Duskull - Mad-Eye
    Banette - Lucius, Karkaroff, Severus
    Gible - Draco
    Toxicroak - Bellatrix
    Misdreavus - Voldemort

    The Lord of the Rings theme
    Garchomp - Moria
    Registeel - Mithril
    Giratina - Sauron
    Mewtwo - Saruman
    Dialga - Theoden
    Uxie - Gandalf
    Mesprit - Arwen
    Azelf - Aragorn
    Sableye - Gollum, Smeagol (thankfully they're not in the same game!)
    Cresselia - Galadriel
    Heatran - Balrog
    Grovyle - Legolas (might rename him to Elrond upon evolution)
    Dugtrio - Gimli (who likes caves)
    Spinarak - Shelob (will be more appropriate once she evolves)
    Torterra - Bombadil (too bad the Gold Berry doesn't exist in gen 4)

    The Pokemon Trainer theme
    Wobbuffet - Jessie
    Chimecho - James
    Cacturne - Harley
    Dragonite - Lance
    Beautifly - May
    Torchic - Flannery
    Kadabra - Sabrina
    Venomoth - Koga
    Pikachu - Satoshi (Ash's Japanese name)
    Raichu - Lt. Surge
    Masquerain - Drew
    Kingdra - Misty (could have named her Clair, but that name was taken by my Xatu for different reasons)
    Geodude - Roxanne
    Wormadam Steel - Jasmine
    Spiritomb - Agatha
    Meganium - Erika

    Miscellaneous Nicknames
    Gallade - MetaKnight, Arthur (might rename the second to Lancelot)
    Gardevoir - Guinevere (she and Arthur were hatched at the same time)
    Piplup - Dedede (will be more appropriate once he evolves)
    Arcanine - Lassie, Rigel
    Ditto - Nympho (because I use it mainly for breeding)
    Palkia - SuperDildo
    Rotom - Robomaster
    Metang - Ferrum (Latin for iron)
    Delibird - Mrs. Claus, Santa
    Honchkrow - Raven
    Mismagius - Maleficent
    Electrode - Pokeball
    Magnezone - UFO
    Espeon - Akamaru
    Umbreon - Black Cat
    Roserade - TuxedoMask (from Sailor Moon)
    Pachirisu - Nutella
    Spinda - Po (from Kung Fu Panda, though if I catch more Spindas I might name them TinkyWinky, Dipsy, and La-La)
    Cresselia - Izanami (Japanese moon goddess)
    Lunatone - Kwan Yin (Chinese moon goddess)
    Mightyena - Artemis (Greek moon goddess)
    Ninetales - Naruto
    Blastoise - Bowser
    Marowak - Dry Bones
    Cranidos - Yoshi
    Tentacruel - Kraken
    Medicham - Mahatma
    Milotic - Dreamboat
    Relicanth - Granny, Grandpa
    Octillery - Octavian
    Skitty - Neko-chan
    Gyarados - RAGE, Serpentina
    Mankey - Goku
    Machoke - Vegeta
    Sudowoodo - Charlatan
    Wailord - Moby ****
    Nuzleaf - Pinocchio
    Ludicolo - Mojito
    Weezing - Smogon
    Gible - Stitch
    Porygon-Z - Linux
    Uxie - Zelda
    Mesprit - Ganondorf
    Azelf - Link
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2009
  17. FEEPtheFlareon

    FEEPtheFlareon Crazy but not insane

    I give all of mine names. Sometimes I use names that symbolize something about them, but other times I like to use a play-on words.

    The stupidest names I ever came up with is an inside joke w/ a friend of mine. We have a theme for our eevees:

    Eevee: Eeep
    Vaporeon: Veep
    Jolteon: Jeep
    Flareon: Feep
    Espeon: Peep (b/c Eevee already took Eeep)
    Umbreon: Beep (b/c its Japanese name starts w/ a B)
    Leafeon: Leep
    Glaceon: Geep
  18. ribcage_x

    ribcage_x Well-Known Member

    I used to name my pokemon after food on my first first game ahah
    now i only nickname my HM slaves mean things.
    For example
  19. Grei

    Grei not the color

    I nickname the Pokemon that I will potentially be using for my team.

    In Diamond:
    CHAR Infernape
    AQUOS Gastrodon (male--would've been Aqua or Aquas if it was a girl)
    RYO Lucario
    DRAKE Garchomp (which is misleading because it's a female)
    ROSE Roserade
    SKAR Skarmory

    Though they're generic (minus Gastrodon's--oddly, I'm most attached to Gastrodon out of all of those Pokemon). The rest of my team were traded and have their original names.

    Which is why I make it a point to make my Pokemon's nicknames in ALL CAPS. It blends in better with other members of the team.
  20. Dragonite19

    Dragonite19 Dragonite Fan

    Sadly I'm really boring and don't name my Pokes anything. *sigh*
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