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Any funny, sensible, movie reference nicknames you guys have used/plan to use?

Planned - Sawk, with toxic, retaliate, revenge, and payback. Calling it "Melvin", after the Toxic Avenger.

Done - Landorus - Jerkface, because he fissured one of my best capture bros in the first turn, and exhausted my team down to the last two.

My Moxie Gyrados - Homewreckr

my Magic Bounce Espion - Psy-Ops

Kyurem - Mr. Freeze

My friend's Sudowoodo - Tree-insert F-bomb here-er (I really don't approve of this one's name)


L'Etat c'est moi
Haha, funny names you've given to your Pokémon! I usually don't name any of my Pokémon. I'm not creative enough.


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I've even resorted to normal names because I've ran out for a while. I almost always nickname my Pokemon Colloseum and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness pokemon, I do plan to do a run on both, no nicknames.


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Sweet. I've named one "Peeko", after Captain Briney's bird, and my lvl. 100 legit raised Ampharos from Colloseum, it's name is Amphy. I mostly use it's thunder wave for captures or in extreme in game situations, it's rain dance + thunder or hyper beams for kills. Not the mightiest move set, but it gets me by.

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
I nickname always, usually after a book series or tv show I enjoy.

In my Soulsilver game my name is Remus and all my characters are HP nicknames. In my Nuzlocke BW challenge, I play as Locke and all my Pokemon are named after LOST characters. This has worked particularly well, resulting in an Emboar named Hurley, a Leavanny named Juliet, an Archen named Sayid, a Garbodor named ManInBlack, and a Boldore named Richard. Desmond the Woobat and Ana Lucia the Whirlipede recently passed on :(


Castform Fanatic
I usually named Pokemon after the nicknames of Pokemon in the Pokemon Manga.


A Failed Experiment
I usually name them after one of their features or, if I'm out of ideas, after thier colour.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Let's see:

Drapion- Scorpinok
Honchkrow- Josef (after the second in command of the Russian Mafia in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction)
Giratina- Amorbis (after the first temple boss in Metroid Prime 2)
Gallade- Tybalt (after Juliet's cousin in R&J, he's a master swordfighter)
Kyogre- Acro (after a boss from Kirby 64 and IIRC, Kirby's Dream Land 3)
Regi Trio- Rundas (Regice), Thardus (Regirock), and Ghor (Registeel) (all named after bosses from the Metroid Prime trilogy)


The Great Gublet
Generally, my Pokemon's nicknames come from a character/actor in the tv show or movie I was watching when I caught it. Sometimes I name them after characters in books too (like my Lugia, Yossarian).


WobbWobbWobb Wobrudo
Jynx is NikkiMinaj, I won the thread!

I also have a Hydreigon named Gilbert. I was gonna use Ludwig but Ludwig isn't...."douchey" enough.
Free cookie if you know the two names in there!^

In a Pokemon walkthrough my Quilava's name Is Rigatoni, a Pidgey's name is Ravioli, and Caterpie is Spaghetti.
As you can tell, I love pasta.