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Night Fall

Discussion in 'Fan-Comics' started by PetuniaBubbles, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. PetuniaBubbles

    PetuniaBubbles Devoted Spriter

    Okay, so I know this is the 'Fan' Comics forum- but I don't really see any other place for this comic. It's an original comic that I've started. I can't say it will update quite as consistently as my Pokemon one since it'll take me more time per page due to an extra oomph of effort into the pages. ^_^

    Now, a quick background on the comic- it's based on a story I've been writing. Both are in the same world- and are directly connected. What happens in the comic all takes place before the events in the written story- so it isn't necessary to read the story to enjoy the comic- or the other way around.

    The comic takes place in a fantasy world- no humans- all creatures- mythical or otherwise. There's magic- twelve 'elements' or types of magic that every creature may have. I can't explain all of the details here- but hey, hopefully I'll make everything clear enough for everyone to follow.

    The comic is rated PG-13 for MILD swearing and violence.

    Here's the Cover Page

  2. Shymain

    Shymain Shaymin Lover

    Wow. Epic cover.

    So, basically the idea is to make another Pokèmon world, but without humans, and instead of attacks that inexplicably happen, they can use one of the multiple types of magic?
  3. PetuniaBubbles

    PetuniaBubbles Devoted Spriter


    It's not Pokemon- more Fantasy. xD But yes- there are twelve types of magic. Each creature is born with one type that they can naturally use- unless you're one of the unfortunate few incapable of magic (which is possible but rare). Anyway- here's the first page. I've only got one page done- these pages take forever. xD 5-7 hours compared to the 2-4 Rising Shadows takes.

    Progress on the second page: Lining background details and such. Next would be flat colors. I'd say I may be done this week... not sure. ^_^' Also owe a bonus image for the smackjeeves people- so that's coming first. (I'll link it here with the next page).

  4. SilverChiko

    SilverChiko Protect The Smiles!

    Nice, good job and keep it going
  5. Shymain

    Shymain Shaymin Lover

    But still, if you think about it, it's essentially just like your own version of Pokèmon. Just without trainers, and humans, and Pokeballs, and anything human-related.

    Oh, and that comic is pretty epic. I especially love the first frame.
  6. PetuniaBubbles

    PetuniaBubbles Devoted Spriter

    @HeroicRein: Thank you!

    @Shymain: Nope. xD For future reference- some artists really dislike having their work compared to fandoms- I don't mind- but others might. xD But this is a completely original world. The creatures use magic- some can learn more than one type of magic- but it works a lot differently than Pokemon.

    Anyway, here's the next page. Sorry it took so long- so many things going on.

    Also- here's an image related to this story that I made as a 10+ fans thank-you on Smackjeeves (PART of the reason the page itself took forever). His name is Frulgnor. He'll be appearing briefly towards the end of the Prologue- but he's not an important character. My friend named him. He's a Golem. No- he is not an earth elemental!

  7. Shymain

    Shymain Shaymin Lover

    Who's behind the curtain?

    I really like the artwork in this, and Frulgnor is pretty cool!

    What I'm trying to say is that this concept is similar to the concept of Pokémon, sans humans and catching Pokémon. Basically, Pokèmon that live on their own, and have a whole civilization running. Oh, and instead of attacks, they have magic. Usually.

    Look, I'm not actually going into the technical of how the magic works, but the concept is similar, whether or not you think it is. There are multiple things that make these concepts similar – but they're not the same, I understand that. What YOU need to understand is the difference between being the same and being similar.
  8. PetuniaBubbles

    PetuniaBubbles Devoted Spriter

    No one important, actually. At least, not that I've decided.

    I try with the art. xD I'm not that good at this yet... hopefully that'll change eventually. Frulgnor was fun to draw though. I don't think I can manage drawing him that well in the comic though. X_x

    I know- however, there ARE artists that go ballistic when their work is compared to fandoms- I'm not one of them, but really... be careful. o-o' Artists can be very scary sometimes. However, with that logic- a lot of things are similar to each other. It's impossible to be completely original these days- if not impossible. By 'original' world, I mean that I've created it myself- though I'm sure some of the books I've read may have influenced me whether or not I realize it. Most artists have their work influenced by something- they may not know it though. I won't deny that I've probably got the influence of half a dozen different book series in this world. I like magic- so throw in any series with magic. I like fantasy- throw in all fantasy series. I like action/adventure- throw in all of those- and anime while you're at it. I can't really say where some of the more specific elements of my story were derived from- but I get ideas from all over.

    This story is a more-thought out version of a little personal story that I've played out in my head since I was a kid. The characters are different, the plot is more organized, and everything is (for the most part) more realistic. But if I think really hard to my childhood, I can probably point a few games and stories that might have helped the initial version of this story (which will never see the light of day. Ever.) A completely unique story is hard to create these days- so it's easier to strive to make one that is just enjoyable. Would saying my world is similar to Pokemon be true- perhaps a little- but it also has magic- Harry Potter has magic. Different kinds of magic- yes... but still. This story also has a group of 'guardians' who protect ancient artifacts - hm... I can't think of a series to compare it to off the top of my head- but I know it's been done before.

    There is a million ways to compare one series to another. (Digimon / Pokemon / Yu-Gi-Oh, to name a few). I find stories more enjoyable when I stop comparing them to others though- not that it is a bad thing to do so. I don't mind the comparisons myself- but I do want to make it clear this isn't similar to Pokemon in too many ways- after all, we've only got two pages to compare off of. I'd say the biggest similarity is creatures using elemental 'attacks'. No badges or evolutions here. xD

    Whoops... I think I went on a little too long. Just to clarify, I'm not upset. Just felt like discussing that. xD I ramble on a lot, I apologize if I sounded rude or harsh at any time- I never mean to come off that way. ^_^
  9. Ninfia-Fan

    Ninfia-Fan Well-Known Member

    I like the idea this manga has running for it. I'll be happy to wait for the new pages.

    Also, why is the white dragon suddenly replaced by the purple, striped cat? Magic?
  10. PetuniaBubbles

    PetuniaBubbles Devoted Spriter

    Ninfia-Fan: Thanks- I must apologize for the wait, I've been busy and this project took a seat on the back burner.

    And he wasn't replaced by the cat- the two were walking behind her when she asked Zera to come up so she can give her an order. xD

    Also- I promise a new page this week. I'm working on it right now. It's going to take a while to finish this one though- I'm not that good at drawing Daruh (the Dragon) at this point so it takes me a while to get him drawn... and there's a lot going on in the last panel that I'm dreading on lining, coloring, shading, and all that. xD

    Proof? Here's some proof! (I'm still trying to fix that third panel. xD)

  11. PetuniaBubbles

    PetuniaBubbles Devoted Spriter

    Ugh... well, here it is. X_x This page was exhausting. Thankfully things start moving in the next page- so there'll be less focus on background and more on characters and dialogue. Yaaay.... Next page will get done whenever I can get the time for it.

  12. ~Emolga~

    ~Emolga~ Just A Crazy Fangirl

    I really like the work you did! Don't stop now! Keep at it!

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