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Night Mare [one-shot]


I would rate this about PG-13, nothing major just some ish kinda scenes.

Anyway, I know it is below the page limit. But it's something I wrote for English Language and I've become rather attached to it, so enjoy.

Night Mare

I closed my eyes...

Then opened them.

Blink, blink, blink. Still the room remained black, I really needed to get some sleep.

1:17 flashed the digital alarm clock.

I closed my eyes for a final time and kept them closed; turning my body to find a more comfortable position in which to rest, I slipped into a deep sleep. I was currently unaware of anything going on in my room, my senses seemed to have turned off. I could see nothing, I could hear nothing, I could smell nothing, I could taste nothing... I couldn't feel anything. To me it would seem I was simply floating, eyes closed, in an endless void of eternal nothing.

But this couldn't be it, a dream I mean. Who dreams about floating aimlessly in unimaginably dark locales? Some creativity on my part would sure come in handy right now.

The scene shifted violently and I was dropped unceremoniously into a heap on the floor, a laid stone floor, outside. I looked right... then left, neatly trimmed grass on each side. Why couldn't I have landed there? Standing, I started to notice the features of the place I had landed. Firstly it was almost pitch black, and a dense fog filled the area. But below me I could tell there was a path of some sort and grass on either side. This lead me to assume I was in a garden or field, I stuck with garden however, as on closer inspection of my immediate area I found a thick hedge in which topiaries had been cut. Various shapes like animals, numbers and letters styled expertly on top of the ten foot hedge that seemed to encircle the entirety of the garden.

Okay, I've gone from unfeeling void to a small garden in which I can still hardly see. Put that imagination of your into practice and make it so we can see.

The fog that had been swirling around my eyes dropped and seemed only to hover a few inches off the floor, and as if a giant hand had dragged it there, a full moon allowed little light to enter the garden, each bead of dew on each blade of grass reflecting the silvery light to give the fog an eerie glow. I also noticed that I was completely naked, but no sooner had I thought this, a purple silk gown appeared around me, the material was so light that it seemed to be made of the very air around me. I turned on my heel and felt enthralled to see the gown flow easily with me.

It seemed my imagination was rather cinematic.

The hedge I was facing came into full focus and as I had assumed, it did encircle the entire area. Oh wait, there's a gap. I must have missed it. The path I was on lead straight through and I was amazed by what was on the other side, a brilliantly grey mansion. The hedge continued on around the back and one large stone path lead to the imposing front doors, on each side of this path was a symmetrical flower arrangement. Closest to me were some vibrant red tulips, then some foreign orange flowers, yellow daisies, green leafy vegetation, blue irises and nearest to the mansion were a batch of bright purple magnolias. Just walking down the centre of this arrangement gave me the greatest sense of joy and the rush of emotion left me feeling giddy. I skipped the rest of the way, like a small child revelling in the discovery of a new part of the forest that had that magical quality in which you couldn't help but believe you were being watched by a faerie of some description.

The steps to the mansion's doors were grey stone, giving it a feel of an extravagant cave. Each step was icy cold to my bare feet. Now within arms reach of the brass door handles, I reached out with my left arm slowly, almost touching it I heard a clip-clopping sound and a whinny. Where did a horse come from? Turning on my heel and again watching the fabric float along with me, I did indeed see a horse. Silvery white, and at least twenty hands tall, it... just stood, watching me. I turned back around and attempted the door handle again. When my hand was within a few centimetres from the handle, another whinny, this time a lot closer than before.

I turned and screamed, the beast was upon the steps and staring me deeply in the eyes. The beast seemed to stare deep within my very soul, I was paralysed, unable to make a single move, a single thought. It must have been like this for countless minutes, but for me it felt like an eternity, endless horror as the creature merely stared and I couldn't help but stare back, it's eyes were nothing, contained nothing, no joy, no happiness, no sorrow, not even anger. They were black voids, endless and eternal.

The fog lifted again around my eyes and I saw nothing but silvery grey. I heard a loud thud as something heavy hit the floor. Please let it be dead. I smelled a rancid mixture of rotting flesh and emptied bowels. Please, please let it be dead. The fog within two metres of my person cleared and there it was, the horse was lay on the floor, the silvery sheen gone, it was dead. I felt it necessary to leave, go back to garden from where I entered this... place, and hope that something good will happen. But I wouldn't move, I couldn't move. The horse is dead! Why can't I move? And there it was, a dark hooded figure clothed only in a purple robe, it's bare arms lifted and a black light appeared at it's fingers, it's whole body lifted from the ground and hovered some three feet, the black light now enveloped it. I stood still, there was nothing else I could do, and watched, the black light dissipated and the figures hood fell from it's face. Horror filled every aspect of my being, the figure screamed an unimaginably ethereal scream and my vision started to fade, my last sight, was that of myself, screaming that scream, and then... Nothing.