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Night of the Golden Witch 2.0 (Invite Only)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by TheSequelReturns, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Back by popular demand.

    This go around, in order to keep things smooth and organized, the RP will be invite only. If you are one of the returning cast members than you probably already know this is getting posted. If by any chance you are a new player who wants to join in, you must have received an invite from me or one of the already accepted cast members (listed below) in order to sign-up. Feel free to contact me if you would like a shot at joining. This may be invite only, but there is always room for another chair at the table.

    Current Members:
    *Jean Grey*
    Monster Guy

    - Warning -

    This RP is not for the faint of heart. There will be graphic violence. There will be death. Your character will probably die multiple times, so be prepared.

    If you are okay with the above, continue onward.

    ~ Night of the Golden Witch ~

    - 60 Years Ago -

    The year is 1923. The economy of the nation of Britannia is controlled exclusively by the five Great Families. The heads of each family rule Britannia by their grasp on everything gold touches and decide the fate of their nation in council sessions held in the capital. The press, the industry, the shipping, arms manufacturing, scientific research, law enforcement, politics, everything traces its influence back to one of the Great Families.

    However, it was not to last. A disaster that would come to be known as The Great Earthquake struck during the height of the family’s power and on the eve of a council meeting. London, the capitol city of Britannia, is devastated by the earthquake and the fires that followed. In the chaos, all five of the Great Family heads are killed as well as many of the other members. The damage to the capital is extensive; homes are destroyed, factories are leveled, roads and railways are torn apart, and over two thousand are missing or dead.

    And so the governing powers of Britannia were swept away in a single night, and the majesty and decadence of the capitol brought to a smoldering end. In the wake of this terrible tragedy, the Great Families lose everything.

    Now faced with catastrophe and the ruin of all they had worked generations to achieve, the Great Families erupt into a series of power struggles and bloodfueds, each surviving prominent family member battling for control of their family, and each Great Family out to wrest as much power as they can out of the chaos. The Leonhart family, once the lowest of the five, was the first to come back together. Under the control of the new head of the family, a man called Kieran Leonhart, they organized a swift takeover of the council and by claims of necessity, subjugated the other families.

    The other families, too prideful to see the lowest of them rise to such power, demanded that Kieran prove he deserved to rule them or they would force him and his family out of the council entirely. To their shock, Kieran delivered. He presented the other family heads with the proof of his right to rule, fifty tons of gold bars. How Kieran acquired such an outlandish fortune could never be proven, it was after all more money than the other four families had combined. More money than had even existed in London’s treasury before the disaster. And yet, the gold was real. And so was its power.

    In one swift move, Kieran bought out those he could and established the Leonhart family as the only family with any power. Over the years, the Leonhart family would rebuild London to even greater glory than it had ever seen. And those survivors of the other once great families too prideful to submit to Kieran’s will vanished one by one.

    Although the family was grateful to Kieran for restoring them to their position of influence and power, no one could explain exactly where or how he had managed to obtain his fortune. Kieran himself refused to comment, but ever since his triumphant restoration of the Leonhart family he had taken to spending nearly all of his time in his mansion on Cainhurst, a private island owned by Kieran himself. Rumors began to circulate over the years that he had obtained the fortune in various underhanded or dark means. And the fact that Kieran only withdrew more and more from society as the years went on only served to fuel them.

    Even the other members of the Leonhart family rarely saw Kieran, and access to Cainhurst was restricted to invitation only. No invitations were ever given. Suspicions abounded within the family as to what exactly had happened on Cainhurst to cause Kieran to all but vanish. The most prevalent of these rumors that grew around Cainhurst was that there was a witch on the island, and Kieran had made a deal with her to obtain the gold. This witch became known as Beatrice, after the name of a lavish painting of a mysterious and beautiful woman that Kieran commissioned for the foyer of his mansion...

    - Present Day -

    The year is now 1985. Many years have passed since the earthquake, and the Leonhart fortune has been locked away for years, no one but Kieran himself knows exactly where. The gold has been an urban legend in the family for decades, and all of Kieran’s descendants know well the legend of the gold and Beatrice, the Golden Witch, whom it is said gave the fortune to Kieran. Thus, it comes as a shock when each of his descendants receives a letter telling of Kieran falling ill and wishing to pass his riches on before he dies. As proof of its authenticity, a wax seal imprinted with the mark of Kieran’s one of a kind ring adorns each letter. The mark is the Leonhart family crest, the One-Winged Lion.

    The letters claim that Kieran is waiting for them in his mansion on Cainhurst, and gives a date for the meeting, April 4th, 1985. Confused about Kieran’s sudden reappearance and his change in disposition, but curious about the "riches" mentioned in the letter, the family members set out to meet on Cainhurst Isle, unaware of the dark shadow that awaits them there...


    - Your Role -

    Players will play as one of Kieran's descendants. Each of you are aware of the legends about the gold fortune and the Golden Witch, Beatrice. Each of you have also just arrived on the island in preparation for the meeting in which Kieran is supposed to pass on his fortune.

    What you don't know is that there is a lot more to the legends than anyone could have guessed, and getting to the truth behind those legends will come with a cost. As a storm strands the family members on Cainhurst Isle, they will find themselves caught up in a very deadly game of magic and mystery and impossible twists.

    This is above all else, a mystery RP. While there will be action it is not the focus of this story. The main objective is to solve the mystery (and to not die horribly in the process).

    - Details About the Sign-Ups -

    In a unique twist of necessity, and due to the nature of this RP, it is entirely possible to sign-up as the family members of other players, even as their parents, spouse, brother, sister, or child. Not only is it possible, but it is actually encouraged.

    You’ll need to be mindful of this when you create your history sections. Try to avoid directly saying who is in your family, and leave room for other players to work with. Because just like a real family, you can’t chose who’s in it.

    I can handle the relations or you can talk it over among yourselves, either way is fine. There’s also no limit on characters so long as you can keep up with all of them.

    (As a note on the last name, due to the Leonhart family’s prestige, any women who marry outside the family keep their last name and the man is expected to “marry into” the family by changing his name.)

    - Sign-Up Form -

    Name: As much as I'd like to give you a lot of freedom here, remember two things. You live in Britannia (basically a fictional alternate version of England), and your last name is Leonhart.

    Age: No younger than 10, no older than 50.

    Gender: Male or Female

    Relation to Kieran: Is he your father, grandfather, uncle, etc...

    Relation to other Characters: This is to be used to keep track of what other players are in your immediate family. It’s okay to leave this blank until others join in.

    Personality: Give a good idea of how your character sees things and how they react to and treat others. At least two good paragraphs.

    Appearance: Give a good idea of what your character looks like and the outfit they arrived on the island in. At least a good paragraph on each.

    History: A brief history of your character's past. You may mention other player’s characters so long as you keep them in character. A detailed history between characters is a good starting point for tension later on, but is not required.


    - Final Notes -

    The point of this RP is to be a clever game of wits between me and the players, or among the players themselves. As such, I expect that players will be attentive to others, pay attention to detail, attempt to solve the mystery, and above all not abandon the RP.

    I cannot stress the last one enough. Each player will be a crucial piece in the puzzle, so abandoning the RP will be like removing a piece of a jigsaw puzzle or taking a piece off of a chessboard. The solved picture will never be as complete as it could have been and the process of getting there will be a little tougher.

    So, I kindly ask that anyone who submits a sign-up for approval be willing to see this through to the end, if not for the sake of yourself, then for the sake of the other players.

    I also understand that things happen and that sometimes a player can’t post for a while or needs to drop out altogether. That’s totally okay. Just give me a heads up so I know what needs to be done with your character. Also, no need to post a mini novel with each post if you don’t want to, staying active is what’s important. The more active you guys are, the faster we can delve into the mystery.

    With that said, this is totally about fun, and I hope that this RP will be an enjoyable experience for those involved. Let the tale begin!

    - Dramatis Personae -

    Sybil Leonhart (Minteh)
    Alena "Ally" Leonhart (*Jean Grey*)
    Haze Leonhart (Vern)
    Callaway Labolas Leonhart (Schade)
    Miraela Leonhart (GoldenHouou)
    Bianca Leonhart (Monster Guy)
    Hester Anne Leonhart (Tealeaffs)

    - The Family Tree -

    (To be completed as the roster fills up)
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
  2. Minteh

    Minteh It's so shiny!

    As I said, here's a W.I.P almost straight away.

    Name: Sybil Leonhart

    Age: 22 (February 15th 1963)

    Gender: Female

    Relation to Kieran: Great-uncle (grandmother was Kieran's younger sister)

    Relation to other Characters: Nickolas Leonhart (father), Haze Leonhart (paternal half-sister)

    Personality: Despite her aristocratic heritage, Sybil had a rather simple upbringing, and that is reflected in her personality. Sybil is a sweet, young woman; charismatic and charming, she can easily befriend most people. However, there are few people she actually considers as a "close" friend; for those lucky few she does consider as a close companion they find her to be a loyal and caring friend. Although she comes from wealth (and has essentially grown up having everything given to her on a silver platter) she has never considered herself to be of greater importance than anyone else. Luckily for Sybil, she was mostly raised solely by her mother, meaning that her father's often destructive tendencies, never surfaced in her. In comparison to her father, she is generally a rather calm and collected individual, who rarely lets her emotions get the best of her, but, like most people she does have her limits. If you provoke her far enough, she won't hesitate to put you back in place.

    Sybil is quite an intelligent person, drawn to pursuits of the mind, and tends to take her studies quite seriously. Growing up she constantly had her nose in her book, and is well-read on the world and the family history. Although she knows of some of the legends surrounding her family, she is sceptical over whether they involve actual magic, or are simply tales blown out of proportion. It was partly due to her inquisitive nature that she was so excited and eager to visit the mysterious Cainhurst.

    As mentioned before, Sybil finds it quite easy to befriend people thanks to her amiable nature. When meeting new people, Sybil tends to be the one instigating the conversation, rather than the one who the conversation is directed towards. Sometimes she can talk a bit too rapidly (especially if the topic of conversation is something she has a keen interest in) and, as a result, she can overwhelm people who are simply unable to keep up with her.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Sybil is a petite young lady, standing at around 5'5'. Shortness is a common trait amongst the women from her mother's side of the family, but in comparison to her mother (who is around 5'3') she is the tallest. As she has grown older, she has learnt to take more care of what she eats and how she excercises so at this point in her life she is physically fit and weighs just above the average for someone of her size. Growing up her weight was a bit of a problem as her parents would often shower her with sweet treats and other high quality foods. She wasn't obese or anything like that, she was just very chubby. Sybil has a lovely round face with very defined facial features. Her lips are small and thin and are curved ever so slightly, making it appear as though she is always smiling. Her nose is button shaped and falls a little too close to her upper lip. Her eyes are small and round with this inquisitive spark in them. In terms of eye colour, they are a striking violet shade, flecked with dark purple around the irises. Though it is an unusual eye colour, for many people, Sybil has come to note that purple eyes are a common trait amongst the Leonhart family. As for her hair colour, it is a white-blonde shade, which works well in contrast to her fair skin.

    It terms of fashion, Sybil has never considered herself to be particularly fashion conscious and doesn't really care what she wears.

    In her youth, her parents would often buy her outfits, meaning she often wore fancy dresses and blouses. As she's grown older, her own style has developed a bit more. As mentioned before, she isn't really fashion conscious, so besides a handful of dresses and suits for formal occasions, her wardrobe is very simple and practical. She arrives at Cainhurst wearing one of her preferred outfits: a simple thin purple turtleneck, with a black blazer with knee-length black skirt, and tights. In regards to shoes Sybil very rarely wears heels (save for kitten heels) so most of her shoes are flats of some variety. In terms of accessories, Sybil also likes to go simple. She usually wears a pair of diamond studs in her ears (a gift from her maternal grandparents for her 18th), a necklace of fake pearls, and a simple purple ribbon in her hair from time to time.

    History: Born in 1963, Sybil is the eldest child of Nickolas Leonharts and his wife Violet. She is named after her paternal grandmother, Sybil, who was the younger sister of Kieran. Sybil never knew her grandmother, as she died before Sybil was born, dying shortly after giving birth to her only child.

    Sybil was primarily raised at Littlewood House in Gloucestershire, a manor house gifted to her grandmother on her wedding day. Although not as grand a house as those of her relatives, the house was moderately sized and lavishly furnished, and had everything in it that Sybil needed to have a pleasant childhood.

    Although Sybil's parents had gotten together as an arranged marriage, they had loved each for a time, and Sybil has distinct memories of growing up in a happy family. Sadly, things started going awry when Sybil was four. Her parents started arguing more often, and Nickolas would disappear for days at a time, often getting drunk out of his mind. Her parents did try to work on their marriage, even going on to have a second child as a poor attempt to fix things. As to be expected, it didn't work, and by the age of seven her parents were practically living separate lives in their own home.

    Violet oversaw the education of her children, hiring private tutors to teach her children, as opposed to sending them to a private school. She also taught them music herself, having been a talented musician in her youth. As for Nickolas, when he wasn't working off a hangover, he had very little to do with his children. He would help with their Maths lessons from time to time, but would otherwise avoid them and his wife. Occasionally Sybil and her sibling would be invited to study with their father in his office, but this was very rare as he was often 'working', which Sybil would later realise meant 'drinking'.

    Nickolas virtually abandoned the family when Sybil was nine, leaving one day and never returning. He wrote a few letters to start with, but they soon stopped, and it is unclear whether he grew bored of writing or if Violet asked him to stop. For three years, Sybil and her family moved to her mother's childhood home in the country, whilst Violet and her family worked on relocating Nickolas and settling on a divorce. This was a difficult task as no-one was sure where Nickolas even was, but soon enough, with some help from private investigators loyal to her mother's family a divorce was finalized.

    As Nickolas did not want to contest anything, Sybil and her family moved back into the family home, with the added bonus of Nickolas' wealth, which was set to be inherited by Sybil once she came of age. She never heard from her father again, and it was widely believed that the rest of the family disowned him for his deplorable behaviour. If he's still alive, Sybil could not say, but last she heard he was spotted in Iceland.

    Recently, Sybil received a strange letter from Kieran Leonhart, her great-uncle through her father's side. Of course, having read up a lot on her family, she was fully aware of who he was and the stories surrounding him, despite never having met in person. Having lived around money and wealth all her life, she could care less about the supposed fortune, but the mystery surrounding Kieran and Cainhurst was very intriguing. Sybil happily accepted the invite, curious about what other family members she would meet along the way.

    Other: Sybil speaks fluent German and French, as well as a little Swedish.

    Sybil identifies as Bisexual but has a notable preference for women.

    She is a talented musician, favouring the violin. She is part of the Gloucestershire Symphony Orchestra.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
  3. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Name: Alena Alcyone Leonhart ("Ally")

    Age: 23 (November 20, 1961)

    Gender: Female

    Relation to Kieran: Kieran is her paternal grandfather.

    Relation to other Characters: Miraela Leonhart (younger sister), Bianca Leonhart (cousin), Callaway Leonhart (cousin), Jules Leonhart (father), Orianna Leonhart (aunt)

    Personality: Alena, despite her aristocratic background, does not act in the typical way an aristocratic girl would act. Brash, crude, foul-mouthed and headstrong with a dark sense of humor, propriety and decorum are the last things on her mind, preferring to present herself as she is instead of putting on an act to please someone. An independent rebel with her own mind, she values thinking for herself a lot, preferring not to be bogged down by the weight of expectations, behavioral norms, or "what ought to be". One could consider her impulsive because of this, and she is indeed, known as the black sheep of the family. She's far from feminine, rather, she's very much a tomboy, with a rough manner of speech (though still British-accented), a tendency to use profanity, and interests that do not align with a typical upper-class woman's pursuits - motorcycles, drinking at Irish pubs, betting on Ladbrokes, skateboarding, mechanical work, pool, fighting, hard rock, punk rock, heavy metal and extreme metal music (some of her favorite bands are Motörhead, Venom, Bathory, Iron Maiden, Metallica...and unexpectedly for her, Mötley Crüe) and cigarette smoking, among other things. Being so casual and sharp-tongued, she also comes off as blunt and classless, as she says what's on her mind and doesn't bother mincing her words. Far from demure, she's straighforward and can be very flirty when she wants to be (she likes adventurous, liberal types like herself), knowing how to get someone in bed with ease…though she is also one who's very skillful at shutting people out if she doesn't like them, thinks that she they would just use her for the Leonhart name (owing to her cynical nature and brought about by bad experiences with romance in the past), or finds them boring (which describes a lot of male aristocrats, unfortunately for her poor parents). She isn't shy about her wild tendencies, is bisexual and is an instigator who always makes the first move in everything she does. However, while wild affairs and flings are things she enjoys, she has more than a few problems with actual romance, due to her experiences with some men. Being so pessimistic about long-term relationships, and is no stranger to being taken advantage of in her youth (twice in fact), she wants to prevent herself from disappointment and heartbreak as much as possible and thus, tends to push away anyone whom she thinks might try to get serious with her, knowing that they most likely have something to gain from her somewhere down the line (considering her surname), and she would much rather be alone or cheat than to be the victim in the end. She doesn't want to be used or be anyone's pawn, and can come across as someone who doesn't like commitment because of this. She really does want someone to love her for the person she is, rather than her surname, but thinks that someone like that is difficult to come across.

    Alena is also rather foul-tempered; while she's a joy (if rather rough and crude) to be around when she's in a good mood, when she's in one of her darker moods, she's a lot scarier, as she would actually turn to violence with little provocation, especially when she loses a game/bet (she's an arrogant winner and a sore loser), or when her pride is threatened - yes, one thing she retains from her aristocratic upbringing is that telltale pride of hers, especially when it comes to feats of daring and winning. This pride might make her have issues with authority, turn to less-than-civilized means and pick fights (usually of the physical sort) in order to prove her point, but the same pride also makes her one who never gives up on whatever she sets her mind into - she's pigheaded that way, yet because of this, is unforgiving and also holds grudges for very long periods of time. She's also one who jumps into things (especially danger) before thinking…fear is something she doesn't want to hold her back, and she's always up for any risk or dangerous game. Of course, this lands her into trouble more often than not, and while most think that she might be more trouble than she's worth, she actually prefers to take care of her own issues and problems by herself, not wanting anyone to take responsibility for her - she's a tough woman after all, not a helpless little girl. In fact, one negative thing about her is that she's often too proud to ask for help from others (though she doesn't have a problem helping others), thinking it makes her weak and vulnerable if she does so...and boy does she hate being made to look weak and vulnerable.

    Many may get the impression that Alena is standoffish at first, but she's actually friendlier than most think (she does prefer to be alone than be with dogmatic people who force their opinions and views on her, though), unless someone breaks her trust or tries to judge her superficially without knowing her. Then, yes, of course she would shut out said person and make life hell for them...she's the unforgiving sort and is one to hold grudges after all. She might be a rich girl, but she's also very strong, having taken cage-fighting lessons for some time…if she threatens to break your bones, chances are, she'd actually do it and make you really regret pissing her off. If she likes you, though? She'd be the best friend you'll ever have…she'll stand by your side, look out for you, and go through fires and storms for you. She also won't hesitate to show a more caring and compassionate side, as long as she likes you…though she isn't the most gentle when going about it. One of Ally's most notable qualities is her courage - she's very brave, and sometimes, her fearlessness even skirts the line into being foolish. She prefers taking the risk and being foolish, however, than to sit around and discuss yet doing nothing. For her, nothing is accomplished unless people take action and move. She isn't entirely stupid, however, and while she would never be a scholar or an academic, she is street-smart from spending her free time in less-than-safe establishments. Aside from being skilled with her hands, she is also an objective thinker, who knows how to keep any kinds of feelings from influencing her decisions whenever it comes to more logical matters, though she's so bullheaded that she finds it difficult to accept some points of views that she thinks are too influenced by gut feelings and are "heart-based". Though Alena is determined and brave, she is also pragmatic and cynical rather than idealistic and positive, not being one who has high morals in terms of the way she prefers to go about things, or one to immediately believe whatever she hears, especially if it seems too good to be true. She's rather good with languages, having encountered quite a number of them at pubs, and is good at thinking on her feet, even in high-stress situations…she can stay clear-headed enough to act, when others would be less likely to. On the other hand, she's not one who creates elaborate plans ahead of time, which means she often chooses to improvise her way through things, using her practical intelligence. And while she has nothing against books (she does love world mythology, horror novels, Stephen King and Gothic literature after all, as well as of course, instruction manuals and how-to books) heavy reading bores her, especially if the subject matter is something she isn't interested in.

    Alena is one who is drawn to the dark and forbidden side of things, and generally dislikes norms and trends. Aside from never being popular in school, she despises the mainstream fashion and ideas of the time, preferring things that most people see as counterculture and "poisonous". She doesn't see anything wrong in them, and actually thinks that they suit her a lot more than things that are more bright and poppy. In her mind, it's people who are too narrow-minded to see that different is good, and that taste doesn't have to be shared.

    While her father and sister don't always understand her, it doesn't stop her from loving them very much (she loves Dragomira as well, though she's unaware of the latter's concealed hatred for her). Although she isn't the best in showing it, she really does appreciate them a lot in her own way, and wouldn't allow anyone talking bad things about them. After all, despite how they don't fully approve of her choices, they still mean well, genuinely want the best for her and stand up for her when nobody else in the family would, especially when it comes to family gossip involving her (though in Dragomira's case, it's a well-cultivated facade that only her younger sister knows of). Though she is far from the perfect daughter and would never, ever be a perfect lady, it doesn't stop her from showing her love and appreciation in the smallest and subtlest of gestures, such as looking after Mira (she dotes on Mira very much, despite their differences), and spoiling her father and stepmother using the money she earns from her games and bets.

    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG]

    Alena, though rough around the edges, has a striking beauty that makes people look twice. She's very tall, standing at 6'1" in height, and has very fair skin, and a leanly muscular frame with long, lithe legs and very large breasts that she doesn't mind showing off. Her hair is long, thick and cut unevenly, though most of it hangs down to her hips, and her bangs usually cover her right eye. It's usually left down, or done simply in a messy ponytail or a loose side braid. While her natural hair color is platinum blonde, she started dying it silver-white when she was 19, after she had trouble dying her hair black and her younger sister Mira suggested that silver-white was a good color for her. Her eyes are a haunting violet color, framed with long lashes that are often coated with black mascara. Her face is angular, and her nose is strong, aquiline and rather prominent. She has a navel piercing, and her ears also have multiple piercings; her left ear has two upper helix, two earlobe and one tragus, while her right one has one rook, two forward helix and one transverse lobe. All of them are decorated with different sorts of dark-themed hardware. She has a tattoo on her upper back, which takes the form of a howling wolf, as well as on her upper right arm, taking the form of an upwards-pointing triangle glyph with a horizontal line cutting across. Her nails are painted black.

    Alena has a distinctive subversive taste in clothes, disliking disco and the popular trend of colorful clothing, preferring the color black in just about everything she wears. Details like studs, crosses, skulls, spikes, chains, safety pins, punk, heavy metal and rock aesthetics as well as gothic elements are her thing, and she loves leather and torn/ripped fabrics, while also enjoying some things like black lace on a few rare occasions (she has Mira to thank for that). Her usual outfit consists of a long-sleeved black top that reaches her hips in length, torn at the sleeves and at the torso (showing off her stomach), with some of the holes held together by safety pins, a distressed, angry grey skull emblazoning the front and silver spikes decorating the shoulders. Under this, she wears black short shorts with ripped bottoms and studded pockets. Her shoes are black, lace-up knee-high combat boots with metal buckles adorning them. She wears these boots with thigh-high sheer black stockings with rips. On her hands are black leather fingerless gloves, and on her head is a black newsboy hat with a grey skull print. She also wears a thick, heavy, gunmetal chain with a padlock around her neck. When it gets colder, she tends to wear a black leather biker jacket with spikes and chains over her outfit.

    History: Born in Brittania, Alena is the oldest daughter of Jules Leonhart, Kieran's oldest son, and Khioniya Lebedeva, a cold, Russian woman whom her father had an affair with. Her father loved Khioniya and pursued her, but she did not, as she was a woman on a mission and being a KGB agent, she always put her job first. Thus, she ran away with her daughter, determined not to let the girl grow up among "Leonhart scum" on the "wrong" side of the Iron Curtain. Thus, while Alena was born of the Leonhart family, it was only in early 1966, when she was four years old, that she started living with them. Khioniya had tried to keep her hidden and she mostly succeeded thanks to her connections in Russia, but nothing escaped a Leonhart, especially a very determined one. Kieran, while he disapproved of extramarital affairs, had solemnly asked his son whether his son loved the little girl, and the man firmly answered "Yes. Always.", which made the usually hard-nosed aristocrat relent, and he urged his son to find the girl, so that she could be properly legitimized and raised as one of them. When Jules finally found the girl and took her away, her mother cursed the Leonharts before killing herself.

    Alena thus, grew up in wealth and luxury. Her father doted on her, and her Transylvanian stepmother, Dragomira Albescu, while stern when it came to matters of etiquette and decorum, was also very pampering towards her, usually buying her the nicest things. She had a younger sister named Miraela who shared her violet eyes. The two of them grew up rather differently, and thus, developed a sort of love-hate relationship when it came to preferences, though they did care for each other very much when it came right down to it. While Miraela tried her best to seem the proper lady and please both their parents (as well as try to make her older sister follow suit), Alena was difficult from the get-go, preferring rough-and-tumble play, fighting and getting herself dirty and muddy. She did humor Mira from time to time, however, though Mira did seem to be particularly entertained by fixing her older sister's hair into various, elaborate, girly hairstyles and dying it in various colors, most notoriously shades of purple, as well as silvery-white…much to Alena's suffering. She did get her way at times though, and usually took pleasure in showing Mira (as well as her cousins) up in the rougher games she played and usually won (though some of her more spiteful male cousins always lied that they went easy, if only to save their faces). Mira hated getting dirty or scraped, but Alena never minded, which often made their poor parents wonder whether she was ever going to grow up to become a proper Leonhart lady (never, of course...leading to Dragomira cultivating some very well-hidden ire for the young girl, though she knew how to put on appearances enough not to make Alena totally aware). Her father did admire her strong will and guts, however, knowing that she wasn't one who was going to be easy to take advantage of. Mira seemed to be the perfect daughter on the outside, while Alena was the one who was hard to control, contrary to what most people would expect, given their birth order. While Jules had an easier time with Mira, it did not mean he did not love Alena, in fact he loved her very much and she frankly reminded him of the adventurous side he once had, but had to put aside thanks to being the heir.

    Both girls were homeschooled from an early age, due to their father wanting only the best sort of education for them, which of course, involved etiquette and decorum - typical for a powerful family. While Mira tried her best, Alena only attempted to put up with it for a short time before slipping back into her usual ways. She didn't see the point in lying and pretending. She knew her parents meant well, but thought that it was such an old-fashioned way of thinking that shouldn't be so adhered to in the first place. She shrugged off the lessons and did just what she wanted, reputation be damned. It was the modern world, and there was no need to act like it was 100 years ago or something. This naturally, pissed off her tutors and gave them a lot of headaches. Her parents, not wanting her to have problems later on in life (though she insisted that the Leonhart family name was enough to secure future prospects), sent her to boarding school in Caledonia, the northern part of Brittania, when she was 13, after trying but failing to try helping her become more of a lady. They thought that, perhaps, placing Alena in the company of other high-class young women would help her become more ladylike, feminine and graceful, as she would have people her age to emulate. However, they overlooked one key fact about the boarding school they chose...yes, it was one of the best in the country, yes its students were all wealthy, and yes, it had excellent teachers, but the oversight wasn't in terms of credentials. It wasn't an all-girls' school. Rather, it was a coeducational boarding school, an oversight which Alena took advantage of during her stay.

    While at boarding school, Alena wasn't very popular among the girls, thanks to her rough-edged personality. She did, however, gain a small circle of male friends whom she usually joined in playing schoolboy pranks on unsuspecting victims. It was also there where she discovered her affinity for dark subcultures that deviated from the norm, and quite by accident, really. The teenager just fiddled with the radio in one of her friends' car, and stumbled upon a station that happened to play hard rock and heavy metal music. She fell in love immediately. As time passed, she fell deeper within the dark subcultures that deviated from the disco-crazy norm and the freedom having real friends brought. For the first time, she saw the world and experienced it. Be it real pub culture, real music, placing bets and learning the ins and outs of vehicles thanks to her friends, Alena started knowing things she wouldn't have known had she not been allowed to leave home, and she loved the excitement, the daring and how different things were when the weekends and school holidays came. She began experimenting a lot more, trying her hand at pool and cards, having fun at Ladbroke's, and even pursuing two affairs, first with her own History teacher when she was fifteen, and then the school nurse (aptly named "Nicholas Frost") when she was seventeen…though both didn't exactly end well thanks to her finding out the men's ulterior motives (which had to do with them knowing her family background and trying to take advantage of it). She gained a notorious reputation, yet she wasn't bothered so much by it. After all, she was a Leonhart and she kept her grades within an acceptable range, and those were reason enough as to why she wasn't expelled. Jules and Dragomira might have thought at first that they had sent their daughter to boarding school in order to become a better lady, but it turned out Alena became quite the opposite, thanks to that minor oversight. In fact, Jules found out about her having male classmates when he heard Alena her cousin Bianca talking about boys during the latter's first school holidays. However, when he saw how happy she was when talking about her friends, he decided not to transfer her - it was still quality education after all, and despite him wanting her to ideally grow up a lady, a small part of him, if he had to be very honest, did not want the girl to lose her fire and adventurous spirit.

    When Alena came back to London at nineteen, she had bloomed not as a poised, refined lady but rather, a wild, dark blossom - a thistle of the Caledonian highlands rather than a cultivated English Rose. She then decided that she wasn't going to let expectations or common etiquette decide how she was going to act. She had the family name of the most powerful family in Brittania, and she was sure that she was at least mildly attractive, so what more could any man with actual balls ask? Sick of pre-conceived notions about being the perfect English Rose, she applied for a course in mechanical engineering at a good London university, chose not a necklace of diamonds, but her own motorbike as her graduation present, and sought to dye her perfect platinum blonde locks an inky black color. She succeeded in doing the first two…but there was the issue of the third. Her platinum locks failed to take the black color well, and the results were not exactly attractive, to say the least. One night, after her third unsuccessful attempt, Mira recounted a story about how she once dyed Alena's hair silver-white, and that it took pretty well, theorizing that it was easier for Alena's blonde hair to take on a much lighter color. Surprisingly, Alena considered the idea and tried it out, at first not having faith in the outcome, being the cynic that she is, but was convinced and satisfied when she saw the results. Jules and Dragomira took the change surprisingly well, her stepmother particularly noting that it was a good color for her (perhaps, because Alena's natural hair color was so much like Jules'...and Dragomira wanted to ensure that Mira had more of Jules' favor).

    This did not, however, change the fact that Jules was concerned about his older daughter's future, considering her interests, lack of manners and image. A part of Jules still hopes that Alena would come around and tries to comfort himself with the fact that at least, he didn't raise an axe murderer, but in private, he does admire her strong will, courage and rebelliousness...he observed that there was something beautiful about it, and that Alena wouldn't be his Alena had he forced propriety too hard onto her. He remains hopeful for her prospects and tries his best to remind Alena that she's a true Leonhart whenever he could, preferring to focus on her positive qualities. Not that it stopped her from frequenting pubs and shady establishments, signing up for cage-fighting lessons (insisting that a Leonhart ought to be able to defend herself, especially because there could be anyone out to take down a Leonhart), however, or kissing unsavory men decked in spikes or with strange, colored hair for that matter. Now just finishing her third year in her mechanical engineering course, Alena is looking forward to living life on her own terms, knowing that she could stand on her own two feet, whether or not she is destined to inherit part of the family fortune.

    Alena recently received a letter from her mysterious paternal grandfather Kieran, whom she had only thought to be a legend, thanks to never really seeing his face. It stated that he had fallen ill and wished to pass his riches on before he dies. Her father urged her to go, seeing this as an opportunity for her to perhaps, come around and live up to the Leonhart name, though Alena's thoughts were of a different matter. She wanted a new experience, she wanted to see the truth behind the legend, and she wanted to know the man who had unconditionally accepted her as one of them, despite the circumstances of her birth. And so with that, Alena set off for the island.

    - Does not like hospitals, something she shares with her sister Mira, thanks to some unfortunate encounters with a certain Uncle Cisrian, who's a nurse and their designated babysitter up until she was 13. She would much rather treat her sister's scrapes and wounds, as well as her own, by herself, usually by using vodka or bourbon whiskey as disinfectant. She also knows how to set dislocated bones by herself because of this.
    - As mentioned above, bisexual with equal preferences. She's very liberal-minded and accepting when it comes to different sexualities, and supports freedom of choice.
    - The reason why she actually chose to sleep with a school nurse was because she wanted to get over her hang-ups with medical personnel, but the fact that the nurse used her only served to make her view on hospitals and medical staff even more negative.
    - Having been raised by her birth mother for the first four years of her life, Russian is second nature to her. Thanks to her stepmother, she knows how to speak fluent Romanian, and tutors as well as boarding school allowed her to learn Italian and German.
    - Alena is very good with her hands. She enjoys auto work, as well as repairing things, and doesn't at all mind getting dirty/greasy. Fittingly, she is majoring in mechanical engineering.
    - She can run...fast. She was actually on the track team back in boarding school.
    - She can also fence sabre, thanks to boarding school. Jules was actually pretty relieved that she chose to fence sabre (he was pretty much dreading a call from the school officials complaining that Ally chose to fence epee just to hurt some unfortunate boy's family jewels).
    - The food she cooks is awful, and she makes even British cuisine taste horrible. If you're wondering what grade she got in her home ec class…it's a D, and a borderline case at that. It's her worst grade. She only even got said D and not an F because Bianca sometimes pops up in the kitchen and offers to help her secretly.
    - Her favorite type of alcohol is Jack Daniels bourbon whiskey (yes...how American).
    - Her father, Jules, was the one who introduced her to Stephen King novels, as well as Gothic novels. He thought that it would be good for her to read more, and he also kept in mind her less-than-conventional taste when recommending books for her. She doesn't admit it openly to her father, but she truly appreciates how he took her taste into account.
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  4. Vern

    Vern Why not both?

    I'm just gonna quickly stick a WIP here:

    Name: Haze Leonhart
    Age: 17 (February 29th, 1968)
    Gender: Female

    Relation to Kieran: Kieran is her Father’s Uncle
    Relation to other Characters: Nickolas Leonhart (Father), Sybil Leonhart (Paternal Half-Sister)

    Personality: Haze is extremely caring and empathetic by nature, as well as a natural listener and all-round pleasant person - something that she often wishes she isn’t. Had she grown up in a privileged family, that wouldn’t have been a problem - but here, she was unlucky, having been born into this word as the bastard child of Nikolas Leonhart (a notorious alcoholic), and a woman named Christine. Growing up in an environment where everyone had more than their fair share of stress and problems, she unwillingly became most of their outlets - she was their confidant, their maid, their beloved child, none of which she really wanted to be. Unlike most kind people, her kindness is something she was born with and would rather do without. Time and time again she has tried to stop being the Good Samaritan, the one everyone can come to for help and support when they need it - but when they show up, seeking reassurance and help, she can’t find it in her to turn them away.

    Burdened with the problems of everyone around her, Haze began to withdraw from the world in an effort to prevent herself from simply collapsing under all of it. She often found herself with bags under her eyes, having stayed up late listening to her father rant about how much he hated himself while gently prying yet another bottle from his hands, and her mother rant about how much she hated her father, and of course finishing her own schoolwork and the things she’d promised to prepare for her friends and acquaintances. It was wearing her down, and she hated it. The side to her that was energetic, enthusiastic, affectionate, and loved life began to slowly disappear, until eventually she became almost a different person altogether.

    She became cold and withdrawn, staying away from the social gatherings and parties that she once loved, speaking little and remaining far away from the centre of attention. She began spending more and more time alone, entertaining herself with books and building tiny little trinkets. She still helped those that came to her, but they were rarer now. Since she no longer sought out social contact, her strange quirks became more and more apparent to those around her, and that put people off. They began to notice things about her that were previously lost or overlooked under her zest for life and enthusiasm, like the fact that she always dressed like it was winter (granted, it was pretty cold where she lived), how she tended to lie down instead of sitting when formality was not required, and how she always carried a permanent marker and some small, flat rocks around with her. These small things began to brand her as ’that weird kid’, especially now that everything people once loved about her - her liveliness, her optimism - seemed to have evaporated.

    However, those that sought her out - now few and far between - would find that she was still the helpful and understanding person she was once known for being. If someone was not put off by her now-apparent quirks and her subtle hints that she wanted to be left alone, it quickly becomes apparent that in the end, she just doesn’t have the heart to push people away from her. If you have a burden you need to lighten, she will still gladly shoulder it for you, and try to help you in any way she can. If you get close enough to her, and manage to get her to let down her guard, you’ll find that in the end, she hasn’t really changed all that much - except for always seeming to be tired and vaguely unhappy.

    Appearance: Haze is of average height and has a fairly average build, being on the thinner and more gaunt-looking side. She tends to prefer loose clothes that keep her figure ambiguous, and is generally quite wary of clothes that accentuate her ‘female-ness’ in any way. She has heterochromia, and her left eye is the typical violet of those who bear the Leonhart name, while her right is a striking light blue. Her hair is a light grey colour, and tends to reach down to her waist if not further - she also grew it out to cover her blue eye, mainly in order to appear even less remarkable. Even though she tends to spend a lot of her time sitting outside and enjoying the cool freshness of the air, her skin is on the paler side. She tends to walk with a slight slouch and often has bags under her half-closed eyes, generally giving the impression of someone who didn’t sleep very well and just really, really needs to lie down and rest.

    Haze typically dresses like it’s winter regardless of the time of year, only taking on/off a few inner layers to account for changes in temperature. She pretty much dresses entirely in grayscale, wearing some combination of a grey/black t-shirt under a dark-coloured vest (since it's slightly warmer over here in Britannia, she's dropped the vest but nothing else), over which she wears her favourite grey overcoat - it’s old and slightly frayed, and is long enough to reach her knees. She almost always wears a long, black scarf that partially covers her mouth, and some baggy pants and greyish trainers/boots depending on the temperature. She also has a single slightly faded turquoise-coloured hair ribbon that she wears everywhere, which is pinned to the right side of her head.
    History: Haze was conceived when Nickolas Leonhart, in one of his frequent drunken night outs, had a one-night stand with an Icelandic woman by the name of Christine, who was, back then, working at a bar in Britannia. Since Nickolas was already married and also a highly public figure (being part of the Leonhart family, after all), the affair was hushed up, and Haze was born back in her mother’s home country. She wouldn’t lay eyes on her father until much later in her life, and spent her childhood with the last name Blanc - her mother’s. Christine raised her on her own, somehow managing to eke out a living as she juggled her work and her newborn child, her debts piling up and her health deteriorating.

    The first major shock to the family of two’s lives arrived in the form of Nickolas Leonhart himself, who had moved to Iceland himself after a messy divorce. He had been essentially disowned by the Leonhart family and had all his wealth stripped from him, and had left Britannia looking to start anew on unfamiliar soil. Ever a persistent woman, Christine sought him out the instant she got wind of this news, intending to force him to take responsibility for his child. Somewhat begrudgingly, Nickolas agreed, and the newly reunited family of three moved into a slightly-larger apartment a few weeks later.

    For a while, it seemed like things were looking up - Nickolas had managed to quit drinking and found himself a job, and was slowly growing closer to his daughter. Although some resentment remained between all of the family members, Nickolas himself seemed almost eager to try his chance at being a proper father. To Haze, It even seemed as though her parents were falling back in love again (or perhaps for the first time) - and that made her happy. She was popular in school and well-known for being a helpful, responsible, and empathetic kid, as well as a great listener and a good friend. Many people came to her for help with their schoolwork, and she was often called upon to settle disputes as an impartial third party. Overall, a good life.

    But of course nothing gold can stay, and just as their family seemed to be headed for a brighter future, Christine was killed in a traffic accident involving her bus and a couple of other cars. Neither Haze nor Nickolas took this news very well - the three family members had formed three equally indispensable foundations of the tower that was their life, and now that one was missing, the entire thing came crumbling down. Having once again lost someone dear to him, and having his dreams of an idyllic new life shattered, Nickolas turned back to the bottle and soon relapsed into alcoholism once again - and it was just a downward spiral from there.

    Only barely clinging on to his job, Nickolas and Haze moved out of the apartment that was now too large for the two of them, once again finding themselves within a cramped, uncomfortable place that only barely felt like a home. He would, occasionally, raise a hand against her when he was intoxicated - and Haze, being the kind of person who could never put herself over others, would simply bear with it, and forgive him afterwards. In his increasingly rare moments of sobriety, Nickolas would often spend hours talking to his daughter, his speech filled with apologies, self-lamentations, and pleas for forgiveness. Forced to deal with all of this along with all the housework and her mounting schoolwork and exams, while maintaining her cheerful and selflessly helpful front around her peers, Haze became increasingly tired, her suppressed resentment eating away at her on the inside.

    Eventually, Nickolas let slip that he had once been part of the Leonhart family - and Haze, having long since taken on the role as the 'responsible one’ of the family, immediately saw it as their way out. They were already struggling to pay rent, even with Haze taking on the occasional part-time job to make ends met, and had been threatened with eviction a couple of times already. While Nickolas vehemently opposed it, and she herself had many qualms about forcing a burden that she saw as hers to bear onto someone else (even if that someone was a stupidly rich family), she forced herself to write a letter to the Leonharts - specifically, to Violet Rehnquist, her father’s former wife.

    A few days later, she received a letter in return - although it was hardly what she expected: a cryptic invitation to Kieran’s island manor, Cainhurst. Her father, seemingly having resigned himself to the current situation, encouraged her to go, despite his own misgivings, and scraped up some funds for transport to Britannia, self-deprecatingly laughing ‘I’ll just live on a meal a day for the next week’. Somewhat reluctantly and filled with apprehension, Haze left for Cainhurst the day after.

    - Haze is asexual (but not aromantic)
    - She can speak Icelandic
    - She's a fantastic cook, but tends to prefer plainer dishes.
    - She has an odd habit of collecting strangely shaped rocks (particularly flat ones) and carrying them with her everywhere.
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  5. Schade

    Schade No gain, just pain.

    Name: Callaway Labolas Leonhart
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Relation to Kieran: Maternal Grandfather, i think? He's Cal's mother's dad
    Relation to other Characters: He is the half brother of Bianca, as well as cousin to Mira, Hester and Ally.
    Appearance: Callaway is a decently tall young man standing at around 189Cm. His slender built has decently toned muscles as he regularily work out to upkeep appearances, literally. His fair skin is rather pale in color, though he is prone to tans if he spends consierable amount of time out in the sun. He has inherited his family's trademark silvery white hair, which he keeps short and neatly style at all times. He has inherited his mothers purple eyes, the trademark sign of the leonhart clan, which is propably the only thing his mother likes about him. He always have a cunning, slightly smug grin on his face, and his fair skin, coupled with his chisled jawline an overall symmetric facial structures, he is considered very handsome by many.

    For clothing, Callaway dresses in nothing short of the best. the best brands available, the best boutiques from wherever he somehow finds them. coming from a rather wealthy brand of the family, he rarely ever buys things from "Commonfolks stores", as he calls it. His wardrobe rivals his sisters, and that says something as it ooks like Walt disney himself has exploded in there. Cal's outfits consists 90% of suits, shirts, vests and coats, and his go-to attire for most events is a dark teal vest over a white shirt, covered again by one of his favorite coats, a long, brown trenchcoat with a cinched waist. He wears black formal shoes which are surprisingly comfortable, as well as a pair of black suit pants. He also wears a dark teal cravat to match his vest, an a pair of black leather gloves. He doesn't accessorize too much, and usually has an expensive watch on his left wrist.

    Personality: As one would expect from a guy coming from a fairly wealthy brand of a very well-known family, Callaway has adopted nothing less than the "Spoiled brat" trait. His parents has always provided him with the best of the best, and he has taken a slightly unhealthy like to it. He always has that "I am better than you" attitude surrounding him, being further strengthened by his social circle. He does enjoy everything fancy and expensive, and though he does enjoy the cheaper alternatives every now and then, he would rather die than admitting to that. He is very intelligent, and tends to wear it as a sleeve when it comes to social settings, even with his own family which he barely even know. He also has tendencies of a suck-up, as he knows just the way to easily manipulate people into obeying his wishes, though this is more or less a work in progress in his eyes.

    Socially, he tends to drop the spoiled brat-act and act more mature depending on the situation. He always look for opportunities to look better in the eyes of influental people, allthough he usually drop tjhat act too. He enjoys just being himself, though his inner circle is small, and the people he can really open up to are small in numbers. In reality, Callaway is a troubled man. He acts the way he does in order to reach far in life, and has decided to put his own anxiety and insecurities aside, as he views them as weaknesses.

    Once he does "open up" though, he shows a whole new side that few people knows about. Being raised in a highly sophisticated home, he has had to surpress most of his personality. This includes his morbid, twisted sense of humor. He is not above laughing at peoples misfortune, humor peoples bad luck etc, and though he know that this is a bad trait, he does little to hide it. He feels this is the "real" him, beneath all of the sophisticated spoiled brat-Sh*t. He doesn't have much time to actually act upon his weird sadistic impulses, and can come across as shielded and laid-back because of it. He did manage to put together a sarcastic way of expressing himself, often in these sadistic ways, though normally he would just react sarcastically to more or less anything outside of family-matter.

    He is also fairly intelligent, as he takes his studies seriously. He does, however, often read up on weird facts nobody else would bother with just for the fun of it. He always has an answer to most situations, and feels pretty confident in his abilities, which is what helped him reach his great scores academically. Though he doesn't wear his intellect on his sleeves, he sometimes comment on others lack of intelligent in a sarcastic way, pointing out obvious flaws in their ways etc. He does know that he has faults, and he does try to work on them in order to be a better person, not being one of the standard "You can't touch me, Daddy is a lawyer" kind of character that he knows way too many of already.

    Despite being from a wealthy family, and having everything handed to him, his parents were always strict on the fact that, nothing is free, and you have to Work, to earn. this has also granted him a certain amount of self-insight. Though he bathes in the wealth of his parents, (And at a certain degree, his own), he never takes anything for granted, and strongly believes that he has to earn everything he is given. This has put a lot of pressure on him, as he often falls into disarray in what the meaning of the word 'value' really is. Because of this, he has also developed quite the tolerence for stress, though once his stress-levels reach their peaks, he deals with it by drinking. A lot.

    He is not a very sensitive person, and values practicality over potential friendships, romances and love. This is mostly due to his fathers effect on him from when he was young. "You don't need friends when you have good grades, kid. You'll get longer when your abilities are written in black on white rather than if you fall into a faulty romance". Though this was quite the mouthful in his youth, these words are more or less imprinted into his mind now. This does make it difficult for him to form lasting relationships. His sexual orientation doesn't really help in this matter either. He did fall in love with a guy in college once, but because of his Father words, and his way of living by them, their relationship didn't last. He does want to find his true love at some point, though he value practicality more than the actual butterfly-feeling at this point. Because of that, he doesn't bother to worry about romances for at least another few years. He has a lot on his mind as it is, and doesn't need to be sidetracked by the occasional "Falling in love". This, however, does not affect his bad habit of sleeping around.

    History: Callaway was born in Brittania, and named after a long compromise from both his parents. His mother is a pretty hardcore perfectionist, and did not want him to take his dads father's name as a middlename. His father though, managed to get it done. Though, disagreement in the family after he was born eventually led to his parents divorcing, and his father moving away. After this, his mother became somewhat distant to him, until she found her new flame. The new guy was decent enough, but he was one of those guys that tried to hard to take Callaway's real fathers place, despite him still being around. It didn't take long until his mother was pregnant again, and gave birth to his half-sister Bianca. Growing up, Callaway developed a pretty strong bond with his sister, despite the very obvious differences in the attention they got from their mother. His mother started growing more and more distant to Callaway as he grew up, spending more time and resources on Bianca. Callaway wasn't too bothered by this, as he spent a lot of time with his father instead, who was an accomplished lawyer and gave him more attention than his mother did.

    Most of his persdonality is inherited from his father, and because of this, the relationship with his mother was stained even more. Callaway figured it was because he reminded her so much of her father, something he enjoyed reminding her of quite often by talking about him, acting like him and even quoting him sometimes. His sister became more or less mesmerized by all the weird lovey-dovey things his mother taught her, and though he felt a little bit betrayed by his mother he knew that he would benefit better from learning from his father about keeping his feelings to himself. His father was somewhat of a free spirit. Having married Orianna at an early age he didn't really know what he was getting into, and due to his.. Nightly activities, their marriage didn't last for very long. While Orianna has cut all ties with him, Cal keeps in touch with his father, and the two speaks on a regular basis. For the most part, his father encourages Cal to remember to have fun and to not close himself off completely, which is something Cal himself finds somewhat contrasting.

    Callaway's stoic nature and general disbelief towards other people was strengthened by him figuring out his own sexuality. He did have a boyfriend at some point, but was interrupted by Bianca at a most impractical time, when he had his boyfriend over. It didn't last, and they broke it off a few weeks later anyways, and he grew somewhat paranoid about Bianca knowing about him, as he had not told anyone about this. Ever. She did seem rather fine with it though, and when they were alone she would often try and engage in conversations about guys with him, somehing of which Callaway initially didn't really enjoy, though he has warmed up to it, and rather likes it now.

    As mentioned earlier, Callaeway has always put school above all else. He is a big believer in hard work and how it pays out in the long run. His grades has always been above average, though not entirely flawless. He did finish high school being one of the smartest of his grade, and was voted "Most likely to succeed" by the schools yearbook. He now has a wide range of contacts in the work life, befitting since he is working as an intern at a lawfirm on the sides while finishing up his education. He lives for himself, though he visits his sister, mother and her new chewtoy quite often. He enjoys taking his sister out shopping, sightseeing or to just socialize at cafès. Though he hasn't told her, he suspects she knows about his disliking to their mother, though it would take a lot for him to admit to this. He also enojys spending time with his cousin, Alena; the daughter of his mothers brother. She wasn't as stuck up and formal as all the other people in his life, and he enjoys just letting himself go when with her. she was the one who talked him into piercing his right ear. She has also on several occasions tried talking him into getting a tattoo, though he is not giving in to that. she was also the one igniting the spark that would later evolve into his slightly unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

    Cal's social circle also includes his father. Leon Griffin was a rich globetrotter, esteemed partyboy and pacticed womanizer. Though he always tried to hide his womanizing ways when spending time with his son, Cal knew of all the rumors. Cal didn't mind though. In Cal's eyes, His father was a person who had worked hard his entire life, and was now reaping the fruits of his labour. This was partially true, as Leon had also inherited a great deal money from his mothers passing several years before Cal was born. it was also difficult for Cal to get intouch with hi father to begin with, as he almost had to threaten Orianna with his info so he could find him in his later years. Though he didn't expect his father to reply to him, thinking he viewed him as an "Accident", Cal was pleasantly surprised when his father seemed genuinly interested in his well-being.

    In more recent time, Callaway received a letter from his grandfather, Kieran, about him falling sick and wanting to discuss the matter of inheritance. He has a vague memory of having seen his grandfather once, and though he didn't really feel the need to get a hold on his grandpa's weird riches, his mother more or less threatened him to go there, and to accompany his sister who also received a letter. All in all, Cal doesn't care about his family's riches, as he was well on his way to make it big on his own. However, he did want to accompany his sister for some bonding time, and maybe even meet up with his extended family as well.
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  6. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou antagoonist

    Here, have some delicious copypasta in the morning!

    Miraela Leonhart
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Relation to Kieran: Granddaughter (her father's side)

    Relation to other Characters: Aleana Leonhart (elder sister), Bianca Leonhart (cousin), Callaway Leonhart (cousin), Jules Leonhart (father), Orianna Leonhart (aunt)

    Personality: The epitome of a proper heiress to a rich and mighty family, Miraela is generally a friendly and pleasant girl, always minding her manners when engaged in conversation and never failing to wear a small smile when in public. However, at the same time, there's a certain aura to her that makes her difficult to approach. She's elegant, yes, but to such an extent that it makes her seem distant, and you can always just tell that there's more behind her smile than she lets on, even if you can't quite tell what. She's calm and almost serene most of the time, speaking only when she sees it necessary and revealing even less. However, despite being secretive, she is curious as all hell, always itching to see and experience new things. She does try to keep her easily excitable nature under wraps however, as when she gets too eager, she also becomes somewhat clumsy.

    She's also very vain, and it's quite obvious with a glance that she’s from a rich family and has been taught that she’s better than you from the very first steps she ever took. She judges books by their covers and, similarly, believes that her own worth will be judged by the way she dresses and comes across. So to her, appearances and reputation are very, very important. She was brought up to believe that other people’s opinions on you matter far more than your own, and that disgracing your family name or yourself is the worst thing you can ever do to yourself and your family, after all. As such, she will look at you funny if you aren’t dressed well or if you smell, and she can also come off as rather condescending with her pity for the “poor” and unfortunate. She doesn’t realize this however, nor does she think she’s doing anything wrong; she’s just showing compassion the only way she knows how. She's also prone to scolding people she feels are doing something wrong, and despite appearing meek, she will not hold her tongue against those who wrong others.

    Although knowledgeable about etiquette, history and everything else the daughter of a prestigious family should be, Miraela is very much naïve when it comes to the real world. She can’t fathom how most machinery works let alone work them herself, and she’s somewhat prone to being tricked out of her money. If someone comes to her and says that they have twenty children to feed, all missing legs and hands and half of their heads, she won’t chuckle and be on her way, she’ll panic and offer money because how terrible for someone to miss part of their head, that means they’ll be ugly forever! She's also extremely used to being surrounded by servants who obey her every whim, so not being listened to by someone she perceives to be of lower status than her is quite simply unthinkable to her. It's not that she's entirely spoiled rotten, really, as she has been working hard her entire childhood and works hard even now to maintain appearances. It's just that she's used to being rewarded for her actions a biiit more than is normal.

    Despite sometimes coming off the contrary, Miraela's self-esteem isn't incredibly high, and she's unable to accept that she has faults -- which, ironically, is likely what led to her darker qualities developing in the first place. She's prone to beating herself up for the slightest thing, while at the same time not being able to stop herself from thinking things she considers wrong. She hides all of this of course, not one to burden others with her troubles. And then there's the things she feels guilty over, the things she tries to hide more than anything else... namely, her slightly lewd tendencies and proneness to envy. See, like said, deep down Miraela is above everything else a very curious girl. Things she doesn't know intrigue her, be they mysteries, new people or places --- or thing she's only heard about and never experienced, such as all things sexual. She's essentially somewhat of a peeping tom, and has been known to take inappropriate pictures with her camera when she can get away with it. She does feel very guilty and shameful over it, and that's what has led to her developing another quite negative personality trait; the aforementioned envy. And while her peeping is more geared towards strangers outside her family, her envy is very much focused on her family members specifically. Either she's envious that they are better and nicer and more proper and just more perfect in all ways than her, or she's envious that they're able to show their true natures without repercussions - something she's most definitely not able to do, even if she literally does flirt with the idea. This shows as lingering gazes, accidental innuendos and words and gestures that linger on the edge of being flirty - but are not quite. Because naive as she might be in other areas, she's an expert at playing this game of facades and curtsies, after all.



    Miraela is a bit taller than the average girl, standing at around five feet and nine inches without any heels (not that she’d ever be caught dead without them). She’s curvy but rather frail, and it’s obvious to all that witness her that she's not built for physical labour. Stranger to work, her skin is smooth but bruises very easily, and her pain tolerance is pathetically low due to little exposure to it. She has large, violet eyes, always brimming with serene curiosity and glee - and a little something more. Some say they could have sworn the look she gave them just now was sultry, yet by the time they turn around to take another look, it's gone, replaced by class and innocence.

    Miraela’s snow white hair is long and wavy, reaching all the way past her waist with ease. She usually keeps it down, except for special occasions where a dress code dictates otherwise. Though even when down, she usually has at least parts of her hair branded or tied some way to make her appear more groomed; two small pigtails tied together at the back and falling on the rest of her hair is a common one, and she often likes to braid part of her hair from the front all the way to the back, since it keeps her hair in place and her bangs away from her eyes. She also absolutely loves hair decorations, particularly if they're large and awe-inspiring. But, really, you could discuss her hair styles and choices for hours. The point is that her hair's long and she likes it neat.

    When it comes to clothing, Miraela is a curious case. Ever since young she’s been told to dress conservatively and appropriately, femininely and in a way that’d represent her rich and mighty status, and for all intents and purposes, she has - and does, even now. But now that she’s finally out of the house and (attempting) to live on her own for university, she’s changed her wardrobe quite a bit. Old habits die hard though as they say, and so she still only uses clothes made out of the finest fabrics and absolutely loves silk and velvet. She would never be caught dead in leather or the sort. No, the biggest change didn’t affect what she wore but how much of it she wears; having always had to cover herself with long dresses and even stylish robes at times, she nowadays wants to show off some skin when possible. Not enough to label her inappropriate (heaven forbid!) but enough to gather gazes. She does love those, after all.

    Like said, Miraela is a fan of heels and can actually run with them with relative ease. She likes to compliment her heels with stockings of various kinds if she isn't wearing high-heeled boots that reach all the way up to her thighs. Purple is her favorite color, and she dons it whenever possible. Her style is very rich and formal, and she absolutely loves expensive, elegant dresses that are styled just so to show off her figure, be they mini dresses that show off her legs or flowy gowns with high cuts. She also loves jewelry, using it in abundance to show off her status.

    History: Born as the daughter of Jules Leonhart and Dragomira Albescu, Miraela had prestigious blood flowing through her veins from both sides. Her mother was a daughter to a rich and famous family that, while not quite as renowned as the Leonharts, had quite a reputation of its own - and not all of it good. There were dark, scandalous rumours surrounding the Albescus and the dubious methods they used to acquire their wealth, including everything from tax fraud to blackmail to... well, murder. Dragomira herself was a dark, mysterious beauty, known for both her seduction skills and her track record of losing her dear, dear husbands only a few years after each marriage. And so, when she married into the Leonhart family, rumours flared up like never before. "She's doing it for the money!" they said, "He's going to be dead within a year!" And who knows, perhaps that was indeed her initial goal when she approached Jules; to seduce him, marry him and kill him, stealing both his name and wealth to herself. Or perhaps it wasn't - perhaps she was just as stricken by the handsome playboy as the ladies prior had been. Either way, he proposed - and Miraela was born a year or so into the two's marriage with nobody having lost their life.

    However, all was not exactly well for the newly wed couple. Even with Miraela's birth, the rumours regarding her mother didn't cease. People still doubted her motives, her love and her fidelity, some even going as far as to claim that she would eventually taint the family's good name with her darkness. And whether those rumours were warranted or not, Dragomira was dead set on dispelling them to the best of her ability. And what better way to do that than to show the world that she could raise the most proper, perfect young lady the world had ever seen? Similarly, when Alena joined the family, Dragomira did her best to play the part of an accepting, kind mother who pampered both her daughters while also raising them to proper young ladies. Of course, that didn't quite work with Alean, which led to the older daughter earning the woman's ire more and more. Such a rowdy, filthy little thing, trying to undo all the effort she'd put into Miraela! She kept it under wraps in public, but while privately teaching Miraela, she often expressed her extreme displeasure - which made Mira feel all the more pressured into giving her mother what she wanted and being as proper as she could. Her mother was a kind woman, she shouldn't be sad! Mira tried to get through to her sister as well, but that didn't go over much better. She still dearly loved her however, she just often found herself at a loss as to what to do with her behaviour, and it didn't help that her mother was trying to keep the two away from each other the best she could.

    Needless to say, Miraela's parents, especially her mother, were extremely strict in raising her, and Although Miraela’s life was filled with riches and her every order heeded to by her maids and servants, she was also way more secluded than she ever realized. Not only was she not allowed outside the house unsupervised, she wasn’t even allowed to talk to the lower servants if she absolutely didn't have to. Leaving to mingle among the common folk in the city was an absolute no-no and the only information she got about the world beyond the manor’s gates was what she'd been taught by her private teachers or managed to learn from other sources available to her within the manor. In particular, her mother wanted to keep her far away from anything that might "taint" her or spark some rumours about Miraela herself. As such, all sorts of violence and shows of affection not family-related in nature were forbidden near her. If a servant happened to stumble and hurt their hand, Miraela was rushed away from the scene and the servant punished. She wasn’t allowed to see blood or kissing, violence and infidelity being the two largest things her mother was accused for.

    And for years, yes, all that did indeed work. Miraela was growing up to becoming the perfect young lady, proper and poised, with disdain for violence and all manners lewd and dirty. All the fussing over violence had made her quite a bit afraid of it, particularly when you took into account that one incident with her uncle Cisrian and his medical examinations that led both her and her sister traumatized and terrified of hospitals. However, just like her mother, Miraela never was quite as perfect as she might have seemed. For one, the more she observed her other family members, particularly her sister and her rowdy behaviour, the more... envious she grew, to an extent. She'd always been taught that should you act upon your desires and not consider those around you at all times, you would do yourself and others ill. And yet, her sister seemed to enjoy herself far more than she did. How was that possible? Was she dong something wrong? Before she could get an answer the two were already separated, with her sister being sent to a boarding school to shape up. However, with her gone, Miraela was left essentially alone, save for the occasional visit from her cousins, few whom she was somewhat close with.

    Then, one night, she caught her mother doing what many had always believed she was doing all along; cheat on her husband. It was an accident, as young Miraela was just meaning to ask her mother to braid her hair before bed. She didn't see all of what was going on, but she saw - and heard - enough to understand what was happening, as well as that it... seemed to be very enjoyable for both parties involved? It had to be, after all, if she was willing to risk so much by doing it! So then... why had she always been taught that things like that were bad? How could it be bad when people enjoyed it so much that they would hurt someone they loved and risk all they had for it? She understood why she wasn’t allowed to see violence. It was bad and scary, and she was taught that blood was bad and that injuries could kill, and certainly, that's what Cisrian had almost done; killed her. But this wasn't like that! And so, just like that, Miraela started to second guess her teachings.

    So, naturally, being the curious young teenager that she was, Miraela wanted to find out more about this forbidden, apparently enjoyable activity. It started out as her reading romance novels, the innocent kind, and slowly, as she matured, evolving (or devolving, as the case may be) into her stalking servants who had significant others, curious to see what they did when the lights turned off in their bedrooms. That stalking turned into peeking, watching, and even taking photos on occasions to provide her with something to look at when she wasn't able to find people doing it. She knew what she did was wrong, but somehow, that made it all the better. She was finally doing something she wanted, but wasn't allowed to. It was... different. She liked it. At least, in the heat of the moment when peeking; afterwards came guilt, weighing down on her and making her all the more envious of her cousins, particularly Bianca. She was such a nice girl, so genuine and not--- not secretly wretched like her! Oh, if only she could be like her.

    In addition, whatever guilt she felt always seemed to amplify whenever she talked to her mother. After all, she knew that this was not something she would agree with - and yet, while she still loved her mother, a small part of her started to feel resentment towards her as well. How could she talk about being proper and demand so much from her, when she herself did--- did indecent things? That simply wasn't fair! She wanted to be able to be like her! And yet, if she tried, her mother scolded her, telling her not to act up. Telling her to be proper. It was unbearable.

    Which meant that when Miraela's mother fell seriously ill, unable to monitor her so closely anymore, Miraela felt both extremely worried and sad -- and the tiniest bit relieved, somewhere deep down. Yes, she hated herself for it, feeling herself even worse a human being than ever before, and yet she couldn't help it.t Now, she was faced with freedom unlike any she'd experienced before. Her father was strict, yes, but he was also far more pampering than her mother, and she rarely asked things of him. So, if she just asked ooone thing, surely that would be... acceptable, yes? Turned out that yes, yes it was, as Miraela managed to convince her father to let her attend university, where she's now studying photography. She still lives home, however with her mother spending more and more time in the hospital instead of home keeping her in check, Mira has changed her attire quite a bit to reflect what she actually wants to wear. Which, ironically, is not all that different from what her mother used to don. Perhaps it's because she always did want to be like her, perhaps part of it it is purposefully emulating her to try and apologize for feeling even the slightest bit glad that she's not home, who knows. But her clothing is the only thing she allowed herself to publicly change. All the other things, the peeking, envy and the rest? She keeps a secret from everyone, not even wanting to admit them to herself. To this day, she isn't sure if she took up photography to try and take pictures of all the other beautiful things in life, such as flowers and sunsets to cleanse her mind from indecent thoughts, or for an excuse to carry a camera around wherever she goes for some... other purposes.

    Regardless, when she received the letter, she took it as an opportunity to finally properly leave the house, even if only for a while. It was a promise of an adventure and who knew, maybe a way to redeem herself.

    Other, because everyone's doing it so what the hell, I wanna be a cool kid too
    - Miraela is particularly skillful when it comes to languages, being able to speak English, Romanian, Russian and, yes, French -- because which self-respecting rich kid doesn't?
    - Like said, Miraela always carries around her camera, and is prone to taking pictures of everything unusual she sees, not just the dirty stuff. Unfortunately, when she gets into photographing mode, she can be temporarily very oblivious, getting into people's personal spaces to take a picture of a butterfly on their head and the like
    - Although one might assume otherwise, Miraela is actually not afraid of the supernatural --- or anything horror related, really. Ghosts fascinate her, and she secretly wishes they were real. But shh, it's silly, don't tell anyone!
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    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Name: Bianca Joy Leonhart
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22 (February 14 1963)
    Relation to Kieran: Kieran is her Maternal Grandfather
    Relation to other Characters: Miraela Leonhart (cousin) Alena Leonhart (cousin) Callaway Leonhart (Half-Brother) Jules Leonhart (Uncle), Orianna Leonhart (Mother)


    Appearance: Bianca is about average height for a young woman her age, standing at about 5'6". She has a slender frame, with feminine curves in all the right places. Her breasts are decently sized, not too big but not small either. She was born with smooth fair skin, which doesn't get tanned easily. Her light blonde hair is long and wavy, that goes past her waist, and sideswept bangs. It's mostly worn down, except for a section of hair on the side tied up into a bun that looks like a rose. She has a heart shaped face, with a small nose, large, expressive eyes that are a deep violet color that usually have a childlike sparkle to them, as well as long eyelashes attached to them. She goes out of her way to make sure she looks "cute", and works to maintain it.

    Bianca is very much into fashion, and spends a lot of money on it. She has many wardrobes filled with enough clothes to dress a small country. Her outfits tend to vary, but her style can be described as girly but still elegant. Ruffles, bows and flower motifs being common elements in her clothing choice. They usually contain a lot of purple, her favorite color. She also has a preference for skirts and dresses over pants. Bianca's favorite dress is custom-made by a famous Italian fashion designer to suit her taste. It's a short, tight-fitting lavender-colored dress that reaches just above mid-thigh, with sheer puff sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. Attached just under the dress' bustline is a ruffled, sheer overskirt in a slightly lighter shade of lavender, which is in front to show the actual dress' short length, and hangs asymmetrically on the sides and back - it starts shorter in front, but gets progressively longer towards the back, where it reaches mid-calf. Pink, purple and lavender silk flowers of varying sizes decorate both the bustline and the overskirt. She pairs this dress with lavender-pink thigh-high stockings and lavender, high-heeled designer pumps that are fastened with long, silk ribbons that criss-cross around her calves. She adds a personal touch to her shoes by pinning a silk flower to the ribbons of her left shoe. She wears one of those fancy hats with the wide brim on top of her head that has decorative flowers and bows attached to it that is lavender in color. She accessorizes with gold jewelry (Necklace, bracelet, and the gold band of her amethyst ring) as well as amethyst earrings hanging from her ears. Her hair is worn in a loose ponytail to the side. Her face is decorated with a light amount of make-up (lavender eyeshadow, a light amount of blush, and lip gloss, as well as glossy lavender nail polish.) Her nails are also painted lavender.

    Personality: Bianca is a friendly, cheerful, and optimistic girl. In spite of any chaos that may be going on, she manages to put on a smile. Despite being from a wealthy family, she doesn't believe it makes her better than anyone else. She spends time around many kinds of people from different backgrounds, and tries to find good in everybody. While she tries to act like a proper lady, she doesn't always do a very good job of it. Around others who know her well, she can come across as silly and childish. However, while it may look like she doesn't take anything seriously, she's smarter than people give her credit for. She's been groomed since young to represent the Leonhart name, in addition to receiving a formal education at an early age. However, she had to put in a lot of effort in order to do well. Her mother would never be pleased if she did only enough to get by. She finds the whole proper lady thing tiresome at times, and just wishes she could figuratively let her hair down, and be herself. She tries not to let it bring her down too much, as that's the price one pays for being a Leonhart. Bianca is a feminine girl, and she has an affinity for cute things. Kittens, puppies, ponies, etc. They all make her squeal excitedly.

    Bianca is a compassionate, nurturing girl. She is always there to help others, and is normally really sympathetic and empathetic with anyone who is in trouble. She cares deeply for others, is also very maternal. She sees her friends as her family and will do anything to protect them even putting herself in danger. In regards to this she can be a bit rash. If she sees something threatening someone she cares for she will rush in to danger not thinking of the consequences of her actions. While she is not stupid by any means, she is very much naive when it comes to the real world. She's easily tricked, and is prone to giving anything she has to someone in need in the name of love.

    Bianca is the type that wears her heart on her sleeve. It is easy to hurt her feelings, but it doesn't take much to cheer her up again. Growing up she was always told romantic bed time stories involving a damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor. Even today, she enjoys Fairy Tale, and does believe in magic. As a result of this, Bianca loves love. She believes it's the best feeling in the world. She believe's everyone, no matter how much of a jerk they may be deserves love. Her beliefs have been instilled into her since young, and she's very outspoken and passionate about them. She's a hopeful romantic, and often acts flirty towards men she likes, hoping they're Mr. Right, and find that special someone so she can get her own Fairy Tale happy ending. She hopes to have a husband and children of her own someday. She tends to think every guy she's with is "the one" and takes it very seriously, making her seem clingy and overly dependent. She gets easily attached to people she's grown to like, and it upsets her when the object of her affections doesn't share her feelings, and will do anything to keep them around. She also likes to help other people find love as well, and plays matchmaker for people whether they asked for it or not.

    History: Bianca Leonhart was born Britannia, to Orianna Leonhart and her husband, an Italian man named Antonio. Her mother was one of the children of Kieran Leonhart, so Bianca was born into the aristocratic Leonhart family. Orianna had always wanted a daughter, and was thrilled to finally get her wish when she married Antonio, and had Bianca. Bianca lived a very extravagant lifestyle. Her parents showered her with love and affection, as well as whatever she wanted. Bianca loved her family and they loved her, it was as simple as that. She has an older brother named Callaway, who was her mother's son from a previous marriage. Her mother doesn't like talking about the man that fathered Callaway. Only saying that it's in the past now, and true love won out in the end. Even though he's only her half brother, she cares about him very much, even though they disagree on a number of things. Her mother read her daughter many fairy tales when she was growing up. They usually involved lovers overcoming all odds to be together. These stories instilled in her the belief that love can conquer any obstacle.

    Bianca was the favored child in her family. She didn't realize this though, and she assumed they gave Callaway the same opportunities they gave her. She maintained a close relationship with her cousin Miraela, and they tried to incorporate Mira's sister Alena into their play, but she wasn't interested. Callaway never interacted much with the family, claiming he was "focusing on his studies." Bianca didn't see why he felt the need to take his schoolwork so seriously at the expense of his family relationships. One day she went to his room to talk to him about it, but when she entered her brother's room, she found him in bed with another man. After an argument erupted following the incident, Bianca quickly accepted the fact her brother was gay, and promised not to tell their parents about it. She understood that the homosexual community weren't fully accepted by soceity.

    From an early age, Bianca was groomed to carry on the family's reputation. She was homeschooled by scholars and tutors that were handpicked by her parents. This lasted until she was of age to start junior high school, then she attended a prestigious boarding school in Caledonia, the northern part of Brittania, in order to be able to interact with others her own age. She attended the same school as her cousin Alena, although the two were associated with different social circles. While she performed well enough, she found it very tiresome trying to live up to her family's standards. She cared more about finding her one true love, and getting her own happy ending. Just like the ones in the stories she was told. One day, she met a handsome, blonde haired, blue eyed, young man named Alistair Valentine. He was one of the few people at the school who wasn't wealthy, but was there on scholarship. At the time, he was assigned to be her tutor when her grades started slipping. They're relationship was professional at first, and her grades did improve with his help. Eventually, they became something more. She likes to say their meeting was love at first sight, but it took quite a long time of getting to know each other before they officially professed their love, and consumated the relationship. People were surprised that a Leonhart, who had so many suitors that were within her class to choose from would pick a mere commoner. She didn't care though. Around Alistair, she could be herself. She didn't have to impress him with the whole proper lady act. The affair was passionate, and romantic. They were both certain that they were destined to be together, and that this was going to last forever.

    Ultimately, it wasn't meant to be. Alistair went to join a military training Academy, and eventually become a soldier and serve his country. Meanwhile, Bianca and studied at a Culinary Arts school, as home ec. had been one of her best subjects in school, and she inherited her father's cooking skills. Her goal was to open her own Italian restaurant. The two promised to keep in touch, and they even agreed to get married once they finished their education. For a few months, the two exchanged letters, and occasional phone calls. It was like they never left. Then, the communication suddenly stopped. Months had passed, and Bianca hadn't heard a word from her lover, and she was starting to get worried. She would come to find out later, that Alistair had died in a car accident where the other driver was drunk. The death of her lover saddened and confused the girl. She was certain they were meant to be together, and when you're meant to be with someone you'll find each other no matter what, right? That's what the stories say. She refuses to believe that her mother's teachings were wrong, there must be someone else out there for her, or Alistair would find his way back to her. Although heartbroken by Alistair's death, she helps other people find love as a way to heal. She keeps a cheerful attitude, and is still searching for her happily ever after. One of her goals right now is to find a suitable boyfriend for her brother, but he seems less than interested.

    Bianca recently received a letter from her maternal grandfather Kieran, stating that he had fallen ill and wishing to pass his riches on before he dies. Bianca had never met her maternal grandfather in her life, but had heard all the rumours and legends surrounding him from her mother. At the urging of her mother, who told her this would be the opportunity of a lifetime, Bianca left for the island to find out what this was all about.

    Other: Courtesy of her father, she is half Italian, and does know the language. She also knows French and Spanish from boarding school and because all the Leonharts are multilingual. However, she is equally comfortable with Italian as she is with English, and throws Italian phrases into her speech sometimes

    She likes having a gay brother to talk about boys with, even though he doesn't seem to enjoy it as much as she does.

    She likes wine, as well as Italian food and sweets.

    She actually can cook, unlike her cousin. She is currently in Culinary Arts school, and hopes to have her own restaurant someday.
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  8. Tealeaffs

    Tealeaffs ヒマワリ

    Name: Hester Anne Leonhart

    Age: 21 (December 26th, 1963)

    Gender: Female

    Relation to Kieran: Kieran is her Paternal Grandfather

    Relation to other Characters: Miraela Leonhart (cousin) Alena Leonhart (cousin) Callaway Leonhart (cousin), Bianca Leonhart (cousin) Jules Leonhart (Uncle), Orianna Leonhart (aunt)

    Personality: As one might expect from having been raised in an aristocratic family, Hester has a certain air of "spoiled brat" to her. Although she claims to dislike the title, she does little to change this and has always accepted being lavished with gifts from her parents or relatives, and enjoys having the wealth to spend on whatever she likes. Hester was raised to be the perfect heiress, and this is evident in her conversations. She always makes sure to display a friendly and inviting persona when speaking with others, always smiling, nodding along attentively, and adding her own thoughts when prompted. Even when not engaged in proper conversation, Hester can come across as very formal and polite, some may say uptight.

    Even though she is open to new experiences, Hester is a traditionalist at heart and does not like to stray too far from what is expected of her. She is serious to a fault, and due to her upbringing, struggles to loosen up and express herself. At times she can feel bad if she has laughed at a joke for too long, or has strayed too off-topic from a conversation. The only way she seems to be able to express herself is through what she opts to wear, which has been noted to be unique to her. Surprisingly, despite her serious nature, when things start going wrong, Hester automatically assumes the worst, even when the situation isn't necessarily bad. For example, if her parents asked in a serious tone to speak with her, she would assume she is due to be punished in some way, either to have something she owned taken away from her or that she is about to have a stern lecture.

    Although highly intelligent and well-read, Hester has little idea of how certain things work in the real world. She may claim otherwise, so as not to sound stupid, but has been known to be corrected by others, much to her chagrin. If she does get something wrong Hester is the sort of person to go out of her way to ensure it doesn't happen again. Even if she fails a few more times, she will continue to learn from her mistakes until she's gotten it perfected.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Tall and willowy, Hester inherited most of her generics from her father and is a typical Leonhart beauty. She stands just above the average height for a woman, at around 5'7'', or thereabouts. She has a slim build but isn't underweight, despite concerns from some worried parties. Her breasts are decently sized, not too big and not too small. Like most Leonharts, Hester possesses the unusual white-blonde hair colour. Her hair is wavy and falls to just below her shoulders. It is mostly worn loose, save for a small plait at the side of her head, which she tends to hold in places with a pretty flower-shaped hairpin. Formal occasions are the only other time she may wear it up, and even then it is more at the suggestion of her parents. She has a heart-shaped face, a small slightly upturned nose, and large, expressive eyes that are a shade of deep purple. She has fairly long eyelashes and frequently uses mascara to better accentuate them.

    In regards to clothing, Hester is very much into fashion and does her best to keep up with the latest trends and styles. She is not opposed to mixing a more formal outfit, with elements like chokers and gaudy belts. Hester's wardrobe is very large and practically full to the brim with items of clothing - mostly in shades of purple or black, her preferred colours.

    Hester's personal style is definitely a practical one. Whilst she is not opposed to wearing more high-end outfits when out and about, Hester tends to lean towards outfits that are both practical and comfortable. Her favourite dress is a custom-made dress from a popular London designer. Made from cotton, it can be slipped on over the head but has a zip running down the neck to ease it on. The dress exposes her collarbone and falls about midway on her thighs. She dislikes simply wearing the dress over bare legs, so tends to couple it with either sheer tights, or black stockings (usually the latter). She doesn't like wearing heels unless its a special occasion, so tends to wears flats or pumps with a small kitten heel with this outfit. In terms of accessories, it varies on the outfit. She always wears her tanzanite ring on her left-hand, usually on the ring finger, despite not being married. She likes to wear a choker with this outfit.

    History: Hester was born in Britannia to parents from two wealthy families. Her father was a Leonhart, and her mother, Ursula, although not hailing from a family as prestigious as the Leonhart's, was of minor nobility. The two were well-matched, though their marriage was not without its issues. Even before they were wed, rumours had circulated that Ursula and her family were involved in some underground crime syndicate. Her mother denied this, of course, claiming it as pure fabrication on the press' part. But the rumours continued even after marriage, leading many to presume there was some truth to them.

    After a long a tiresome labour, Hester was born at 5 am on Boxing Day, something which came to aggravate Hester as she grew older, as she disliked having to combine her birthday with Boxing Day festivities. Her mother once suggested that they privately rename it "Hesters Day" but she hated that idea as well.

    Her father would frequently bring her along to meet her cousins at family gatherings, though her relationships varied. She got on well with Mira best and bonded with Bianca over fashion, but grew to dislike her infatuation with magic and hope for romance. She enjoyed Cal's company to a certain degree, too, often enjoying many intellectual conversations with him. Things were more tense with Ally. She could tolerate, but much like her father, soon came to find the girl's brash personality a little too grating for them.

    From an early age, Hester was groomed to be a perfect Leonhart heiress. It didn't matter that her father was a younger son and that her chances of her inheriting anything of worth were slim to none. Out of both parents, her mother was more lenient with her. She could at times be very strict, much like her husband, but she enjoyed taking time to spend playing with her daughter, even if that was just with her dolls, and that Hester did not care for it much.

    In her early years, Hester was taught primarily by private tutors and scholars, that were handpicked by her parents, or suggested to them by a member of the extended family. When she turned thirteen, her mother suggested that she might benefit from attending school with other children, albeit a private one, because it would not be right if she attended public school. Her father was dismissive at first, much like Hester, but to her annoyance, her mother won out, and Hester was shipped off to a private school in the East. Hester wouldn't say she greatly enjoyed her time there. She enjoyed having other children to study with, even though she felt that they weren't at an intellectual level with her at times, and liked her new teachers...even if her she already knew some things in advance.

    Hester finished private school at 18 and then went on to University, which came as a bit of a surprise to her parents. She joined a university close to her family home and mostly did her studying at home, save for the compulsory lectures. Unusual for most university students, Hester graduated with a degree in Business after two years, as opposed to the standard three. After graduating she returned to her family home. She wasn't entirely sure what she planned to do with her new degree, but with the help of her father she intended to launch a family business of some kind in London.

    Her plan was going smoothly up until recently when she received a letter from her paternal grandfather, Kieran, stating that he had fallen ill and wished to pass on his riches before he died. Hester had never met her grandfather, but she knew all the stories about him and their family, having heard them from her father. Initially sceptical, as her grandfather had never reached out before - not even to her father if memory served her well - Hester was wary to go, but after being urged by both parents, she finally consented to travel to the island and discover why she had been summoned.

    Other: Through her mother, she is a quarter French blood, and can speak the language fluently, occasionally throwing words or phrases of French into her speech. She can also speak and understand German and Spanish to a degree.

    Secretly despises her first name, and would prefer to go simply by her middle name. However, she keeps it as is, to appease her parents.

    She is a decent cook but often prefers to have someone else make it, as opposed to herself.

    Hester is very business savvy and is good with numbers and calculations.
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    Name: Jules Leonhart

    Age: 47

    Gender: Male

    Relation to Kieran: Kieran is his father

    Relation to other Characters: Alena and Miraela's father. Orianna's and Claude's brother.

    Personality: Jules is a kind hearted man. Prone to getting emotionally attached, he has learned to keep himself at a distance by relying on standards of etiquette or rules of tradition. It doesn't always work. Because of this, Jules may come across as a bit of a split personality, one part trying to be emotionally distant while the other part lavishes attention. This has been especially true with his children, with whom he has been both the stern voice of discipline and the source of his daughters spoiled upbringing. He loves his daughters, even if they aren't perfect, and wastes no opportunity to brag about them. Even Alena, with all her rebellion, finds herself on the receiving end of her father's praise more often than not. His tone of voice is always regal and measured, and he chooses his words carefully. Decorum is paramount in his actions.

    Even more than his handsome face, his warm personality and proper attitude have garnered him plenty of attention from the ladies. And though he loves his wife dearly, he has been known to get a little too involved with a potential mistress. The ease with which he gets emotionally attached means that any woman who purses him strongly enough will often win his attention, even if its just for a short time. He can't help it, his natural instinct is to return love with love.

    Though he holds himself to a high standard, he doesn't expect the same from everyone else. Granted he still expects them to follow along, and will get onto people when they don't, he is generally agreeable. He has a proper way of speaking and chooses his words carefully. Any sort of physical exertion will tire him out easily, he's got the body of a scholar, but he can stay up debating and discussing long into the night. He got that from his father. He is never without the company of a good book or three and always carries a small library with him whenever he travels. From Shakespeare to Plato to Tolkien he is very well read.

    Though he has his troubles, Jules is at his center a good friend to have. Loyal to a fault, even to the wrong people to be loyal to, he never goes back on his word. He is always polite, though he is not above teasing or wordplay, especially with his siblings or cousins. He has a soft spot where his daughters are concerned though, and if anyone talks bad about them they will get a glimpse of his rarely seen temper.

    Appearance: Jules stands around 6'2'' and is thin as a rail. Though thin, he is not frail and is decently built for a man with his frame and stature. His hair is a white-blond color, which is where Alena gets it from, and is cut short. You will almost never see his hair in any other style than combed back, giving him a slick, classic look. over his violet eyes he wears a pair of spectacles, a small simple pair that can easily be tucked in a pocket if needed. He is a bit nearsighted and needs them when he is out and about. Jules is always clean-shaven and does his best to stay well groomed, even carrying a pocket grooming kit at all times.

    He arrived on the island wearing a custom tailored purple suit. A crisp white shirt is worn underneath and a small but ruffled yellow cravat can be seen around his neck. Perfectly tailored, the suit fits him like a glove and is without wrinkle or stain. A pair of white gloves is either in his pocket or on his hands. To complete the look are a pair of moderately expensive leather shoes, since he didn't want to wear any of his nice ones to the island, but still wanted to look good.

    History: Jules is the eldest son of Kieran Leonhart, and as such carries the patriarchal chip on his shoulder. Raised from birth more by the family maids than either of his parents, Jules grew up with a love of all things written. Literature was his escape and his passion, and he is never without a book of some sort to read. Through his readings, he came across many tales of heroic knights, damsels in distress, and legendary heroes. What he loved the most though, was the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The sense of honor and chivalry has stuck with him ever since his first reading. Its what fueled his current love of etiquette and respect for tradition.

    This noble leaning of his made him get along great with his father, Kieran, who was quite the old fashioned man himself. However, despite his best efforts Kieran always saw him as more of an heir than a son and much of his fatherly attention went to his sister Orianna, who was the apple of his eye. His younger brother Claude's attempts to upstage him didn't help anything either. Jules was jealous for a time, before the weight of his family name began to bear down on him, and never got along well with his siblings when they were kids. It was only after Kieran withdrew into his own personal affairs that Orianna opened up to him and the two of them reconciled. By then, they were both married. He and Claude remain estranged to this day.

    With a kind heart and a chivalrous spirit, Jules was quite the heartthrob in his youth. And quite the heart-breaker as well. Some even called it a miracle when he actually proposed to his first and current wife. Many more called it a miracle that they are still on good terms after Jules' scandalous affair. But whatever anyone says about Jules no one disputes that he his a good and honest man. Perhaps a bit too honest, but its hard to fault him for caring as much as he does. He has been a loyal and devoted husband, with the exception of his rather intense affair, and a very doting father to his daughters. He wanted to raise them right, not just to be good Leonharts, but good women as well.

    Perhaps because she was his first daughter, Alena received all the fatherly love Jules had to give. He may have spoiled her a bit too much, and though he would never admit it, he blames his ineptitude as a parent rather than Alena's choices for her current attitude. Miraela was another matter entirely. Jules sought from the outset to give her all of the proper instruction he could instill, while still finding time to spoil her. All in all, Jules couldn't be prouder of his daughters, even Alena for all her turmoil, and wants nothing more than to see the two of them grow into their family heritage one day.


    Name: Orianna Leonhart.

    Age: 44

    Gender: Female

    Relation to Kieran: He is her father

    Relation to other Characters: Mother of Bianca and Callaway. Sister to Jules and Claude.

    Personality: To say Orianna was a true noble lady wouldn't be a stretch. To say she was a monumental flirt wouldn't be a stretch either. Even if she doesn't actually pursue intimacy, she loves to hang around young men and bask in the attention. To her, its just good fun, and more or less the point of being a noblewoman. Her husband wouldn't agree, but he's had no reason to doubt her too seriously and despite it all Orianna has remained devoted to him.

    The sort of woman who loves to laugh, Orianna is all about the good times. She is still prim and proper mind you, but just because she's classy doesn't mean she can't have fun. For her, life is an adventure, and you should never think too hard about tomorrow until it gets here. Her only stumbling block in that regard are her kids.

    She adores Callaway for his efforts and hard work, even if she wishes he would hurry up and give her a grandchild already. And Bianca reminds her so much of herself at that age, albeit a bit less wild, that the two get along quite well for a parent and child.

    Easy to laugh, easy to cry, Orianna wears her heart on her sleeve and isn't afraid to tell you exactly how she feels. Granted she'll do so in the most polite way possible. Can't forget her upbringing now. Though she's done her best with her kids, Orianna never felt like she was cut out for being a parent and tends to dote on her kids a bit too much while leaving the discipline to her husband.

    Though she enjoys being a flirt and a tease, she knows that to pursue anything too strongly would only mess up the nice family life she lives now. Its what keeps her wild tendencies in check, the love she has for her family.

    Appearance: Orianna is a bit on the plump side. She could never be bothered to exercise and if she hadn't been blessed with a strong metabolism and a small stomach there's no telling how much she would weigh. Despite it though, she keeps her attractive figure and is curvy where it counts. Her snow white hair is generally worn in large curls and draped over the front of her shoulders. Her blueish-purple eyes sparkle when she laughs and her smile is usually contagious.

    She arrived on the island wearing an elegant dress of a deep green color. Textured with frills and ruffles, the dress accents her figure quite nicely. Over the dress, she wears a simple but extremely expensive white jacket. A small green hat, matching the dress of course, rests on her head and a small leather and gold handbag dangles from her arm. Her feet are covered by simple black slip-ons, a necessity when her usual stiletto heels are a no go.

    History: As Kieran's first daughter, Orianna was spoiled beyond belief. She had no reason to be groomed as the heir, what with a very competent older brother and all, so she was free to bask in the glory of her families riches. And bask she did. There was no end to the amount of trouble she got into as a child, and later on as a teenager, but she was clever about it and her father turned a blind eye to her misdeeds. That was the root cause of her brother's jealousy towards her, and for the longest time it didn't bother her at all.

    While her brother Jules spent his days in classic literature, Orianna loved verbal stories. While her mother was still alive, she used to read bedtime stories to her all the time. Tales of princesses and knights and dragons and the power of true love's kiss. They're weren't stories from any book or radio show, they came straight from her mother's imagination. Orianna was determined to keep that tradition going after the loss of her mother, and read stories of her own design every night to her children. Even when Callaway outgrew them, Bianca would still indulge her and the two of them have a strong bond because of it.

    Unfortunately, these stories about love might have had the wrong influence on Orianna. The list of heartbroken boys she left in her wake as a young lady would probably outpace one of Jules' novels. Evey boy, to her, was "the one" until they messed it all up somehow. In her mind, she had this perfect image of her knight in shining armor, and the moment she found a kink in her current lover's armor he was yesterday's news. Nothing short of perfection would suffice. This string of wild behavior only served to push her brothers further away, and before she knew it they weren't even talking anymore.

    It was losing her mother that made her put things in perspective. Kieran was never the same after his wife passed, and as her father slowly withdrew into his own affairs he had less and less time for her and Jules. Claude meanwhile, frustrated that Jules was shaping up to be the perfect heir, pursued his own callings outside the family's umbrella. Lonely and burdened with grief, Orianna set about trying to piece the broken pieces of her life back together. She stopped visiting taverns all night. She stopped going to parties. She stopped having flings and love affairs. She even swore off smoking.

    Before she knew it, she met the man who would become her first husband and soon Callaway was born. Though it wasn't long after that she found out her new husband was living the sort of life she used to live. It was then that she had to make a choice, a choice for her child's sake and hers. Though it pained her greatly, and though she still loved him, Orianna cut ties with her first husband and moved on with her life. A short time later she met Bianca's father and for the first time things seemed to fit for her. She has gotten a bit bored with the routine of house life now that her kids are grown, but she's happy. She's on good terms with Jules again, and now that her father wants to see her she is eager to see what else life has in store for her.

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