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NightFall- A Superhero/Pokémon RPG [RP Thread] [M]


Fire and Ice Combo
A Superhero/Pokémon RPG (M)
A remake of the RPG Autumn Nights by Black War Dragon and Monster Guy


In New York City
People Are Moving Forward
Autumn Change Is Here



The sun was barely peeking over the horizon when he found that thing... A bronze cube? He found it just lying beside him. The man's eyes inspect the object, there were engravements along the surfaces that look like a bird of prey. The silhouette was oddly familiar, and not only that, the foreign object gave him a nostalgic feeling. As the dark-skinned man reached out towards it, a loud thud came from outside of his room. The young adult grabbed and put on a nearby hoodie just as his feet touched the carpeted floor, his door swung open and crashed against the wall. Armed people in uniform with weapons in hands swarmed into the room.

"You, your com-" The armed man didn't get the full demand as he was suddenly thrown to the ground. The young adult swiftly grabbed another around the neck and used that person to shield him from gunshots. Everyone was on alert with their guns up and ready. The atmosphere turned intense, they didn't expect the scrawny-looking guy to fight back.

"Put your weapons down, or maybe you think I won't snap your buddy's neck," He threatened as he tightened his arm out the solider's neck. The hostage let out a painful grunt, and the armed forces complied and put their weapons down. "Good, I don't know what going on, but I'm going to take my leave."

As he watched them closely, he made his way for the exit. His eyes turned to the rather fair-sized box still on his bed. Was this what they were after? The man once more reached for it. If this was the cause of this rude awakening, it was probably best to take it with him. As soon as his fingertips touched it, a dart pierced the back of his hand. He immediately felt woozy and release his grip on his human shield. His eyes turned to a more impressively presence entering the room. The person was blurring in front of him, and so was the rest of the room. He could stand no longer and collapse to the floor. The man was unable to focus, and the world grew dark.

"You can't... ha...le one pu..." those were the last jumbled words the man heard before he completely lost consciousness.


Florenz Witershin
His Apartment

Shrilling alarms screech through the room, and slowly Florenz emerged from under the covers. Smacking the machine's snooze button to silence it and returning the quiet atmosphere. Sleepily the blond man rolled back over and bumped something. Curious, he should be the only thing in the bed. The brown eyes opened partly and scanned. It didn't take long for them to find it. A metal cube? He slowly blinked a few times before sitting up. There was definitely a weird box just there in his bed. All the sides had a heart on, a Valentine's Day gift box? But... that day had long passed, and it was also oddly colored.

Moving closer, he touched the smooth metal surface. It seemed like real metal... Something about the object, he never has seen, invoked feeling of familiarity. He picked it up and took note of its weight. Weighty but not as heavy as it appeared. It almost felt like there was something inside of it. As he gave it a shake, a sudden loud beeping pierced the room. Florenz jumped and dropped the cube. His alarm was going off once more. This time he actually turned it off. Look at the time, he sighed, he had to get ready. Putting the thoughts about the strange box to the side, the man pulled out an outfit. He threw on some light brown slacks and peach color button-up shirt. He placed the matching suit top and dark brown tie aside.

"What exactly is this thing?" Florenz muttered as he Florenz grabbed a comb and began to rake out the tangles. He looked back at the box... there was a strangely compelling urge that drew in his attention... Once again, he was examining the heart-printed object. A thud came from the direction of the front door. "Is someone at the door? This early?" His brown eyes glanced at the clock, it was too early for visitors.

The short eighteen-year-old walked toward his bedroom door, he was few steps away when it slammed against the wall. Florenz was more than just startled, he instinctively back away before a group armed people rushed in. About six surround him while a couple of others went over to the cube. The wavy-haired blond didn't have a single idea of what was going on.

"W-wow... I don't remember inviting any guests this early, are you sure you're not here for my neighbor? They are real party animals." Florenz joked light-heartedly, as he threw his hands up in surrender. The man was smiling as he said that, but he was obviously trembling in fear. His eyes nervously glance around at the not amused armed forces around him. He honestly had no idea what was going on or how to respond.

"This is no joking manner, boy," a much taller and older imposing man entered his field of vision. Looking over at the ones that grabbed bronze. His peering eyes fell back down the tense chubby man. "You're coming with us now." He commanded, and there was no way Florenz could disagree in this situation. He nodded, and they began to lead him away.


The uniform people escorted the mostly dress man to a helicopter. Florenz didn't register much as the scenery flew by him, in his nervous daze. Before he knew it, was nearly fall off his seat at the sudden landing. One of his armed guards pulled him to his feet, and lead through several hallways before placing the bronze cube in his hand and shoving him in a room. The half messy-haired blond stumbled but luckily didn't fall. Florenz steadied himself and began to examine the large room. The only objects in this room was a long table and chairs to go with it.

The eighteen-year-old was aware of another person in the room, a dark-skinned man. The man was sat upright, but the way his head slump down indicated he was not awake. A bronze cube similar to his own sat in front of him. Florenz walked over the man and gave him a shake... no response, he was out cold. He noticed the man was handcuffed as well. The messy-haired guy made one more observation. The bronze cube of this person's had a different design than his own. A heart and a bird...? Did that have any relationship to one another? Florenz was very confused about this entire situation.

"What is going on?" Florenz sighed out loud as he finally took a seat at the table. Setting the box in front of him, he could only stare at it. "This has to be the reason for all of this, right?" The man asked although there was no one to answer him. Glancing at the bare walls around him, Florenz knew he could only wait for whatever in store for him.

Basically, for your post, your character will wake up early, find the Bronze Cube near them, and almost immediately get taken into custody. Eventually, they will be brought over to their base and put into the same room as Florenz. Other than the table and chairs, there is nothing in the room. This is your chance to talk about the situation and learn about the other people brought here.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Leo Silverstone
Lionheart - Gallade Cloth
Dorm room

Leo's eyes fluttered open as light filtered into the room from the window. He slowly pulled the comforter off his body, sat up, streched his arms out, and yawned loudly. His first week as a college student had come and gone. Now he was just looking foward to having a relaxing weekend. As he got out of bed, and streched a bit, something in the room got his attention. It was a rather large Bronze Cube sitting at the foot of his bed, that he was sure hadn't been in the room before. He walked up to it, rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things, and looked at it curiously. He picked it up by it's straps, and wondered out loud."What is this?" Upon closer inspection, he saw that there were images etched into the faces of the cube. Specifically, images of a Gallade. "Hm, I wonder how this got here? Gallade is an awesome Pokemon and all, but why would anyone give this to me? If anything, someone would give me a Pinkie Pie cube. Hehe."

The boy didn't give the strange object too much thought. After all, it didn't look dangerous or anything. What's there to worry about? He decided to head into his kitchen to make himself breakfast. At first, He had been a little disapointed that he wasn't given a roommate this semester. He would've appreciated having someone to talk to. Then again, by having a single room, he didn't have to worry about irritating someone with his quirks.

He grabbed a remote, and turned on the small TV in the kitchen. The local morning news show was the first thing that came on.

"Many people are baffled by these strange phenomenon." The anchorwoman on TV said. "Bizarre apparitions occurring replacing significant landmarks. The Sears Tower has been replaced with a mysterious tower that reaches impossible heights. It’s as if straight out of a fantasy tale... "

Leo kept changing channels, but these apparitions were the only thing anyone was talking about. Eventually, he just turned the TV off. He didn't really get what the big deal was. After all, nothing bad had happened yet, so what was the point in getting everybody worked up over nothing? If anything, these strange occurences could be totally awesome. Maybe it's some adorable alien race that's trying to make contact. Who knows? But of course, all anyone can do is spead fear and make people paranoid. Who needs that this early in the morning?

♪My name is Leo guy (Hello!)
And I am here to say (How ya doin'?)
I'm gonna make you smile and I will brighten up your day
It doesn't matter now (What's up?)
If you are sad or blue (Howdy!)
'Cause cheering up my friends is what Leo's here to do!♪

Changing his thoughts to something more positive, Leo happily sang his favorite song while making himself some pancakes. Saturdays were always pancake day back home, so why shouldn't that continue here?

♪'Cause I love to make you smile, smile, smile
Yes I do
It fills my heart with sunshine all the while
Yes it does
'Cause all I really need's a smile, smile, smile
From these happy friends of mine♪

The minute he finished flipping a pancake on the pan, there was a loud knock on the door. Well that's weird. Who'd be coming to my room this early in the morning? He turned the oven off, and made his way to the door. "Just a second!"

But whoever it was that was at the door didn't have time to wait a second. They had violently forced the door open. Soon six heavily armed people swarmed the dorm room, and surrounded Leo, and more of them stormed his house, as if they were looking for something. All them looked like they weren't going to take any bullshit from him. They all had guns pointed at him.

The woman in the center of the group who looked like she was in charge was the first to speak. "Leonardo Silverstone. We need you to come with us."

Leo's heart started to beast fast, and he shivered from the shock. He gulped loudly, and quickly threw his arms up in the air. He had seen this type of thing happen in movies and TV shows before, but it was usually to criminals, and he was no criminal. He didn't think this type of thing would happen to him in real life. "W-w-what do you want from me?!" He stammered. There was fear in his voice, and his blue eyes started to water, like he could break down and start crying at any moment.

Seeing that the boy was scared out of his wits, they lowered their weapons slightly, "This is very serious. We need you to bring that Bronze Cube. There's no time."

He calmed down a bit, and put his arms down. He assumed she was talking about that cube he found earlier. If this was part of some elaborate practical joke, then someone must have a lot of free time on their hands. "Ok... but can I least get dressed first?" Leo was still wearing what he had gone to bed in, which was nothing more than a simple pair of red boxers.

"What part of there's no time don't you understand boy?!" One of the male agents shouted.

Leo flinched and threw his arms up in the air once again. "I'm sorry sir!"

"Commander, we found it." A different agent said running from the direction of Leo's bedroom carrying his cube.

"Wonderful! Let's move out!"

The agents escorted Leo out of his dorm room. He was relieved that there was no one around to see him. What would they think if someone did see him being escorted by a bunch of people in uniform while he was in his underwear? That would've been rather embarrassing to have to explain later. When they got outside, he could hear the sound of helicopter propellers spinning overhead. He looked up, and shielded his eyes from the blinding lights. Ropes dropped down from above, and he was ordered to climb aboard.


Leo was still nervous as hell upon entering that helicopter. Who were these people, where were they taking him, and what did they want? All these thoughts were racing through the boy's head as the copter flew. It wasn't a particularly smooth ride, which didn't exactly help him calm down. If it weren't for the fact that he was sitting in a seat, and buckled in, he would be rolling around wildly back there, and probably would've banged his head on something. Leo had never been in an aircraft like this before. It looked like something that was invented several thousand years into the future. Some very strange things were going down.

He took a moment to try and relax a little. He closed his eyes, and just breathed deeply. Trying not to think about all this, and just put himself in a happy place. Unfortunately, that didn't work out all too well, because as soon as he calmed down, the copter started to shake violently. They were coming in for a landing. Leo grabbed onto a handle, and peered over to look out a window. He saw that they were in Downtown Manhattan, surrounded by a bunch of skyscrapers. The copter approached one of those buildings. Suddenly the roof began to open up, and the copter went in. Then things got dark. It wasn't dark for long though, suddenly blue lights came on. Leo could see from the window that there were more helicopters outside. Before he got a chance to question this, they went through a tunnel with more blue lights along the edge. "W-w-wha...?" the boy gasped in awe.

Once the shaking ceased, the doors opened, and he was greeted by two female soldiers who had apprehended him earlier. "We apologize for all this, but this is urgent. Now, please step out of the aircraft, and follow us please."

Leo quietly obeyed, and he slowly got up, and exited the helicopter. The soldiers escorted him across the hangars, and through a long hallway. The place was as futuristic as the copter he was on. They came to a red door with digital locks. Just like in the movies, one of the soldiers put her eye up to the iris scanner, and the door opened. Then, she stepped aside, and gestured for Leo to go through.

The room was big, perhaps big enough to hold fifty people. In the center was a large round table made of glass and around it, twenty chairs. There were two other boys in the room with him. He was ordered to take a seat, and they placed his bronze cube in front of him on the table.

"Now, be a good boy and wait for the others." One of the women said as they exited the room.

Leo looked around the room, and saw both of the other boys had cubes of their own. One had a Luvdisc cube, and the other one had a Talonflame cube. Weird, where were these things coming from? The boy with the Talonflame cloth was handcuffed and unconscious. Meanwhile, the blonde boy with Luvdisc cloth looked strangely familiar to him for some reason...

Maybe these two knew something he didn’t? The unconscious one probably wasn’t going to reply any time soon... It couldn’t hurt to ask the blonde guy. “Hey, I’m Leo Silverstone at your service!” He greeted with a grin and a wave. “Hey, do you know what’s going on here?”
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it's about the CUBES
Lucas Moncrief
Asmodeus . Banette
*knock knock knock.*

"Hey, I'm going out for my run."

Lucas groaned as he slowly came into the waking world. Isaak, his roommate, stood outside the door poking his head into the room. Lucas nodded groggily. "Yeah. Thanks for letting me know."

Isaak smirked, his Russian accent peeking through his words. "Better you than sleeping beauty, da?"

"Oh yeah, who knows when he'll be responsive. My bet's on 9:30."

"Ooh, going early today, huh?" Isaak laughed. "Alright, well, I'll be off. No having fun without me!" He closed Lucas's door, leaving him in the dark.

Deep breaths. Morning. Lucas shoved his face deeper into the pillow. His fingers stumbled around the nightstand for his phone, but instead ran into something hard and boxy. He opened up one eye, and stared into the black. As his vision adjusted, he could clearly see it was... a box. Not a plain old box, maybe an engraved box? ... A Banette box..? That was his favorite Pokemon, but, how on earth did it get here? His best guess was Isaak, since he was just here, but that couldn't be, because if he had brought it in, why did he just stand outside the door like that? Grumbling, Lucas sat up, holding the box in his hands. It was solid... but still lighter than one might suspect. Whatever. This was weird. Maybe it would be less weird with breakfast.

Lucas finally found his phone, slung the box under his arm, and staggered out of his room with his phone flash to guide him. He turned on the lights, flinching as he adjusted to the brightness. It was early enough that it was still dark outside, though you could see the city start to wake up and breathe. Lucas set the box down on the counter and opened the fridge. Maybe there was something in here that he didn't have to make... but an early morning shake might be good anyway...


Lucas jolted upright, suddenly much more awake than he was a minute ago. "Isaak?" he called out, heading hurriedly towards the door, "Isaak, are you okay--"


The door flung wide open. Lucas stared in shock at the scene unfolding before him. Some sort of SWAT team, he could only assume. "I was about to come get the door, there was no need to knock it down," he muttered, raising his hands slowly. He cleared his throat, and with a little more voice, "What do you guys need?"

"You," said a large man, clearly the leader by his grizzled face and position in the center of the group, "And the box. You're coming with us."

Lucas nodded solemnly. Ah. That box. "Do we have to go, like, now now, or can I get changed--"

"Now, now," the man growled.

Lucas sighed. At least he was wearing the nice boxers. (Although, only the nice boxers.) "Alright," he said, motioning forward, "Box is on the counter. Lead the way."


Camilla Cartwright
Stardew . Galvantula
*Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it-- click!*

Camilla fluttered awake at the sound of her alarm, her face half-buried into a pillow on the couch. Huh. She must have fallen asleep after streaming last night, her laptop still open on the coffee table. She sat up, stretching and getting in the morning motions, scrambling around to find her glasses on the end table. She blinked into the darkness as she put them on, her eyes adjusting to what little light various appliance clocks from the kitchen gave out. Olivia hopped up onto the couch, rubbing her head against Cami's hand and greeting her with a polite mmmrp. Cami giggled. "There's my pretty kitty!" she said in a sing-songy voice. She scooped Olivia up into her arms, cradling her as she stood up.

"Whoooooo's my pretty widdle kitty!" she sang, dancing into the kitchen, "Pretty, pretty, widdle, widdle, kitty! Who is my favorite kitty in the whoooooole wide world! It's Oliviaaaaa! She's little, so little, and all she wants is a fancy feast breakfast, and she can't get it, 'cause she's only got widdle beans, and no thumbs." Olivia struggled to escape, a little upset at being trapped and sung to, but Cami held her close as she opened up the cupboard and grabbed a can of cat food. Olivia stared at Cami. Cami stared back. "Alright, fine, I'll put you down," she said, lowering to the ground and letting Olivia work herself out. Olivia promptly began to bathe.

Cami rolled her eyes. Classic kitty. She kept humming her little tune as she grabbed a cat dish from the dishwasher and poured the catfood in. "Okay, 'Liv, breakfast is ready." Cami walked to where Olivia was impatiently waiting, and set down the food bowl. Olivia shoved her face in as though she had never seen food in her life. Cami giggled. Olivia did this every morning, but it was always funny to watch--after all, Olivia was noted for her dramatics.

Cami took a deep breath, looking into the dark of her living room. Strange, it almost sounded like... footsteps? Who on earth would be up this early? She supposed the neighbors from across the hallway were avid morning speed walkers, but those footsteps did not sound like Shannon and her mom group. She tiptoed towards the front door.


Cami froze. "Who is it?" she called out. Her question was answered by the door being kicked open.


"ohshit," she squeaked as she was suddenly surrounded by several armed men. "Uh, sorry guys, I think you've got the wrong gal? I've committed a grand total of zero crimes, promise," Cami said, laughing nervously.

The biggest, most in charge-iest man stared at her. "This is no laughing matter, ma'am," he said, shining a flashlight in her face. Cami blinked, flinching at the sudden brightness. The man looked around. "Where is the box?"

Cami cocked her head, squinting at the man. "The... box?"

"Yes," the man growled, "Didn't you get a box?"

"I just fed my cat, I haven't been exactly looking for any irl loot boxes, dude."

The man sighed, motioning to his team. They scattered, turning on their own flashlights and began to search. He turned his gaze back to Cami. "You're coming with us."

Cami took a step back. "Woah, woah, whaaaaat? But I've got a cat to take care of! I can't just leave her."

"We'll have someone take care of your cat if it comes to it," the man sighed, exasperated, "but I need you to tell me where the box is, and come with me right now."

"I don't know what box you're taking about, dude, I just woke up! Can't I even get properly dressed?" Cami said. She looked around for a moment, before a glint of bronze caught her eyes. On the nightstand, not far from where her glasses were, was an engraved bronze box. She turned her gaze back to the man. "Is it that?"

"Yes, THAT. Now, come ON." The man whistled a call to his team as he grabbed Cami's wrist and hustled out the door. Another member snagged the box on their way, and in a flash, the condo was as dark and empty as it started. Olivia stared at the door.



Lucas Moncrief | Camilla Cartwright
Asmodeus . Banette | Stardew . Galvantula

"Ah, Martin," Lucas said calmly, "Finally, so glad I got ahold of you. Hey, listen, I'm so sorry for the late notice at such an early hour, but I'm going to need to cancel all of my appointments today. ... ... ... Yeah, an emergency came up. Can't talk about it. ... ... ... Yeah. I know. You're the best partner a guy could have. Thanks for taking care of it all. ... ... ... Yeah. You too. Bye." *beep.* He set the phone down beside him, having borrowed it from one of his captors. He wasn't allowed to bring his own, because "reasons."

Cami looked up and down at the man she was sitting across from. Funny, his black boxers made her pink sports bra and grey sweatpants feel overdressed. "So," she said, breaking the silence, "That guy on the phone, was that a lover kind of partner, or--"

Lucas laughed, cutting her off. "Dear God, no," he said, looking her in the eye, "Martin is my cousin, and my business partner. I wasn't sure how long this would go, so I figured I should tell him he was on his own today."

"Ah." Cami nodded, a bit sheepishly. "Um. My name's Camilla, but, you can call me Cami."

"Lucas," he responded. "Pleasure to meet you." He looked out the window at the desert scenery below him. "Nevada, huh?" he asked, trying to keep conversation going, "How long have you lived there?"

"Eh, like, a decade or so? I moved around a little bit when I was younger, but I guess after having so many kids my parents just decided to stay put in Hendersen area. I like it, though. Nice and sunny." She cocked her head. "What about you?"

"Washington. I was born in Germany, but I've lived in Seattle since I was, like, four."

"Ugh, how can you stand the rain there? Isn't it all doom and gloom?"

Lucas shrugged. "I'm a doom and gloom kind of guy. Besides," he said, gesturing to himself, "I burn easy."

"I can see that. Well, I guess if you like it..." Cami sighed, tapping her toes. "So... what do you do, Mr. I-Have-A-Business-Partner?"

"Ever heard of Moncrief Enterprises?" Lucas said, raising an eyebrow.

Cami thought for a moment. "Yeah, they make some gaming computers, right?" Lucas nodded, and she nodded back. "Then, yeah! My computers at home are Morning Star makes. So then, are you, like, one of the important guys?"

"I guess I'm kind of important," Lucas said, a nonchalant air in his tone.

"Yeah, but like, what kind of important?"

Lucas shook his head. "Hey now, I think you've got to tell me what you're doing with our computers before I go on," he said with a smirk.

"Well," she said, puffing her chest and beaming with pride, "I'm a Let's Player on YouTube, I stream, and I'm a running eSports champion for League and Overwatch. That satisfy you?"

Lucas nodded. "I'm on the board, if you need to know."

Cami laughed. "Oh man, you're telling me you have to share a name with the owner of the company? What do you two do? Is he Lucas 1, and you're Lucas 2? Or, or, do you all use each other's last names, all business-like? Like, oh, hi, Mr. Moncrief, it's me, Mr..." She looked at him, motioning for him to finish her sentence.

Lucas exhaled slowly, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees and looking at Cami with piercing emerald eyes. "Moncrief. It's Moncrief."

"Oh," she squeaked out, "like, that kind of important."

Lucas nodded slowly as he sat back up. "That kind of important."

Cami fiddled with her thumbs. "I haven't made too much of an embarrassing first impression, have I?"

"Cami," Lucas said, a calm smile on his face, "I'm literally in my boxers. I think I have you beat." Cami laughed, returning his gaze with a smile.


The helicopter finally touched down in... somewhere, and Lucas and Cami were lead into what seemed to be a conference room. They weren't the first there--three others had gotten there prior. One was even unconscious. Cami elbowed Lucas, pointing to a young man with dark hair. "Looks like you're not the only indecent one," she giggled. Lucas rolled his eyes with a lighthearted smile.

"Stay here and wait for the others," the man instructed, as two of his teammates put their boxes on the table, and all three promptly left.

Cami heard the young man introduce himself as Leo Silverstone, and grabbed her now new friend Lucas over to meet him. "Hi!" she said eagerly, a starry glint in her eye. "Leo, did I hear that right? My name's Cami, and this is Lucas." She turned her gaze to the other conscious man. "I'd love to know what's going on too, and I'm sure Lucas would like to hear as well!"
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Internet Overlord
. . .in Cayenne's one room apartment

Cayenne rolled over, not even opening her eyes, and started to snore lightly again. It was mid-morning and she didn't work until evening (because the club assigned their best dancers to that time, a time when business men, and occasionally women, were off work and looking to blow off some steam), and as such, she had absolutely no reason to get up yet.

No reason except that someone was pounding on the door. Cayenne groaned loudly, “Go away. I'm not up yet!”

The pounding was insistent, very insistent. Cayenne grumbled and shouted this time, “Mrs. Lee, I don't care what recyclable you saw in my trash, or what cute thing your cat just did, I'm trying to sleep!”

It wasn't Mrs. Lee, the lonely old Chinese lady from next door. No, she couldn't have forced the door open, or swarmed the room with men in black suits. Cayenne startled into a sitting position clutching the blanket around her scantily clad body. Actually, they were lucky she was dressed at all, as she slept in the nude a lot of nights. Her mind was reeling. What the hell could she have possibly done to be in the kind of trouble where at least half a dozen agents swarmed her low rent apartment? She didn't do drugs. . . anymore. . . and she certainly didn’t deal them. Looking over them, she didn't really know what to say, so in the panic it was a sassy joke that came out, “Gentlemen, you couldn’t wait until the club was open to see me?”

“Ma’am, we're going to need you to come with us,” replied one of the men, a tall imposing man near the door, that filled out his crisp suit rather nicely. He looked like he had status, and money enough. Nearer to her a younger man called out as he lifted a metal box into the air, “Sir! I've secured the cube!”

“Cube?” asked Cayenne, as she glared at the box. It seemed almost alien to her, seamless, with weird images etched on it. It was suspicious as **** to her, “What the hell is that thing? That's not mine. Is this some sort of set-up? A prank? Where's the camera? What the hell is going on?”

“Ma'am, don't make this difficult. We need you to come with us,” repeated the imposing man. Cayenne rolled her eyes, then threw off her blanket revealing her trim and curvy, soft-peach body. Her bosom was wrapped in a lacy black spaghetti strap lingerie that barely covered the essentials. Under her chest the lingerie's translucent black fabric split in the middle, revealing her stomach and everything below it, but covering her back. Under this garment she wore a pair of bikini cut hot pink panties, with black trim and a little black bow on the front. Though the imposing man didn't seem to react, she could see shock and embarrassment on his underling's faces, including one that she'd only just noticed was a woman in a black dress-suit. Cayenne smirked, speaking directly to the imposing man, “If you insist, but I'm going to have to charge you by the hour.”

“Move out,” instructed the imposing man, and the female agent grabbed Cayenne's arm tugging her towards the door. Cayenne had little respect for this woman, considering she seemed to be working for that man. So she went out of her way to try to harass her, “So, is it going to be you and me then? Does he just like to watch?”

“Shut up and walk,” instructed the female agent.


Cayenne had dreamed a few times about going for a ride in a helicopter. What she hadn't dreamed of was being stuffed into one with five agents. The female agent sat to her right and the imposing man, who she still believed to be their leader, sat in front of her. Staining her neck, she could just barely see the couple agents they’d left behind on the roof, scurrying for the stairwell door. She looked back up at the imposing man, “So, uh, they're not coming? Is being a part of the actual action is above their pay-grade then?”

The imposing man didn't answer her, but looked to the man on her left, suggesting, “Can you do something about that? I'd like to enjoy the ride back.”

Feeling and hearing the guy on her left shift, Cayenne snapped her head around to look at him. He was removing the plain black tie that matched his suit, and everyone else's. Cayenne didn't know when to shut up, or maybe she figured it was already too late, so she continued to mock them, “I wasn't expecting him to want me to start with you, I figured he'd have me start with her, but okay.”

Mysterious Room

The red-headed woman was handed the box they'd taken from her apartment and shoved into a room. She head the door's lock click behind her as her mind processed what she was seeing. Five other occupants (one of whom appeared unconscious), with boxes of their own, were gathered around a table. Cayenne reached up and pulled the make-shift gag down out of her mouth, “Uh, hey guys. Has anyone figured out what sick thing these perverts want from us yet? 'Cause I'm starting to suspect it's not the sick things most guys want from me.”

She stepped forward and set the box on the table, then reached up to undo the knot. Casting the tie aside she pulled out a chair, and took a seat cross-legged. She looked down at her box, for the first time, really seeing it. The etchings were of strange rhino-like creatures. She glanced at the other boxes. They were the same, but with different pictures. She asked again, “So, what are these?”

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Selena Diana Artemis
Luna - Clefable Cloth
Selena’s Penthouse

Selena gracefully stepped out of her bed, put on her black house shoes, and sat in front of her huge lighted vanity mirror. “Perfect as always. And that’s before I’ve even gone through my beauty routine!” Selena had a lot to do. She had several photoshoots, a fashion show to walk in, and she had to make an appearance at a major industry party.

As she was about to get up to take a shower, and get ready for the day, the door to her bedroom was forced open. Several men in suits swarmed into the room. “Selena Artemis, you have to come with us.” One of the men ran off, searching through the room for something.

Selena sighed, and looked at the men. “Excuse me? Who gave you permission to be here? How did you even get through the front door?”

“We found the cube sir!” One of the men holding up a bronze cube engraved with images on it.

Selena got even more upset at this point. “How dare you go through my property?! What even is that anyway?!”

“Miss Artemis, this is a serious matter. We need you to come with us.”

“I will do no such thing untill you answer my questions! Do you even know who I am?! You can’t just walk in here and...”

Before Selena could finish her statement, one of the men threw down a ball, filling the room with knockout gas. The young woman was knocked out, and the men whisked her away to parts unknown.


Leo Silverstone and Selena Artemis
Unknown Place

More people started to arrive. All of them with bronze Pokémon boxes of their own. The blonde girl introduced herself as Cami, and she had a boy with her named Lucas. Shortly after Cami introduced herself, another woman was brought in. Jeez, these guys won’t let anyone get dressed first? Leo thought.

Then, someone Leo recognized was dragged in. She was dressed in a pink and black nightgown, and black sliipers. “You won’t get away with this! You’ll be hearing from my attorney! Do you hear me?!”

The men sat her in a chair, her bronze cube in front of her, and left.

Leo’s eyes lit up when he saw his sister. “You!”

As soon as Selena saw Leo’s face, she rolled her eyes. “You...”

“Anyway, yes. I’m Leo. This is my big sister, Selena! She’s a supermodel!”

Selena cringed. Why did he have to tell everyone they were siblings? He couldn’t have kept that to himself? “Leonardo, I would prefer you didn’t go blabbering to everyone... I’m perfectly capable of speaking for myself.”

Leo laughed it off. “Anyway, no. I don’t know what these are. I found it in my room this morning. All I know is, they’re awesome Pokemon boxes! I have Gallade, Selena has Clefable...” He then pointed at the other boxes. “He has Luvdisc, he has Talonflame, she has Rhydon, he has Banette, and you have Galvantula. I wonder what all of this means...”

Selena raised her eyebrow. “You still play Pokémon? Isn’t that for children? I would have thought you would have outgrown that at your age.”

Leo laughed nervously. “Aw, come on Sel! Don’t be like that. Pokémon is for anybody.”

Selena rolled her eyes again. How on Earth was this kid her brother? Why couldn’t have her father kept it in his pants? “Look, I’m not exactly in a pleasant mood right now.” Selena sighed. “Men broke into my home, and dragged me here against my will. All for a box with characters from a children’s game. Ugh, they didn’t even let me put make up on. Not that I look bad without it, but I would prefer people not see me bare faced. The nerve of some people! I should not be treated like this! Do they know who I am?!”

“You’ll have to excuse her.” Leo whispered to Cami. “She can be a little...” He paused to find the right word. “Uppity sometimes... if I’m being honest...But she’s still my family!”
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Bring it to the runway.
Serena Dunbrook
Sniper - Inteleon Cloth
Park near Serena's Apartment

Holding up her warrior pose for another ten seconds, Serena elegantly switched over to a tree pose, of which she would be standing for another 20 seconds, taking deep relaxed breaths throughout the entire routine. It was very early, and a bit chilly as the sun hadn't fully risen yet. Serena was doing her morning yoga routine in a park near her apartment; something that had started out as a way for her to get more Nstagram followers, but had quickly evolved into becoming a fully non-ironic part of her mornings. She didn't really sleep much anyway, and she had managed to catch a 40 minutes nap on the couch that night too, so it wasn't a total waste. Besides, yoga often helped her collect her mind, making her that much more efficient once her workday started a few hours later, or so she told herself.

Finishing up her routine, she put on some music as she lightly jogged the short 10 minutes back to her apartment. The sun was further up now, and more people were starting to emerge from their homes, ready to tackle the new day, or just eager to get the day over with. Regardless, Serena was excited to come into work that day, as it was her co-worker/Best friend Camilla's birthday. Office birthdays often included afternoon margaritas, after all.

Getting back into he apartment, she pressed the start button on her espresso-maker while getting out some supplements for making breakfast. Before getting to it, however, she decided a quick shower was in order. Her mornings were so routine by now that she didn't even look at the things she brought out of the fridge, nor did she see the odd sizable cube-esque item resting on one of her island counters.

Entering the bathroom, Serena put on the radio to catch the morning news, as well as some of the top 20 hitlist songs that for some reason always played the same 4 songs while ignoring the rest. Her bathroom was quite big, and she had already placed an outfit out for when she was done in the shower, which she had placed on a stool of dark timber standing next to the shower. Getting in, she lowered her shoulders and took some deep breaths, just getting lost in the delightfully warm stream of water for a few seconds before continuing her rituals. Due to the loudness of the running water, as well as the admittedly decent tunes of a certain Dustin Beaver on the radio, she didn't hear the brutal knocking on her front door.

She had just wrapped herself up in a towel as the door to her bathroom busted open, resulting in a loud scream from her as three fully decked out FBI-looking mofo's entered the room, guns raised. It was almost like a blur, or a weird fever dream except it wasn't a dream but it was reality and she had a very decent chance of getting shot right now.

"Serena Dunbrook, we need you to come with us" one of the men said, keeping a very professional yet strict and scary eye contact with her, despite her accidentally dropping her towel from the fright. one of the other military-looking people walked over to her and pulled her to her feet in an oddly gentle way. "Grab some clothes and let's go." they said in an oddly sympathetic tone, revealing themselves to be a woman. Relaxing just enough to collect her thoughts, Serena managed to grab her neatly folded clothes, as well as her makeup bag before being escorted out of the bathroom, where even more military-looking people were ransacking her apartment. Was she being robbed? Kidnapped? Lawyers are often targetted by aquaintances of the people they send away, after all, and she wouldn't be the first one from her firm to disappear never to be heard from again.

"Bring that cube as well, it is important to the job." another intruder commanded. Cube? What cube? Serena's question was answered when someone brought a big bronze-ish looking cube out of the door, with herself being escorted out right after it (after being handed another towel to cover herself with from a nice gentleman with a machine gun). Her captors tried explaining some of the minor details to her as they left towards the roof of the apartment complex, but Serena was too deep into her ugly-crying to take notes of anything of importance.


Next thing Serena remembers from the traumatic event was that she was being placed in a helicopter, where she was also able to get dressed in the outfit she managed to bring with her: one of her million white blouses, and a knee-long skirt. She didn't dare to look up during the entire ride, looking down at her clenched fists while shaking and sobbing instead. She was pulled out of her little bubble of woe when the helicopter landed, and she was practically yanked out of the helicopter by one of the men that assaulted her apartment. Looking around, she seemed to be in some sort of military complex, with soliders walking around, doing important things while looking important. Normally, she would be over the moon from the possibility to have fun with military guys, but right now it just felt like she was about to be forced into a job she didn't want to do. Military were often strict in their own inner affairs after all; especially if someone had broke the law. Maybe that was why she was here? They had fluffed up somehow and needed a competent lawyer? It was a relieving thought, but she still felt like she was being led to her death in these corridors.

She was then escorted into a room, bare of anything but a table with some chairs, as well as other people looking just as confused as she was, even though some of them seemed a lot more calm than she did. Was she the last to arrive? She didn't know, and frankly she didn't care. There went the last glimmer of hope that she was shanghaied to do court business. Yep, she's dead.

she found herself at a chair, with a square item being placed in front of her. It was the cube thing the invaders had spoken of at her apartment. She had never seen it before, nor did she want anything to do with it if that was the reason she was there. The other people in the room was chatting inbetween themselves, trying to figure out what kind of situation they were in. She didn't catch much of their ongoing conversation due to the shock, but noticed one of them was looking at her expectedly. Had they asked for her name? Gods, she must look like a mess right now. She cleared her throat and tried sitting up more uptight before talking. "I'm Serena, and i have no idea what im doing here. You guys have been here longer than I have, do you know anything?"


Fire and Ice Combo
Florenz Witershin
A Room in an Unknown Location
Luvdisc Cloth

It didn't take too long before someone else was brought into the room. The tall guy was getting a full escort all the way up to the table. Florenz couldn't help but stare, the black-haired man that appeared to be his age got dragged here in only his boxers. With slightly tanned skin and a toned muscular body, at least the underdressed man had a nice build. Florenz would have died of embarrassment in the same situation with his pale, chubby body. His cheeks turned a little redder as he imagined the humiliation. Florenz straightened up in his chair, and he planted a smile on his face. First impressions were significant in both business and a social life that what his father consistently told him.

"Now, be a good boy and wait for the others." The woman told him as she exited the room. Others? Florenz caught that line, how many more people were involved in this mess? He tilted his head upward to look into the underdressed guy's blue eyes. The man was tall, a lot taller than himself. More than their height and build differences... Florenz was drawn in by a sense of something familiar. As the black-haired guy grinned and waved at him, his friend from childhood popped into his brain.

"Hey, I’m Leo Silverstone at your service!" It caught his attention considerably when he heard that name...Leo. The name of his friend in elementary school. It couldn't be, but his last name sounded like he might have heard it before. Florenz wasn't positive, however. It has been a long time since he saw the boy, and he was a young child then. Florenz stared at him... with that friendly demeanor of his face, he couldn't help but be filled with nostalgia. "Hey, do you know what’s going on here?"

The man's brain couldn't conjure what to answer in his surprise before more arrived. Within the pair, another unfortunate person dragged out in his boxers... The woman in just a bra and sweatpants. Florenz averted his eyes away from her as a solid blush colored his cheeks. There were those cubes once again... What exactly were these things?

"Hi!" the blonde girl enthusiastically greet with bright eyes. "Leo, did I hear that right? My name's Cami, and this is Lucas." As she introduced herself and her companion, Lucas. Letting her eyes drift from Leo to him. "I'd love to know what's going on too, and I'm sure Lucas would like to hear as well!"

The two of them, Leo and Cami, were peppy. Quite different from the more somber look on the black-haired guy's face. Florenz noticed the unhappy guy was also pretty fit in his avoidance of looking directly at Cami. Couldn't blame him, this situation definitely wasn't cheery. Yet there they were, smiling like idiots even though something awful is definitely going to happen to befall all of them... Florenz smiled harder as he buried the pessimistic thoughts... Guess he was looking like a smiling fool as well.

Yet another person dress poorly for outdoors was brought into the room. Florenz glanced momentarily at her, trying not to let his eyes scan over the black and pink lingerie... He didn't know where to rest his eyes, so ultimately settle for just staring at the floor. He was blushing even harder now, his face felt hot. His whole body became stiff as he nervously searched his thoughts for some answer to fix this awkwardness he felt. There were no lessons he was taught to prepare him for this situation.

“Uh, hey guys. Has anyone figured out what sick thing these perverts want from us yet? 'Cause I'm starting to suspect it's not the sick things most guys want from me.” Florenz only heard her ask that because he currently refused to glance at anyone. Hearing her approach and take a seat, she finally asked the question of the day: “So, what are these?” Florenz didn't need to look up to know what she was referring to. These bronze cubes were definitely the reason for their abduction, what exactly were they and where did they come from?

Hearing an outraged female voice, Florenz didn't even move to look at her. If the pattern continued, there was a high possibility she might be here in just her underwear. The eighteen-year-old was too embarrassed to confirm it. There was some back and forth in which she was revealed to be Leo's big sister, Selena. Despite her very curt words, the guy just laughed without being bothered by it. As he spoke of the objects being Pokemon Boxes, Florenz was able to sneak a glance at him as pointed at his box can calling it a... Love disk? After hearing that, his brown eyes rested on his engraved cube. Pokemon wasn't a foreign word to him. It was a popular game when he was a kid. While he never played it, he often listened to others talk about it enthusiastically. To think there was a pokemon that was just a heart... such a simplistic design.

Florenz didn't catch what Selena was angry about, but it wouldn't be hard figured out. Concentrating on his pokemon box, he barely realized yet another person's entrance. From the sound of the voice yet another woman. Once again, Florenz didn't try to look at her. She named herself as Serena, and she was just as confused as the rest of them. He could hear her inquiring if they had figure out anything yet.

"Pokemon... a Love disk?" Florenz kept his quizzical eyes low as he inaudibly mumbled that. It pretty much the only thing he learned from the conversations. Other than Leo, no one appeared to know much about pokemon. It was a pause in the conversing, the man realized that had remained silent the entire time. First impression... good first impression...

"I-I'm Flo-..." the short young adult suddenly paused. That wasn't a good first impression. He cleared his throat and put on a friendly smile. "Hello, my name is Florenz Witershin. I think we're all equally confuse... those guys sure weren't in the mood to chat. Leo, here said that these are pokemon engraved on the box, though so one mystery solved." During his introduction, his brown eyes looked up at Leo's face looking for any sign of response to his name... He wasn't expecting much. Even if by some coincidence he was Leo from childhood, there was zero chance that he would remember a gloomy nobody like him was like...


Unknown Place
Talonflame Cloth

The man stirred... he could voices. One peculiarly loud and angry female voice rang above the rest. He caught a few words, one being about pokemon. Slowly his one visible eye opened, and his blurry vision began to clear. A bit disorientated, he went to rub to his temples when something prevented him from individually moving his hands. Bringing his hands up higher, he stared at his new shiny accessory. His head popped up and glanced around his new surroundings. A bold scar across the bridge of his nose became visible to the world. Handcuffs, a new location, and people he didn't know... looks like he was abducted. It appeared he was slightly lucky in the cloth section, there were literally two guys in their underwear in front of him. The guy had his light blue hoodie and blue plaid pajama pants on.

"There's a lot of really good looking, half-naked men and women here and I'm handcuffed... Please be gentle, I'm not used to this kind of thing." The long banged man smirked and chuckled as he jokingly stated that. He twisted his body, rolled his shoulders and neck... "That wasn't the worse nap I've had. If I were to guess, none us knows squat about what the hell is going on?"

The dark-skinned guy suddenly hopped up to his feet and wandered over to look outside the room's windows. Too high up to safely reach the ground, and there weren't any ledges to be climbed on. He scratched that off as a means of escape. From there, he walked over to a seam in the wall that indicated an entrance/exit of some sort. The problem was that there was no doorknob, keyhole, or any device to input information. If it wasn't for the visible outline, it would look like an exitless room. With his cuffed fists, he gave the door some firm blows, and by the dull thuds, it was some moderately sturdy material. The man couldn't brute force it open.

His head tilted up as his brown eye scanned around the walls and ceiling of the room. Spotting tiny designs around the room, the dark-haired man with a white streak was positive... those were cameras. After giving one final glance around at the floor, table, chairs, and bronze cubes, the man returned to his seat.

"There's no escaping this room. We'll have to wait.. For them to finish ogling at all the hot bods," the man smirked as he leaned back in his chair. "I think I heard someone said something about Pokemon. Some of them do look familiar." He had played a few of the games as a teen. There appeared to be a Clefable, Rhydon, Luvdisc, Gallade... Ban something? The remaining two, he didn't recognize. They appear to be some kind of spider and lizard. His own box, the bird of prey, didn't ring a bell for him.

"Yes, Leo said these were pokemon. Yours was a Talonflame, I believe." A small blonde chime with a big smile. Talonflame... brilliant naming convention, Nintendo. The guy that spoke to him was looking seriously uncomfortable as he kept his eyes mostly pointed at the floor. He was blushing very hard. The overpowering almost nudity in the room was obviously too much for him. With all these tall and nice-looking people around, the tiny man didn't really register in his first scan. He was on the chubby side and his hair was half messy yet he was dressed in some spiffing looking clothes. The dark-skinned man pegged him as a rich boy. Sitting with his back straight and mildly fidgeting in his chair, he continued to friendly smile. "My name is Florenz and, you?"

"Ah, right, you guys probably wanna know who I am. The name's Aiden Carrson." Despite his thorough examination of the room and his previous statement about being confined, his body language was abnormally relaxed in this situation. "Born and raised New Yorker, age 21, an Aries, and I enjoy moonless walks on the beach." Jokingly, Aiden inserted some unnecessary details. His light-hearted words didn't reflect even a little bit of seriousness in them. "Anyhow, what so special about these boxes with pokemon printed on it? Guess we'll get an explanation eventually."


Internet Overlord
Location: Mysterious Room

And angry woman was brought in, with yet another box, and one of the guys introduced her as his sister, the supermodel. The kind of introduction that people who don't think they need an introduction get, because they actually do need it. Cayenne sure didn't have any idea who she was. Okay, well maybe someone that actually followed supermodels wouldn't need her to be introduced. Then this Leo guy identified their boxes as being decorated with pokemon. To which he and his sister were thrown into an argument about whether or not the franchise is for children, that ultimately ended in him apologizing for her. Cayenne scoffed, “No, I'm pretty sure she's right. . . they didn't even let me get dressed. . . over a kid's show?”

The door opened and yet another girl was brought in, with another box. She had the same questions as Cayenne, but no more answers. Cayenne was starting to get a little annoyed. One of the OG occupants finally decided to introduce himself, Florenz, as well and reiterate what they knew. The boxes were decorated with pokemon. She wasn't sure it was relevant, it's not like they were speed dating here. No, this was either this was one over-the-top mindf-k of a prank, or they really seemed to locked away on some clandestine site. But she supposed she might as well play nice. She sighed, “Cayenne. And I don't know much about pokemon, so I'm pretty sure this, what ever this is, is a set-up.”

Then, they heard a new voice. It seemed sleeping beauty, or slightly ugly (as he was kind of beaten), had finally woken up. . . He cracked a joke of the sort Cayenne herself had been making, and she smirked, suppressing a chuckle. They could probably get along just fine, “Oh, I would have stayed asleep if I were you.”

She watched him get up and inspect the room; the door and the upper walls and ceiling. It occurred to her what he was looking for, the things normally mounted that high, cameras. Spotting a possible camera, Cayenne turned more and made an offensive gesture at it, and shouted, “Hey, d-ks! When are you gonna tell us what this is about?”

The man sat. He now knew as much as they did. They were stuck, and there were these pokemon themed boxes, which he too needed to comment on before introducing himself and adding his dating profile. Aiden, great, another name for her to forget if they survived this. She'd practically already forgotten the other details. She groaned, “Okay, great so we're being detained over children's characters. Any ideas on how to get out of here? Should we just start misbehaving and see if they come to stop us? If not a nine-way, maybe we could throw the chairs through the windows, or all these damn boxes?”


Fire and Ice Combo
Monitor Room

In a dimly lit area, several people gather in a room full of monitors. While some of them were displaying different areas of the building, the ones concentrated in the center were of the same room. In a room of windows with a single large table, several chairs and currently eight people. Some still in a chipper mood, some seem very crabby, and at least most seem very confused and concerned.

"A rowdy group of youngsters," an older man commented as he examined each of them on the screens in front of him and listen to them talk among themselves. "Will they be able to do it?" His eyes turned to a voluptuous woman with dazzling blue hair. Her ruby lips curled up to a smile.

"They were chosen by the cube, so they have the potential," She spoke confidently as she placed one of her well-manicured fingers on her chin. "Whether they live up to it, I cannot say." Her hand moved up to smooth out strands of her silky bangs behind her ear. The joyful smirk didn't leave her lips and the light turquoise eyes looked fascinated at people on the monitors. "Doesn't look like they'll trigger it on their own, so I will help them."

"Get on it. Time is of the essence." The man demanded as he threw her a stern look. Her attitude remained unfazed as she strolled over to a microphone on the desk. She leaned over until her mouth was level with it and cleared her throat.

Aiden Carrson || Florenz Wistershin
Talonflame || Luvdisc
Unknown Place

"The windows are no good unless we suddenly sprout wings. Though we might gain a pair after the thrilling free fall." Aiden replies with a huge grin. His brown eyes looked at the redheaded woman in some nice lingerie. "Looking at this crowd, I would be okay with a little misbehaving... though somehow I don't think these innocent, young masters, and young mistresses types would go for it."

Florenz listened to the pair's conversations not really knowing what to chime in with. Though he didn't really understand, he believed there was some innuendo going on there. His own eyes still didn't venture upward though he side glance at the Leo guy again... He really did believe he looked like his childhood friend though he wasn't sure if he was thinking that just because of his name. Just before he could say anything or anyone could speak up and input their own escape plan, a buzz screeched through the room.

"Greetings you who were selected by fate, I'm Maertisa and I shall be your lovely guide~" A woman's voice smoothly rang through an intercom. "I will assist and witness if you can unleash the power within the cubes."

"Look like they finally got done taking in the sights," Aiden sudden interrupted as he turned his eyes directly toward where there was a camera. "So Miss had a good feast for your eyes?"

There was a chuckle at Aiden's question but didn't seem to be any intention of answering. Despite it just being a voice with no face attached, this lady's voice has a whimsical and amused tone to it. It was so clear to pick up one could almost see the exhilarated expression planted on this mysterious woman's face. After a small pause, she merely continued to talk as if nothing was said to her.

"Talonflame, Gallade, Rhydon, Galvantula, Clefable, Interleon, Luvdisc, Banette... awaken and present your gift." With her words, the cubes began to glint with a mysterious light. An inviting pull drew the people's eyes to them. "Now place your hand upon the bronze cube, focus on it, and call out to it. The words do not matter as long you channel your thoughts... emotions into it. But calling it by name will give immediate results...... "

"Talonflame," Aiden loudly called out almost immediately after the instructions were given. Due to his hands being cuffed both his hands were on top of the cube. As soon as he called out the name the cube began to glow brilliantly as it came apart and began to circle around him. "Whoa, this is..." he began but he suddenly let out agonizing groans. Something was surging through him. His insides felt like they were on fire and the outside felt like he was being stabbed all over. It was piercing, burning and terrible pain as the cube attached itself to him and a glowing cloak wrapped around him.

In a moment, the pain was gone and Aiden was now wearing a new outfit. A hooded cape and pants of orange, black, and light gray took the place of his hoodie and pajama pants. Some yellow talon shaped boot was on his foot and a mask and a falcon beak one covered his face. Aiden looked at his new garb with a curious eye and in an accidental movement snapped his handcuff's chain.

"This is a pretty dope outfit, and feel surprisingly energized." Despite looking previously in a great amount of pain the dark-skinned man looked completely fine now. As if he was merely whining instead of being in incredible pain.

Florenz hesitantly looked at his cube not sure if he should blindly listen to someone he couldn't even see face to face. Especially seeing how painful it looked made him even more reluctant. What if there were some terrible consequences attached to allowing himself to unleash the cube's power... But at the same time, what would happen if refuse to follow along with the people that abducted him? He stared at the cube with a heart-shaped pokemon apparently known as a Luvdisc. It appeared to be calling out to him, urging him... He gently placed a hand and felt something he couldn't quite describe.

"Luvdisc..." He called much quieter than Aiden but it seemed to act the same regardless. The excruciating pain that he had never experienced, a burning, stabbing sensation. He merely bit down hard as pain-filled grunts escaped. Just like with Aiden the cube broke apart, circle a bit before latch onto him, and strange luminous cloth coiled around him. As the radiantly shining ended so did any pain. While Florenz did feel empowered, he felt a bit chilly now. It didn't take long to figure out why. His outfit was a very revealing hot pink silk dancer clothing that showed more skin than he ever dared to in public. Even with the veil covering half his face his blushing face was obvious. He ducked under the table.

"What kind of outfit is this?!?" Florenz cried out as covered his face in embarrassment. He didn't have the confidence to flaunt such an outfit that expose so much skin. He wasn't nicely built like everyone else here... he really didn't want people to so clearly see his chubby body.

"Wow, he turned as pink as his sexy outfit!" Aiden commented with a chuckle and Florenz silently remain where he was under the table. The chubby man had no intention of leaving his cover.

[As mentioned, what you call out when placed your hand on the cube doesn't really matter. Though once you call out to it, it will flood you with light come apart and the cube's sides and strange glowing cloth than seem to be inside of it will circle you for a bit before attaching and wrapping around you. This process is very painful. It'll feel like your inside burning with intense heat and skin outside is being pierced by something very sharp. After the transformation ends and the light fades, so does the pain as if it was never there. You dressed in your Pokécloth and feel the strength that you didn't feel before.]

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Leo Silverstone/Lionheart
Unknown place

Leo sat in the chair with a smile on his face. More people came in, and started talking about what was going to happen to them, and some people started plotting an escape. Suddenly, a female voice came over the intercom. She told them all to place their hand on the cube, and call out the Pokémon by name.

Without hesitation, or even waiting to see how the others responded, Leo put his hand on the bronze cube, and happily exclaimed “Gallade!” Immediately the cube glowed and broke apart as the pieces circled around him. Then he was filled by an intnese burning pain as the pieces of the cube turned into pieces of armor and latched themselves onto Leo’s body. The young man let out a loud scream through the entire process. “YAHHHHHHHHHH!”

When the process was done, Leo had fallen to his knees, and was gasping for breath. The pain subsided, and eventually, Leo got back up. He perked up when he saw himself in his new Gallade inspired outfit. “Hey hey! I look awesome in this outfit!” He cheered as he punched the air. It was as if the intense pain he had just experienced moments earlier hadn’t happened.

Two of the boys had also transformed. The familiar blonde boy was embarrassed by his new costume. Leo smiled, crawled under the table and gave the boy a hug. As soon as he heard the boy’s name, he knew who he was. He didn’t know many guys named Florenz. “Hey dude! Remember me? It’s Leo! We used to go to school together! You don’t need to embarrassed. Your costume is so cute!”


Selena Diana Artemis/Luna
Unknown place

Meanwhile, Selena sat at the table and watched all of this unfold. She saw her half brother, and two other boys act like idiots. Did this boy seriously share half her DNA? Was her father just as stupid? What was her mother thinking? This boy seriously put his hand on an unknown bronze cube just because some unknown voice told him to over the intercom. The other boys did the same thing. The fat one ended up in a horribly unflattering outfit. She usually liked pink, but he did not pull it off at all.

“Am I the only one in the room with any sense?” The model wondered out loud. “We were kidnapped against our will, and you three just happily go along with this like it’s nothing? None you know what danger you just put yourselves in. I for one believe we should figure out some way to escape this madhouse right now.”
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Internet Overlord
Location: Mysterious Room

Cayenne rolled her eyes. She hadn't suggested they jump out the windows, but if Aiden didn't listen the first time, there probably wasn't much point in telling him again.

An unseen woman's voice rang through the room. Cayenne, under the impression whoever she was was obviously watching them, held up her hands to the ceiling in a double one-fingered salute. Continuing even as Aiden got up and started talking to the mystery woman. She continued up until the cubes started glowing, at this she pushed out her chair, getting up and backing away. She wasn't messing with any glowing curse-like crap.

Aiden triggered his box, groaning in pain as the box unfurled to overtake him. Cayenne backed away a bit more. Once the process was complete, he tried to reassure them about how good it was, but he still didn't seem to be good. Then for some insane reason the Florenz guy tried the same, reacted like he was in pain, and ended up in a belly-dancer like costume. The third guy to try it outright screamed, yet acted excited to be redressed.

Cayenne squinted at the rest of them, before nodding along with Selena's comments. It was all the same points she'd been trying to make. She gesture towards her, “I'm with her, sanity is clearly a precious commodity in this room.” She scanned the ceiling again, “Hey lady, we don't want to play your game, we're good without putting on radioactive costumes or whatever this is. So if you could just unlock the door, we're ready to go file a police report against you. We'll even mention you finally coming to your senses and letting us go.”


it's about the CUBES
Lucas Moncrief | Camilla Cartwright
Asmodeus . Banette | Stardew . Galvantula

The room got busy there for a minute. Some guy finally woke up. Some folks talked about escaping. Some lady was annoying. Fairly standard stuff. Breaking the commotion, a woman's voice floated through the room via intercom. "Greetings you who were selected by fate," she said, "I'm Maertisa and I shall be your lovely guide. I will assist and witness if you can unleash the power within the cubes."

"Look like they finally got done taking in the sights," the now-awake guy said. "So Miss had a good feast for your eyes?"

Camilla rolled her eyes. She hadn't been impressed with this guy's conduct in the first place, but apparently he scored something with the mysterious woman.

The woman's voice rang through the room once more. "Talonflame, Gallade, Rhydon, Galvantula, Clefable, Interleon, Luvdisc, Banette... awaken and present your gift." The cubes began to glow, almost as if they were calling out to them... "Now place your hand upon the bronze cube, focus on it, and call out to it. The words do not matter as long you channel your thoughts... emotions into it. But calling it by name will give immediate results..."

Camilla and Lucas watched as the other three boys in the room grabbed their boxes and transformed, stepping back . It was... certainly a sight to see. One moment in what seemed to be agony, the next perfectly fine and dressed far differently than before. Cami's eyes glittered. So. Cool!

She heard a scoff from across the room. “Am I the only one in the room with any sense?” Selena said. “We were kidnapped against our will, and you three just happily go along with this like it’s nothing? None you know what danger you just put yourselves in. I for one believe we should figure out some way to escape this madhouse right now.”

“I'm with her, sanity is clearly a precious commodity in this room.” chimed in the only other woman in the room. “Hey lady, we don't want to play your game, we're good without putting on radioactive costumes or whatever this is. So if you could just unlock the door, we're ready to go file a police report against you. We'll even mention you finally coming to your senses and letting us go.”

Camilla laughed, cutting through the silence. "I think you guys need to find a sense of fun," she said through giggles, "Don't you see? This is, like, obvi the start of something really, really cool! You two are seriously gonna turn your nose up at becoming superheroes 'cause it might hurt?" She shrugged, a playful look in her eyes. "Maybe you two wouldn't wake up with your panties all in a bunch if you wore some more comfortable clothes," she teased.

"Be nice," Lucas said, nudging her, "We were forcibly dragged from our homes, and the process doesn't seem at all pleasant. I can't blame them for being skeptical."

"Okay, so what do you think about it?" Camilla said.

Lucas thought for a moment. "Well... I don't know. The operation seems strange... but I'd be lying if I wasn't curious about what's in mine."

"Ooh! Then let's open our boxes together!" Camilla squeaked, perking up excitedly.

"We... did just meet, Camilla." Lucas said, an eyebrow raised.

"I know," Cami nodded, "but see, I just, I got this feeling that whatever these box thingies bring, it's all gonna end with us being friends! So, like, why not get a head start?" She reached out her hand, her grin turning a little serious. "Come on, I... Look, like, I'm kinda nervous too even though I'm super excited, but if we do it together, I can't back out."

Lucas sighed, before smiling back at Cami. "Alright. Together then," he said while taking her hand.

Cami shook herself out, taking a few quick breaths in a row. "Okay. I'm ready. I'm ready! On three with me, okay?"

"One... Two... THREE!"

"BANETTE!" "GALVANTULA!" they shouted in unison, thrusting their hands to the boxes. The two boxes lifted from the table, glowing brighter and brighter as they split apart and started surrounding their respective owners. Cami braced as the bronze shards started swirling around them, grasping Lucas's hand tighter. Lucas squeezed back. He was no stranger to pain, but... he could sense that Cami wasn't exactly a stranger either.

It really was as bad as it looked. Lucas gritted his teeth as the pieces burned his skin, but stayed silent. He's pretty sure he's gone through worse. Camilla squeaked, trying to breathe. Then, almost as quickly as the pain started, it was gone in an instant. The glowing stopped, and the two were left in entirely new clothes.

Lucas exhaled deeply, leaning on the table. He flexed his muscles. They seemed... stronger. He opened his eyes, looking at Camilla with his natural steely gaze. "How do I look?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh. My. God. Your eyes!" she chirped, "They're like, ruby red, you look so cool!"

Well, he'd have to take her word on that. Lucas nodded, looking down at the rest of him. Now fully clothed, with a black magic-looking rod in his hand and a hood on his head, he could definitely see the Banette influences. "Cool," he breathed, stretching up to his full height. "You know, you don't look too bad yourself."

"I know!!" Camilla said with a jolt of excitement in her voice. She couldn't stop looking herself over. Not only did her new outfit fit her like a glove, but-- "I can see again! Oh my God, it's been forever since my vision looked this good, wow! It's like, God I'm gonna sound so dorky for this, but this is like, a skin in real life. Aah!" She grabbed her minigun, looking it over. "And would'ja just look at this! Eeek! So pretty! I'm gonna, like, die, this is so cool! Am I dreaming?"

Lucas chuckled. "No, I don't think so, but I think you are a bit too excited about this."

"And who wouldn't be?" Cami giggled back, nudging Lucas with a smile before turning towards the rest of the table. "I've just got a great feeling about all this!"
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Fire and Ice Combo
Florenz Wistershin
Luvdisc Cloth
Unknown Place

As Florenz sat under the table all self-conscious and wishing to disappear, Leo joined him and pulled him into an embrace. His body stiffened at the suddenness of it and the feel of someone's else skin pressed against his own. He could feel his face burning more due to how unaccustomed he was to this, yet it was also rather nostalgic. It had been a long time since anyone last hugged him... probably not since his younger childhood before his family fully fell apart... Leo suddenly asked if he remembered him, even mentioning that they went to school together. He flinched a bit, so this was his childhood friend... he even tried to ensure him that he looked cute in this outfit. Florenz soaked in all this information wordlessly. Florenz did relax a bit in his arms after hearing that, he was kind of happy to meet Leo again.

Liar... Leo is such a liar... he is just trying to make me feel better...... there is no way I looked good in this. The chubby blond quietly denied his claim. This outfit was probably cute, but it definitely didn't look good on him... The Leo from the deep recess of his memories had always been kind, and he was just being nice like always. The fact that he felt a need to recite that lie meant that he looked pathetic... He couldn't allow himself to look so pitiful any longer.

"Haha... I'm not used to wearing such an outfit... I'm feeling quite bashful..." A nervous laugh slipped from his lips and an awkward smiled spread under the silky face veil. His hands dropped down to his collarbone height and his brown eyes turned up to Leo's face. As his eyes trailed up, he couldn't help to notice a lot of Leo's skin was showing as well. His body felt firm, muscular... nothing like him. He was nothing but a miserable fat slob in comparison. Pushing back the self-hatred, Florenz had a happy tone in his voice. "What a coincidence that we meet again here, Leo! Even though it's under these... circumstances. I've always wondered how you were doing. You're all tall and cool now. I'm jealous."

Despite the negativity Florenz was keeping to himself, he was genuinely interested and overjoyed to meet his old friend again. As well as shocked and thrilled that he remembered such a nobody like him.

Aiden Carrson
Unknown Place

Aiden's eyes drifted around the room as two girls refused to touch the box, the one guy in boxers transform into something green before crawling under the table. Mostly out of nosiness, he bent down to see what they were up to underneath there. They were hugging and talking to one another. That was enough satisfied his curiosity on that matter. He stood back up just in time to witness the guy & girl couple take each other's hands before their transformation. The guy of the pair was a pokemon he recognized... it was some kind of ghost puppet thing... Banette, he believed was the name. He watched them banter before laughter escapes him.

"Such cute couples with the handholding and hugging!" As Aiden was making a gesture his handcuff's chain snapped apart. Looked at it with an enormous grin on his face not that it could be seen on the beak mask. Though eyes seem to be smiling as well. "The power of love has helped me breakthrough my binding!" The man playfully declared to no one really as he joyfully snickered at his own statement. During his little laugh-fest, the intercom in the room kicked on once again.

"There seem to be a misunderstanding here," a new gruff male voice came through. There was a firm and strict tone in the way he spoke. "You are under my jurisdiction and no one you speak will be able to do anything." There was confidence in the authorial tone of the man that nothing said outside of this place would change anything them. "You can whine about your misfortune that the bronze cube chose you all you want. But I'm afraid refusing to attempt transforming isn't an option. If you continue this refusal, I'll be forced to do this the hard way. This is your only warning." The seriousness of his voice as he gave out his warning made it clear that this wasn't a threat to be taken lightly. There was no more talking as anyone could only assume that he was watching closely if they heed his warning or not.

"Wow, a stuffy serious type. I like the other lady more," Aiden commented as he strolled over to the two refusers. He leaned on the table nearby and glanced at their bronze cube. "You ladies got the OG pokemon, Clefable and Rhydon, nice! So are you going to do it or are going to test Mr. Grumpy?" He was real casual about the whole thing sounding like he didn't really care which option they choose. An unseen big smile remained planted on his face. "Playing along with them is probably your best bet at escaping." He quietly whispered that hoping their mic wouldn't pick it up. Suddenly Aiden stood up straight again began roaming off. "Well, this is your choice to make~" He stated with a musical hum at the end of it.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Selena Diana Artemis/Luna
Unknown place

Leo Silverstone/Lionheart
Unknown place

Selena rolled her eyes at the blonde girl suggesting this whole situation might be fun. Hey, if she wanted to be an idiot, that was her choice. But she wasn’t about to be dragged into this mess. No sir.

Then a man’s voice came up over the intercom, basically threatening her and the other woman who refused to partake in this nonsense. For the umpteenth time today, Selena rolled her eyes. She stood up from her seat, and started to protest. “You can’t threaten me like this! What you’re doing is absolutely illegal!”

“Eh.. I’m still the same person on the inside!” Leo had also heard the scary man on the intercom, and his sister continuing to not cooperate. “Excuse me for one second.” He said to Florenz as he got out from under the table. “Sel, could you just do what he says. You’re my family, and I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

The older of the two shook her head. “No we are not family, and I would appreciate it if you’d stop blurting that out.”

At this point, Leo grabbed his sister’s wrist, and forcibly placed it on the bronze cube.

“Excuse me? What do you think you’re...?


With that, the cube started to glow. Leo backed up as the cube split apart and started forming the pink armor. Selena screamed in pain as the pieces of armor attached to her body. When it was all over, the model fell to her knees. Now dressed in pink armor that was a cross between Clefable, and some type of magical girl.

“Um... I’m sorry... But you’re my big sis... I don’t want something bad to happen to happen to you... Um... Are you ok?”

Selena lifted her head up. Rage was burning in her eyes. “You little twerp!” She stood up, and started walking towards Leo. “Just because our father couldn’t keep it in his pants does not give you the right to make decisions for me!” In her state of anger, Selena accidentally fired a pink orb of glowing energy headed straight for Leo, and possibly anyone else that might have been standing there.

Leo managed to jump out of the way just in time, and the pink orb hit the wall. “Oh my gosh! That was a Moonblast! We have powers too? This is awesome!”
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Internet Overlord
Location: Mysterious Room

Cayenne felt she'd made a pretty good argument. And yet the remaining woman replied with more insanity, coupled with insults. Cayenne rolled her eyes, “A sense of fun? Did you forget we were kidnapped? What makes you think we're here to become superheroes? Oh, and I assure you, I was perfectly comfortable until they dragged me in here half-naked! Thank you!”

One of the guys seemed to understand, mentioning this to her as well. Well, he seemed to get it until the two of them made a pact to open their boxes together. Cayenne was starting to wonder if everyone here was chosen for being insane. They activated their boxes, appearing to be clearly in pain for a few minutes, and then all excited about their new costumes. Wear more comfortable clothes indeed. . .

Meanwhile the boy in the white and green costume lured the one in the flowing pink dress thing out from under the table. Then the guy in handcuff broke free, claiming love had helped him do it. ~ Yeah sure, love.

Then a male voice came over the loudspeaker, claiming to be the ultimate authority for the group and threatening to 'do things the hard way' if they refused to touch the boxes on their own. He sounded serious, and Cayenne looked quietly over the ceiling still trying to determine the exact nature of their prison. They half-hand cuffed psycho then walked over to them and suggested the do it, so that maybe they could escape. He did kind of have a point there, resisting was so far not getting them out of here, but the sheer audacity of it all really irked Cayenne.

The boy that called the other sane girl sister (though she denied it, and rightfully so according to what Cayenne was hearing) then forced her to initiate the transformation. She thanked him by firing off a blast of pink energy that made her half-brother excited rather than afraid. Yep, insane. Cayenne sighed, then made up her mind shouting at the mysterious ceiling voices, “Fine!”

She slapped her hand down on the box, and attempted to recall what they'd called it, “Rhino-n, rhidon-whatever?”

Pain shot through her body, but Cayenne refused to give their captors the satisfaction of acting like a b*tch for them. It wasn't like she'd never been through pain, though this was some of the worst, like an instantaneous full-body tattoo or piercing. She braced herself and clenched her teeth (she'd pay for that in the form of a tension headache later) as the grey and tan armor overtook her body.

When relief came she felt better, stronger, and well, kind of strange. She could see her arms encased in grey armor, though looking down revealed she was in just as skimpy of underclothing as she'd wear when dancing onstage. Though the armor seemed light, she got the sense of bulk behind her, and looking back, saw the suit had a rather sizable tail attached. “Great, a tail,” she commented, “just what I needed. This whole thing is clearly someone's bedroom dress-up fantasy.”


Fire and Ice Combo
Florenz Wistershin
Luvdisc Cloth

Aiden Carrson

Unknown Place

“Eh... I’m still the same person on the inside!” Leo told Florenz before excusing himself and leaving again after hearing the voice from the intercom. The blond man remained under until he heard Clefable being called out and a woman scream. Without fully exposing himself, his face half popped up from the edge of the table. In time to see Selena, he believed was her name, finished transformation in some light pink armor. She wasn't happy in the least even with Leo explaining how he didn't want her to be suddenly punished...

Florenz's brown eyes just stared right at Leo silently. He was indeed the same. The same kind and caring person he remembered, which made him frown bitterly. That genuine happiness annoyed him. Just how wholesome and natural that smile look, filled the man with frustration and envy that he had to struggle at just pretending he was content with everything... Florenz realized he was strongly clutching the edge of the table and his brow had furrowed unpleasantly. He relaxed both his hands and facial expression as he took a breath and stood up. No one appeared to be paying attention to him, which at this moment was a good thing with his embarrassing outfit and loosening facade.

"What adorable sibling love!" Aiden shouted with an applaud before his eyes turned to examine the other girl that had the Rhydon on her cube. The armor did indeed resemble a Rhydon with some, in his opinion, lovely additions. The cloaked man let out a whistle as he eyed her, "You look, ready to rock n' roll." He amusingly stated with a soft laugh. Though that was soon interrupted by the intercom buzzing back in.

"Good choice. I didn't want to force you to submit or pass out in pain with the gas." The man's voice returned after the two women transformed. His rigid tone seemed to indicate that he really didn't care about which outcome occurred. Suddenly the entire room shifted, moved downward like an elevator. The surrounding window to the outdoor suddenly turned to enclosed walls and the glow of machinery around them. The room came to a stop and moments later the door open to reveal an older bearded man probably in his mid-forties with slicked-back dark brown hair, a young blue-haired probably in her early twenties with enchanting aquamarine blue eyes, and a bunch of armed forces. "Welcome to Crimson Corp."


Whether they wanted to or not, the group was surrounded marched into what appeared to be a large training room. It became clear that they could not utilize their powers against their captors or rather the cloths' abilities were being blocked somehow. They received a basic explanation from the older man called Commander Allen and the young woman known as Maertisa as they walked.

The bronze cubes were a vessel that held what they called PokéCloth, a powerful type of costume/armor imbued with the power of the creatures known as Pokémon. These are the only thing that could fight against the creatures within many apparations that has been appearing around the world. While Maertisa had summoned their cubes, the cube themselves have a consciousness of their own and pick their own wearers. Even though the cube chooses its users they are often not compatible. So finding seven Wearers was an opportunity they couldn't just pass by.

With some warnings that they were now marked as a danger that they had all right to 'take care of' and a promise of compensation for their help, the group was forcefully recruited to the Crimson Corp, Selected Division. Under the supervision and with the advice of Maertisa they had some time to figure out and test their powers on training dummies. After being fed and herded off into an armored vehicle, the sinking sun indicated the majority of the Saturday was spent under the Crimson Corp's supervision.


Location: American Museum of Natural History

The van the group was packed into came to a halt. For a few minutes, they just sat in the back of the armored vehicle. Florenz was quietly a bundle of nerves... His training segment didn't give him much confidence in fighting whatever monsters resided in the apparition building. Half of his attacks shot hearts and were supposed to have some kind of effect... Then he literally had an attack that was just flailing his arms around... He wasn't going to be much help here.....

Aiden was quite the opposite of the small blonde, looking very relaxed with the way he was leaning in his seat. The man hummed gleefully to himself as he stared up at the roof of the van. He didn't really care about the mission of neutralizing the apparition threat. The thrill of his current situation was the only thing, other than his inability to cause trouble, keeping him in line. This outfit was pretty cool, he could fly and cover himself with fire. Aiden was more than eager to test it out on living (?) targets. Honestly, the slender man in the orange and gray Talonflame PokéCloth wasn't fully paying attention to all the details. It didn't seem he was doing anything illegal, so there were no problems for him. The rear doors opened and Aiden swiftly exited with a zealous attitude. Florenz, despite the uncertain, got out without looking pessimistic about the whole circumstance.

"Your target is the museum over there" Commander Allen informed them as soon as everyone was in listening range. He gestured and shifted his gaze in the direction of a distant building. The apparition in question was quite a bit away and appeared to be a museum by its pristine marble front. The older man popped a cigarette in his mouth but didn't light it. "This is as close as we can get before machinery stop working, so you're going to have to go on foot. The threat level has been determined to be relatively low, even so, I advise caution. The source of the anomaly appears to be in an area below ground level. This area is surrounded by our forces, so if you try to escape we will know and we will stop you. Good luck with the mission."

With that said Allen proceeded to light his cigarette and smoke as his brown eyes watched them carefully. As soon as the Commander guy stopped talking Aiden rushed off ahead of everyone towards the building. With his ability to fly he was a difficult one to keep up with. Up closer the apparition looked pretty much like a normal museum except for a blurry, ghostly outline and the odd way it appeared to sway.


Aiden Carrson
Inside the Museum

Aiden entered through the door first before everyone else into a rather large area. He could see two reception desk right after entering on both sides of the narrower entranceway. Ahead it appeared to widen and a giant skeleton stood out front and center. This wouldn't normally be anything unusual for a museum, but this one appeared to be some kind of dragon skeleton. Before he could really take in the other sights, the monsters began to creep out behind the desk. They appeared to be very large Omanyte, however, their features were much sharper and their color a bit duller than its video game depiction. Their first action of the ones that got close to the Talonflame was to wrap their tentacles around Aiden's legs.

"Whoa, you guys are clingy!" Aiden told the pokemon that latched onto him. He flew up with two still remaining on him constricting his legs. "Sorry, but this is not one of my kinks." With that statement jokingly sprouted out his body became engulfed in flame as he began to dash into a crowd of the many Omanyte around. He managed to shake off the ones that grabbed him but they seem to have mostly unharmed by his fire attack. A bunch of them began to shoot water at him a couple hit him and it stung quite a bit.

"Ouch, the smarts! This appears to be a bad match-up for me... Good, it's not fun if it's too easy." Aiden muse with much entertainment in his voice as he decided what other moves he should try against these 'pokemon'.

Current enemies: Omanyte x15

9 of them are focus on Aiden while the other 6 seem to be watching the entrance.

Beginner Mission: Ancient Museum of Monsters

This first mission takes place at the American Museum of Natural History located in New York, New York. Even though it has been replaced by an apparition of what appears to be another museum. Narcerne City Gym and Museum to be exact. If it weren't for the electronic interference, the intangible outline, and the skulking shadows within it, it could easily be mistaken for the normal museum. Crimson Corp has been observing this anomaly closely and has determined that the danger level is low. Thus it has been decided to be a good starting point for the new Cloth Wearer to get some real battle training. The entire area is surrounded by armored up soldiers and they are being closely watched, so any attempts to escape will be quickly stopped.

Despite being quite large it appears to only have three areas with the final area seeming to be underneath the other two. This underground area is where the source of the apparition appears to be emitting from. Near the entrance reception area, there are recognizably Omanyte, Kabutops, and Aerodactyl roaming around. While they appear to be pokemon they are rather big and their features are sharper and more rigid in appearance when compare to the one in the video game. The Pokemon seem to be determined to not like intruders wander in deeper.

The Omanyte are though rather weak especially when hit by their weakness. They make up for it with their sheer numbers. They will Bind anyone that really close, use Water Gun if the target is out of reach or a far distance from them, Rollout if their water gun is either ineffective or they are a medium-range away. When they are overwhelmed with attacks they will withdraw into their shells.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Leo Silverstone and Selena Artemis
Unknown Place

After finally being given a proper explanation of why they were all here, they were all sent to a room filled with a bunch of training dummies. Of course, Leo was very excited about this whole. “Oh my gosh! We really are superheroes!” He took a moment to think. “Now let’s see... I’m Gallade. Sooo let’s try... Ooh, Psycho Cut!” Immediately, the blades on Leo’s forearms extended and started glowing then he waved one of his arms, and a crescent shaped blade of light was released, and sliced an innocent dummy. “Omg! Did you see that?! That was awesome!”

Selena found that she did not share her brother’s enthusiasm. Her brother was an idiot. How did she share any genetic material with him? How could he be happy about this. They were recruited into a shadowy government organization for who knows what sinister purpose, and threatened multiple times, and he was happy about it. Honestly... though she would never say it... She was kind of envious of him for that... She didn’t dwell on that for very long. Even though she had better things to do than to play hero, she had no choice but to play along... Even she had to admit, the powers were nice. And the armor she was stuck in wasn’t that bad, compared to some of the others. She got lucky there.

Location: American Museum of Natural History

Later that night, they were sent to the Museum to fight monsters. And by monsters, they meant Pokémon. When they entered, a bunch of large Omanyte began to creep out. Aiden proceeded to attack them right away, and he was having trouble.

“Ok guys. Let’s do this. I’m cheering for you! I used to be a Cheerleader in high school.” He proceeded to wave his arms around and kick his legs up while cheering. “Go team go! We can do it, yes we can! Uhh... this would be better if I had pompoms...”

Selena shook her head and facepalmed. Was he really doing this?

In the middle of his cheering an Omanyte proceeded to wrap its tentacles around Leo’s legs, and shot a water gun in his face.

“I guess I’m not the only one unimpressed by your cheering.” Selena waved her wand, and fired a Moonblast at the Omanyte that was attacking her half brother. Hurting it enough to release him.
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Internet Overlord
Location: Mysterious Room

Cayenne turned, glaring as she looked for the man who'd just whistled and suggested to her, 'You look, ready to rock n' roll.' The guy in flowing pink was behind her, so she assumed it was him. Seriously, was this how belly-dancer boy wanted to die? Apparently he wasn't the shy boy he pretended to be. . . Then she looked up at the ceiling again as a disembodied male voice filled the room, explaining he would have gassed them if they'd not agreed. Talk about not showing your cards.

She staggered as the room started to drop, reaching for the table and muttering, “what the hell?”

As walls and machinery slid past the windows, it became obvious the whole damn room was an elevator. Cayenne shook her head, and turned again as the door opened, revealing an older man and a woman that looked way too young and punk to be in charge of anything government related, 'Welcome to Crimson Corp.'

Location: Mysterious Basement

Cayenne groaned as the group was lead out into this underground lair. The man and the woman were giving a speed talk about the tech they'd just been forced to integrate with. And how it was currently being suppressed.

They also told them that the cubes chose them. Cayenne was pretty sure that was bullshit, but didn't really have a clever rebuttal, nor could she get a word in edgewise (which was frustrating to be honest). And what followed this was a whirlwind of activity.

It started with unwanted training, in which Cayenne pretty much annihilated her dummy between having only very physical attacks and being glad to have something to take her frustrations out on. While others seemed to be recalling details of the pokemon series to discover their atatcks, Cayenne's move discovery was a bit more trial and error.

Next was food, which she was more or less suspicious about. What sort of mind washing meds or mood altering substances might this organization have mixed in? But she was also pretty hungry by now, which when coupled with their previous experiences in which non-compliance didn't work, made it seem pointless to attempt a hunger strike.

And finally they were being shoved into a van (or maybe more of an armored bus).

Location: American Museum of Natural History?

The armored van finally pulled up at it's destination. After a few tense moments, the back doors of the bus swung open. It seemed to be evening, and they were instructed on where to find their target (which basically appeared to be the ghost of a building) and warned of the consequences if they tried escape. Cayenne climbed out after Aiden and some of the others. The rows of soldiers confirmed what they'd been told about trying to escape. She looked at the older man with a smirk, “Hard to trust people you just shanghaied into being your own personal swat team, is it?”

Ahead of them Aiden appeared to be ready to enter the building. Cayenne, without waiting for the old man's reply, the question had been rhetorical after all, headed off after him and those already on their way. Leo, still way to cheerful about all this, was pretending to be a cheerleader as they got close, cheering as nautilus-like monsters started to spill out of the building. Though the glass, Cayenne could see Aiden grappling with several more of the creatures.

The action had begun, it kicked off with Leo being attached and Selena saving him with her wand. Cayenne lifted her hands, sending out a round of rock blasts she'd learned from training, at the nearest creature. It withstood the attack fairly well, rounding on her with a surprisingly painful blast of water. She winced and turned her head. Then she decided if it wanted to play dirty, she could oblige. She charged forward, slamming her armored arms down on it. She called to the others, “We should get inside, I think Aiden is in over his head!”
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