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NightFall Discussion and Info Thread

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by InnerFlame, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo


    InnerFlame(GM)- Luvdisc Cloth- Florenz Witershin- Charmer

    Monster Guy- Gallade Cloth- Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone- Lionheart
    ++Clefable Cloth- Selena Diana Artemis- Luna

    Sketchie- Banette Cloth- Lucas Spenser Moncrief- Asmodeus
    ++Galvantula Cloth- Camilla Cartwright- Stardew

    VampirateMace- Rhydon Cloth- “Cayenne” Patience Murphy- Stone

    Schade- Inteleon Cloth- Serena Dunbrook- Sniper

    Need to Know Info:

    [Will be added as it becomes necessary. For some current information look in the sign-up thread. For specific questions leave it or message me.]

    Current Events/Mission of the RPG


    Your character awakes early this Saturday morning. They will find the bronze cube and perform some morning activities. But not long after that, armed forces will burst into their living area. Both the bronze cube and person will be taken into custody.

    They can comply, or they can give resistance. Both will result in the same outcome. If the person resists, however, they will be treated harshly. Depending on the severity of the resistance, they will be tranquilized and later handcuffed. If the people get the feeling they are scheming something, they are handcuffed as well. After being flown in a rather hi-tech helicopter, they will be put into the same room as Florenz. There is only a large circular table, chairs, and the door they entered. The door cannot be forced open as it has neither a keyhole nor a card reading device inside the room.

    The only thing you can currently do successfully in the room is waiting or gather info amongst yourselves and try to figure out what exactly going on. So talk, give the Bronze Cube further examination, or wait for the higher-ups to show themselves. Those are your choices.


    None at the moment.

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