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Nightmare: The Curse of Darkrai Pg-14


Waiting for summer
((XD This is my second RPG attempt, I hope somebody bothers to sign up this time, or at least look at it xP))

The Tome of Arceus: Verse of Darkrai;
Darkrai's true form lies dormant within him. The only way he shall rise again is to gather the blood of innocent children, but fear not of him. Darkrai only comes during the moon of darkness. But if he reveals his true form, the benevolent world will most likely cease to exist. Cresselia can only do so much to stop her loonatic brother, and once he gains his true form, Cresselia will also cease to exist a long with the benevolent world. She will be dragged to the depths of the Underworld and be imprisoned until she is rightfully released. Expecting this to never happen, she will release her "Final Wish" to her grand father Arceus. Arceus shall raise his thousand arms and cast the final wish, the last hope of Cresselia unto the malevolent world of Darkrai, causing Darkrai's curse upon the world to only become half as powerful. The pure juveniles shall become the angels. The evil adults of Sinnoh will be punished for their bad ways and lose their souls as they serve their now dragonic master for eternity, finding souls of the angels and trying to kill and destroy them.

Tome of Arceus; Verse of Giratina and Darkrai's alliance:
Giratina, one of the dead and Darkrai, one of nightmares and the black moon will join together. They have always loathed the dragon of time and space for preventing them from gaining full powers. But when Darkrai finally becomes his true demonic self, Giratina will know that it is time to kill his brothers, and wreak havoc because of the stop in time and the ever growing distortion of space.

A little kid is going to bed, his parents kiss him goodnight as he feels peaceful and gently falls asleep, the stars resting in place. The perfect scene of serenity as the Pokemon calm down and fall asleep silently under the night Sky of Sinnoh. The dark new moon, dissappeared from the sky.

"Wretched fools, they did not realise they must cower in fear of me, Cresselia, go burn in a bonfire for all I care ya saintly kill-joy," Darkrai thought to himself as he flew through the new moon sky and into the little child's room.

"Heh, another little victim, crud! His parents are coming!" Darkrai thought to himself as he merged with the darkness of the room.

"I think we should . . ." The mother said.

"No, don't tell me, are you insane woman?!? Do you really want to kill him with that chef's knife? It's a good thing you put on latex gloves to hide the evidence," The father responded. "I still wonder why we have to kill him though," The father thought to himself.

"I think I'll make victims out of these idiots anyway so that nobody can interfere," Darkrai thought to himself as he smiled under his red jaw-piece and floated up out of the shadows and attacked them with dark void.

"What the . . . ah!" the parents said as they were strapped to a cross and were killed right on the spot in a horrifyingly gruesome nightmare.

"Tell me, why do you want to kill your son?" Darkrai asked angrily.

"We, we have to, we must kill him. We both have a sadistic need for flesh. We usually kill other children when they come over for a play date, and our son is finally catching on that we stab them to death and eat their flesh when we accidentally put one of his best friend's leg muscles in his sandwhich for lunch one time," The now seemingly insane mother said.

Cresselia had come in and gave a mad look at Darkrai and the parents. She made a noise that sounded like tsk tsk and then started to explain.

"Darkrai, why do I have to say this, don't kill that child man. Geez, for a brother you're such an imbicile to let me enter your nightmares in the open Darkrai. I would suggest you two go to a mental facility immediately," Cresselia butted in the dream.

Darkrai had ignored Cresselia entirely and killed the two parents for real before they had Cresselia had any time to save them. Cresselia had to fly back to her island to try to think something out.

"Oh dear Arceus, can you hear me?" Cresselia asked.

"Yes one of the crescent moon?" Arceus called back through his giant crystal ball high above sky pillar in the heavens.

"I'm worried about my brother, he's been hording a lot of children on his island, I think he's planning to kill them all entirely so that he can . . ." Cresselia was cut off because she could feel her brother, Darkrai, activate his life destroying nightmares on tons of innocent children on a nearby island.

"Yes, Cresselia, you will be dead as I transform from these children's energy!" Darkrai yelled for Cresselia to hear as she started to be Surrounded by dark energy that was pulling her down into the gates of the Pokemon Underworld below.

"Arceus, if I never return, my last wish from me, you have given so much to me, I . . . I, want you to, save the humans, whatever you can do will help grand father," Cresselia cried her final wish to Arceus as his thousand arms stretched into his viewing portal, and cast a spell over Sinnoh.

"Your wish, won't be in vain, Granddaughter Cresselia," Arceus said as she screamed for one last time before vanishing in the Pokemon underworld.

Just then, Darkrai had killed all of the human children trapped on his island, and he had absorbed enough energy to finally go into his evolved form.

"Vampiric form!" Darkrai chanted silently in his mind with darkly malevolent enthusiasm as his body sprouted black Vampire wings and his body took a different shape all together.

Black wings of a vampire sprouted out of his back, his red jaw piece broke as it turned into the innocent blood of the children that he killed. That blood went into his eyes as they became a deathly crimson. Darkrai's body grew into the shape of a vicious dragon of the night. He then went back to work for his ultimate plan to rule the world as he roared with a dark spell that only the tome of Arceus, and Arceus himself was expecting to come down. The dark call reverberated around Sinnoh, the adult humans with evil hearts having the last of their souls taken away as they were transformed into Vampires that seeked out the remaining souls for their new found master.

Arceus's spell however, sent the last drop of Cresselia's hope and spirits, of overcoming this horrible nightmare. The children and their Pokemon fused together, and now with this power, they are destined to confront Darkrai and defeat him. Arceus named them angels because they are the only hope left in the world for its restoration to its original state. The vampires seek these angels out because they have more powerful souls than the regular humans. And in this state of near apocalypse, Arceus has gone into withdrawal from over-exerting himself and creating so many angels at once. Of course, the other legendaries did not fuse with humans, but merely went into hiding to avoid the black sheep of the family. Of course, Giratina has no fear of Darkrai, in fact, they have formed an alliance to destroy the other two dragons, Dialga and Palkia, and take over due to the corruption of time and space, trapping everybody in an eternal nightmare while Giratina sends them to the dimension of death.


1. Follow all SPPF and RPG forum rules gosh darnit!
2. That being said, make sure you're posts are a good seven lines or more when we start this thing (I don't really like to count OOC/ out of character posts a lot so make sure to account that when posting once this thing gets started)
3. PG-14: You can have romance.

Romance=I don't really care too much, Kissing=Hmm, just don't make it too long, Make-out: Uhhh, not on here!, Details: Heck no!
4. Do not PM me for approval! That annoys the crud out of me! I'll get to approving/dissaproving sign ups when I can since I have a life and two baby siblings to handle.
5. When I dissaprove someone, I will dissaprove and I will give the reason why, even though I don't really dissaprove that much on other sites but here may be different, I'm not exactly sure yet, I know the quality of sign ups here is higher than the other sites I RP on.
6. For gosh sake no god-modding or bunnying! I dislike people who god-mod with a passion!

Spots Open:

Water: Taken by Ventus3
Flying: Taken by Ventus3

A character can have up to two types. They must also have the pokemon that they fused with, they must have that pokemon's first type (if dual) and then they can choose a second type of their liking.

(this also goes for Vampires that I mentioned only slightly in the story, sorry for that slight mention, but if you want to be a vampire, you have to choose dark or ghost as your first type and then you can choose another type from there)

Sign Up

Name: (self explanitory! xP)
Race: (Vampire or Angel [that would be the humans who got merged with their pokemon by Arceus])
Age: (I'm saying 12-17 here for Angels. Vampires have to be 18 and up because only the adults were affected by Darkrai's spell thanks to Arceus getting in the way.)
Side: (Good or Bad gosh darn it!)
Description: (Make it at least a good five sentence paragraph please I can't stress this one enough)
Personality: (Same as description!)
History before Darkrai's spell: (Describe what has happened to you before Darkrai became his evolved form and casted his spell. A good five sentences will do for here)
Hobbies: (Just list hobbies or stuff that they liked to do before the spell, this is easy and can be done in a list if you want, it's not required, but it's just to see if you really know your characters likes based on thier personality)

Other Info:
Pokemon they merged from: (The pokemon they merged with if you're an Angel)
Typing: (Choose two types from the list, only choose types that are not already reserved or officially taken)
Attacks: (Pokemon attacks and their effects. It would be nice if you put Serebii's definition of the attack, but I'll accept any definition as long as it's accurate to the actual attack)
Ability: make an ability for yourself! (this can be made up as long as it makes sense and isn't too powerful. Make sure to describe it well. And if you are using an in-game ability, you can use the Serebii defenition or your own if it is accurate. I will check xD)


Partner(s): (These are other people you are partners with, make sure to PM them, and make sure they are approved before you list them as your partner in crime. That would be weird to not tell the other person you want to be their partner in the RP)

RPG Example: Make sure it is what you would regularly post if you got accepted into the RP. Tell us how your character would act and the quality of your average RP posts. Again, it is not absolutely needed, but this is for more experienced users in this section. It is suggested that you give one though as it will probably make up my mind if you are approved or not.
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Yami Ryu

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I'm not a mod but I guess I could help you- an rpg is basically like a story and you should have listened to me when I posted in that one shot of yours. That was you wasn't it? With the Gardevoir?

The characters are a bit shallow and rushed, as is the show of plot, it came out like a bad chapter. It's also a bit of a stretch to take Darkrai and turn him from a silent force that causes nightmares into something that swears more than a rapper.

Then how is Arceus all crying cause Cresselia is dying. What he is powerless against Darkrai? If Darkrai is so powerful then why is only Cresselia dead. What was so important about Darkrai slaughtering just Cresselia under Arceus' nose and turning into something reminesent from YuYuHakusho.

Oh wait it's explained at the very end. But still, what is so special about a bunch of humans and a little essence of Cresselia when her whole form was over taken by Darkrai.

Plot needs: Who Where When Why and there was something else but I forget. You get the Who/Where/When/Why down. Then you elaborate elaborate elaborate and try and make sure it makes a bit of sense, before just posting it. I mean no offense but I don't think you'll get anyone with this basic of a plot.

Try and elaborate and develop the characters, the plot, the interaction, as what you post here is an example of the quality you will give to others in a role play. If you give them a good example then you should get people signing up.