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Nimh's Fighting Monotype Bonanza


Fighting Type Prof.
Hitmonchan - Male - Sertorius
@Muscle Band
Iron Fist
Quiet Nature

Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Sky Uppercut

LV: 100
HP: 231
ATK: 267
DEF: 215
SP. ATK: 105
SP. DEF: 253
SPEED: 171


Medicham - Female - Effie
@Wide Lens
Pure Power
Quiet Nature

Hi Jump Kick
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch

LV: 100
HP: 246
ATK: 180
DEF: 178
SP. ATK: 177
SP. DEF: 194
SPEED: 181


Scrafty - Male - Reglius
@Expert Belt
Shed Skin
Lonely Nature

Hi Jump Kick
Head Smash
Dragon Claw

LVL: 100
HP: 276
ATK: 275
DEF: 243
SP. ATK: 109
SP. DEF: 253
SPEED: 167


Breloom - Female - Ariadne
Effect Spore
Gentle Nature

Seed Bomb
Iron Tail
Rock Slide
Sky Uppercut

LVL: 92
HP: 262
ATK: 292
DEF: 159
SP. ATK: 150
SP. DEF: 144
SPEED: 166


Infernape - Male - Hephaestus
@Lucky Egg
Adamant Nature

Brick Break
Aerial Ace
Shadow Claw
Flame Wheel

LVL: 94
HP: 261
ATK: 264
DEF: 154
SP. ATK: 198
SP. DEF: 167
SPEED: 237


Lucario - Female - Rumia
@Rocky Helmet
Inner Focus
Hardy Nature

Flash Cannon
Aura Sphere
Shadow Ball

LVL: 92
HP: 270
ATK: 251
DEF: 175
SP. ATK: 257
SP. DEF: 137
SPEED: 212


EDIT: Added moveset changes, Natures, and Level up with stat increases. I still love my team--and they work for me (not meaning to sound huffy).
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Psyched Up
Staff member
Shadow Ball over Psychic on Lucario, for better coverage.

Return over Iron Tail on Breloom. Iron Tail has less power, less accuracy, and doesn't actually covers anything. Return doesn't really covers anything either, but at least it has higher power (102 on max happiness) and higher accuracy.

Rock Slide/Ice Punch over Poison Jab on Medicham, for better coverage.


→ s o a r i n g
A Dragon dance Scrafty would be better since you boost your attack.

-Dragon Dance
- Crunch
- Hi Jump Kick / Drain Punch
- Ice punch

Medicham is probably better as all physical. Swords dance over Aeriel ace on infernape and Flare blitz / fire punch over flamethrower. Close combat also works over brick break. Nasty plot on Lucario because you need a special attacker at least. Dark pulse / shadowball over psychic and NP over earthquake. A calm mind virizion can also go over breloom for another special sweeper.


Fighting Type Prof.
Personally, I don't like non-damaging attacks, but I was thinking of replacing my Poison Jab with Ice punch. I've thought about Flame Charge, but doesn't it cause self-damage? I like to stay as far away from those as I can (I only barely tolerate Head Smash).

I like keeping Psychic on Lucario to cover her weakness to fighting, but I might consider the dark move. That way, Reglius, Effie (she DID have Shadow Ball previously, I just got tired of it, since I never use it anymore), and Hephaestus for Psy/Ghost cover. I just wish I had better cover for Flying. :( GF needs to get on a Fighting/Electric or Fighting/Ice poke, but I digress.

Not a big fan of Return, but I Looooove Iron Tail. It always lands a crit for me (don't know why, but it does). It's been doing that since I first taught it to her in Emerald.

Infernape can't learn Fire Punch outside of Egg move, and I form attachments, so I don't want to replace him with a clone.

Also, does anyone have any idea what item I should give Hephaestus? He's at level 94 right now, and I won't be needing Lucky Egg on him, soon. I don't want to opt for a copy item (like, giving him one that is already held by someone else...I'm OCD and can barely stand the Scrafty and Lucario having a name that starts with the same letter).

(Sorry if this sounds weird, my meds have kicked in, and I'm a tad high right now).


Psyched Up
Staff member
Flame Charge doesn't cause recoil, that would be Flare Blitz, which floatzel98 did suggest.

Dark Pulse instead of Shadow Ball for Lucario is fine, considering Dark & Ghost has similar coverage anyway.

Quiet Hitmonchan is really bad, but I guess you won't want to replace it.
I know you dont want to replace Hitmonchan, but you could at least breed for a better nature. Quiet hurts Hitmonchan more than it helps(which it doesn't). I would actually suggest doing this for most of your team except for Infernape because they all have useless natures (except for Infernape. Breed for Adamant or Jolly natures, however Lucario prefers Modest or Timid). I would also suggest getting Poison Heal on Breloom as Effect Spore is not as useful as Poison Heal. Hope I helped! :)