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Nintendo and the Mobile Market

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Sonic Boom, May 8, 2015.

  1. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    Earlier this year, Nintendo announced that they would be entering the mobile scene in a partnership with mobile gaming developer DeNA. Nintendo bought 10% of DeNA for 181 million $US, while DeNA gained 1.24% of the company.


    There was also talk about a cross-platform system between smartphones and tablets with Nintendo consoles to be released this fall. It's assumed to be the precursor to the still-in-planning-stages NX, a console that would bridge Nintendo console with mobile gaming completely.

    As it stands right now, little news has been released concerning the development since then. We've known about the Mario game taking gameplay cues from the mobile hit Puzzles and Dragons, which itself will see a release on the Nintendo 3DS really soon. It was also announced today that according to a Sankei publication, the producer of the last 4 Mario Kart games will be in charge of Nintendo's mobile gaming branch.

    It's a safe bet to assume we'll be hearing more about the mobile expansion next month at E3.
  2. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    From the investor meeting:

  3. Void Ventus

    Void Ventus Sic Parvis Magna

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