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Nintendo Direct Thread


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Loved the announcements :)
Thankfully though rematches are still possible in BDSP currently.
Yeah, but it's pretty annoying that you have to go through the gym puzzles all over again just to do them.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
There's an outside chance of BDSP getting DLC, but I think it's much more likely that Legends Arceus gets DLC announced. BDSP is a budget game made by a developer that doesn't have a lot of experience making full games on their own, and it feels like they've included everything they want to include. LA on the other hand, is a bigger budget game made by Game Freak, who's already done DLC before, and is a new experience that they can build on if they want. I could see DLC to throw in a new area or two and expand the Hisui Dex to include the handful of Sinnoh Dex Pokemon that didn't make it in like Meditite/Medicham and Marill/Azumarill as well as the 5th-7th gen Pokemon that still have not appeared in 8th gen at all yet. More Hisuian forms would also be welcome of course. All of that would add up to a little over 100 extra Pokemon in the game which should be a good amount.
Are there any leaks of this or are you just speculating?
Speculation, but seriously, it's bound to happen eventually. There's absolutely no reason not to keep the house at Canalave City locked or the stone tablet at the end of Route 22-something just be a simple dead end.


Eh, ragazzo!
Yeah, I'll watch the Xenoblade Direct, and see what it's about.

I got about 270 hours into Xenoblade 2 and still haven't beaten it. Xenoblade 3 will wait for a bit at least.

Also, people on the Internet need to chill.

Captain Jigglypuff

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The way I see it any type of Nintendo Direct is good as we get to have more games to select from and know what games to expect.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Yeah, this is kind of crushing, but not totally unexpected.

Part of the problem is that they have a lot of games coming soon... but they're mostly games for niche fanbases. We've got Xenoblade, Fire Emblem (and a spinoff no less), Bayonetta, Advance Wars (Maybe. Hopefully, for the fans of this series), and Mario + Rabbids, and those are great for those fanbases, but overall they're not really crowd pleasing, broadly appealing games that have sold well (none of those IPs have sold more than 3-4 million IIRC). We have Splatoon 3, Pokemon SV, and Mario Kart DLC, but Splatoon 3 and MK are fairly samey/relying on old content, so those games aren't quite as exciting either. So quantity wise the year is pretty packed, but quality wise it feels like we could use one more thing and we're waiting on a Direct to see if there is that one more thing. Or at the very least finally give us the breakdown on BotW2 and/or tease something in 2023 to get excited for.


Eh, ragazzo!
It's good to keep in mind that this Direct doesn't necessarily mean another general Direct won't come soon.

I'm not saying, "give your hopes up", but it's worthy to keep in mind.


Eunie is as Eunie does.
As someone who’s looking forward to Xenoblade 3 more than any other game this year I’m personally cool with this. That said, I’m hoping we get a more general Direct not long after cause I’m definitely feeling the drought too.

Pokemon Power

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I guess this means the general Direct will have more room. I mean if XC3 is having it's own Direct, then what's the point of including it in the main one?