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Nintendo Discussion Rules (Updated May 20, 2014)

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by RedStarWarrior, May 9, 2007.

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  1. RedStarWarrior

    RedStarWarrior Forum Tsar

    As moderator of the Nintendo Discussion forum, I felt that some rules needed to be established. They may be updated at anytime, so keep an eye on the title of this thread as it will notify you of when the last update was made. Everyone is expected to follow the rules and if you have any questions, please feel free to PM one of the moderators. Thank you.

    1. No SPAMing

    SPAMing stands for:


    Also, if your post is 4 words or less, then it is considered SPAMing, so please try and make your posts as long and as descriptive as possible.

    2. No Flaming

    Posts made with the direct intention of insulting a member or a group are considered flaming. Bashing or insulting a video game or a console in a manner that would be considered flaming, if your subject was a person, will not be tolerated.

    3. No Bumping Old Topics

    If you post in a thread that no one has posted in for over a month, then that is considered bumping. Please refrain from doing that.

    4. No Duplicating Topics

    When you make a thread discussing a certain Nintendo game and there is already a thread made discussing that game, then that is duplicating a topic. Please post in the original topic of that game if you would like to discuss it. All conversations in regards to a game do not have to be limited to a single thread, but please check that your topic does warrant a seperate thread and if you are not sure, feel free to ask via PM.

    I would also like to add that if you are in a situation where you might be duplicating a topic, but the original topic is over a month old, then that is the only situation where you are allowed to duplicate a topic. If it is not over a month old, then you just post in the original thread.

    5. Thread Substance

    When posting a thread, make sure that that your initial post is sufficient enough to create a discussion. Starting a thread with "Talk about Metal Gear Solid 2 here," as the first post won't cut it. Threads that have 'weak' initial posts, i.e. a lack of substance, will be closed.

    6. No Discussion of Emulators or ROMs

    Emulators are programs whose purpose is to mimic the functionality of another system, such as a gaming console, and by ROMs I am referring to the the binary information transferred from a game cartridge to an image file. The legality of emulators depends on several factors which we can not waste our time looking up, so please don't discuss them. ROMs, on the other hand, are generally illegal, hence the reason for all talk of them being prohibited. Only in cases where legality can be readily proven beyond a shadow of a doubt will discussion be allowed on such a topic. It requires prior moderator approval via PM, though, before posting.

    Due to the questionable legality of such items, members who post references to ROMs or emulators will be warned and if they persist, they will be banned.

    7. In Regards to Multi-Platform Games

    If you have a game that is sold for both a Nintendo and a non-Nintendo console and you would like to post a thread discussing the game, then please do it in the Other Video Game Discussion Forum. Multi-platform games include ones like Sonic Heroes, Soul Calibur II, and Medal of Honor: Rising Sun.

    Exceptions to this rule would be if you were going to post about a specific feature present in only the Nintendo version of the game. An example would be a thread about Link in Soul Calibur II. However, a thread comparing Link, Spawn, and Heihachi from Soul Calibur II would go in OVGD.

    8. For Help with Games

    If you need help with a game, whether it is defeating a tough boss, finding a secret level, or obtaining a rare item, please post your question in the Official Nintendo Game Help Thread. Any topic made that requests help with a game will be closed and/or deleted, so please post in the provided thread.

    9. For Help Choosing a Game

    If you can't decide what game you want to rent/buy, feel free to ask for opinions in the Official "What Game(s) Should I Get?" Topic. All topics that request opinions on game choice will be closed and/or deleted, so please post in the provided thread.

    10. Official Posts

    Official posts are posts that are deemed important by the moderating staff of the forum and we will add the word 'Official' to your thread's title if necessary. Do NOT put 'Official' in your own thread title unless you have prior approval of a moderator. Self-proclaiming your thread to be official will result in its closure.

    11. Nintendo Network

    Any dicussions specifically involving Nintendo Network or other online features of a game belong in the Nintendo Network Forum. All topics not abiding by this rule will be moved or closed. Topics about online features will still be allowed in the Nintendo Discussion Forum so long as the conversation does not revolve around the online components of the games.

    12. Upon Thread Closure

    If your thread has been closed for one of the above reasons and you would like to amend your thread so that it fits within the rules and can be reopened, please PM me and we can discuss it. You are also welcome to PM me if you do not understand why your thread was closed.

    13. Arranging Games and Tournaments

    You are allowed to arrange matches and tournaments, but only in the Nintendo Network Forum in order to keep discussion of the game itself separate from negotiations of matches. Once again, be sure to check the Nintendo Network Guidelines before posting a new thread.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 21, 2014
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