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Nintendo DS - Innovator, Sex Educator?


I'm not directly linking to the link on IGN because the article is deemed mature, so I am summarizing it.

Lapis DS: Sex Education

A magical pet adventure

There is a rise in females becoming interested in video gaming thanks to the DS and someone wants to market to them a rather... unique game.

Basically this game's purpose is to teach girls about sex. It is supposed to remove the sex metaphor by using another metaphor and let them "connect to their own sexuality". Another objective is for it to improve the actual act.

The creator said that she got her ideas from such games Tamagotchi, Animal Crossing, and Nintendogs. So it will have that "cutesy" look to it. Right now though it's in prototype form.

With its look some parents who will buy this for their children may not even know what it is made for.

My WTF scale has risen to 100/10.


Flannigan's Ball
My WTF-ometer just imploded...


lol... imagine the touch screen features. Maybe I'll get this game just for kicks...


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WTF - next you will see games that tell you how to get rid of STD's or what to do if you get pregnant, lol.

WTFometer has just risen to 100%



my response:

WT... just kidding. I don't really care. My WTF meter is 4/10 really.


How about disguising it as an RPG where you must find the Legendary Cl...

Reggie: Alright, that's enough outta you!

*gets hauled out*


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Well, I read this from another forum and the devlopers are Ubisoft and it was though up by a french-canadian woman. Basically it involves rabbits and the faster you touch the screen, the rabbit begins to do stuff, heck if you didn't know anything, you wouldn't have thought that was a mastrubating game. I wonder if this will reach the U.S. Just to let you know, this game was created for woman, teaching them how they can mastrubate, so yeah.

My WTF meter has risen by 1 I expected this, YOU KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!1!!
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Hmmm. I wonder if you could impost a sprite of yourself into the game and "mix with the other genders"....Hmmmmm!!!!


Super Gamer
What the f*ck is what WTF means...xD

Anyway. Guys - imagine playing a game and learning how to please a woman. I won't believe it when I hear people masturbating over this game - its just so ****ed up and retarded.



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MidnightScott said:
What the f*ck is what WTF means...xD

Anyway. Guys - imagine playing a game and learning how to please a woman. I won't believe it when I hear people masturbating over this game - its just so ****ed up and retarded.


If people do mastrubate over this game, they must have a thing for rabbits cause that's what this game involves.

ViNe WhIp

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Whoa this isnt Rub rabits is it?


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Well, now I've seen everything. I wonder if it'll be online...

Poke Freak

... what the? The game? The teaching? The inappropriateness? The heck? Who thought of this and more importantly who's paying this person to think of this stuff? Well thank goodness Jack Thompson had his lawyer licence remove or else he would be going crazy over this one...

The WTF scale has risen so freakin' high that it just broke.


With Action Amusing!
Yeeeessss, I read the article about this one. Although it's designed for women I bet more men end up buying it out of 'curiosity', eh guys ;)


Super Gamer
I wouldn't waste my money out of "curiosity" and I'm not interested in this game. I think this French-Canadian woman is ****ed up in the head and should be fired from Ubisoft.