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Nintendo Set to Reveal New Console!!


Rev up those fryers
Playing games anywhere in your house sounds fun, and hey, constipation can be solved through Resident Evil on the Loo. And midnight gaming on your bed with a 6.6 inch screen sounds awesome. In general, this is a great day for gaming.

It's not anywhere in your house, I think it has to be about 10 feet from the TV.


Spec sheets got external HDD's as a storage option. I think we can say Nintendo just made me get a stroke of joy.

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
The WiiU looks pretty awesome I can't wait until Nintendo show off the game and I mean full proper games not prototypes.


Where is the spec sheet, their website? I'd like to take a look.
Officially they haven't got one I think, the press haven't released all the assets from Nintendo's press sites yet, but Kotaku does have a good amount of info from Nintendo pre E3. I can't find it but its definitely one of the features.


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Yeah, that appears to be what's been released so far. I'm interested to get more details on the CPU and GPU, as well as the discs they're going to be using.

Chaotic Houndoom

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Wiiiiiiii U.

I was somewhat disappointed. Not because of the system, looks awesome!

But from what they talked about.

I was confused at first on how the thing worked. They should have showed the system in there too, and not just left it out. Left alot of people hanging and ????????

I was expecting more games that were gonna be released. I'm glad they announced SSB4. That's one game I would get for it for sure.

I wish they said a price. But I'm guessing it will be 300-400, possible little more, I hope not.

Wouldn't be surprised if they said all of this next E3 like they did with the 3DS. They announced it, and this E3, they gave games and stuff.

So that's my only downer about it, other than that. I'm excited to see Nintendo in HD. :)

Armored Zangoose

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They stole my idea.

Nintendo stole my idea.

How dare they! I've had the idea of a console wheere you could play the game as a handheld when the Tvis off. That's it, I'm suing.

...wait, I've always wanted hat, so shouldn't I be happy? It's not like I would've made one or anything. Nevermind XP.

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Evil
No worries, threads around here switch without warning. I'm not sure why the one in Console discussion was closed and the one in the E3 Forum kept open, I'm assuming that forum wont stick around forever.

I'm still wondering how the SSB thread in OVGD is still open