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Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Next Hardware - SOURCE ALL NEWS/RUMORS


Try to understand.
Wasn’t Street Fighter V supposed to be terrible when it was first released because of the Story Mode?
The content was lacking upon first release, but they released updates and different editions with more content.

It's kind of a similar treatment to Kirby Star Allies, without the different editions part.


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Speaking of Capcom games, I mentioned this in the Smash thread but some JRPGs I'd really love to check out are Breath of Fire 3, Breath of Fire 4 and Breath of Fire 5 ported over to the Nintendo Switch. I believe Breath of Fire, Capcom's premier traditional fantasy JRPG, is Capcom's most mismanaged series and is vastly underrated. You can see it in the re-release history of the Breath of Fire games. The first two Breath of Fire games have been repetitively re-released a fair amount but the ones that don't get a lot of attention are the PS1 titles Breath of Fire 3 and Breath of Fire 4 which are considered by fans as the most successful and the best the BoF series has to offer. Those games only got one port on outdated hardware and then there is Breath of Fire 5 which was considered pretty new for JRPGs and that never got a single port. I've checked out 1 and 2 but I really want to see what 3 and 4 has to offer because apparently that is Breath of Fire at its best. Also 5 sounds really interesting in the lore department.


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Looks like Outer Worlds has a release date for Switch. If you didn’t pick it up on another platform I’d highly recommend it.

Now it just needs Outer Wilds

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During the recent press release, Nintendo confirmed they do not have plans to have another Switch SKU in 2020. So this means no new form factor too.*

They also confirmed they intend to support their games with DLC, which combined with the previous statement means instead of getting DPPt remakes in 2020, suggests we will likely get another Expansion Pass for Sword & Switch for Spring-Summer 2021 to have access to the remaining 200 something non-Mythical Pokémon (Sinnoh remakes will still likely happen in later 2021, though, obviously).


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It's a bit weird, but Platinum Games is apparently opening a kickstarter to fund a remaster for The Wonderful 101. Said kickstarter only took like 5 minutes to get a Switch version made.

However, Platinum Games hasn't said anything about a kickstarter.
Might be an elaborate scam. They do pop up occasionally on Kickstarter from time to time.


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The physical game reward is only 40 dollars, so if you’re planning on getting the game that’s a steal.

I want the Wonder Red jacket though

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Platinum Games is really aiming to make this the definitive edition of The Wonderful 101. That another Wii U game I own that I'll buy again on Switch and sell the retail copy of.