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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Help!


Wraith Protector
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Help

If your using broadband and are having trouble with your wireless route and your DS then look no farther here is the Tutorial that can help you.

Problems that it can be.

Q1. Your Access Point has a password on it(recommended that it does) and whenever the DS connects it has a Difficult time giving you an Auto IP.

A1. To fix this simply on your DS goto your Nintendo Wi-Fi Setup, With your Stylus tap on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings, tap on Connection 1, tap Manual Setup, Edit your SSID(Access Point) simply input your access point name, WEP Key if there is one, Auto-obtain IP Address click NO. Now on your PC goto your Desktop and Right click on My Network Places, and goto Properties(this should open a folder up), Right click on your LAN connection leading to the internet(this is the card that you access the internet with from your PC) goto Properties, look for a check box that say Internet Protocall, In it you should find information that your computer uses to access the internet much like your DS, simply input an IP Address on your DS that has xxx.xxx.xxx.7(x should be the same as on your computer the only thing you should change right here is the last digit), Subnet Mask should be, the Gateway and DNS should be the same as on your PC. Save the Settings and try it. (Please make sure no to earse any setting in your computers Internet Protocall otherwise it will not be able to access the internet.)

Q2. My computer doesn't have a Default Gateway or DNS what should I do?

A2. Simply input your computers IP Address into the Default Gateway and DNS in your DS, remeber that your IP on your DS has to be different than the one on your computer otherwise there will be a comflict.

Q3. My Access Point does have a password.

A3. On your DS goto your Nintendo Wi-Fi Setup, tap Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings, tap Connection 1, tap Search for an Access Point, choose your access point, and save the settings.

If there are any more questions please feel free to ask them!


A Shadow of Darkness
Ok, I've heard about not much mac support for the wifi stuff so I was wondering, I use the airport station to get wireless internet throughout the house, does the DS wifi work with that or I will I have to find another way?

your WW code is 0730-7545-1773. Where did you get that number? When I go to the Wi-Fi setup part of it, all I see is the Wireless Internet "name" I use for the internet.

help ASAP please, over at the Animal Crossing club, we're going to have a New Years Eve get together