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| Nirvana | Original RP | SU |

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Samantha Sparks, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    | Nirvana | Original RP | PG-15 | SU |


    Prologue Part 1 - Genesis

    There once lived seven aristocratic families who ruled over the magical realm of Nirvana - the Nirvana Families. Nirvana was a fantasy utopia literally filled with magic and excitement. You can find many mythical creatures here, including those that cannot be found anywhere on Earth. These families ruled in harmony until one day, the thing that held Nirvana together - the Nirvana Core, was stolen by a mysterious entity named Thanatos. In front of the seven families, Thanatos broke the Core into 7 pieces - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White and Transparent. He then flung the core pieces into different places where they will (probably) never be seen again. Thanatos then became the new core and Nirvana was re-designed and renamed the Dead Zone.

    When Thanatos robbed Nirvana of its core, the whole place began to collapse and crumble and its magic began to be lost. Every human and creature attempted to escape into another realm - a realm they call Utopia, a realm with no magic, that is, until, the inhabitants of Nirvana came. It may be a nice realm, but it wasn't home. The Nirvana families too, managed to escape to Utopia, hoping for a counterattack against Thanatos. The Nirvana families settled in different areas of Utopia and made it their homes, along with many other creatures and humans. The Nirvana families coexisted harmoniously with the original inhabitants of Utopia, promising to leave once they got their homes back.

    One day, the Nirvana families spotted another realm with magic - Gaia. While magic was supposedly meant to be a secret in this realm, it was abundant. The Nirvana families believe that this realm, too, may face the same fate as theirs. Thus, the Nirvana families established their own dimensional links between Utopia and Gaia, allowing them to traverse between dimensions.

    Up until this day, the Nirvana families have not found the first piece of the Nirvana Core, despite having looked so hard. Today, some members of the Nirvana Families live in Gaia, while others in Utopia.

    In the realm known as Gaia, or rather, Earth, technology is highly advanced and humans rule this realm. What they don't know is that this realm is filled with one special thing - magic.

    In this realm, magic users come in the hundred thousands, small compared to the billions who inhabit this realm. These magic users have heard many reports of mysterious occurences of magic-based phenomenom. Some have investigated but failed to produce results up until this day.

    The Nirvana Families continue their quest on Gaia. Some of them have reported seeing a mysterious being rummaging through their houses. When they approach the being, it was gone.

    Gaia mages have reported seeing a similiar being rummaging through their houses. They have actually faced this creature face-to-face, but lost in the process. After gaining consciousness, they note that oneor more of their Arcanite Relics(including Cursed and Devil Relics) are lost.

    This creature has been sighted all over Gaia, described to be doing the same thing all over. Whatever this being was doing, it definitely wasn't good.

    Recently, a similiar creature has been spotted in Utopia, doing the same thing all over. No one knows why or how, but everyone believes that this thief is going for something terrible. Recently, the being has also been kidnapping familiars, for what reason no one knows.

    Nirvana Families

    There are 7 Nirvana Families, each controls one different Element. They play a major part in the story. Each family has a family head who is akin to the leader of a faction. The thing that seperates Nirvana families from regular magicians is their ability to pass down one special spell from generation to geberation through blood only. This is known as Bloodline Magic.

    Alexis Stilton II(Head)
    Colby Stilton and Stella Stilton(Children)
    Gin Furukawa(Cousin's child), Familiar: Tamae



    Andres Terra(Head)



    ???(Darkness) - Head Reserved by SoulMuse

    Devil Relics

    Ankh of Sekhmet - Katherine Darling
    The Saxon Feather - Elizabeth Gyfford

    Other characters

    Martin Hemingway(Magician)

    These are the elements known elements one can have in this RP

    Non-elemental lacks weaknesses.

    Earth is weak against Water and Ice. It involves the manipulation of metals, the ground, rocks, and alchemy.
    Water is weak against Lightning and Ice. These mages have an affinity for water and are able to adapt to and manipulate water.
    Fire is weak against Water and Spirit. Magicians of this element have an affinity for heavy heat, and are able to burn.
    Wind is weak against Lightning and Earth. Magicians of this element have an affinity for the sky and the wind.
    Light and Darkness are weak against each other, and both are weak against Spirit. Light magic is able to support allies with methods like healing(it cannot revive the dead) and Darkness magic focuses more on torture.
    Lightning is weak against Earth and Nature.
    Poison is weak against Lightning and Water
    Ice is weak against Fire and Spirit. These magicians have an affinity for cold environments and can freeze.
    Nature is weak against Fire and Poison. This element involves the manipulation and affinity with mother nature.
    Spirit is weak against Wind and Nature. This element involves Necromancy and soul-draining, along with the manipulation of spirits and the ethereal. This is the only element that has spells that can revive the dead, or transfer bodies.

    Magician - Magic user. Duh.
    Arcanite Relic - a magic-based ancient weapon that enhances magic abilities.
    Cursed Relic - an Arcanite Relic that has been cursed through methods, such as being used for pure evil and cruelty, or simply having a curse placed upon it.
    Devil Relic - a Cursed Relic that has gained sentience through its curse, after a long period of time. It is only at such a stage where curses are easily cured. Devil Relics can switch between Relic form and Human form with ease.
    Legendary Relic - a weapon that has appeared in legend and mythology. It can be either Arcanite, Cursed or Devil Relic. With a proper reason, you can have it at the start of the RP.
    Familiar - the loyal non-human companion/assistant of a magician that he or she has made a contract with.

    By making a contract with a familiar, you acquire these spells by default. These spells do not have to be added to your app and they do not count towards your 10 maximum spells

    Spell Name: Familiar Mind-Link
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: By performing this spell, yours and your familiar's minds will be synched no matter how far apart you are. That is, until, the Master decides to break it, or if 10 posts have passed. By using this spell, the master and familiar will be able to see each other's thoughts. It is used for telepathic communication.

    Spell Name: Familiar Command
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: When the Master uses this spell, his or her familiar will be controlled against his or her own will. This weakens the bond between familiar and master.

    I want you all to follow the rules of the Serebii and RPG forum rules. In addition to that...

    1. Try to be active. Of course, real life is top priority.
    2. If you want a Legendary Relic, you should reserve it and also state in your history with detail how you obtained it.
    3. No godmodding, bunnying, etc...
    4. Only one Legendary Relic per user.
    5. This RP is rated PG-15
    6. Have fun!

    Mjolnir - Samantha Sparks
    Kusanagi-no-Tsurigi - SoulMuse
    Excalibur - Billy Mays


    Fill this in to make a Nirvana Family.
    Family Name:
    Family History: (Please, try your best to make it at least two paragraphs long. Describe your family’s forefathers, how they learnt their bloodline magic, and how they even started on magic in the first place)
    Family Crest: (All Nirvana families have this. Just use two sentences to describe the crest.)
    Name: Go ahead and copypasta this. You can have up to three. Bloodline magic is unique to your family and your family alone.

    Name: Once again, character name.
    Age: Duh.
    Gender: Duh.
    Family: Which Nirvana family do you belong to?
    Relation to family head: Brother? Nephew? Niece? Cousin? What are you? If necessary, add relations to other family members.
    Species: Unless your dad got laid by some non-human, you should be 100% human. Otherwise, you should always state that you are part human. If you made up a species, or its rare to hear of such, please link, or describe your species.
    Element: Well duh. Must be the same as your family. Only one, guys, only one element.
    Physical Appearance:
    Personality: Minimum of one paragraph.
    History: Minimum two paragraphs. Try to use reference to the family head’s and family’s history.
    Put these in spoilers.
    Please, include bloodline magic in this. Excluding bloodline magic, you are allowedup to ten spells to begin with.

    Spell name: Duh.
    Element: It must be a spell of your element. You can only have 2 spells outside your element.
    Effect: What does it do?
    You are allowed a maximum of four, where you can obtain more later. Only Arcanite and Cursed.

    Name: Duh.
    Appearance/Description: How does it look like? I’ll allow you to have a minimum of two sentences here. Include colour and material description please. Also describe properties.
    Element: What element does it control?
    Elemental compatibility: If a wizard is of an element listed here, he or she can wield this relic with greater power than usual.
    Type: Arcanite Relic or Cursed Relic?
    Curse: Only if its a cursed relic. What negative effect does it have on you? Try not to make it permanent, or too powerful, although that is allowed.
    History: OK, I’ll give you a break. Just one simple paragraph about this relic’s past.
    Non-magical weapons: A regular weapon, like a gun.
    Non-magical skills: Most of the time, you just have to state your talents and combat skills, unless you’re some robot or something.
    Realm: Which realm does your character inhabit? Gaia or Utopia?

    Relic Name: What is the name of this relic
    Human Name: To fit into society, a Devil Relic has to adopt a human name.
    Physical Age: How old he/she looks.
    Actual Age: How old he/she actually age. It can be as young as 50 years, or even hit as high as thousands of years!
    Element: A regular Arcanite Relic has its own element, so a Devil Relic has one too.
    Elemental Compatibility: If a wizard is of an element listed here, he or she can wield this relic with greater power than usual.
    Personality: A paragraph, at least.
    History: Two paragraphs about the relic’s past.
    Physical Appearance:
    Relic forme appearance: One paragraph minimum, or a picture and two sentences.
    Put them in spoilers please.

    Spell Name: Well, duh. Copypasta this if you want. Maximum 4.
    Curse: What is the curse that brought this Devil Relic to life? How does it affect the wielder?

    This is the app used for familiars, antagonists and other magicians.

    Character Name:
    Age: Depending on species, you should have a practical age.
    Role: If you are a familiar, put familiar of [Insert Name here]. If you’re an antagonist, put Antagonist. If you’re a magician, put Magician. Otherwise, just put something that fits.
    Element: A familiar’s element must match its master’s.
    Physical Appearance:
    Species: Once again, if you made a species up, or it isn’t a well-known species, describe the species.
    Personality: One paragraph.
    History: Two paragraphs.
    Spell Name: Maximum 10 spells are allowed
    You are allowed a maximum of four, where you can obtain more later. Only Arcanite and Cursed. Familiars cannot possess these.

    Name: Duh.
    Appearance/Description: How does it look like? I’ll allow you to have a minimum of two sentences here. Include colour and material description please. Also describe properties.
    Element: What element does it control?
    Elemental compatibility: If a wizard is of an element listed here, he or she can wield this relic with greater power than usual.
    Type: Arcanite Relic or Cursed Relic?
    Curse: Only if its a cursed relic. What negative effect does it have on you? Try not to make it permanent, or too powerful, although that is allowed.
    History: OK, I’ll give you a break. Just one simple paragraph about this relic’s past.
    Non-magic weapons: Well, what weapons do your character wield?
    Realm: Which realm does your character inhabit? Utopia or Gaia?

    Last edited: Dec 25, 2012
  2. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Holy smokes that sign up list of stuff is long. Anyway, I will starting writing one up as soon as I wake up a little more.

    That said, exactly what are the mechanics behind Devil Relics? Do people play as them, or as they just really fleshed out NPCs? Also at one point you say that Legendary relics can be reserved, and thus obtained, but in another you say that players can only start with regular or Cursed ones....

    Anyways, can I reserve for the head of the Darkness family?
  3. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Very well then... Reserve accepted
    Oh right, I almost forgot to include that minor part.

    Devil Relics are player characters, not NPCs.
  4. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Alright. Can I add a reserve for the Kusanagi-no-tsurugi as a legendary relic as well?
  5. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    OK. Reserve accepted.

    EDIT: I'm actually done with my Head app. Well, I'll post it tomorrow.

    Family Name: Stilton
    Element: Non-elemental
    Family History: Alexis Stilton I was the one who headed the Stiltons back on Nirvana. He was a wise man back then who had numerous useful opinions. 'Androgynous Blood' was naturally developed during a dark age of sexism in Nirvana, to adapt to the possible to-be environment, although it was surprisingly resolved eventually. This ability gave him a new, more androgynous appearance. Even after the events of the Prologue, he remained calm and simply settled down in a land in Gaia known as Japan and had children. Of course, he still strived to gain back Nirvana. His brothers have settled elsewhere in the world, mainly England or Europe.

    Alexis Stilton I nominated the one who is now known as Stilton II the next head of the Stilton household, for he believed that Stilton II was more responsible and caring than his other sons. In his deathbed, he claimed that he loved Stilton II more than anything else in the world. With that, Stilton II became new head of the Stiltons, and strived to be the best.
    Family Crest: The Stiltons in Japan use a family crest that vaguely looks like a fox head with nine tails blooming out like a flower. The Stiltons in other countries use one that looks like a blue unicorn with wings by the side
    Name: Androgynous Blood
    Element: Non-elemental
    Description/Effect: A passive ability that allows one to wield an object, technology, skill or Arcanite Relic, that can only be wielded by one gender. An attack that discriminates gender will affect anyone with Androgynous blood.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2012
  6. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Ah well. I'm probably impatient, but...

    Name: Alexis Stilton II (Simply known as Stilton)
    Age: Unknown, physically 20. He is believed to have lived beyond half a century.
    Gender: Unknown, although seemingly male based on voice.
    Family: Stilton
    Relation to family head: He is the family head
    Species: Human
    Element: Non-elemental
    Physical Appearance: Stilton's figure is neither male nor female. It is slender in appearance and clad in a black-hued tuxedo with vague signs of dark-grey stripes. His gloves and boots too are of a similiar black hue. He is often seen wearing a black fedora hat, coupled with a red tie on his tuxedo, probably meant to mimic the legendary Slenderman. A Guy Fawke's mask covers his entire face and hides his identity. Minor signs of blue hair can be seen at the back of his head, most of his hair is covered by his hat.
    Personality: Stilton is an eccentric young man with a heart of gold. Although he comes from a rich family, he believes in caring and sharing for his family and friends. He believes everyone has rights of their own. Like the forefathers before him, he believes in equality of all beings alike. Despite this, he can also be a little paranoid and worried about his allies.
    Stilton is a box of mysteries. Not even his relatives know much about his past, neither do they know what's behind that mask, metaphorically speaking.
    History: Stilton II was born only after the events of the prologue, and thus was born in Gaia. Stilton II was the favourite of his father, mainly because he was the one who cared for and loved his father more than the other children. When their father died, Stilton II was the one who cried the hardest. Part of his father's will indicated that Stilton would be the next heir, so he gave up his previous name and renamed himself 'Alexis Stilton II'. Under this name, he went on to spreading joy by aiding charity and mastering Puppetry Magic.
    Halfway through, during his younger years, he decided to take on a job at an organisation known as the Library, where he used his intelligence to build machines for the improvement on science. There was one line he would never forget - the Mad Alice Tool Units. He felt that he was building harmful technology, and his father would not be proud. Thus, he installed sentient chips into two of these machines - Mad Alice 00, the Prototype, and Mad Alice Infinite, the final installment in the series. He named them Stella and Alexis respectively, and raised them like his own.
    It was unknown when this happened, or how, but he personally knew the Norse God Thor, and was a great friend of his. During that time, he was believed to be virtually omnipotent, though using little variety, and having a bunch of weaknesses. Thor would sometimes visit Gaia and pay a visit to Stilton II, generally calling him 'Alexis' instead. Not much is known about their relationship.
    One day, Thor came to Gaia to ask Stilton II for help in Asgard, and it turned out that Ragnarok - a great war that marked the end of the gods - was occuring. Stilton II used his Barrier Magic to protect the eight realms linked to Asgard from the harm that was caused to them by the battle in Asgard. He then witnessed Thor killed in cold blood by his own brother - Loki, the god of mischief. That was the final battle that ended Ragnarok.
    Knowing that Loki was the very one who started and ended this war and claimed victorious, Stilton II vowed that he would avenge his divine friend. Wielding the Mjolnir as the only legacy of his friend, he wanted to avenge Thor. He did fulfil Thor's final wish - make sure Gaia(or Midgard as they called it) and the seven other realms are safe from the events of Ragnarok, for what happens in Asgard stays in Asgard. But sadly, Stilton II permanently lost his Barrier magic, along with his Shapeshifting abilities due to using too much of it, and has been trying to regain it ever since. His dimension-warping abilities were reduced to but teleportation that could only be chanelled from the Alacornus Dimensia. That was how he gained Mjolnir.
    Spell name: Androgynous Blood
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A passive ability that allows one to wield an object, technology, skill or Arcanite Relic, that can only be wielded by one gender. An attack that discriminates gender will affect anyone with Androgynous blood.

    Spell name: Ribbon puppetry
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A varaiation of Puppetry magic. Stilton uses ribbons of different colours to wrap around an object, opponent or creature to control them. It can be broken with medium amounts of effort.

    Spell name: Iron Fist
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: This spell enhances Stilton's strength to ten times of his original.

    Spell name: Ballad of the sword
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: Stilton summons up to fifty blade-like projectiles from nothingness, before launching them all at the opponent.

    Spell name: Sealbreaker - Anti-Familiar
    Element: Darkness
    Effect: Sealbreaker is a wretched spell used in the past. This variation of Sealbreaker is capable of breaking contracts between familiars and masters, thus was a forbidden spell back in Nirvana. The only thing that can counter this is a genuine bond between familiar and master, thus this spell can only break forced contracts or bad master-familiar relationships, and is often used by Stilton to free badly abused familiars from cruel masters. He rarely uses this spell as there is hardly a situation to do so.

    Name: Alacornus Dimensia
    Appearance/Description: The Alacornus Dimensia is an ancient, metallic wizard's staff whose top appears to resemble the head of a unicorn. It has wing-like structures just below the head. It has odd inscriptions carved on its side. Its primary function is to create portals that allow teleportation. In its current state, it only allows limited teleportation of a radius of 100 metres. Its secondary ability is telekinesis. He can simply launch a harmless orb of energy. If the orb hits something, Stilton II is able to move the object with his staff.
    Element: Non-elemental
    Elemental compatibility: Non-elemental
    Type: Arcanite Relic
    History: The Alacornus Dimensia was given to Stilton II by his realm-travelling friend, a pegacorn, thus is presumed to be from another world. It was once used by a different-dimensional king to attempt to conquer the multiverse, until the pegacorn came to stop him with its many spells and talents. It killed the tyrannical king, and acquired his staff. It then sealed the staff's planeswalking abilities and reduced them to simple teleportation capabilities. Next, he gave it to Stilton II for safekeeping, seeing that he has trusted the Stiltons for generations.

    Name: Mjolnir
    Appearance/Description: The Mjolnir is an odd-looking other-worldly hammer That looks slightly sharp on its tip, and its sides are blunt. It appears to be made from a material that is believed to be a lot, a lot harder than diamond, the material Stiltons generally use to make weaponry. It is worn as a necklace by Stilton II, and it can increase its size when used for combat, although it gets quite heavy then. It can be swung like a boomerang, returning to the user after flinging. Its weight packs a heavy punch. A being of the Element of Lightning can channel Lightning-based magic through the Mjolnir, but for now, it is pure force and no shock.
    Element: Non-elemental(Lost its Lightning element when Thor died)
    Elemental compatibility: Non-elemental, Lightning
    Type: Arcanite Relic
    History: The Mjolnir was a weapon used by the Norse God Thor, until he perished in the events of Ragnarok. He used it to slay many beings with this very hammer, for the justice and to protect Asgard. He shared many adventures with it. During the events of Ragnarok, it was used to cripple Jormungand and Fenrir, turning them lame, but sparing their lives. When he died, Ragnarok ended, and Stilton II acquired the Mjolnir as Thor's only legacy. Whenever asked how he got Mjolnir, he simply replies, 'Let's just say I got it from an old friend'...
    Non-magical skills: Stilton is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and planning. He is excellent at building and inventing, and the technology he has may even surpass than of Gaia.
    Realm: Gaia
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2012
  7. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Reserve for a Gaian Magician, a Devil Relic, and a Legendary Relic, more specifically Excalibur. Don't worry; I think my character will have good enough reason for carrying it. :p
  8. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Reserves accepted.
    I have a good feeling about this...
  9. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    I'd like a reserve for the head of the Earth family, please.
  10. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    I'll accept your reserve.

    Ah well, time for moar apps

    Name: Alexis Cobalt "Colby" Stilton III and Stella Paris Stilton
    Age: Unknown, but 17 years since gaining sentience. Both are physically 12.
    Gender: Male and Female respectively, even though they both look, dress, sound and act female.
    Family: Stilton
    Relation to family head: (Foster) Children/Heir(s)
    Species: Mad Alice Units - Machines built by Stilton II back in his old days as an inventor(he still is, but not officially). These two, units Infinity and 00 respectively, have been given sentience through a magic-based piece of technology known as the Heart of Gold.
    Element: Non-elemental
    Physical Appearance: Colby Stilton has ivory skin and a cyan-hued hime-cut. His feminine, curvacious figure is 1.3 metres tall. Surprisingly, despite his true gender, he has a cup size of A, and a slightly larger butt. His right eye is purple, and his left is orange. Both of them look soulless and pupil-less.

    Colby wears a pure white gothic Lolita dress, along with a mini tophat worn on his head. He also wears a pair of ribbon-decorated white shoes, along with a pair of gloves. His outfit is adorned with black ribbons, including a big one at the back along his waistline. He can often be seen holding a white umbrella.

    Stella too, has a similiar figure and height to Colby, except she has a B-cup instead of an A, and her right eye is orange, while her left eye is purple. Her blue-hued hairstyle is twintails, but her fringe is akin to a hime-cut.

    Stella wears a black gothic Lolita dress, along with a mini tophat worn on her head. She also wears a pair of ribbon-decorated black shoes, along with a pair of gloves. Her outfit is adorned with white ribbons, including a big one at the back along her waistline. She can often be seen holding a black umbrella.

    Their form, Stratos-07, is 1.7 metres tall with a Cup size of C, with the sides covered in thick, metallic armor, with the middle revealing quite a bit of skin, along with the back. These metallic pieces are black on the left and white on the right. The visor is blue, along with the long, wavy hair. Her thighs are bare, and so are her shoulders. Stratos-07 has giant mechanical feet, black on the right and white of the left, and the same goes for her laser-equipped giant mechanical fists. Her back is equipped with wings of a similiar monochrome colour scheme.

    Personality: The Stilton twins as many call them are practically the most mischievious Stiltons, often pulling harmless pranks on different kinds of people. This trait is essential for stealth and surprise in battle, and thus this makes the Stilton twins one of the Stilton's trump cards. They are rarely seen without each other and are rather closely attached. Of course, they do argue at times.

    Colby is one who thinks before he acts. He is the more level-headed of the two and believes that planning is very important. He is unwilling to proceed without a plan as he believes that if he does so, he will fail.

    Stella is absurdly reckless, always jumping into action without hestitating. She is surprisingly violent to foes and you shouldn't be surprised if she killed something. She believes that prior preparations only waste time during emergencies and thus enjoys rushing. If it isn't an emergency, she is willing to bore herself with planning.
    History: Stilton II initially engineered the Mad Alice Units as War Machines when he was working for the Library. Soon, Stilton II thought that these War Machines were used for sheer, cold-blooded murder and nothing more. Thus, Stilton II decided to halt his Project after building the last of the Mad Alice Units - Unit Infinity AKA Colby Stilton. He installed a strange device into all of them, known as the Heart of Gold, before releasing Units 01 to 10 into a lost city in Utopia, known as Iron City Feros, allowing them to start new lives as a new mechanical race of sentient beings. He took Units 00 and Infinity in as his own, and named them Stella and Colby. They lived normal lives as magicians and grew up to be what they are today - worthy heirs to the Stiltons.
    Spell name: Androgynous Blood
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: Used by both. A passive ability that allows one to wield an object, technology or Arcanite Relic, that can only be wielded by one gender. An attack that discriminates gender will affect anyone with Androgynous blood.

    Spell Name:Androgynous charm
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: An ability that Colby and Stella themselves improvised and learnt as an extention of the passive Androgynous Blood. It allows her infatuate both genders, causing opponents to be attracted to them. However, the moment an affected person is attacked by a heavy blow, he or she will immediately snap out.

    Spell name: Black ribbon puppetry
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A variation of Puppetry used by Colby. Colby reveals more black ribbons underneath his long sleeves and umbrella, allowing them to wrap around the opponent or an object, controlling it. It is a little difficult to break, although the controlled being’s speed will be reduced and slower when controlling. Colby cannot use any other spells when using this to manipulate foes.

    Spell name: Alice Synch – Purple sword
    Effect: A form of magic-based technology invented by Stilton II, installed inside the Heart of Gold inserted into Colby. If Colby’s twin sister Stella is present, both their offensiveness and speed will be enhanced. Only one Alice Synch spell can be used at a time.

    Spell name: Techno-grade
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A form of magic-based technology installed into Colby when he was invented. It allows him to scan a machine or Arcatech machine. After scanning, he can shapeshift his body parts into that machine. Depending on complexity and size of the machine, he may take some time. He can also analyse blueprints to activate this ability. He already has a few machines at his disposal at first. When he analyses a machine, its data is within him. He has virtually unlimited data-space, although his mind, being human-like, may forget things at times.

    Spell name: White ribbon puppetry
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A variation of Puppetry. Stella reveals more white ribbons underneath her long sleeves and umbrella, allowing them to wrap around the opponent or an object, controlling it. It is a little easy to break, and the controlled being’s speed will be increased. Stella cannot use any other spells when using this to manipulate foes.

    Spell name: Alice Synch – Orange Shield
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A form of magic-based technology invented by Stilton II, installed inside the Heart of Gold inserted into Stella. If Stella’s twin brother Colby is present, both their defenses and intelligence will be enhanced. Cannot be used with other Alice Synch spells.

    Spell name: Bottomless tool box
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A form of magic-based technology installed into Stella when she was invented. It allows her to open a compartment on her belly, revealing a diamond-coated toolbox with diamond tools, which are useful for melee combat. She can create and summon simple diamond tools from this compartment. She is currently trying to learn how to create complex tools like cannons. Using this ability and enough time, she can launch numerous tools at her opponents.

    Spell name: Machine Awakening - Stratos-07
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: By fusing together, the Stilton twins will take a new form - Stratos-07. However, this form is for emergency purposes and has lowered defenses, and is also rather dangerous to use, thus often used as a last resort. Stratos-07, in addition to having the slightly enhanced abilities of the twins, also possesses rock-crushing laser cannons and the ability of flight.
    Non-magical skills: They both have excellent parkour skills that are utilised with ease.
    Realm: Gaia
  11. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Could I reserve a Devil Relic?

    Also I have a question concerning familiars. Technically, a Devil Relic whom has a human form would be a Magician, so would they be able to have a familiar? If so, put me down for a familiar as well.
  12. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Very well then. Both Reserves accepted.

    Devil Relics can have familiars, but the Devil Relic's curse may affect the familiar.

    Ah well...
    here goes.

    Name: Real name unknown, calls himself 'Gin Furukawa'.
    Age: 15, physically 8.
    Gender: Male, although he looks, dresses and sounds female.
    Family: Stilton
    Relation to family head: Cousin's child/Somewhat distant relative
    Species: Human
    Element: Non-elemental
    Physical Appearance: Gin Furukawa is but a mere 1.1 metres tall. His long, straight hair that almost reaches the ground is of a silvery hue and styled into a hime cut. His hair hides his mysterious eyes. His face is adorable and child-like. He has a slender yet curveless figure, coupled with slender limbs. His ivory skin is covered by a simple, sleeveless white dress and a pair of white shoes and short, white socks. Sometimes, he is seen wearing a straw hat.
    Personality: Gin Furukawa, on the outside, is a cold, icy young lass who doesn't seem to give a care about 'trivial things'. He can be described as 'tsundere', especially towards his familiar Tamae. He will often deny being in love with his familiar, even though he really is. It may not seem like it, but he dotes on his familiar in a rather cold manner, but sometimes does treat her very warmly. Since his parents are not home quite often, he solely relies on Tamae.
    During emergencies, Gin is willing to do anything to prevent bad things from happening, even if it's embarassing(to him) or even dangerous. He is absurdly shy and tends to avoid crowds. However, one should not be fooled by this skilled warrior.
    He does put work and relationships seperately. In his line of work, he cures Devil Relics of their curses, and thus will allow them to stay with him for free. He has cured 10 Devil Relics so far in his line of work, and continues to cure more up until this day. He is waiting for the Cursed Relic Senbonzakura to pop into life so that he can cure it.
    History: Gin did not descend from Alexis Stilton I. He used to live with his parents in England, before they moved to Japan. His father was a skilled Stilton, whereas his mother, Iris Pendragon, was a magician who researched Arcanite, Cursed and Devil Relics, and also descended from the legendary King Arthur. Gin decided to follow his mother's line of work since all the Stiltons do was fight crime in the world of magic and try to revive Nirvana, but that doesn't mean he won't help the Stiltons. Instead of living in a mansion like the main Stiltons, he chose a somewhat considerably large apartment in Tokyo, probably to save on budget.

    3 months after living in Japan, he decided to pay a little visit to the main Stilton mansion. While on his way, he encountered a Satori engaging in combat with a Kyubii no Kitsune. He simply struck the Satori down from the back, knowing that it was trying to harm the Kitsune, and not the other way round. The Satori just ran away and Gin checked the Kyubii, who appeared human-like. She introduced herself as Tamae, and offered a completely free contract to Gin as a reward for saving her life.
    And that was how Gin got his familiar. And he later found out that he really, really, needed one more than he thought.

    Spell name:Androgynous Blood
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A passive ability that allows one to wield an object, technology or Arcanite Relic, that can only be wielded by one gender. An attack that discriminates gender will affect anyone with Androgynous blood.

    Spell name: Rainbow Orb
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A basic far-range attack. It can also be put near a specific element for the attack's element to alter in favour.

    Spell name: Rainbow Replica
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: This spell can only be activated by wielding the Seven-coloured Armour. It allows Gin to replicate into 8 different copies – White, and the seven colours of the Rainbow. However, his attack power will be reduced by a quarter. It replicates any Arcanite Relic he wields, except Legendary Relics.

    Spell name: Androgynous Charm
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A spell learnt from Colby and Stella during his first visit to the Stilton Japan mansion. It allows him to seduce both genders, causing opponents to be attracted to them. However, the moment an affected person is attacked by a medium-powered blow, he or she will immediately snap out. It is more powerful with a direct kiss on the lips.

    Spell name: Rainbow Inferno
    Element: Non-elemental
    [b[Effect:[/b] It can only be performed with his familiar. It engulfs both his familiar and him into rainbow flames, before they charge at their opponents at full speed.

    Spell name: Rainbow Wings
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: It can only be activated while wielding the Seven-coloured Armour. It allows the growth of metallic, rainbow wings protruding from the back of the armour, which boost speed and allow flight.

    Spell name: Curse Immunity
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A passive spell that was inherited from his mother. It gives Gin immunity to (most) curses which allows him to easily perform his job safely. If he acquires a powerful curse he isn't immune to, he will begin to adapt to it until he is immune.

    Spell name: Silver Shock
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: Can only be activated in Sonic Silver's suit. Capable of firing Silver rats at great impact.

    Spell name: Silver Wings
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: Can only be activated in Sonic Silver's suit. Gin sprouts dragonfly-like Silver wings with a wingspan of 4 metres. It gives him flying speed akin to an aeroplane.

    Spell name: Eyes of Petrification
    Element: Darkness
    Effect: Stolen from a Cockatrice using the Wicked Eyes of Thievery. It is an active spell that can turn people into stone for 10 posts. It does, however, require a lot of mana.

    Spell name: Wicked Eyes of Thievery
    Element: Darkness
    Effect: A unique, active spell taught to Gin by his mother. By making eye contact, you can permanently rob a person of any eye contact-based magic. If used on a Player character, the character gains the magic back after 5 posts, although Gin keeps the magic as well. NPCs lose it forever.

    Name: Seven-coloured armour
    Appearance/Description: The seven-coloured armour, as its name suggests, is a rainbow-coloured western armour that perfectly fits Gin. When it is put on, Gin’s hair becomes rainbow as well. It comes with a rainbow-coloured longsword, which shines under the sun like stainless steel. Its main ability is to allow Gin to tap into several spells he cannot without the help of this armour. In fact, Gin is virtually weak without this armour. He can easily materialise and de-materialize it. With the armour, Gin is skilled in combat and has many fighting skills, along with enhanced accuracy and speed.
    Element: Non-elemental
    Elemental compatibility: N/A
    Type: Arcanite Relic
    History: The Seven-coloured Armour was a heirloom passed on from generation to generation in the Stilton bloodline, before the Stiltons started learning magic, before they were known as one of the Nirvana Families. This armour was but a mere heirloom then, not even a combat-based weapon. Its power was not even known after the Stiltons learnt magic. In fact, Gin is the first Stilton to discover its power.

    Name: Senbonzakura
    Appearance/Description: The Senbonzakura is a simple-looking katana whose curved, sharp blade is made from pure, pink diamonds. Its scabbard is made from pure steel, embedded with pink crystals. Its handle was made with the most durable of ancient ceramics. On one side of the sword’s blade, it is carved and written in black ink ‘Thousand Cherry Blossoms’ or 千本桜 (Senbonzakura), indicating its name. Its main ability is simple slicing and dicing. Diamond, being the hardest natural material on Earth, can slice through nearly anything. Its secondary ability is to summon thousands of Cherry blossoms from nothingness, hardly used for offense, but more for defense and distraction. Gin will later find its offensive use for its secondary ability. It can only be wielded by females, which isn't a problem for a Stilton like Gin.
    Element: Non-elemental
    Elemental compatibility: N/A
    Type: Cursed Relic
    Curse: When Senbonzakura is used in melee combat and the successfully slashes an opponent, the holder will feel an equal amount of pain as the opponent. If the opponent is pain-resistant, the pain dealt on the holder is also reduced. If the holder isn’t holding it, like when he’s hurling it, pain is not inflicted back. When unsheathed, the Senbonzakura cannot be withdrawn until blood is drawn.
    History: Little is known about the Senbonzakura. The Senbonzakura was a gift from a realm travelling celestial pegacorn, although it is believed to have come from this world. A long time ago, a knight used to wield this legendary weapon when he was given it by ancient Japanese people. He used it to slay dragons and beasts, and it was its best friend and most treasured possession. When he died, the pegacorn acquired this object from him and travelled the multiverse, before handing it to Gin 12 months ago, stating that it was a Cursed Relic, and stating its curse.
    It is around this very day that the Senbonzakura is ready to pop into sentience and become a Devil Relic.

    Name: Sonic Silver
    Appearance/Description: Sonic Silver is a rather revealing suit. It consists of tight silver pads that attach to his tiny breasts, with no strings attached. He also has a silver crotchplate that reveals his hips. The Sonic Silver also has silver boots and a pair of silver gauntlets. A silver visor is worn over Gin's eyes. A pair of silver desert eagles complete the outfit.
    Sonic Silver can be equipped on the go, and when worn, enhances speed, agility, reflexes and accuracy, but sacrifices defense. Using this, Gin can shoot silver bullets at a far range.
    Element: Non-elemental
    Elemental compatibility: N/A
    Type: Arcanite Relic
    History: The Sonic Silver was initially created by Gin's mother, Iris Pendragon, who used to be a thief. Iris had created this outfit for the purpose of stealing Cursed Relics from magicians, so that she could cure them when they came to life. Looking back, despite all the good she had done with this, she noted that she had also done wrong. Feeling guilt, she decided to pass it on to her son, since she didn't have a daughter. That was how Gin acquired the Sonic Silver.

    Non-magical weapons: He has a wooden katana mainly for practice.
    Non-magical skills: Gin is skilled in swordsmanship.
    Realm: Gaia
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  13. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Character Name: Martin Hemingway
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Role: Magician
    Element: Light

    Physical Appearance: [​IMG]

    Martin is 5'9 feet tall with light skin and pale blue eyes. His hair is black and is long and wavy. His face is clean shaven with no signs of facial hair. He has a fairly light frame and he isn't very fit, but he isn't overweight. Martin wears a blue formal suit with black dress shoes and a blue and white cape on the back of his jacket.

    Species: Human

    Personality: Martin is a kind and caring person who tries to help anyone in need. Thanks to the teachings of his father Martin he is highly intelligent and has extensive knowledge about magic. However, he is not yet wise like his father was due to his young age. He is always curious, and wants to learn new things, and new spells. Martin is a talented wizard, but still not as strong as his father, who he hopes to one day surpass.

    His family has been aware of the presence of the refugees from Nirvana since they first arrived in Gaia. Martin sympathizes with them and would hope to be able to help them in any he can. He has a close relationship with Katherine (see below sign up).

    History: Martin was born in Oxford, England. His family has been wizards for many generations, starting with his ancient ancestor, Merlin from Arthurian legend. Martin's father, Marvin Hemingway was an archeology professor at Oxford University, which was a useful profession for his true line of work as a wizard, since it gave him reason to travel around the world looking for artifacts. He only found love later in his life, so Marvin was already in his late fourties when Martin was born.

    Martin was six years old when his father came back from a trip to Egypt with a strange girl. It took Martin several years to find out that she was in fact the personification of a cursed artifact.

    His first trip where he got to come with his father was at the age of sixteen when he whet with his father and Katherine to Egypt. The journey was not to discover rare magic artifacts, but instead was to learn Katherine's past.

    When he was nineteen, Martin's father died from a stoke and Martin inherited all of his belongings. He currently works as a curator of a collection of ancient artifacts at Oxford. He hopes to one day become a Professor, like his father.
    Spell Name: Illuminate
    Element: Light
    Effect: Illuminate creates a ball of light that illuminates an area of about 20ft around it. The ball can be held like a solid, though it has no mass. The ball is completely benign, and cannot harm or interact with objects or living things.

    Spell Name: Levitation
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: Levitation allows the user to float for as long as the spell is in effect. The user can fly up to ten feet above the ground below, but cannot go any higher, so this spell is mainly meant to get over dangerous things on the ground or to prevent death by falling.

    Spell Name: Wall Sight
    Element: Earth
    Effect: Allows the user to see through objects. The more objects in the way, the harder it is for the user to see through them.

    Spell Name: Water Breath
    Element: Water
    Effect: Allows the user to breath underwater while the spell is in effect.

    Spell Name: Cure Ailment
    Element: Light
    Effect: When used, the spell cures any minor ailment or disease. Can not cure major ailments (cancer is a good example) and it cannot cure curses.
    Name: Staff of Elements
    Appearance/Description: (This is the staff Martin is holding in his picture) The Staff of Elements is a bronze staff with a flower like pattern near the top. At the top is a loop that contains a small golden orb in the center of it. The Staff of Elements can create minor spells of any of the four major elements Earth, Wind, Water, Fire. It also has the power to combine said spells to create mixed spells, like a blizzard that is both wind and water (ice).
    Element: Light
    Elemental compatibility: Light, Earth, Wind, Water, Ice, Fire (All of the ones other than Light would only work for the spells that are related to it, for example: being good at Earth spells will only make the Staff's Earth spells compatible)
    Type: Arcanite Relic
    History: This ancient relic was crafted by none other than Merlin himself, Martin's ancestor. It has been passed down in his family for generations. It was used by every member of his family for centuries to defend themselves. When Marvin Hemingway passed on, Martin inherited it and has been using it since.

    Name: Excalibur
    Appearance/Description: (This is the sword Martin is holding in his picture) Excalibur is a Medieval European style sword with a steel blade with writing etched onto it and a golden hilt. Excalibur is completely indestructible and can cut through anything, except another magical weapon. The sword is also extremely bright and the user can blind his enemies with the intence light the sword radiates.
    Element: Non-elemental
    Elemental compatibility: Light, Non-elemental
    Type: Legendary Relic
    History: After Arthur was killed by Mordred, Excalibur was returned to the Lady of the Lake until it was needed again. And that is exactly what happened.

    Martin's grandfather, Murdoc, called upon the Lady around a century ago. When the people of Nirvana first came to Gaia, so did their criminals, including the most notorious one at the time, know as Caelich the Cruel. He was a dark sorceror who threatened to commit mass genocide. Being an ancestor to Merlin himself, the Lady deemed Murdoc worthy and gave him the sword Excalibur.

    In a long duel Murdoc beat Caelich in battle thanks to Excalibur. He kept the sword, in case such an occurance ever happened again. It has since then been passed down to Martin, after his father died.
    Non-magic weapons: None currently
    Realm: Gaia
    Other: His mother moved to London when Martin's father died while he stayed in Oxford.


    Relic Name: Ankh of Sekhmet
    Human Name: Katherine Darling
    Physical Age: 20
    Actual Age: Over 3000 Years
    Gender: Female
    Element: Light
    Elemental Compatibility: Light, Fire

    Personality: Katherine is an arrogant but well meaning person. She is fairly emotional so she gets mad easily. She is practically fearless, and won't stand down to anyone. Katherine knows she's beautiful, and isn't afraid to use it to her advantage. She is impatient and loves action, and when she needs to get things done, she wants to do it right away.

    When in her lioness form, she becomes alot more agressive and finds it harder to control her anger. She is somewhat comparable to the Incredible Hulk in that sense.

    History: Over three thousand years ago, in a city in Upper Egypt, an Egyptian high priestess of Sekhmet fell in love with a prince, who was soon to be married to his sister (which happened alot in ancient Egypt, by the way). Overcome with envy, she murdered the prince's sister. She was caught in the act however, and was thrown in to prison.

    On the day she was to be executed, a fellow priest of her was deeply saddened as he was secretely in love to the priestess. He was too afraid to try to save her, so instead he came with a different plan.

    The priest payed for her to be mummified and buried, and as she was buried he put a golden ankh necklace around her neck. As it turned out, the ankh was an enchanted item taken from the temple of Skehmet. The necklace was said to contain the powers of Sekhmet herself. As thousands of years passed by, the necklace slowly absorbed the remains of her soul and gave it power.

    In the about fifteen years ago an archeologist named Harold Darling lead he team that discovered the priestess' tomb. He brought all the arifacts back to Cairo, including the necklace. Harold, unaware of what it truely was (or the risk of diseases since it was in a sealed tomb for thousands of years), he took the necklace for himself and even wore it.

    Which led to him murdering his wife when he returned to England. He would've killed more people to if he hadn't been shot and killed by cops. This attracted the attnetion of Martin's father Marvin, who was a close friend to Harold and knew that Harold loved his wife deeply. In Harold's will some of the artifacts in his personal collection were donated to a nearby museum, while some were given to Marvin, including the ankh necklace. The night after he took possesion of it he found a strange girl in his study where he had left the necklace as he went to make tea.

    Eventually Marvin putted two and two together and found out she was the personification of the necklace, and that the necklace was cursed. He gave her the name Katherine, and taught her English. She took on the surname Darling in honor of the man who found the tomb she resisded in.

    It wasn't until five years ago however when Marvin, his son Martin, and Katherine went on a journey to Egypt that she knew her past. They returned to the tomb she came from where it was now a tourist attraction. Since she knew ancient Egyptian from "birth", she was able to read the heiroglyphics on the wall, which retold the whole story of how she came to be.

    Since Marvin died Katherine has been asissting in Martin's job as a curator.

    Physical Appearance: [​IMG]

    Katherine is 5'6 feet tall, with cyan colored eyes and tanned skin. Her hair is raven black and is long and straight, flowing past her shoulders. She has a light but fit frame with a solid D cup. Normally, she wears a simple white shirt, blue jean shorts, and brown sandals.


    In her real human form though, she wears a black revealing dress in the shape of an ankh, with golden sandals on her feet, a golden jewel encrusted tiara on her head, and golden bands on her arms. She carries a bronze shield and a black hilted sword as weapons.

    In her final form, she looks the same as her second form, but becomes an anthromorphic lioness. In this form, her strength and dexterity are increased drastically.

    In all of her forms, she wears an ankh as a necklace, which is actually what she looks like as a relic.

    Relic forme appearance: As the Ankh of Sekhmet, she is a an golden ankh necklace that has a crimson colored jewel embedded into the center of it.
    Spell Name: Sekhmet's Radiance
    Element: Light
    Effect: The user shoots beams of light from their hands that can burn through its target. The beam will reflect off mirrored surfaces.

    Spell Name: Sekhmet's Passion
    Element: Fire
    Effect: The user shoots fireballs from their hands. They can either fire three fireballs the size of a hand in sucession, or fire one large fireball the size of a hulahoop.

    Spell Name: Sekhmet's Protection
    Element: Light
    Effect: The user's hands radiate energy that heals wounds on touch. The more severe the wound, the more time the user needs to press their hands on the wound to heal it.

    Spell Name: Lioness Form
    Element: Light
    Effect: The user transforms into an anthromorphic lioness, and their strength and agility become the equivilant of a demi-god. Only females can activate this power.
    Curse: The curse of the Ankh of Sekhmet is a two sided coin. When the Ankh of Sekhmet is worn, the holder is granted the power of its spells as well as increased strength. However, the user also becomes easily angered and has a chance of completely losing their temper and attacking anyone on sight. Wearers of the Ankh also lust for action. The curse wears off the moment the Ankh is taken off.
    Other: Katherine knows Ancient Egyptian. Also, the resoning behind the powers and the effects of the curse is due to the nature of the goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet is a warrior goddess who protects the Pharoh (the sword and shield), and also defends people from diseases and illnesses (Sekhmet's Protection). Sekhmet was agressive however, and at one point almost wiped out humanity (The Ankh's Curse). She is one of the solar gods in their culture as well (Sekhmet's Passion and Radiance), and is often depicted as a lioness (Lioness Form).
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  14. Samantha Sparks

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    Accepted. Both accepted.
    Well, this is going to be fun. Very fun.
  15. SenorLaughsaLot

    SenorLaughsaLot Why So Serious ?

    Nirvana Family Sign-Up

    Family Name: Terra
    Element: Earth

    Family History: There is a legend told in the Terra family about their origins. It is said that their family started out from a group of peasants. They were not able to live in proper homes and lived off of the wilderness. There, they depended on everything from nature to survive. Over the years, the few number of peasants began to flourish into a village and was thriving. Many of them have become intuned with the land and connected with the energy. This was the beginning of their magic. With the energy from the land they were able to use it to shape and mold whatevever they wanted out of it. Still in the wilderness, they built the homes they had always needed, better than the huts they had. What was once a small village of huts, turned into a city of houses, towers, and monuments. There was one man, Son Terra, who was exceptionally better than the rest in magic. While the others built houses, he built neighborhoods. Even now his strength is just considered a myth. This strength lead the other villigers to look up to him and he became the head. This was the start of the Terra Family.

    The city, named Terra City, was still expanding and was heard from afar. Son, and his family, were royalty now as they became one of the families of Nirvana. They had numerous palaces here and there for their living. Other cities and tribes began to form relations with him. There were instances where the city would be under attack and it was up to Son to stop it. An army was formed from this. As Son aged and was near death he formed a system of transferring power. Upon his death, he would let the next head be picked from his family, but it was based on skill. Before becoming the head, the candidate must go through a series of trials. These trials were then named the Terra Trials. The winner would be head of the family and owner of the families' heirloom, The Gauntlets of the Land, personal weapon of Son. This is how the Terra Family has been functioning, and it still does. The family is best known for being one with nature and the land. They are raised to connect with it. Since the beginning, the forefathers have been able to draw the energy from the land and to become one with it. With this they derived their Bloodline Magic, Seismic Sense.

    Family Crest: The Terra families' crest consists of a forest of trees with a man sitting in the middle in a meditative position. The trees and man are within a circle. The circle represents Nirvana, the trees their first home and beginnings, and the man represents the original people who learned to draw the land's energy.

    Name: Seismic Sense
    Element: Earth
    Description/Effect: With Seismic Sense the user is able to see using the land. After connecting with the land, the user sends shockwaves (usually by stomping) into the ground and feel the vibrations. When the vibrations bounce back, from other objects, to the user it creates a sort of image, as if they were using their own eyes. This allows the detection of hidden underground items, or anyone and anything in contact with the ground.

    Family Member Sign-Up

    Name: Andres Terra [Only responds to Terra]
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Family: Terra
    Relation to Family Head: Is Family Head
    Species: Human
    Element: Earth

    Physical Appearance: Terra stands at about 5 feet in height, and is often referred to as a pip squeak. His body is quite muscular, but it's not recognizable. His skin is light tan that compliments his hair. He is baby-faced, with big eyes, a small nose, and small mouth. This adds a "cute" aspect to him, which can be deceiving. His hair is medium-length, but is combed and slicked back. It is kept neatly in place, without a single hair poking out. His big eyes are a striking shade of green, which is the most noticable feature on his face when he is directly looked at. This diverts the attention away from his large eyebrows. He has no additional facial hair, whatsoever. Despite his age, he doesn't grow any, further adding to his young appearance.

    For clothing he doesn't wear anything heavy that can hinder him so he can move around freely. With free movement, he is rather agile and quick on the field. He wears a light tunic that only contains a sleeve at his left side. The sleeve is completely green, with a black cuff. The rest of the tunic covers his upper body, with his right arm and shoulder exposed. The tunic itself is mainly black on the outside with green outlines, and a green layer of cloth directly underneath. The Family Crest is located on the left side of his chest, above his heart. His pants are an earthy tone of brown that can actually help him blend in with the earth. They are generally loose around his legs, but there is a wrap around his ankles to keep the from interfering with his combat. Over them, he wears coal black combat boots with steel at the toes. They sound heavy, but are not a problem to him.

    Personality: Terra is a very complex person, who will be friendly towards you one second, and lashing out at you for no apparent reason the next. This is mainly due to his size. He hates being underestimated for his height and absolutely hates having his shortness pointed out. He will rage about it, breaking things to cool himself down. To make up for his lack in height, he's usually loud, arrogant, and an attention seeker. He pretty much fit's the bill for Small Man's Syndrome. Although, he will use his height to his advantage, such as charming people, or trying to get their sympathy. If you want to befriend him you have to get used to it. He will open up to people, only if they prove that they are indeed trustworthy. Over time, he will show his kind and gentle side, which is a stark contrast from his rough and reckless demeanor. He is also kind towards his people in the Nirvana Family and his city, but suspicious towards anyone from the outside.

    Terra is one who prefers to strike when the moment is right. He is very patient and observant of everyone. He pays attention to key details and almost has a photographic memory. He likes to know people to get to their vulnerabilities. Always suspicious of others, he mainly watches out for himself. He is quite the conniving weasel and it is never easy to distinguish whether his kindness is genuine. He can be a dramatic, and is always putting up an act. He just does what's best to get done. Whether it be by brute force, or cute charm. His looks are very deceiving.

    History: Terra was born into Nirvana's Earth Family Royalty. He was the youngest of five brothers and they were all in the running for becoming the 57th head of the family. The current head was his own mother, a very powerful woman. She was nearing the age of not being able to handle the pressures of ruling and instituted the 58th Terra Trials. Many members of the Royal Family entered for their chance for the throne. Terra was participating and made it to the finals, which takes considerable skill. The finals consist of three contestants, who have already been throught countless trials, are voted upon by the people of New Terra City. Terra won by a smidge against his eldest brother and became the 58th head. He was also the youngest in the family's history, at the age of 16, whereas the rulers are usually middle aged.

    Terra became a responsible ruler, loving towards his people. They were residing in New Terra City which was in Utopia. It wasn't as elaborate as their original home, in respect of the original Utopians living there. The people were promised plenty of times that they would soon return to their home in Nirvana, and Terra promised the same. Everyone still clinged to the hope that they someday would. The reason for their move to Utopia, and the reconstruction of their new city, was the event called the Mass Migration. Under his mother's rule in Nirvana, there was an event that forced the move. When an evil entity named Thanatos took over the Nirvana Core he began to bring Nirvana to ruin. His mother wanted to protect her people and heard of Utopia. She told every citizen to pack their belongings to get ready to move. This event has been recorded into their history as the Mass Migration. In Utopia, Terra was born 30 years later. His mother was about sixty years old and aging. 16 years later the Terra Trials began and he became head of the family. It's been two years and then strange events occurred.

    Terra heard of rumors of a strange entity attacking numerous families in Gaia. This perked his interests and he decided to investigate, believing it could be Thanatos. He told his people he would be embarking on a journey to Gaia, and that if it was Thanatos he would make him pay for what he has done to them in the past. Terra left for Gaia, still head of the family, but left his brother in charge of the city's affairs. He promised, once again, that he would return his people to Terra City.

    Spell name: Seismic Sense (Bloodline)
    Element: Earth
    Effect: With Seismic Sense the user is able to see using the land. After connecting with the land, the user sends shockwaves (usually by stomping) into the ground and feel the vibrations. When the vibrations bounce back, from other objects, to the user it creates a sort of image, as if they were using their own eyes. This allows the detection of hidden underground items, or anyone and anything in contact with the ground.

    Spell name: Nature's Healing
    Element: Nature
    Effect: A healing move. The user connects and becomes one with nature's energy and uses it to heal wounds. This can also be used on others.

    Spell name: Earth Bending
    Element: Earth
    Effect: The user is able to bend, or manipulate, the land they are surrounded by. This includes the minerals and metals contained in it. The land can be shaped into many forms and used offensively against opponents.

    Spell name: Alchemy- Material Transmutation
    Element: Earth
    Effect: This Alchemy deals with the transmutation of materials. It can be used to either construct, destruct, or reconstruct materials, based on the amount present. There is a law when performing Alchemy, the Law of Equivalent Exchange. It states that in order to obtain or create something, something of equal value must be lost or destroyed.

    Spell name: Weight Conversion
    Element: Non Elemental
    Effect: The user can convert the weight of objects to make them lighter or heavier. When used on creatures, being lighter increases speed, but lowers strength, and being heavier increases strength, but lowers speed.

    You are allowed a maximum of four, where you can obtain more later. Only Arcanite and Cursed.

    Name: The Gauntlets of the Land
    Appearance/Description: Mossy green gauntlets that have spikes protruding from the knuckles. They are crafted from the soil of the beginning home of the Terra Family by Son Terra himself. It has been solidified and is still in top shape.
    Element: Earth
    Elemental Compatibility: Earth
    Type: Arcanite Relic
    History: In Terra Family history, the wilderness was their first home. As the people began to grow over the years they became more intune with the land and nature. From the energy they were connected to they were able to perform magic. There was one man out of the rest who was considerably strong. His name was Son Terra and he eventually became the ruler of the people and formed the Nirvana Earth Family, the Terra family. His weapon of choice was a pair of gauntlets that he crafted himself. It was made from the soil of where their people originated, and it was solidified to become a weapon. It was believed to contain the spirits of their forefathers and that it allowed the user to connect with the land's energy even more. It is now the heirloom of the Terra Family and is passed down to every new head of the family.

    Non-magical weapons: He carries a simple bow on his back and his arrows are made from the available land.
    Non-magical skills: He is skilled combat and medical treatment.
    Realm: Gaia

    Here's his avatar for reference... [​IMG]
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    Mmm yes Accepted.

    Well, this is going to be great. I think I should add some more stuff to the first poast later, including a map of post-doom Nirvana and Utopia.
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    Relic Name: The Saxon Feather
    Human Name: Elizabeth Gyfford
    Physical Age: 21
    Actual Age: 500 Years
    Gender: Female
    Element: Spirit
    Elemental Compatibility: Spirit, Darkness

    Personality: Elizabeth is a cruel, heartless person to say the least. She cares only about herself and pretends to lean to the whims and needs of others. She’s quite sick, twisted really. She’s considered somewhat of a masochist, loving to see looks of pain on other people’s faces as she watches them squirm in pain under her rule. She’s very impatient, not liking to wait and getting bored quite easily if she isn’t entertained, causing her to take matters into her own hands and do something completely drastic.

    The only being Elizabeth even shows the slightest bit of remorse or ‘love’ to is her Griffin, Aberidus. But even then, it’s not a fully loving relationship.

    History: Back in the Renaissance, there was a Countess, this countess had witnessed her husband’s death at the hand of enemy soldiers and was never quite the same. Being a countess she had many servants, mostly young women that would help her prepare herself in the morning and at night. Something had consumed her with a sort of... fascination with the servant girls.

    It started one night, she called a servant girl into her chamber. The small girl was slightly confused, but was willing to do anything to help her lordess. Elizabeth waited until the girl had turned her back, and then, quickly plunged a scarlet knife into the young girl’s back. The servant let out a cry of pain, before subcumming to the loss of blood and fainting.

    This went on for many years, Elizabeth murdering young women, sometimes even succumbing to her own sick will and eating the girls. However, Elizabeth was finally apprehended by a rather intelligent detective. Who had sentenced Elizabeth to death.

    Elizabeth however, had been one step ahead of her prosecutor. She had always dabbled in the small of Black Magic, using the girl’s blood to enchant the hairpiece that rested upon her head. This allowed her to remain half alive, even after she was put to death. The hanging had happened rather fast, with most politicians too scared to check her for a pulse she was buried for 400 years. That is of course until she got bored of her eternal rest and rose, joining in with the modern civilization.

    Physical Appearance:
    Elizabeth is 5’4” with pale white skin and red eyes, her hair is a curly black usually with a red headband and the hairpin attached. She’s busty, about a C on the breast scale. Usually seen wearing a red and white skirt with a red overcoat, under this overcoat is a skimpy red tanktop.

    Relic forme appearance: A black and orange feather, it curls at the tip and fits snuggly in a headband or just in hair.

    Spell Name: Life-Line
    Element: Spirit
    Effect: The user drains a being of some of their life force, healing the user and heavily weakening the being it is used on.

    Spell Name: Hands of Saxon
    Element: Darkness
    Effect: An offensive attack, it summons hands made of shadow to attack the being it is used on.

    Spell Name: Body Swap
    Element: Spirit
    Effect: The user switches bodies with the being it’s cast on, can be used on a variety of species and genders.

    Curse: The curse, is an urge to drain the blood of young females and usually eat their hearts along with it. It affects the user by slowly driving them mad, the effects are usually permanent.
    Other: -

    Character Name: Aberidus (Ah-Burr-Eh-Dus)
    Age: 100 years (10 in human years)
    Gender: Female
    Role: Familiar
    Element: Spirit
    Physical Appearance: Aberidus is a half eagle, half lion. She has the face of an Eagle, a large pointed beak that can be used as a weapon, and front talons that are also used as weapons. Her full body, including her feathers, are completely white, even her beak is white.. She has large wings on the side of her body, her wingspan being about 2 feet, and pale pink eyes.

    She uses one of her spells to hide herself from the human eye, she can only be seen by wielders of magic.

    Species: Griffin

    Personality: Aberidus is loyal, obeying her master’s every wish. She strives to please, as most Gryffon’s do, but is also very bold and righteous. She realizes her master’s taint and desperately wishes to cleanse her of it, using whatever means necessary. Aberidus loves fire, usually wishing she had some sort of mastery over fire rather than the spirit element.

    History: Aberidus was born to a proud tribe of Griffins, beasts that strive on their abilities of flight and fighting skills. Her mother was an Omega, and her father was fully out of the picture. This caused Aberidus to be of very low ranking in the tribe, meaning she was teased profusely by the other Griffins.

    At the age of 20 (2 in human years), Griffins left the nest to find their own way in the world. Aberidus left for the only place she really knew. The air. She flew until she came to rest on a small abandoned hill, it seemed like a wonderful place to build a home. That was of course, until a hand popped out of the soil in the dirt. Aberidus was terrified, she took wing and saw a human emerge from the ground.

    The human, named Elizabeth. Took on Aberidus as a pet, or apprentice if you will. The two have been together for about 70 Griffin years.

    Spell Name: Magic Sensitive
    Element: Spirit
    Effect: Aberidus hides herself from regular human eyes, only allowing wielders of a magic element to see her.

    Spell Name: Gusting wings
    Element: Wind
    Effect: Aberidus attacks with mighty gusts of wind from her wings.
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    I'll accept, that is, if you put a limitation to Body Swap. Maybe it could wear off or be reversed under certain conditions.
    Or you could specify whether she keeps her powers in the new body and the affected person keeps his powers. I also note that the 'Realm' section is missing.

    Ah well, time for me familiar.

    Name: Tamae
    Age: Unknown, but between 3000 and 4000. Physically between 20 to 30.
    Gender: Female
    Role: Familiar of Gin Furukawa
    Element: Non-elemental (formerly Fire)
    Physical Appearance: Tamae has a height of 1.7 metres, along with a curvacious figure that makes many jealous. Her demonic red eyes appear rather seductive and lady-like. She possesses silver-hued fox ears protruding from her hair. A very observant person will notice that she lacks human ears as her fox ears replace those. Her hair is black and long, reaching down to her butt. Like a Japanese woman's, it is very straight. If one is sharp, one will nope an adorable fang in her mouth. Her bust size is D, and her hips are quite wide. Her thighs are described to be slightly thick, and her arms are rather thin. Her most notable trait is her ivory skin, that is, if you don't count her nine shiny silvery tails that are half the length of her long, slender legs. These tails can extend in length, though.

    She has two different outfits - one used for battle, and the other for fitting in in everyday life. Her combat outfit simply consists of a red, floral-pattern kimono with a yellow 'ribbon'. It slightly reveals her chest and it rather short. One can easily see her fox-like features in this outfit.

    To fit into society, Tamae wears a simple lady-like white hat. She wears a red jacket over a white shirt that says 'Admirable' in both Japanese and English. She has a rather long, purple dress that reaches down to 10 centimetres above her heels.
    Species: Kyubii no Kitsune/Nine-tailed Fox
    Personality: Tamae has the traits of your boring, dense beta male protagonist in an average harem, even though it isn't. She is a rather kind fox, and treats others nicely, just how she wants to, except foes. She is often seen with a silly grin on her face, unless she's facing a tough battle. Tamae is absurdly loyal to her master. She may harbour feelings for her master but does not really show it, however, she is oblivious to her master's hints. She has a close relationship to her master and refers to him as 'Gin'.
    Whenever she sees others take interest in Gin, she feels overprotective of her master.
    History: Tamae was born of two Kyubii parents, and was raised in ancient Japan to become a powerful kitsune ever since she had only one tail. She was born a member of the Nurarihyon's clan, and was loyal to the cause. She did many good deeds as she gained her tails, ranging from fighting crime within human and yokai communities alike to slaying evil, tainted yokai who have caused terror throughout the land. Tamae was a zenko to be admired by all, and a role model for all yokai. Even humans admired her.

    However, one day, her parents, for an unknown reason, decided to form their own Yokai clan to rebel against Nurarihyon's clan. Due to this, Tamae was exiled from Nurarihyon's clan. She then resorted to travel across Japan for the next thousand years, living as the familiars of Japanese magicians, and the assistants of Ninjas, but they all died of old age or in battle eventually.

    Soon, she decided to return to Nurarihyon's clan. However, as she returned, she was attacked by one of Nurarihyon's clansmen. She didn't want to attack her old clansmates, thus she only defended. This was when Gin came to her rescue...
    Spell Name: Rainbow Blaze
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: Basic rainbow-coloured flames that lack heat, but pack a punch. Their secondary effect is used for propelling Tamae to increase her speed. They can create mobile shapes in which she can control. When they engulf someone, they torture the victim. If these flames are put near an element, they will become that element.

    Spell Name: Levitation
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A variation of levitation, in fact, its most basic form. Allows the user to hover over limited heights.

    Spell Name: Kitsune Fury
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A kitsune-exclusive spell that includes the side effect of the user turning berserk, but in turn, brute strength is greatly enhanced. It turns the user into its true form - a powerful kitsune engulfed in flames

    [b[Spell Name:[/b] Roar of the Rainbow Vixen
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A spell that only Tamae can use, and it requires Gin's assistance as well. Gin channels magic through Tamae, before she lets out a strong gush of rainbow flames that have an odd burning effect, along with a much greater physical impact.

    Spell Name: Chrome Purgatory
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: This is a reality marble that can only be activated when Gin aids her. It recreates the battlefield into a multicoloured chrome valley, burning with seven-hued flames. This field can be used by her advantage to enhance her abilities, and torture her foes with greater ease.

    Spell Name: Inari's Judgement
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A high-level spell that can only be used by zenko-type Kitsune like Tamae. This allows the user to summon a powerful beam of judgment from the sky with the same element as the user. It only affects the wicked.

    Spell Name: Kitsune Possess
    Element: Spirit
    Effect: a kitsune-only ability that allows the user to possess an entity, usually only temporarily. In this case, only NPCs or mindless mooks can be possessed.

    Spell Name: Curse Resistance
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: A passive spell acquired after making the contract with Gin. It greatly weakens the effects of curses on her.

    Realm: Gaia
    Other: All her Fire spells have been converted into Rainbow Flare magic after the contract with Gin.
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    Ah well, time for a bump.

    Relic Name: Senbonzakura
    Human Name: Sakura Kinoshita
    Physical Age: 15
    Actual Age: Presumably about 700 years.
    Gender: Female
    Element: Non-elemental
    Elemental Compatibility: Non-elemental, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind
    Personality: Sakura is a kind young lass. She treats others kindly and loves to make friends. She is quite energetic and can hardly sit down. She is absurdly attached and flirtatious towards Gin and often claims to be his girlfriend, hardly noting advances by others on her. Despite this, she is rather attentive to her surroundings and has quite a sharp memory. Despite claiming to be 'faithful to Gin', she will often have lesbian tendencies with little girls. She is also obsessed with cute things.
    History: Senbonzakura was a diamond blade forged by the ancient Blacksmith Muramasa. It was created using the Muramasa's Forge, which cursed any blade forged with it with the curse of Muramasa. This blade, along with its brother blade, the Kago no Tori, were different. They were both made with high quality diamonds, which was much, much harder than the usual steel. They also possessed special abilities that the other blades did not possess. In fact, these two were the blades Muramasa put the most effort into. Sadly, when he was about to give these blades to worthy warriors, the use of his forged blades was banned.

    After Muramasa's death, a mysterious pegacorn travelled to Gaia to collect these blades in order to find one who was worthy to wield them. After a few centuries, he paid a visit to young Gin Furukawa about 12 months ago to give him this powerful blade - the Senbonzakura. He believed that Gin would wield this power well. Fearing that there is a small chance he may not, he hid the second sword - Kago no Tori - elsewhere.
    Physical Appearance: Sakura Kinoshita has long, wavy pink hair and shining pink eyes. She has a height of 1.6 metres and a very curvacious and slender figure with a cup size between B and C. Her legs are a little chuuby, and her hands are soft and tender to touch. If you gaze upon her bare back, you can see the words 'Senbonzakura' written in pure Kanji.

    She generally wears a pink hoodie over her average-built body. She can sometimes be seen wearing pink-framed glasses, which she will buy when she presumes Gin has a glasses fetish. She also wears a pair of white short shorts, revealing most of her thighs. She wears a pink-striped pair of white running shoes, coupled with short, white socks for a complete outfit.
    Relic forme appearance: The Senbonzakura is a simple-looking katana whose curved, sharp blade is made from pure, pink diamonds. Its scabbard is made from pure steel, embedded with jades. Its handle was made with the most durable of ancient ceramics. On one side of the sword’s blade, it is carved and written in black ink ‘Thousand Cherry Blossoms’ or 千本桜 (Senbonzakura), indicating its name.
    Spell Name: Senbonzakura no Buyou (Dance of a thousand cherry blossoms)
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: It is her basic ability to summon Cherry blossoms from nothingness to be used for various purposes, mainly defense and distraction. These cherry blossoms are so durable, they have three quarters the durability of her sword form's diamond blade. These cherry blossoms can be shifted into shapes, ranging from razor-sharp katanas(she dubs this 'Senbonzakura no Tsurigi') to catapults or even wings! With enough concentration, she can concentrate her power at one spot and use the cherry blossoms like bullets. This trait relies on the user's imagination. This ability is used to manipulate cherry blossoms from other sources as well.

    Spell Name: Senbonzakura
    Element: Non-elemental
    Effect: The true form of this legendary sword that has been stalled in it for many years. This is Senbonzakura's true, legendary power. It creates an odd space known as a 'reality marble', causing the surrounding area to turn into a garden of cherry blossom trees. It can only be activated in the Senbonzakura's sword form, when it has been unsheathed. This will boost the power of the Senbonzakura ten fold, along with the dexterity and swordsmanship of the wielder.

    Curse: When Senbonzakura is used in melee combat and the successfully slashes an opponent, the holder will feel an equal amount of pain as the opponent. If the opponent is pain-resistant, the pain dealt on the holder is also reduced. If the holder isn’t holding it, like when he’s hurling it, pain is not inflicted back. When unsheathed, the Senbonzakura cannot be withdrawn until blood is drawn.
    Other: The Senbonzakura's hard sheath too, while not good for slicing, can still be used for combat.
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