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No Boundaries: Pokemon x Pokemon Shippings

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Vycksta, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member


    Face-Off of 2010
    First round (( 10 votes to progress ));

    Hourglassshipping (( Dialga x Celebi )) vs. Feudshipping (( Zangoose x Seviper ))
    Tickleshipping (( Skitty x Eevee )) vs. Snowstormshipping (( Jolteon x Glaceon ))
    Frostfireshipping (( Articuno x Moltres )) vs. Peltshipping (( Arcanine x Persian ))
    Kyukamishipping (( Mightyena x Ninetales )) vs. Latentshipping (( Absol x Eevee ))
    Dethklokshipping (( Dialga x Giratina )) vs. Legendaryshipping (( Lugia x Ho-Oh ))
    Evanjishipping (( Mightyena x Linoone )) vs. Deceitshipping (( Sneasel x Misdreavus ))
    Guildshipping (( Wigglytuff x Chatot )) vs. 99shipping (( Arcanine x Ninetales ))
    NorthernLightsshipping (( Espeon x Suicune )) vs. Revivalshipping (( Pikachu x Eevee ))

    Quarter Finals (( 15 votes to progress ));

    Legendaryshipping (( Lugia x Ho-Oh )) vs. Kyukamishipping (( Mightyena x Ninetales ))
    Deceitshipping (( Sneasel x Misdreavus )) vs. Peltshipping (( Arcanine x Persian ))
    Feudshipping (( Zangoose x Seviper )) vs. Snowstormshipping (( Jolteon x Glaceon ))
    NorthernLightsshipping (( Espeon x Suicune )) vs. 99shipping (( Arcanine x Ninetales ))

    Semi Finals (( 20 votes to progress ));

    Snowstormshipping (( Jolteon x Glaceon )) vs. Kyukamishipping (( Mightyena x Ninetales ))
    Deceitshipping (( Sneasel x Misdreavus )) vs. NorthernLightsshipping (( Espeon x Suicune ))

    Final (( 25 votes to win ));

    Deceitshipping (( Sneasel x Misdreavus )) vs. Snowstormshipping (( Jolteon x Glaceon ))
  2. Ranger Registeel

    Ranger Registeel orly n00b?

    I absolutely LOVE Ash's Grovyle x May's Combuske, AKA AdvancedStarterShipping
    I also adore FirejoltShipping, which is Ash's Pikachu x May's Combusken.
    Another favorite of mine is Vineshipping, Ash's Bulbasaur x May's Bulbasaur.
    The sad thing is, I'm not even an AdvanceShipper o.0 I just picture their Pokemon together 0___O
  3. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Vineshipping. Ash's Bulba and May's Bulba is the one Pokemon ship I really like, and as far as we know they're still at Oaks together. Yay.
  4. Speedfox

    Speedfox Well-Known Member

    ClassyMouseshipping. PersianxRaichu.
    Krazyshipping. TR Meowth x Ash's Pikachu.
  5. Komedic Konservationist

    Komedic Konservationist N00b in the dungeon!

    I'm extremely keen on Victreebel x Jumpluff. My fanfiction features a pessimistic Victreebel and an optomistic Jumpluff who are constantly having arguements. Through writing the story, I came to like this pairing. It seems logical too, as I always thought of them as being counterparts in game.
  6. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Oh Vy, you make the greatest topics.

    Insomniashipping (AriadosxJupetta): My first and second fave pokemon respectively, and my pokexpoke OTP. They're just so damn perfect together. Sure, it started out as Harley's Ariados-chan and Jupetta-chan, but now I've extended my love the the entire species. <3 This is the only pokexpoke ship I've ever written a oneshot for too.

    Negateshipping (JupettaxEneko): My second fave pokexpoke ship. It's mainly for Harley's Jupetta-chan and Haruka's Eneko, who I believe is a male pink fluffball. The thought of their pokemon falling in love while they hate each other is just too good. I'm writing a fic like that right now actually.

    SandCharmshipping (NoctusxEneko)
    Bounceshipping (AriadosxEneko)
    Chaseshipping (AriadosxJupettaxEneko)
    StarCrossedshipping (NoctusxAriadosxJupettaxEneko)
    ...Yes, I do so love that thought as you can see. Eneko is such a player. XD

    Kowaiishipping (NoctusxJupetta)
    Clashshipping (NoctusxAriados)
    Chanshipping (NoctusxJupettaxAriados)
    Hey, anyone wanna guess my three fave anime pokemon? =D Though Insomnia is my fave if I had to choose, Chanshipping solves lets Noctus-chan in on the fun too.

    Krazyshipping (NyasuxPikachu): Oh man, so obvious. Ever heard "Hey, Pikachu"? That's all the reason I need.

    There are probably more, but I can't think of them at the moment. ^^; And I named them all except Kowaii and Krazy, probably cause I'm the only fan of most of them. ;3 *proud*
  7. Saiyajin-Neko

    Saiyajin-Neko I don't think so May

    I'd ship that too! Totally cute and realistic in my opinion! ^__^

    Hrrrm what about LugiaxArticuno? Seafrostshipping? XD *Totally made that up* Feel free to correct me.
  8. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    NightlightShipping (Burakki/Umbreon x Eefi/Espeon): They just go together to me.

    Sceptile x Meganium: Aww... Poor Grovyle. (See Grovyle VS. Tropius! Grass Field Duel!)

    Eefi/Espeon x Eevee/Eievui: 'Cause Eevee's a cutie and Eefi's my favorite Eeveelution. :3

    InsomiaShipping (Jupetta x Ariados): Blame taitofan. The doujinshi art of these two is so adorable. <3

    KrazyShipping: It's the pictures from the General Shipping Picture thread. And a boost from a 1sentence LJ entry for these two.

    Plusle x Pichu: I have no idea why honestly.

    WhirlyPlantShipping (Eevee x Little Lu): From Pokemon PiPiPi adventure. <3 Canon fluffy couple. And they're both Eevees.

    FlamingLeafShipping (Chiko x Hitokage): Also from Pokemon PiPiPi Adventures. The Valentine's chapter PWNs.

    *can't think of any more at the moment*
  9. Phantom_Bugsy

    Phantom_Bugsy So hot he's on fire.

    Agunomuu x Yukiishi x Emuritto. I <3 it.

    Yukiishi x Emuritto to branch off of it. XD; So cute.
  10. Nylf

    Nylf Well-Known Member

    Various ships and in alphabetic order too:-

    Gender order is Male x Female

    Alakazam x Gardevoir: More because it's funny/awesome/romantic/plotty when rivalled with the below Gardevoir ship. Though I guess real justification is they're the two most powerful(ignoring male Kirlia evo, since he's physical) Special non legendary Psychic humanoids. And the oppurtunity to call Alakazam a 'spoony bard' is too much to resist. The spoony bard that he is.

    Arcanine x Absol: Yeah, yeah, weird, I know. I have very little justifictaion except they're both what could be considered almost pseudo-legendary Pokemon. And polar opposites in effect, as Arcanine carries a great positive legacy, whereas Absol is nigh on infamous. I kinda see it as Arcanine protecting Absol from those who would seek to harm it, even making them reconsider prejudice against it. In effect, it's just very sweet I think.

    Blaziken x Gardevoir: Fallen angel x angel is how I see it. Blaziken, a Fire/Fighting type with a daemonic appearance, and it's head crest resembles stunted wings. Gardevoir is basically a guardian angel, I see the chest and back horns as symbolising virginity/purity, something commonly placed with angels, and heck, it's Psychic type, a type that is often linked to heavenly qualities(look at Mew...). It's fun to work with, funny as hell to write about, and one of my favourite pairings. Plus in rivalry with above ship, Blaziken gets to call Alakazam a spoony bard. Which he very much is. That spoony bard.

    I am addicted to calling Alakazam 'spoony bard' now. Dangit.

    Houndoom x Manectric: In RS, they're a good breeding couple, for (the now useless) Crunch Manectric, and they're one of few really 'wolfish' Pokemon of about the same size. Plus, I dunno, I just kinda like it. They're colours are very contrasting as well, which, in my eyes, makes it look nice as well. I have an odd liking for contrasting colours.

    Lucario x Mimiroppu: Because, well I can. Barely justified, except by the fact that dogs chase rabbits, and in effect, they are humanoid versions of those two creatures, so it comes under a similar thought process to Menctric x Delcatty, below.

    Manectric x Delcatty: Seeing them used by a Young Couple in Pokemon R/S/E made me think about this one. It's kinda funny, in that it's basically dog x cat, the eternal rivals of basic ideaology falling in love. I honestly can't come up with an real justification, I just think it's almost sort of sweet.

    Megayanma x Vibrava: Note I didn't say Flygon. This is because I can't really find myself pairing Flygon with anything other than Flygon. However, I kinda like Megayanma x Vibrava. They're both dragonflies, both pretty draconic, and both(if my assumption that dragon Pokemon are ancient species is considered) are relatively old species. I see it as more nice than anything, with the Vibrava longing to fly like the Megayanma, but only being able to hover, and the Megayanma encouraging Vibrava on.

    Sukapuu/Sukatanku x Nyaruma/Bunyatto: It's Pepe La Pew all over again folks. If you have ever watched Looney Tunes, you'll get this.

    Yanma x Vibrava: Basically the same as Megayanma x Vibrava, but with them both dreaming of evolution.
  11. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    I remember you mentioned that a long time back in the face-off. Did you give it a name?

    @ Saiyajin-Neko: Articuno x Lugia is Bluebirdshipping.

    @ Nylf: Blaziken x Gardevoir and Alakazam x Gardevoir have names as well, Psyflameshipping and CalmMindshipping respectively.

    I'm glad this got a few replies. *happy* If anyone has a topic then post it, if not then i'm sure I can think of something. xD
  12. Violet

    Violet A shade of mystery

    Now for my couples

    Tauros x Miltank: Classic cow love XD. Seriously, I don't know why the developers haven't made a preevo involving them both. Like a married couple really just need the calves :3.

    Gengar/Yonowarru/Any other male ghost pokemon x Misdreavus: To me Missy D is THE icon for female ghosts and I just imagine male ghosts just swooning over her. Fun! Missy D empire. Yonowarru would be some arrogant muscle pokemon.

    Elekid/Magby x Smoochum: Love triangle! These three have been put together in a trio for awhile (shame Jynx didn't get her evo) and so this should be a little fun.

    Gyrados x Milotic: Both are sea dragony in appearence and just seem to jel to me

    Eruriedo x Gardevoir: Look great together and a great make. The chilvalrous Eruriedo goes after the heavingly gardevoir.

    I shal think of some more later ^^
  13. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Oh snap. I thought of more!

    Nightlightshipping (Blacky x Eifie): Reo's pokemon in Colo! The two who are always male! How could I forget them...?

    The next three are based on pokemon my fave OC has, and have no canon basis...

    FoodinxUpaa: Both are male. Foodin is all smart and quiet and whatnot, while Upaa bounces all over the place. Pretty good size difference too. But Foodin is wickedly protective of the little jumping bean. X3

    RaichuxAbsol: Both are female. The only girls on her team, and they want nothing to do with the others. They're often found cuddled up together. <3

    BlackyxBooster: Both are male. And hella arrogant. It's one of those deals where they mostly rivals who don't want to share with anyone so they stick together. XD

    *isn't good with topics*
  14. I have a few... but only one was named.

    DressShipping. It's *Female*Bellossom and *Female*Gardevoir (IGNORE THE LIST SAYING IT'S JUST BELLOSSOM & GARDEVOIR! =P). My two most favorite Pokémon. Why I like to pair them? Well... I like Girl/Girl, duh. Secondly... they have quite a few subtle ties with each other. Bellossom is #182. Gardevoir is #282. Both get Magical Leaf (And Energy Ball in D/P. <333). Both wear a dress (Hence the Ship's name.), even though Bellossom's is more like a skirt. And well... they're just SO CUTE together! I drew it, even. And I don't care if they're not in the same Breeding Group or if they are of the same gender! They're just the cutest. <333

    I'm also very fond of:

    Bellossom & Cacturne. I see that foo as a serious pimp, and knowing my Bellossom, she'd easily fall for him.

    Gardevoir & Gengar. A similar situation with the one above. =P

    I'm also growing fond of Gardevoir & Erureido. It's awfully cliché, though. Erureido is the typical "Knight in Shinning Armor", while Gardevoir is easily a "Damsel in Distress". Still, as related as they are, it's an awfully cute Ship, not stopped by gender similarity or... compatibility. I still love DressShipping despite it lacking that! <333 But this one would easily be my second favorite.

    And Miltank & Tauros. Because, if Whitney was a Pokémon, she'd be a Miltank. And I'd be a Tauros. Which makes it MakeMeNowShipping in Pokémon form! =P

    Magmar & Mimiroppu because Magmar needs more love than what he gets from Jynx, and Buuburn is too fugly to breed. I hope Mimiroppu is Humanshape. XD And lo! She IS Humanshape! Helios must be dancing from utter joy! =P

    That'd be it... I think? I might think of more someday. ;P
  15. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    You win for those two, especially the latter. Seems that there's already a small following as well. Plus it needs a name, so does Raichu/Absol, Umbreon/Flareon and Agunomuu/Yukiishi/Emuritto. xD

    I have a couple more to add to my list, the unnamed Ivysaur x Haunter and Seadra x Dragonair. Stems from Pokemon Blue and the fact that I like these four a lot more than their evolutions. My first team had Ivysaue and Haunter in and the second had Seadra and Dragonair in. Ivysaur and Haunter worked well with their sleep techinques and Seadra and Dragonair were basically jammy bleeps that would win a battle on 1 HP. Oh yes.
  16. psy455

    psy455 Well-Known Member

    Meowth x Pikachu (Canon) You believe it?? o_O

    Mewtwo x Gardevoir <3 Awesomeness,the powerful psychic pokemon gets pair with a beautiful psychic pokemon

    Charizard x Articuno - Highlevelbattleshipping
  17. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    Oh, yeah. I forgot MewShipping. <3 I just love those little moments between them in the first movie and Mewtwo Returns.
  18. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    ^ I can see Mew going off with Emuritto myself. xD;;;;
  19. Sir Marly

    Sir Marly Mega Sceptile Fanboy

    Mine is slowpoke x snorlax i dont think i've herad this but sloweshippping is the way for me
    ps. if theres already a name for this tell me
  20. Vycksta

    Vycksta Well-Known Member

    1) Well done for liking a shipping that's slightly different. Makes the Amazingshipper and the Kiboshshipper in me quite happy.
    2) There is not a shipping name for Slowpoke x Snorlax and the name Slowshpping is not taken, so voila, you are a supporter of Slowshipping.
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