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No clue what to call this deck...its a fire type.

Okay, well first of all, I've been looking at some comments and stuff in sigs and such, and I'd just like to say that despite this deck having a different setup, it works. Also I use some cards from Miracle Crystal because I got some from the prerelease, just saying. So anywho here it is:

Pokemon: 17
x2 Kingler [delta]-MC
x2 Krabby-MC
x2 Kingdra [delta]-HP
x2 Seadra [delta]-HP
x3 Horsea [delta]-HP
x2 Mewtwo [delta]-DS
x4 Aerodactyl [delta]-HP

Trainers: 25
x4 Mysterious Fossil-LM
x3 Energy Search-UF
x2 Rare Candy-HP
x3 Energy removal-UF
x3 Potion-DS
x3 Holon Researcher-DS
x4 Solid Rage-UF
x3 Holon Ruins-DS

Energy: 18
x4 Metal Energy-HP
x14 Fire Energy-HP

Like I said, it's not the traditional setup but despite what people say about non-moving decks, it works extremely well.

~fuzzy out~
If you're going to play Kingler, you need more than 4 tools in your deck.

-1 Mewtwo (only useful as a tech card, so only one is needed)

-1 Aerodactyl (as its attack isn't very good, and you can only attach one energy per turn anyways, you dont really need 4)

-1 Mysterious Fossil (read above)

-3 Potion (not useful enough)

-3 Energy Search (you have aerodactly to do this!)

-1 Solid Rage (exchanging this for some variety)

and then...

+1 Krabby (consistancy)

+1 Kingler (consistancy)

+3 Holon Adventurer (draw powah)

+2 Dual Ball (for early game setup)

+3 Energy Root (hooray for 100 HP Kingler!)

Try those changes and i think it will work a lot better.
alright, thanks Danny, CipherDSX, I needed a bit of constructive criticism is all. As my friend and I put this together, I didn't take a good look at the trainers, so when I drew the energy searches I thought, why do I even need these? I do find that the Solid Rage work on Kingler very well if you're losing.

~fuzzy out~

Cipher 2008

Well-Known Member
Completely has nothing to do with the contents of the deck, but if you need a name why not Delta Kings or Fire Kings? You've got Delta-type Kingdra and Kingler, both Fire-type.