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No need to worry! ~ Dawn Themed Deck

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by Piplup Girl, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Piplup Girl

    Piplup Girl TopNotch Coordinator

    23 Pokémon

    Piplup (DP) 4
    Prinplup (Majestic Dawn) 2
    Prinplup (Platinum) 2
    Empoleon (Majestic Dawn) 1
    Empoleon (Storm Front) 1
    Empoleon Platinum 1
    Empoleon Lv.X 1
    Buizel (POP) 1
    Mamoswine GL 1
    Pachirisu (Great Encounters) 1
    Buneary (Majestic Dawn) 3
    Lopunny (Legends Awakened) 2
    Ambipom G 1
    Uxie (Legends Awakened) 2

    2 Stadium

    Pokémon Contest Hall 2

    5 Tools

    Amulet Coin 1
    Leftovers 1
    Lucky Egg 1
    Expert Belt 2

    10 Trainers

    Switch 3
    Night Maintenance 2
    Poké Healer + 4
    Luxury Ball 1

    5 Supporters

    Mom's Kindess 1
    Roseanne's Research 2
    Cynthia's Feelings 2

    15 Energies

    Water 15

    Here's My DP-On Deck! Dawn/Hikari's my favorite Pokemon character and Piplup's my favorite Pokemon so I built a deck based on her and some of her Pokemon.
    The Spotlight of the deck goes to the Piplup-Evo line and Pokemon Contest Hall helps me assemble my bench and give them a handy tool.
    Basic useful cards that help with drawing, switching and healing are thrown in to help.
    Any advice is welcome and thanks in advance!
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2009
  2. Nidoprince

    Nidoprince Well-Known Member

    Get rid of a contest hall, and get more Buizel and Ambipom. You could also take out an Empoleon Lv. X, but that's pretty optional. I'd get another Uxie too, and perhaps more energy, like 3 more.

    Although, you did a great job on making a Dawn themed deck.
  3. GreenAiden555

    GreenAiden555 Up For Trade P.M Me

    I like your deck, but what I say has to be said:

    Drop the Mamo, Buizel, and 1 Emp X. Instead, put in another Emp and a Buck's training and another Roseanne's. Another thing I would do is swap the Pachi for something else. I can't think of anything, but that's what I'd do. Also, the Ambipon doesn't seem too appealing, but it can be a headache.

    Overall, I'd say it's a pretty good deck.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2009
  4. Piplup Girl

    Piplup Girl TopNotch Coordinator

    Thanks for the advice everyone :)

    Sorry but I'm not gonna drop Contest Hall or Pachi, because they combo well together.
    The whole strategy is to get Contest Hall to get my pokemon on my bench and give them a tool to help them later on. If my opponent uses contest hall and gets a tool, Pachi can use Smash Short and do 40 damage and discard their tools, plus it can search out other pokemon,

    but I'll -1 Pachi

    and I'll add +1 Roseanne's Research

    I think I will -1 Empleon LV.X for another Empoleon or another Uxie

    or maybe -1 Lucky egg for Uxie?

    Ambipom G, was iffy, but for now I'll keep it, just to keep with the theme.

    I was thinking of switching Buizel POP for Floatzel GL, but I'm gonna keep Mamo, because I've used it a few times and it's pretty useful for taking some hits early on and gets the damage counters on the opponent if they're not water types.
  5. Teleri(Squirtle)

    Teleri(Squirtle) Squirtle. ^^

    nice Deck, i like the idea, making a deck based on a character, :D
    I like the deck as it is really... but if it was me i would swap the Night Maintenance for something else,
    but otherwise i really like it.
    is it ok if i make some decks build around characters in the first series?
  6. Lucario_X_Froslass

    Lucario_X_Froslass PTCG player person

    XD Dawn themed...

    You need more POP9 packs lol Make it a FUN deck; not good. Swarm with Call Energy and Roseanne's Research and PokeDex junk. Then Expert Belt everything and use Energy Pickup for accel.


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