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No one should have all that power.


Chickity China
No One Should Have All That Power. (A zombie, super hero RP)

It is hard to believe how fragile we humans are, one slight change to the environment, and how quickly do we fall? Anything that changes us for the better always have consequences, hard to believe one man, one mutant zombie/superhero making virus and time can change the world to such a disastrous place...

Our story begins back in the 1980s, there is a strong tension between The USSR and The United States. Unable to take a chance, The US government allows the use of genetic experiments to create super soldiers, thus creating The Advanced Genetic Experiments, or AGE, Project. The Project began in the year 1982, and used it's first field test later that year, attempting give a solider super strength and Telekinetic powers. The test was a disaster and resulted in backlash from high ranking officials in the government.

They continued on for decades attempting to create solider for almost every war condition. From their base in the Nevada Desert, the AGE scientists were experimenting with everything from Electrokinesis to flight and everything in between. These experiments would work for a short time, but with in a day or so they would die.

And then finally, on December 21st 2012, they cracked the virus. Creating a solider who could fly, control the elements, have pretty much every power you could imagine, and almost never have to eat due to a lowered metabolic rate. It was an astounding scientific acheievement... But that would change...

Within a week the first working solider, named Subject 0, began going through more mutations, these mutations were horrifying, ranging from the lose skin, and the change in his eyes. The officials were horrified, what if word were to get out of these experiments, and how would people react? They decided to end this before it could be outed. They killed Subject 0, and destroyed any proof of the experitments...

However one sample remained, the sample's vial bursted, releasing into the air and infecting a scientist by the name of Adam Luciano. This scientist had always had mental problems, mostly paranoid schizophrenia. The infection proved to be the thing that pushed Adam over the edge. He began calling himself Exodus, stating how we the next evolutionary breakthrough, he began infecting people who would turn in mindless drone.

After a week of the outbreak, Exodus made himself known. He hijacked a news station in Las Vegas, and told everyone on live television on how fighting the infection was pointless, and how to attain the fullest potential for the human race was to be infected.

Three weeks have passed since then and roughly only three thousand people alive, most of these are carriers, people who are immune to the virus, but gained nothing from it. But then there are about a hundred who did gain something, something beyond their wildest imaginations, powers. While these powers are not as strong as Exodus', nor are they as varied. They might one day change everything.

You are one of these people who have survived the outbreak, be it from luck, survival skills, or you're possibly new gained powers. You are also currently located around Los Angeles, for whatever reason that brought you is most likely gone, you may decide to leave, and if you have, you may've heard about a cargo ship in San Fransisco that is suppose to be infection free. But before you leave you may want to visit a local grocery store that is currently being attacked by hordes of the infected.

Levels of infections.
There are five different levels of infection currently known, and they are as follow.

Degenerates: These fellows are the basic zombie, you know, they look just like regular people save for being skinless, they travel in hordes and like to nom on people, nothing else to add really.

Carriers: These are people who have been infected, yet not have turned. They are immune and are basically normal humans.

Enpowered: They are the guys and girls who have been infected, survived not being killed for around two weeks, and have gained powers, they can have any power under the sun basically.

Prowlers: Are a sort of special infected, they a appear as a skinny and more frail version on Degenerates, they are known for stealth and are significantly smarter then the average infected, they will follow clues that may lead them to un-infected characters, and then will promptly use their Psychic powers to alert other bad infected.

Damned: These are another set of special infected, these were Degenerates but they began to mutate, they tend to look pretty much the same as degenerates, save for when they are close, then you will notice how their eyes are completly black, these can have a wild variety of powers, but are usually more Strength and Speed then anything else.

Infernals: These are animals who have been infected, they do not have any powers, and they look the same as regular animals but tend to have no hair/feather around their heads and a appear to be suffering mange.

Structus: These are a rare breed of infected, they are Degenerates who have evolved psychic powers to a degree where they can control Infernals and Degenerates. But due to them almost never having to use their arms, they have in most case lost all muscle and become nothing but bone.

[(If you have any ideas for infected, please message me your ideas, if your idea is good, it might become an infected on this list.)

-All SPPF RPG Rules apply. If hadn’t read them, please do.
-All posts should include name and location at the beginning of each post.
-Your post can include an inventory at the end of each post, but is not mandatory.
-Please be nice to other players, it's okay to have fights in character, but please refrain out of character.
-No Gary Stu/Mary Sues. No bunnying, you know the basics.
-This RP is rated PG-15, so if you don't like blood, gore, violence, and potenial sexual innuendos, this RP may not be for you.
-If you have any questions please send me a message either via pm/VM, and I will try my best to help you understand.

Name: (obvious)
Gender: (obvious)
Age: (Obvious)
Type of Infection: (Either Carrier or Enpowered)
Alignment: (Are ya good, bad or neutral.
Appearance: (Self explanatory, at least two paragraphs please.)
Personality: (Again, at least two paragraphs please..)
History: (This should have information on where you were and what you were doing before the outbreak and up to date on what you've been doing to survive and of course how you got to Los Angeles, at least two paragraphs again)
Weapons: (Obvious, but please don't go over board with these. You're not a walking armory.)
Powers: (Okay, this were it gets tricky. You can pretty much have what ever power you want, but please try to limit how good they are. You've only had them about two weeks, so don't come out being like a superman. But also don't worry, you'll be able to become stronger as the RP progresses. At least one paragraph please.)
Theme Song: (Cause face, every superhero needs his theme song)
Inventory: (Just give me a list of items that your character has at the beginning of this apocalyptic adventure)

Accepted Characters.
Terrance 'Terry' Mitchell - Digipoke1
Reserved - Krazy95
'Tam' Tammy Stone - VampirateMace
Melrose Dawnson - Aggiegwyn
Reserved Enpowered - SoulMuse
Closing words.

So yup, that's my RP, hope you'll all enjoy RPing in it as much as I have enjoyed thinking it up. (Which is a lot) Please if you have any ideas for missions, or anything really. Please do tell.

I also wanna thank Neo Pikachu for helping me with ideas for this RP and Krazy95 for giving me the idea for the Prowler.​
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I'm glad to be back!
Hey, you have a guaranteed S-U from me! I liked this from the first description you gave me, so yup. Reserve me and I'll get one done this weekend, after I get my exam outta the way. Unless I get time before, then it will be up earlier.

EDIT: I should have mentioned that I have some ideas and I'm still happy to discuss with you any ideas you have as this just seems like a very awesome and different spin on a Zombie RP.


Chickity China
Name: Terrance 'Terry' Mitchell
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Type of Infection: Enpowered
Alignment: neutral

Terry stands at about 5'11 and is of average build, you know now to muscley, not to fat, not to skinny, just you know average. His face is rigid and strong looking, with a rather big nose and a few patches of un-shaved facial hair. Terry's hair is a dark brown, that is usually kept short and in a bowl cut, but because of the recent changes of situations, it has become a bit more scruffy in places. His eyes are now a crimson shade, this happened after he got infected. Before this his eyes were a light blue. He wears a pair of black thick rimmed glasses to keep blood out of his eyes. He also has a long lightning esque scar from his right shoulder to his right hand from the first time he used his powers.

For clothing, Terry wears a red graphic tee with a four leaf clover on it, claiming that this shirt is his lucky charm. With a rather nice black jacket over it, the black jacket has like a white line where the zipper goes. He wears a pair of rather loose black jeans, the looser the jeans the easier he can run away from the zombies that wanna nom. And to complete it all, Terry wears a pair of red sneakers to help him run about, because as said before, running from the infected is a very good way of living. And to make sure his hands are nice and clean, he wears a pair of black gloves.

The best way to describe Terry's personality is to imagine a three year old, give him a Monster and a Pixie Stick, there you have the main bulk of Terry's personality. He is a wild child who almost never needs any rest, he's all ways on the gogogogogogo! While this does sometimes work against him, he doesn't mind. He is just that sorta guy that is like "Sure! Let's jump down this abandoned mine shaft and explore!" He is an optimist to the umpteenth degree, there is almost nothing that can bring him down.

But besides this, crazy, possibly ADD part of his personality. Terry is also very protective of his friends and family, also trying his best to do what is best for his group. Due to this, Terry can and may make decisions that may not be the best moral choice for the group. But he will always attain that it was the only way that'd be best for the group. Terry will sometimes decide it's best to follow a possible wild goose chase in hopes that it is right and that Terry and his group will be better for it.

Terry also extremely enjoys his powers, simply stating "If it weren't for the zombies everywhere, world be pretty awesome with my lightning hands!"

Terry was born in Ireland to a Irish Steel Working Father, and a Welsh Nurse Mother. At about the age of two his parents moved over to Los Angeles, where his Mother was able to get a rather nice position as a doctor at a hospital, and his father was able to work on ships at the docks. It was nice. After awhile his mom and dad had a few more kids, all, you, know good kids. First was a boy named Clancy, which at the time Terry argued about it not being a real first name. However, his parents insisted on how Clancy Mitchell sounded good. And then came Sarah, which as you might guess was a girl. All of it, the whole family was good and nice.

When Terry turned fifth teen, he discovered the wonder that is known as Underground Robot Fights. Here Terry learned how to do electronics. This was the start of the love of a lifetime. He began fighting in these underground fights with his own, hand made robots. It was a nice confidence building experiment. After this he started making his own computers and started selling them, it wasn't a lot of cash, but it was a nice amount. And after High School graduation, Terry enrolled in UCLA in a robotic course. And just as he was a few weeks away from graduation, the Infection outbreak broke out.

He spent most of his time after the outbreak hidden in his school's computer building, but after a while, the small fortifications failed and the infected got in. He attempted to escape, but was scratched on the hand. He was unable to get to his parents' house but was able to get into a grocery store, making the correct fortifications, Terry bunkered down. Making sure the store was safe whenever he could. However he began to feel unwell. He collapsed and passed out for a day or so.

When he woke up, his eyes were now a crimson shade. He felt lightheaded, not knowing if this was some sort of dream. He continued in this condition for the next two weeks, and then one faithful morning, Terry shot out a bolt of electricity from the palm of his hand. Amazed by this, Terry began training this power on some of the zombies. He also heard something on the radio about a boat supposedly infection free.

So now, Terry is sitting in his grocery store, waiting for a good time to leave, and head to the boat in San Fran.

Terry's main weapon are two simple weapons, a pair of brass knuckles. But not any ordinary brass knuckles, instead of the bumpy sort of brass knuckles. Terry's are flat on the punching top bit. This means he can channel his powers through them more easily, and act as a sort of defibrillator.

Besides these, Terry can electrify most metal objects to make them a bit more shocking, allowing for easier kills on infected. His currant favorite is a shopping cart.

Terry's power is electrokinesis, the power over electricity. He can launch bolts of electricity from the palm of his hands, or from his brass knuckles. The bolts from his palms are weaker, needing to fire anywhere from 7-8 bolts to kill an infected, but more controllable and are able to interact with objects. But the ones from his knuckles are significantly stronger, only needing 4-5 to kill an infected, but are uncontrollable and are unable to interact with objects,

He can also absorb electricity from objects to give a boost to his attacks, or he can become sort of like a portable generator and power the machines himself, however doing this can drain his powers and making his blasts weaker.

Theme Song:
Live Wire - Motley Crue.

Pair of Brass Knuckles x1
two pound bags of Lemon x5
sixpack of energy drinks x4
Vitamins x5
Shopping cart x1
Bits and pieces of metal x7
Grocery Store x1​

And You are reserved Krazy.
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Internet Overlord
Question: Will there be any sort of animal zombies in this RPG, like in Resident Evil where the crows that ate infected zombie carrion became zombie-like themselves and started attacking survivors?

Name: ‘Tam’ Tammy Stone

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Type of Infection: Carrier

Alignment: Good - at least from her own point of view.

Tam is just over average height with a slightly toned, albeit slightly overweight, body structure. She has lost several pounds over the last couple weeks however, and her clothes are a bit baggy. Her hair is rich chocolate color, slightly wavy, and usually kept back in a bun to keep zombies and enemies from grabbing it. She plans on cutting it when she gets a chance, but somehow that chance never seems to come. Her face is oval in shape, slightly pointed down at the chin, with soft cheek-bones and large dark blue eyes.

For clothes, Tam’s current style could be described as accidental Steampunk. She was dressed in casual business clothes, wearing dark grey slack and a matching vest over a nice blouse with flat heel dress shoes, the day the outbreak took hold. She has since swapped her dress shoes for a pair of shin high light brown leather boots. She has also added a pair of fingerless dark brown gloves, and a some welding goggles she found at the construction sight, because busting zombie skulls with a sledgehammer is some messy business. She carries around a dirty old messenger bag which was once pink, the sort the slings over one shoulder and across the torso. In this she stores her supplies.

Tam is quite possibly borderline insane. You’d have to be to make it through the zombie apocalypse really. She’s a sweet gal when she trusts you, to the point that people even think to take advantage of her kindness… but get one her bad side, and you’ll see a fierce and relentless temper flare up. She thought she had a handle on her temper, but the current situation seems to have brought it back up to the surface.

She’s learned to be skeptical and wary of strangers lately, having lost a lot of good supplies to a couple she’d gotten too friendly with. So it takes her a while to warm up to anyone nowadays, not that there’s many people to warm up to. It’s a bit lonely really, and she tends to talk to zombies when she sees them from a distance “I see you… hey, how’s it going? How are the kids?” only getting serious about fleeing or fighting when they get too close for comfort.

Tam was a single gal in Los Angeles on a business trip, with a couple of extra days reserved on the end of the trip so that she and her co-worker Sherry’s family (Sherry, 6-yr old daughter, and husband) could go to places like Disneyland and Medieval Times. As you may have guessed they never got to go. Their group was separated in the chaos when the zombie-super outbreak reached the city. Until then, a lot of people had put off the virus as a hoax or not close enough to them to be worried about. Tam herself had doubted it’s validity, the source of the broadcast was traced back to Vegas after all.

Separated from her group, and finding herself chased by an assortment of vicious zombies, Tam broke into a nearby building. It happened to be an office building that was being renovated. She picked up a thick T-bar from near the door and proceeded deeper into the building. She struck a zombie as it rounded the corner, lunging at her, and the T-bar was forced out of her hand. She scrambled into the next room. White cloths were draped around the room and one of the walls was partially knocked out. Next to it was a sledgehammer. She hoisted this up and struck down the zombie as it followed her into the room.

Tam has since battled many zombies, and was surprised to find she hadn’t started showing symptoms herself. She’d heard rumors of immunity from a couple of survivors she encountered as the three of them hid in a convenience store’s backroom to rest. But they’d better hope they never meet her again, since they stole several items out of her supply bag while she was still sleeping.

Further back, Tam’s childhood was slightly troubled. She grew up with her single father and took after him in a lot of ways, particularly in anger, always picking fights at school. He didn’t want to encourage fighting however, so she was never allowed to study martial arts, despite her interest and some of their relatives arguing that it would give her an alternate release for her anger. As she got older, she matured past such petty fighting and grew less interested in learning martial arts anyways, so she never really did study them. She went a local college after high school and studied business, getting a job with and intercontinental company soon after.

Weapons: Tam carries a meter long sledgehammer, originally used by construction workers to knock out flimsy wall when remodeling. She also keeps a six inch flip knife tucked into her left boot. It’s not a particularly useful weapon against zombie supers, but at least she’ll have something if she looses her hammer.

Powers: As a Carrier, Tam doesn’t have any powers. Her immunity has left her body and mind intact, and that’s enough for her.

Theme Song: Victorian Vigilante by Abney Park

- Sledgehammer (in hands)
- 6 inch Knife (in boot)
- Single strap across the torso messenger bag:
-- Small matchbox:
---- Three matches
-- Partial first aid kit:
----Two rolls of gauze
---- Assorted band-aids
---- 1/2 a tube of Neosporin
-- 2/3 a bottle of water
-- Box of animal cookies
-- 3 apples

Let me know if you want changes… sorry there’s no song link for you, I can’t really do videos at the moment.


Chickity China
@VampirateMace: What else but accepted!?

And with the animals, yes, there will be some infected variations. I am also thinking up sorta special infected that can control these animals, sorta like a psychic zombie animal trainer.


Well-Known Member
Reserve for me please! I would like to be an Empowered female

EDIT Nevermind

Name: Melrose Dawnson
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Type of Infection: Empowered
Alignment: Good

Appearance: Melrose is a little above five and a half feet tall, making her a bit small compared to most, but you wouldn’t exactly consider her tiny if you noticed the rest of her. She is thin, but still has a little flab on her stomach oddly enough, since most lost weight in the past few weeks. She’s white, but has tanned in the past few weeks as you can imagine. She has a slight figure, having an insignificant chest and hips. Her arms have become longer than usual, and because of her powers they look very odd. They turn red and thicken past the elbow, eventually becoming sharp, red, crab-like claws. She has a face specked with freckles, and has unnaturally yellow eyes. Her hair is sheer white, and stops a little above her chin, not layered or anything. It parts to the side and naturally stays out of her face. Her body is specked with red scales, especially when heading towards the end of limbs like her arms and legs. Her feet are completely red and a hard to the touch. She has two stubs of horns popping out from her hair that begin red and gradually turn yellow.

She is wearing a blue leather jacket to protect her from the cold that has the sleeves rolled up and a few tears resulting from a few accidents with her claws. Under this she has a plain white t-shirt and a common sports bra. Under that she has an average pair of jeans and some torn up shoes that may have to be replaced later. Overall, she looks like a mess since she hasn’t bathed in two weeks.

Personality: Melrose is quiet when around people she doesn’t know. She isn’t incredible with making friends, but she can make small talk and can handle herself if alone at a social event. Most people used to find her cute like a little librarian, but now…well, they’d probably call her a freak. She doesn’t spend much time hanging out unless it’s with her small group of friends, so in all honesty she grew very fond of reading.

And oh how she loves reading. Melrose discovered the magic of reading, and once she discovered a way out of putting herself into conversation, she never left. She loves adventure and used to wish that possibly one day she could be a hero. Currently she curses herself for ever wishing that, but wants to live up to the reputation of real heroes.

Currently, she is scared. She may not admit and may hide her feelings with a joke or a nice start to conversation, but she is. She doesn’t know why there is an infection and she doesn’t understand what happened to her and how to control it. She hopes to find some kind of solution however, and is trying her best to overcome her fear and helping the cause to end this mess.

Due to how much she reads, Melrose is also intelligent. She may not show it, but the girl knows a thing or two when it comes to the english, mythology, and history. Although, she had a bit more trouble with math and science. She is also bilingual since she learned Spanish in high school, and learned how to play cello in band, however she doesn’t really have the opportunity to play it now.

She isn’t very experienced in fighting but she is always willing to learn. She would prefer to learn from a teacher, but since there are so little humans left she can only hope, and as of now learns from experience.

When she has friends she is very loyal and can actually be a little funny. She isn’t the leader type of gal, and prefers to have someone to look up to. She is overall nice and only tries to hurt others in a matter of self-defense. However, she does have some experience in track, so she could always run away. Of course, running doesn’t help much when the problem is everywhere.

History: Melrose was the sort of gal that was just very successful. She did all of her homework and passed classes with flying colors, she was a star in her track meet team, and she even volunteered. However, she never really made a big deal about it, so outside of her friends no one really knew about her. She lived in a family of four, with a dad who worked as a police officer and a mom who was a history teacher at her school. Despite working hard she managed to have time to spend with her family and to hang out with friends.

Shortly after graduation however, (in the year 2011), she received unfortunate news from her doctor, saying that she had cancer. At first, she didn’t realize it. She had a few pains in her chest, but she only went to her doctor as a precaution, and she didn’t think there would be something wrong with her. She received much support from her friends and family, but soon she was too sick to go to school anymore. And by the time a year and a half had passed, she was dying.

She had never been so hopeless. She had worked so hard to have a good future, and now it was gone. She was bald, from chemo therapy, and had already been told that there were only a few weeks left in her. Strangely those last few days her parents stopped coming by, and the doctors and nurses looked even more stressed than usual, and some of them were just gone. Tons of patients were coming in, and Melrose was very confused in the few hours she was able to stay awake.

However, on the morning of December 23rd, the infection brought a strange hope. She woke up that morning and just so happened to breathe in a single particle that held the infection. Suddenly her hair grew rapidly, and as she looked in the mirror across the room she saw that instead of its usual brown it was growing in clumps of a bright white color. Her eyes changed from hazel to yellow. And as she lifted the covers from her frail body she saw her arms and legs slowly grow red, and how her hands grew into these weird…claws. Two horns popped out from her head and two of her teeth turned into vampire fangs. She was horrified yet grateful, because as she saw herself, she didn’t see the unnatural ribs sticking from her stomach. She didn’t see the tumor within her breasts.

She left the room, using the spare bag of clothes her parents left her in the miracle case of her surviving. She cut her jacket a bit though. She wanted to leave and make sure no one saw her. She was infected, and she didn’t want it to spread to anyone else. Outside, she realized what the problem was. With zombies everywhere, she was extremely confused. She managed to run away from most by hiding or with lucky hits from her new claws. She headed for Los Angeles, and walked on foot to the place where she hoped that there would be more of a government order or plan to stop this. She headed down the highway, and the farther from civilization she got the less monsters she had to worry about. She luckily found a gas station that seemed abandon and took some food for herself, a knife, and a couple of t-shirts. She considered taking knives, but that didn’t seem necessary. Also on her way she accidently discovered how to retract her claws by holding onto the artery on her wrist for twenty seconds. Her hair continued to grow, but seemed to stop just above her chin.

However, when she arrived she was soon surprised when she arrived to see possibly even more chaos than her hometown. There were zombies everywhere. She considered going to San Fransisco, but then realized that she hadn’t eaten in the past few days. She figured it was another part of the infection to lose your appetite. However, she decided to go to the grocery store anyways, because she would need food eventually, and she wasn’t sure the stuff she had now would last for long or get stolen. She sucked in her fear and hoped for the best as she headed for the grocery store.

She hasn't really accepted the fact that most of her friends and family are probably dead. It's understandable, since she's been a little occupied.

Weapons: None

Powers: The first power that you’ll notice is of course her red forearms. It starts at her elbow and ends at her claws, made of red scales that can hold against just about anything. The claws themselves are fresh and sharp, but will need to be sharpened in order to remain in that state. She has no experience with fighting, so these haven’t come into incredible use as of yet.

Her second power is endurance. She can go a week without eating, and can use the claws to protect herself. She doesn’t know it yet but her body’s immune system has been strengthened, and can now heal much more quickly. The best way to kill her would be to decapitate her, since her neck doesn’t have scales and a blow like that can’t be healed.

Her third and final power is her teeth. She has two sharp fangs that can cut through almost anything. Melrose hasn't had to resort to using this, and thus hasn't really noticed them except for their appearance. However, she has noticed that chewing has became much easier. She goes through beef jerky pretty fast.

Theme Song: Blue Lips by Regina Spektor

Three t-shirts
Four waters
Seven packs of beef jerky
Five granola bars
One apple (almost rotten)
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I'll take a reserve for an Empowered character.