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No room on scratch disk on photoshop?

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by Birds of Paradise, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Birds of Paradise

    Birds of Paradise FireStorm

    I was working on a pokemon entry for deviant art on photoshop and I barely got started when I was notified that my scratch disk was full. I used the help option in photoshop which told me what a scratch disk was, but not how I can make more space again...apparently my c drive is full up but I can't find anything that is big size wise...what else can I do to make room? Delete extra pictures that I have? Programs?
  2. dragonskull

    dragonskull Dark trainer

    If you're hard disk is indeed full (something which isn't really good for its health) you should consider getting an external hard drive which you can plug in with a usb cord or if you're a bit more technical add another internal hard drive. Both are in essence the same but the external one has more use since you can easily disconnect it and plug it in another pc, while if you would place an internal one (connected directly onto your motherboard via SATA (or IDE if your computer is very old) your speed wich you will be able to acces the files on the disk will be higher. In comparison bewtween USB2.0 and SATA their speeds are about maximum 35MB/s for an external hard drive and 85-100MB/s depending on how many rpm the hard disk runs on.

    In short:
    Get an external hard drive; it's the simplest solution and as far as i know, you can get an external hard disk of 1TB (1000GB) for around 60€/$ nowadays.

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