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Noble Truth (Advance Shipping and more, PG-13/R)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by flamebeam, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. flamebeam

    flamebeam DAYN-JUH ZONE!



    Preface, meaning I, the writer, will tell you, the reader(s), what's in store in my fanfiction. I'll begin with the types of shipping. The overarching, meaning main, shipping I'm writing about is Advanced, but I plan on writing about multiple shippings, which may or may not include Twinleaf, Pearl, Pokeshipping, maybe some OCs, etc. I think the majority of my characters will be romantically involved, because it adds purpose to themselves. I plan on using a fairly large cast, despite some writers/reviewers discouraging it, because my fanfiction will be largely dominated by the adventure genre. Basically, don't judge my fanfiction by its shipping, because there will be conflicting shippings and more than one by my story's conclusion.

    As for rating, I was on the fence between PG-13 and R. According to the forum rules, PG-13 is described as kissing, which is what generally goes on. Also, I feel PG-13 best describes the maturity of my characters. On the other hand, R is described as "implying sexual activity", which I do. However, I can say without a doubt that there is NO! SEXUAL! INTERCOURSE! The extent of my implications go as far as deep kissing and removal of some articles of clothing, but no exposure of boobs or reproductive organs. Whether it's PG-13 or R is up to you.

    You're almost ready to read my fanfic! I would appreciate, but obviously can demand this, if readers left comments -- nothing complicated, just at least 1 good thing about a specific chapter or the story in whole, or 1 bad thing, or a combination of both. For reviewers, I really want as much CONSTRUCTIVE criticism as I can receive. I'll admit I'm not necessarily a rock when it comes to criticism, but I understand that reviewers have best intentions. However, if you stress the criticism, then you should stress positive things, too. After all, a review without any positive points is very discouraging (unless you can't name any). Basically, the more you focus on criticism, the more I think you should focus on positive reassurance.

    Other than that, I hope everyone has a good experience. Enjoy!

    Chapter One

    It has been a long journey for Ash and company as they have traveled throughout the vast and varying lands of Sinnoh. Ash, having already won three badges, could not be more positive about his experience in this beautiful region. The same could not be said for Dawn, whose performances in her last two contests have resulted in her failure to advance past the appeals round. Oh how she longs to win a ribbon to accompany her lone Floaroma ribbon collecting dust in her very unfilled case. Normally, this repetition of severe losing would potentially drag someone near the brink of clinical depression, but Dawn had the best distraction a girl could hope for: a boyfriend.

    As the trio were headed to their next destination, Dawn continued, "So like I was saying, the poster at the Pokemon Center was about this big contest right next to Lake Valor! I think it's called the Wallace Cup. So I was wondering if I should compete in it."

    Ash reponded, "Wow! This sounds like a huge deal. I can't wait to see it!"

    Brock, more aware of Dawn's tone, responds, "What do you mean you're wondering? You should compete in as many contests as you can if you wanna be a top coordinator."

    Dawn's pleasant expression shifted to a frown, "Of course I wanna be a top coordinator. It's just this is a really big contest. And with my luck lately--"

    "There's nothing wrong with your luck," stated Ash. "You're still learning how to be a coordinator, but I've never seen someone improve so fast at something they love so much like you have. And I know you're gonna do great at this contest. No way the judges could resist your charm."

    Dawn blushes at this. "Thanks, Ash. You always know how to make me feel special." And she finishes with an embrace.

    "That's 'cause you ARE special." And with that he gives her a tender kiss. "Alright, guys," said Brock. "Let's keep moving; the next Pokemon Center is a few minutes away.

    Later that night, at the Pokemon Center, Brock is preparing Pokemon food for tomorrow while Ash hangs out with Dawn as she prepares to make a call. The night is still and peaceful. However, the moon radiates tonight with a strange, sickly yellow.

    Ash begins, "So tomorrow we'll be at Lake Valor by noon. You nervous?"

    Dawn replies, "A little. That's why I wanna see who else is competing, so I'm gonna make some calls."

    "Really? Alright then. I'm gonna take a walk outside."

    "Wait," Dawn replied. "There's something I wanna ask you."

    "Sure," Ash responds curiously, "what is it?"

    "Well, I was wondering, since this contest is very big - I mean, people from other regions are gonna be competing -if you wanna maybe participate?"

    Ash was stunned, "Uhh, if that's what you want, then of course I'll compete. The contest doesn't start until the day after tomorrow, so I have enough time to train. And it's gonna be fun, too."

    "Thank you," Dawn cried. "I hope I'm not asking for too much."

    "No need to worry," he responded. "That's something you taught me."

    Dawn was moved. "I l... like your support. She came close to using the "other L-word", but felt it was too soon for it. After all, their relationship began shortly after the Tag Tournament from Hearthome City. Ash gave her a hug and a kiss, and went on ahead with his walk. Dawn proceeded to make her first call. After it connected, she stated, "Hi, Kenny!"

    "Oh, hey Dawn," Kenny replied. "Unexpected hearing from you right now. What's up?"

    "Not too much, Kenny," she responded with excitement, "except for this really big contest by Lake Valor! Are you gonna compete?"

    "Sorry, Dawn," he said guiltily. "I'm still regrouping from my loss at Solaceon Town. I have some more training to do before my next competition."

    "Oh, I see," she replied sadly. "It's fine. I'm competing, and so is Ash, and I'm gonna call Zoey to see if she is, too."

    Kenny's expression gets serious after the mentioning of Ash, but quickly reverts to normal, "Good luck, Deedee."

    "Don't call me that!" she yelled, but then said gently, "See you around." The call is dismissed, and Dawn proceeds to call Zoey.

    On the other side, Kenny thinks for a long time about Dawn and Ash. He says affectionately, "I wish nothing but the best for you." Suddenly, he receives a call from his PokeGear...

    Ash continues his stroll through the forest, admiring the unique scenery offered by a calm evening, while trying to avoid the strange yellow emanating from the moon. It's almost as yellow as Ash's Pikachu, who is napping back at the Pokemon Center. Suddenly, the still air picks up to a gusty wind. Ash doesn't notice at first, but then the winds pick up so that they slow down his pace. Ash decides to return to the Pokemon Center, but the winds out of nowhere change direction and speed up, carrying Ash off his feet and throwing him deeper into the forest. Whoa, he thought, that doesn't happen too much. As he begins to stand, he is caught by surprise at what he sees. It is a lake he had never noticed, but what catches his eyes is a mysterious figure cloaked in a dark, disguising robe.

    It looks human, but its face is hidden, until it begins to approach Ash, when a hint of its face is shown by the yellow in the sky. Amazed and stunned by this figure, Ash asks carefully, "Who are you?"

    The figure, possessing a man's voice, responds, "Who or what I am is of no concern. The matter to be discussed is the course your destiny is taking you, and the troublesome conflict that shall follow."

    Ash is completely thrown aback by his words, mostly because it was hard to follow. He asks, "What are you talking about? What's gonna happen?"

    The figure continued, "From this point forth, the events of your life shall unfold into a pandemonium in that you shall be left with no choice but to find the noble truth. Therefore, I must asketh thou to proceed with the utmost caution and concern for you loved ones, for all in your life shall be affected, and some shall even suffer."

    Puzzled by this prophecy, Ash asks, "How do you know all this? Who are you?"

    "These events have unfolded time and time again for Eons and Eons. Beware! chosen one, for you have been forewarned." And with that, the figure fades away. Suddenly, as Ash tries to call out to him, he falls back and his eyes begin to shut.

    When he opens his eyes, he wakes up to the sound of a strange buzzing. As his senses come to, he recognizes the sound as a hair straightener. The sound stops, and Dawn enters the room to see Ash woken up. She approaches him, "Hey, sleepyhead. I had fun last night." Ash is thrown off by this statement. Dawn, catching his expression, goes into detail, "I gotta admit I was caught off guard by the way you threw yourself at me, but it was so romantic. I love the way you make me feel so special."

    "Oh," Ash played it cooly, "anything for you, sweetie." She gave him a big, loving kiss.

    So the trio resumed their journey, on their way to Lake Valor. Brock looked up facts about Lake Valor and shared them with the others. Dawn, holding Ash's hand, talked nonstop about the contest, and asked Ash various questions such as how excited is he or what Pokemon does he plan on using, which he responded with "very" and "Buizel."

    Brock, noticing Ash's distracted demeanor, nudged Dawn, who asked, "Is everything alright, Ash? You've been quiet all day." This last part is filled with concern.

    It was clear Ash had the mysterious man on his mind. He didn't know how to explain what happened last night. However, he realizes the worry on Dawn's, his girlfriend's, face, and drops the subject in his mind entirely. "I guess I'm nervous about this contest, too," he said calmly.

    Dawn giggles, "Oh, Ash. Like you said, no need to worry." She holds his hand tighter. Ash smiles. Despite the troublesome future foretold by the figure, he knows it can never be too bad with Dawn at his side. They continue to walk like this, life at its peak of happiness, until around noon, when they arrived at Lake Valor.

    "Hey," said Brock, "who's that over there?"

    The answer soon becomes obvious. Brock is happy about this. Dawn has never met this person. Ash stares into a horror that he has avoided discussing since its dreaded conclusion. The darkest pains and the brightest joys he has experienced lie in front of him. His life now was content -- no! it was perfect, or at least the greatest façade of perfection, and it was filled with so much love and togetherness. But that was now over, for his lowest point in his life - as well as his greatest moment of happiness - returned in a cluster of beauty and character of courage and heart, all in the form of his former companion May.
  2. flamebeam

    flamebeam DAYN-JUH ZONE!

    Chapter Two

    "May! I can't believe it's you!" shouted Brock.

    She gently rotated her delicately constructed face, flipping one of her beautifully combed pig tails that had landed on her rosy cheek by the graceful wind surrounding her tranquil aura, and gazed her eyes -- blue as the skies inhabited by the most majestic of flying types -- upon her dear friend, thus warming Brock's heart like a cup of hot chocolate in a cold winter's evening. "Brock, is that you? And Ash?" Her voice carried to her friends with the assistance of her wind; her words floated to them like a cloud and embraced them with the love of a mother for her child as she approached them, her gait an elegant glide of the quintessential princess. "I'm sorry; I believe we haven't met."

    This was directed towards Dawn. Her face was frozen, so much that not even the hot chocolate could warm it. The magnitude of this brunette's beauty is unimaginable unless witnessed yourself. This is what Dawn believes, for there stood her superior in every way that counts: Pokemon Coordinator, Lover, and now, Unparalleled Beauty. How ironic that such a gentle beauty could demand such a presence that silences those who are unworthy. This victim of inferiority could barely stutter, let alone make out any words, not even a vowel. It takes an eternity, but after carefully reviewing her preschool lessons in her mind, she speaks her name, "Daaaaawn -- I mean Dawn." She continues nervously and speedily, "My name is Dawn."

    May, taken back by the rash execution of her statement, quickly recomposes herself and joyfully replies, "Nice to meet you, Dawn!" her smile capable of illuminating the darkest of shadows. "I'm May," which she concludes with a giggle and rubbing of her green and white bandana -- her signature style, with little triangles resembling feline ears sticking out cutely.

    At last, she turns to him. It had been long since these two had exchanged words, but what was there to say? Or rather, how much do they have to say, for there is much that had been unsaid, to avoid further misery? It would be easy to say that this confrontation was inevitable, but this is not the case; Ash did not think he would have to face his fears, his past, corrupted by anguish and hate. But there she was, more beautiful than ever, and he was stunned by it all -- her looks, her qualities; their history. It was too much; he needed an escape. But then she began with a whisper, "Hello, Ash."


    "Pikachu! Hold on, buddy!" Ash cried as he dove for his longest companion over a high cliff. The mouse, sick from a dangerously large surplus of electricity surging around his scarlet cheeks, winces is in pain as he plummets to his crushing doom, until his trainer and savior gets his arm around his body, and his other hand on a small bush growing out of the vertical rock connecting the cliff to the deep bottom. Knowing the shrubbery won't be able to sustain the weight it is currently enduring, Ash braces for a severe conclusion to this chaos with his friend, until a rope is dropped beside him.

    "Grab that rope, Ash, so we can pull you up." shouted the Professor. And the teen did just that, but the difficulties were intensified by Pikachu, whose surplus is shooting out of his sacs as if the air were conducting it, and the stress of the situation only piled onto Pikachu's discomfort. But Ash's resilience pushed him upwards, fighting all obstacles to the top. Pikachu added one more obstacle when, as a result of his overwhelming discomfort, he bit his beloved trainer in his arm. Ash winced, but the love for his starter urged him to keep going until, at last, he made it to the top, much to the relief of everyone.

    Ash landed on the grass, sitting on the trampled leaves as he embraced Pikachu around his tired arms. The mouse, who has slightly calmed down from the lack of stress, offers his apology by licking the puncture he created on his trainer's arm. Ash receives the message and reassures Pikachu that there is no adversity.

    "Are you okay, Ash?" the professor asks with concern.

    Ash responds, "Yeah, I'm okay, Professor Birch." And has he says this, he looks up to express his gratitude. He does so by offering a smile to the Hoenn professor. However, there were two saviors: one whom Ash met previously after calling him to help his Pikachu, as there are no Pokemon Centers nearby, and one whom he had not met before. But there she was, standing in the corner, staring into the sky with her equally blue eyes, the eyes of an air godess, for the wind originating from the steep cliff complemented her sweet face, her cheeks as red and beautifully detailed as her crimson bandanna.

    "May," stated Birch, "Ash is trying to thank you." She swifly turned her head to the boy's direction, but what Ash saw was a graceful pivot of her smooth face moving so that her sky blue eyes could gaze into his soul and offer a much desirable invitation to her heart. Ash's arms and legs shivered at this, for he knew not what was happening to him. His Pokemon have been his closest companions, following his best friends, Brock and Misty. Above everyone was Pikachu; his pedestal was in the heavens, and no one else in Ash's life could reach it. But this stranger, who is nothing more to Ash, in theory, than a girl who pulled a rope, shot up like a like a majestic phoenix, past that pathetic pedestal, past the easily reachable heavens, to a realm of tranquility where it can, with its fiery talons, eternally hold a grasp on his heavy heart. No one could initially hold a candle to Pikachu, when it came to Ash's affection, but this girl's candle shone bright as the phoenix that held his heart, extinguishing, with its unrivaled light, any shred of doubt that he was her prisoner, and he would stand by her, his Eternal Light. "I'm May." This soothing combination of consonants and vowels was highlighted by an angelic, loving modulation.

    New to this emotion, Ash's body shook, his mind unable to interpret this behavior. He said calmly, "I'm Ash," but as he got to his name, his preadolescence got the better of him, and his voice croaked like a Politoed in a desert.

    May giggled like an innocent little sprite, and Birch smirked, "You know, Ash, a thank-you would be nice."

    Ash blushed at all of this, and began to thank May, until CRASH! a machine with a giant letter "R" in the front, and two people visibly (through transparent plastic) in it landed next to them. The shock of it threw everyone off balance, and they were all confused by what had just happened.

    A harsh, femine voice started, her voice amplified by a microphone, "Prepare for trouble."

    A deep, masculine voice continued, "And make it double."

    They went on like this until they finished their chant. May and Birch weren't familiar with these people, so Ash explained, "That's Team Rocket. They're bad people who steal Pokemon from other trainers."

    "That's terrible," May exlaimed.

    "So," stated Birch, "these are the people who overfilled Pikachu's pouches. What do they want?"

    "We want to steal Pikachu, you dummy," proclaimed their talking Meowth, sitting between the other two. And with that, a mechanical arm is shot out of the machine to grab Pikachu. Team Rocket, made up of Jessie, James, and Meowth, explain that their machine will absorb Pikachu's electricity to power itself up. Ash begs the mouse to resist, but the machine conducts the electricity, forcing it out of Pikachu. Everyone gasps at this horror, and Ash demands this stop, his passion getting the best of his composure.

    However, the extensive surplus of electricity in Pikachu's sacs began to increase the storage of energy of the machine at an astonishing rate, and Meowth, the analytical one, realizes what is now inevitable. As Team Rocket prepares for their first "blast off" in Hoenn, Professor Birch also begins to realize what is happening, and warns the youths to brace themselves. May, who was previously entranced by the performance of the machine, didn't understand what he meant. That's when KABOOM! the machine bursted into bits of metal, with strikes of electricity flying all over. Team Rocket, as usual, are sent blasting off in the sky, until they disappear from the site. One of the strikes of electricity bolted May's bike, which was right next to her. May turned to this scene in bewilderment, but the bike was about to implode, its remnants to crash into her. Meanwhile, the mechanical arm holding Pikachu loosened, and the mouse began to drop a great, dangerous distance. Birch stood there, not sure what to do about the chaos surrounding him.

    In an instantaneous reaction, Ash leaped like an Arcanine to get between May and the bike. The remnants bruised his back, but adrenaline blocked the pain, and Ash continued his heroism by grabbing May around the waist, and tossing the both of them out of harm's way, and landing on his back. Birch proceeds by running towards Pikachu and catching him just before he hit the ground. Pikachu is relieved, mainly because his surplus has been depleted, but begins to stare at his trainer with a surprised expression. Ash loses focus of his surroundings, and dives deep into his thoughts. He cannot believe what he just did! His oldest friend and companion falls to his near demise, but he saves a girl he just met. Nobody knows Pikachu more than Ash, but this girl, Ash only knows her name, and nothing more --
    except, he thought, I know she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

    This revelation suddenly shakes the boy out of his deep thinking, and he sees May catching her breath on top of him. He, too, is catching his breath. May finally calms down and says appreciatively, "You saved me."

    Ash stares deep into her captivating eyes, "Yeah."


    "Ash?... Ash!" This last exclamation snaps Ash out of his deep state of thought. May continues, "Didn't you hear me say 'Hello'?"

    Ash stares deep into her captivating eyes, "Yeah."
  3. T-birdGT500

    T-birdGT500 Active Member


    well...i....that was..........deep,

    i have to say when it comes to detail you are excellent at delivering it. at first I was near speechless to say the least, what i can say is you described the first episode of Pokemon Advanced spot on until we got to the ash saving may thing. I'm pretty sure you added that for the benefit of your story which either way means you are a fantastic writer. Another thing is your description of May through your eye's, that has got to be the most detailed description of May i have read on the internet. If you were to move on from how beautiful she was and to explain everything about her, then I'm pretty sure Bulbapedia would be dead. The description sounded like it definitely came from somebody in love with May, hands down.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2013
  4. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Wow, present tense story. That is something very hard to pull off correctly. You have done a great job on this, very descriptive, not too much but just enough for us to enjoy it. There were a few OOC moments for Ash like calling Dawn sweetie and the tender kissing scenes. If they just started their relationship from the Hearthome tag tournament it should be slightly serious and cute. After all their ten unless you have made them older.

    Also I love how tense May and Ash's reunion was. As if, they had a harsh break up before they left. I have never seen such a well crafted fic with lovely words to follow up. I believe chapter two was cut off a little earlier than i have wanted, still a lovely fic. I'll be looking forward for the next.
  5. flamebeam

    flamebeam DAYN-JUH ZONE!

    thank you so much for your comments. you're right about me adding that ending at the end of Ash's flashback. i thought it would be interesting to do a "love at first sight" theme, because it just supports how these two were meant to be together. i also described may like that because my fic is centered around advance shipping, so ash has to love her like he never thought he could. and i agree about may's personality; i definitely have to develop that in the next chapter, and it's gonna be challenging since i haven't seen her in the anime for a long time. i may have to review some episodes.

    thank you so much for the review. it means a lot coming from an award-winning reviewer. i must say though, i was a little inspired by the description from your fic "the unknown world", so i guess i have to give you some credit for that. as for the OOC moments, you were right about me changing their age. i didn't want to just throw that in there. i plan on revealing it in a unique way next chapter. i agree about the length of chapter two. i'll try to add more in the next chapter, which shouldn't be too hard, since i'll be introducing yet another character, and with the ones i'm working with already (ash, dawn, brock, and may), i can find room to offer all perspectives, but that's gonna be kinda difficult.

    you have no idea how happy that makes me feel to hear. i had to stay home today from being sick, and i was feeling miserable, but this statement has shot me up into cloud nine. i plan on advertising my fic in my signature after i write chapter 3, and i was wondering if i can add this?


    well, i just have to say i did not think in a million years that my reviews would be this good. i have to thank you for your honest criticisms and i hope it continues. unfortunately, it would be a miracle to have chapter 3 ready by this week. i'll see what i can do, and i hope everyone who is reading keeps reading.
  6. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Aw, your making me blush. You really are. I'm glad there are people reading my work and inspired others. Never has that happened to me before. thanks for that.

    Only add enough characters that you can work with. Adding too much will only be proven difficult later on the track.

    I can help with that. just take the dot away. [url (equal sign here) "put the url of your story here"] "The link's name will go here" [ (forward slash here) url] So it should look like this CLICK CLICK
  7. flamebeam

    flamebeam DAYN-JUH ZONE!

    Chapter Three

    He continues to stare at her until he realizes what he’s doing, and hastily snaps out of his trance. “May, I-I, can’t, believe you’re here!” Ash exclaims with an uncomfortably false sense of excitement. Yet there she was, in her pure, saintly flesh, standing right in front of him, as they all stood in front of the Pokemon Center, which is covered with beautiful shrubbery unique to the paradisiacal climate of Lake Valor. May simply grins, not sure what to say. Brock and Dawn smile with their friends… and that’s it. The air is slowed down, no longer producing any sounds, and a Kricketot could be heard quietly chirping in the background. For all these friends know, it could be coming from Veilstone City, for it is indeed that quiet.

    Then May finally breaks the awkward tension, “Oh! I have gifts! They’re really adorable, and I hope you guys like them.”

    Brock immediately chimes in, “That’s great!” He then stretches his arm outward towards his dear Hoenn friend, “What is it?”

    May stares at his palms, waiting for perhaps a hand signal, until she realizes why they’re sticking out at her as if they were about to violently grab her, “Oh, no! Sorry, Brock,” she blushes, “you misunderstood. I left them in my room. I can give it to you guys over there.”

    Dawn manages to form a smile, despite the work it costs to keep it, “That’s great! I’m glad you got us presents.” This last part was spoken with a high-pitched voice, and it causes May to giggle. However, she soon stops when she notices the embarrassment on Dawn’s face.

    “Come on, guys. It’s this way,” she declared gleefully, and the group enters the building.

    While they proceed towards May’s room, Ash cannot help but trap himself in his mind, away from the inevitable doom that has unexpectedly shown up in his life. I’m not ready to deal with this, he thought. It’s only been a few months! Why would she come here? She knows I’m here. We agreed to give each other space. I thought she got the message – I mean, she went to Johto, and I went to Sinnoh. May says, “Thank you, Nurse Joy.”

    “No problem, May,” she replies. “Your Pokemon are in great shape. They’ll do great in the contest tomorrow,” and she concludes with a smile, but May’s “thank-you” smile outshines the nurse’s, and its contagious quality even forces a grin out of Ash.

    “Hey, Ash, what are you smiling about?” Dawn asks playfully, yet with a hint of curiosity.

    Ash stutters, “Oh, uh, uh, you know, just, the contest.” Dawn gently reaches for his hand to hold, and they exchange a warm gaze.

    Brock notices this, however, and forcefully grabs Dawn’s other hand, “Alright, everyone. Let’s see those presents now,” as they head towards May’s room. Ash thinks, That’s right! I have a girlfriend, and a great one, too. I didn’t think I could ever feel happy like this again. But Dawn’s been there for me; she still is. I’m with her now, so everything is okay.

    It’s an ordinary room, except for the shopping bags consuming the whole floor. Dawn is caught off guard, “Wow,” she sweatdrops, “that’s a lot of gifts.”

    May giggled, “No, Dawn, just give me a second.” As she tosses bag after bag onto the bed, some of the contents spill on her mattress, consisting of perfumes, dresses, swimsuits, pokeball seals, creams, tank tops, bandannas, and more. Dawn stares in awe. Her princess-like figure perfectly fits her extensive shopping habits. “Here it is!” she rejoices as she holds a bag. “I hope you guys are ready!” Just as she says this, she pulls out two wooden toys: a Teddiursa and an Ursaring. “Here you go!” she exclaims. “These are for you two boys!” They accept the gifts graciously; even Ash, but they’re not sure what it is. Dawn looks confused, wondering where her present is, and May realizes this, “Uh-oh. I must’ve miscounted.”

    Dawn, surprised by this, remarks, “You miscounted the gifts?” Just then, her mind goes into a panic. She begins to worry that her worst fears are coming true, that May would be rude to her, and then steal Ash away from her.

    Before she can express these feelings, May shouted, “Wait! I thought of something!” She dives into her bags again, until she finds one containing a little box, which she opens to reveal a Piplup necklace. “Here you go!” she exclaims. “By the way, you have the cutest Piplup.” Piplup, in response, expands its chest to assert its dominance.

    Dawn is pleased, “Thank you, May. This is a really nice gift.” May again shows off her pearl-white smile.

    Just then, Brock makes an observation, “Uhh, May. These bags all have the Valor Lakefront Logo on them. Did you get this stuff here?”

    May panics into a frenzy, “Okay, okay! You got me!” She cups her face with her hands, looking down so nobody can see her vermillion face. “I went shopping yesterday, and I forgot to get you guys presents.”

    Ash asks curiously, “So you knew we were gonna be here?”

    “I didn’t know; I just figured you probably would be. The Wallace Cup is the biggest contest of the year. And it’s in Sinnoh, so I just figured…”

    Dawn offers her consolations, “Well, for an unplanned gift, I love it!” and she concludes with a grin, trying to mirror May’s, but to her dismay.

    May rejoices, “Really? I’m so happy to hear that”

    Dawn responds, “No need to worry!” Ash is stunned by this. His past and present, instead of colliding, are merging into a benevolent alloy.

    “This is great! If you love the necklace, then there are so many more things you would love at the shopping center. I’ll show you the selection.”

    “Oh no, that’s fine,” Dawn explains. “I can just look at them tomorrow, after the preliminaries.”

    “You should go with her,” says Brock. “May has a good eye for sales and knows how to get to all of them in no time at all.”

    “It’ll be fun!” May insists. “We’re gonna make you look gorgeous for tomorrow.”

    Dawn finally gives in, “In that case, sure! Sounds like fun!”

    “That’s great!” May looks at Ash and Brock. “Are you guys coming?”

    Ash is about to accept this offer, until Brock says, “It’s fine. I have everything I need, and whatever I don’t have I can stock up on in the Pokemon Center. And besides, Ash and I can always do some battling.” Ash is stunned by this response.

    May replies, “Sounds great. You boys have fun. Come on, Dawn. The stores are calling us!” Dawn smiles and they both exit the room.

    Ash waits for them to leave the center. Then, he confronts Brock, “Why didn’t you want to go with them?”

    Brock hesistates, but then assertively states, “Ash, this can’t be easy for you. Your ex-girlfriend just came back into your life. I just thought you needed time to process all of this.”

    “I was handling it pretty fine,” he says.

    “Are you sure, Ash? I don’t think it’s fine when you take a year to say something back when someone says ‘Hi’ to you.”

    Ash begins to stare out the window, “It was hard at first, but then I remembered that I’m in a relationship now, so I’m not as vulnerable as I was in Kanto.”

    Brock sighs, “That’s a relief. You’re my best friend, Ash, and I never wanna see you like that again.”

    Ash begins to wonder, “I don’t know, Brock. Can I deal with this for the next few days? I didn’t even have any time to prepare for her. What am I gonna do?”

    Brock starts, “Well, like you said, you have Dawn –”

    “But is that enough!?” Ash questions. “I mean, it’s not like the way I feel about Dawn is the same as I did with May.”

    “Well that’s not your fault, Ash,” Brock reassures. “You dated May for almost two years. You just started dating Dawn a few months ago.”

    “Exactly. There’s more history between me and May; way more history. How am I gonna keep my head clear?” Ash jumps into bed, his hands pressing against his temple.

    Brock thinks hard for a moment, until, “Don’t think,” he suggests.

    Ash rises from the bed, “Huh?”

    He repeats himself, “Don’t think. Keep charging forward. You’re Ash Ketchum. Whenever you have an obstacle, like a gym battle, or when training your Pokemon, you always charge through it. You can do it with this.” Ash stares into space as Brock says this. “You have the contest. You have Dawn. You have people who care about you.” He looks at Pikachu staring through the window at a Wurmple feeding on the leaves under a field of daffodils. “You have your Pokemon.” Pikachu, in response, turns around and offers his usual “Pika pika!” Brock concludes, “That should be enough for you.”

    Ash considers all this, whispering to himself, “Charge through.” Brock awaits a response. Finally, Ash speaks up, “So you wanna battle with me?”

    Brock’s face lights up at this exclamation, “Of course I do. Just remember: even though your ex is in town, it doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you.” Ash chuckles, and the two friends run outside into the battlefield.


    I can’t believe this, Dawn thought. I’m actually shopping with my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. This is the girl that broke his heart. She’s the cause of any argument Ash and I have had since we started dating, whether it was, ‘I’m afraid of commitment’ or ‘May used to hug me like that.’ For crying out loud! I can’t even hug my man the way I want! Oww!. The bags begin to take their toll on Dawn’s arms, while May’s surprisingly fit arms glide through the plaza as if they were in water.

    “You wanna take a break?” May asks. “Or do you need help with some of those bags?”

    “No thanks, I’m fine,” Dawn replies. “Actually, I’m glad we’re doing this. I never get the opportunity for a girl’s day with Ash and Brock around.” It’s true, though. I’m actually glad we’re doing this, and with May of all people. I can’t get over how sweet and amazing she is.

    May smiles, “Well don’t let those boys keep you away from having some feminine fun.” As they’re walking through the busy streets, with venders set up everywhere, and many tourists holding countless souvenirs, some even using their Pokemon for extra hands, May changes the subject, “So what have you heard about me from the guys, anyways?” she asks innocently.

    This comes as a curveball for Dawn, who doesn’t know how to answer that. She’s heard mixed reviews about May – obviously the good ones came from one of her traveling companions and the bad came from the other. In the end, Dawn went for it, “I heard you’re very pretty, and that’s true.”

    “Oh, stop it,” May blushes. “I’m not beautiful like you, Dawn. That’s for sure (Dawn asks herself, Is this girl from another planet!?). So who did you hear that from? Ash?”

    Dawn almost trips at this last remark. So there it is. She’s trying to step into my territory already. I’m not too surprised; Ash is a great catch. Well I’m not gonna take this! “Even if it were, that’s a little awkward to talk about, don’t you think?”

    May’s smile fades away, and her gets tone gets a little more serious. “Oh, you know about us?”

    “Excuse me!” Dawn is bewildered, interpreting “us” as a present-tense relationship. “There’s no ‘us’!?”

    May shows some confusion, “Well not anymore. But do you know about our history?”

    “Yeah, I’m aware of it,” she replies sourly.

    May catches this tone. “Oh, I understand, Dawn.” Dawn thinks, Good; she knows her boundaries. I guess I made them clear. May continues, “I can see that you and Ash have gotten close since you started traveling with him.” That’s right, we have – very, very close. “So I understand if you’re a little upset with how our relationship ended, and I really respect that. You’re a great friend to Ash, and I hope, forgetting my history with him, we can become great friends to each other.”

    Dawn is speechless, mostly because she’s completely thrown off by May’s use of the word “friend” to describe her relationship with Ash.


    “Go! Croagunk!” Brock sends out his poison frog, as it inspects the premises for any victims of Brock’s flirtation. Seeing that the coast is clear, it prepares to battle.

    “Alright, then,” Ash states as he enlarges a pokeball. Then he tosses it, “I choose you! Buizel!” And Buizel is summoned, pumped as usual.

    “Are you ready, Ash?” Brock asks.

    Ash hesitates, “I don’t know.”

    Brock is stumbled by this, “What’s wrong? You’re still feeling down?”

    “No,” Ash reassures him. “I’m just wondering how the girls are doing. I gotta say, the way May invited Dawn to go shopping was weird. I wouldn’t wanna hang out with an ex’s boyfriend if it were me.”

    “Oh,” Brock laughs nervously, “well I guess that’s May for you, hehe.”

    Ash, Brock’s closest friend, immediately notices this. “What’s going on, Brock?” he asks curiously.

    “Oh, it’s nothing,” Brock replies. “Let’s battle already.”

    “Not until you tell me what I don’t know,” Ash says firmly.

    Brock is sweating a little, “It’s not really what you don’t know. It’s what May doesn’t know.”

    Ash responds slowly, “What doesn’t May know?”

    Brock finally gives in, “Well, she just doesn’t really know that you and Dawn are kind of a thing.”

    Ash raises his voice, “A thing? Do you mean relationship?”

    Brock nods nervously.

    “Buizel! Return!” Buizel disappointedly returns to his pokeball. Pikachu is surprised by this.

    “Ash, what are you doing?” Brock asks.

    “You just let my girlfriend enter an uncomfortable position. If May finds out,” then Ash starts to think. “Is this why you didn’t want us to go shopping with them? So May wouldn’t find out?” Brock looks at the floor. “So that whole ‘I was worried’ bit was just a lie!?”

    “No!” Brock claims. “That was true. There were other motives is all.”

    “Why does it matter if May knows about us? You say you talk to her all the time. You’re telling me when she was probably asking ‘How’s everyone doing?’ you couldn’t mention this even once?”

    Brock explains, “Well, it’s not easy to see your ex with a new person.”

    Ash angrily responds, “Like she was sensitive to my feelings about that.” His arm muscles begin to vibrate excessively at the thought of it, of Kanto.

    Brock interjects, “Now Ash, just calm down. You don’t even know the whole story—”

    “EXCUSE ME!?” Ash explodes. “I think I remember the whole story!” And he begins to stretch his legs. “I’m gonna go find them.”

    “No, Ash!” pleads Brock. “Croagunk! Use Poison Jab!” Croagunk sneaks up on Ash and delivers a blow that follows a shrieking cry of pain and a thud to the ground.


    Ash lies on his back on in of the booths of the Pokemon Center’s café, applying a bag of ice onto his hamstring. The place is practically empty, with only a few other people in distant booths. The rest of the lakefront’s tourists are likely in the shopping center. Brock returns carrying three trays of food. Croagunk carries another. After placing the food on the table, Brock returns Croagunk into his pokeball. Ash asks, “What’s with all the food? Are you suggesting that’s my medicine?”

    “No, Ash,” Brock laughs. “The girls should be returning soon. I thought we could all have dinner.

    Ash recalls the incident outside in the battlefield, and, more importantly, what caused it. “What if May finds out while they’re out there, Brock?” Brock starts staring out the window beside their booth. “She has to find out somehow, but I can guarantee her experience would be better than mine.” At this last remark, he tenses up for a second, but the pain in his hamstring that results tells him to calm down.

    “When I said you didn’t know her story,” Brock answers, “I meant you don’t know her life right now.”

    “Well, that’s obvious,” Ash retorts, but then picks up on that last part, “Wait, what’s going on in her life right now? What aren’t you telling me?”

    Brock responds, “That’s not your business. She’s not your girlfriend anymore. If you really wanna know what’s up in her life, you would ask her yourself. You would be a friend for her. But I know that’s the last thing you wanna be.”

    Before Ash can provide an argument, Dawn and May enter the café. Dawn’s arms are red – not from sunlight, but from the grueling workout they’ve endured. Both of the girls have a more serious expression than when they left. They approach the boys, and Dawn panics, “Ash! What happened? Are you okay?” She’s about to comfort him, but then looks at May and simply sits next to him as Ash moves over. May sits on the opposite side, next to Brock.

    “I’m fine,” Ash replies warmly, but then looks at May, and raises his voice, “I just had an incident during our battle.” He glances at Brock for a second, “I guess I got a bit carried away.” He laughs, and Brock joins in.

    “Oh, Ash,” Dawn retorts, “you can’t push yourself too hard the day before the contest.”

    May is puzzled, “Wait, you’re entering the contest?”

    Ash replies, “Yeah. Dawn asked me to, and I thought it would be fun.”

    Dawn interjects, “But he said he’s only using Buizel, and I told him he should use other Pokemon.”

    “Buizel?” May asks. “I’ve never seen a Buizel.”

    “I don’t have my pokeballs with me right now,” Ash explains.

    “That’s okay,” May says. “I’ll meet Buizel tomorrow, but why are you using only Buizel?”

    Ash answers, “Well, since Buizel is my newest Pokemon, after making that trade with Dawn, I thought this would be the best opportunity for my bond with Buizel to grow, especially since he’s already been in competitions.”

    “I think that’s smart, Ash,” May says warmly, but then quickly looks at Dawn. “Uhh, don’t you think so, Dawn?” she asks loudly.

    “Huh?” Dawn is caught off guard. “Oh, yeah, I’m happy for you, Ash. I think you’re doing the right thing.” Ash smiles, a little perplexed by what just happened.

    May asks, “So does that mean you two have signed up?” Dawn and Ash simultaneously and rapidly rise to their feet, only the sudden movement stings Ash’s injury.

    “I forgot to sign-up!” Dawn cries.

    Ash shares her worry, “Maybe it’s not too late.”

    May giggles, “Relax, you two. You can still sign up tomorrow.” The couple shares a sigh of relief.

    Brock reveals even better news, “And besides, I already signed the two of you up.” The rest of the group breaks into a mix of indecipherable exclamations. “It was easy. While Ash was looking for some ice, I went to one of the registration areas nearby to sign Ash up. When I asked if May and Dawn were signed up, they said May was but not Dawn. So I did it for her, too.”

    Ash is skeptical, “But when you sign up, they ask you questions about yourself, like age, height, weight, and Pokemon you plan to use.”

    “And I know the answers to all those questions,” Brock responds.

    Now Dawn is skeptical, “Even me? We just met a few months ago. And you have so many siblings. I figured there wouldn’t be enough room in your brain to know my stuff.”

    “I’ll prove it,” Brock starts. “Ash is 16, he is 5’ 10”, and he weighs about 150 pounds.” Ash is amused with Brock’s knowledge of this, and gives his nod of approval of the information to the girls.

    May asks, “Do you know my age and height? Don’t say my weight, though.” Dawn says the same.

    “Okay,” Brock says. “Dawn, you are 14 and 5’ 6”. May, you are 16 and 5’ 8”. Dawn thinks, So she’s older and taller. At least I don’t have to compete with that.

    May is amazed, “That’s great, Brock! But why do you know this stuff about us?”

    “Simple,” Brock replies, “you guys put yourselves in danger all the time, so just in case something happens, I’ll know your information.” The others think about what Brock says, and then they break into group laughter. This goes on until Ash winces from more pain.

    May suggests, “Maybe you should eat on your bed. You should rest your thigh as much as possible.” She looks at Dawn, and taps her shoulder, “You should go help him.” Dawn swiftly turns her head from Ash to May. May smiles, “You guys could use some alone time.” This last comment has everyone looking up at May. Brock begins to perspire like a Froslass under Sunny Day. Dawn looks to the side, embarrassed by her statement. But Ash looks directly and May, and she at her, as she offers a smile and a nod, and Ash knows what it is – in this one subtle comment, and one quick nod, May has given her blessings to Ash and Dawn.

    Ash begins to smile, “Come on, uh, sweetie,” she says to Dawn. “You wanna help me to the room?”

    Dawn, a little frantic, picks up both trays and places Ash’s arm around her shoulder as he limps with her to the room.

    Once they’re out of sight, Brock whispers, “May, are you alright?” May doesn’t say a word; she simply nods again, her brilliant white smile showing itself, yet the magic it usually possesses isn’t there. Brock asks calmly, “How was it when you found out?”


    As he drops onto his bed, extending his legs on it, which causes the blanket to be dragged towards the end of the bed, Ash asks, “How did May find out about us?”

    Dawn is surprised, “You knew she didn’t know?”

    Ash explains, “Brock told me he was trying to keep it a secret from her, to spare her any discomfort from it.”

    Dawn is surprised again, “That’s strange, considering she has a boyfriend. Well, it kinda came up after she called me your ‘friend’…”


    After that, I was speechless, but then I was really mad, “Excuse me!?” I thought she was trying to undermine my relationship, like she didn’t think it was that serious.

    And when I yelled at her, she was freaked out. She even dropped a couple of bags, which actually made me kinda happy because she’s really strong. So she asked, “Dawn, what’s wrong? Do you really hate me that much for what happened between me and Ash?”

    It was obvious she didn’t know why I was mad, so I tried to explain my self calmly, “What’s wrong!? WHAT’S WRONG!?” It didn’t work. “Ash is my boyfriend, and I don’t think, as his girlfriend, that you’re showing me much respect!”

    May dropped more bags after that, “Your boyfriend? I’m, sorry, Dawn. I had no idea. Umm, I’m so happy for the both of you. Now that I know, I understand why you’re mad, and I’ll start showing you much more respect right away.”

    It looked like she was on the verge of tears, too, so that’s when I comforted her, “Don’t worry, May. You didn’t know, but now you do, so we can put this whole thing behind us.” I decided not to mention it anymore because I found the whole discussion embarrassing. I did what I could to cheer May up, but she still seemed shaken by it all, so it was a quiet walk back home.


    May was still; then she finally spoke…


    Out of nowhere, Dawn just started yelling at me, “Excuse me!?” It just came out of nowhere, and I was so startled that I even dropped a couple of bags.

    So I asked, “Dawn, what’s wrong?” It was all just so random, but then I started thinking,
    What could I have said to make her this mad? And that’s when I figured she was mad because I brought up how Ash and I didn’t end things well. Maybe she and Ash are very close friends and he’s talked a lot about us, so it would get her mad. So I asked, “Do you really hate me that much for what happened between me and Ash?”

    I thought my understanding would calm her, but she actually got angrier, “What’s wrong!? WHAT’S WRONG!?” I was officially clueless; I couldn’t figure out what got her like this. I started thinking maybe she was a mental patient refugee, or something along those lines. But then she said something that froze my heart. “Ash is my boyfriend,” and then time stood still. Never in a million years did I think she would’ve said that. I didn’t even think Ash was ready to see other people. I mean, he was so miserable after Kanto, and I felt so guilty afterwards. I swear my heart started to ache, “and I don’t think, as his girlfriend, that you’re showing me much respect!”

    I dropped even more bags because I just couldn’t believe it. I finally looked at her, and she was waiting for an answer. And then after what felt like eternity, I finally said something, “Your, boy-, boyfriend? I’m s-so ssorryy, Dawn. I had no idea.” I can’t describe how I felt after that. I don’t know why I was so upset, but I was afraid to show these emotions to Dawn. She was still so mad, so I tried to make her feel better, “Umm, I’m so happy for the both of you. Now that I know, I understand why you’re so mad, and I’ll start showing you much more respect right away.”

    It was so hard to say; I kept trying to fight tears, but it was a losing battle. I guessed she noticed this, because then she said, “Don’t worry, May. You didn’t know, but now you do, so we can put this whole thing behind us.” The words were nice, but not at all consoling. I couldn’t look at her after that. I wouldn’t have been able to look at anyone after that because I was that embarrassed and upset. Oh, Brock, I just can’t believe he found someone else. It makes me feel like I didn’t mean anything to him.
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    I KNEW IT. I KNEW MAY WAS ASH'S EX. Sorry for the caps lock. Had to pour my emotions and feelings in a expressive way. lol.

    I think I have a fair idea what really happened in Kanto. If I'm right, then it breaks me heart. TwT

    Also when it comes to writing numbers, write them in their letter form. Expect for door numbers, time and other things where using letter form will only confuse the readers. Anyway keep it up.
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    lol no problem. and thank you for the response. im trying hard to not give too much away about their history, but I've dropped subtle hints. I'm going to throw in a little teaser in the next chapter. and the character i wanted to introduce.this chapter i have rescheduled for the next chapter: if you're familiar with the anime then you should figure out who it is. and thanks for the advice
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    Well if you been writing and reading fanfiction for about 4 years you kind of know when certain things will happen. But, don't see that as your fault. I've just read too many AS fics over my time. xD
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    oh i don't. it's not like it's too hard to predict and i would've been surprised, midnight, if you didn't guess it, due to your expertise in AS fanfiction. of course, I'm not just going to blurt it out. its revelation will be an explosive one, but that's not until a few chapters from now
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    Well i'll be looking forward to those revelations. I wonder if you can surprise me. lol. Anyway don't rush yourself with it. Take your time.
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    Chapter Four

    [Keep your eyes open for a link to a VISUAL AID for this chapter! Just imagine it as smaller-scaled and it will make sense.]​

    A guilty Brock showed his sympathy, “May… I was afraid this would happen.” He thinks back to the numerous conversations he has had with his dear Hoenn friend, and the contents of the more recent ones is what brought the Pewter City native to the conclusion that May wasn’t ready to know about her ex’s happy life. He was afraid to ask, and therefore did slowly, “So… how are you and –”

    “I don’t feel like talking about that,” she interrupted quietly. Little did the Sinnoh couple know about the escape that the Wallace Cup has offered this grievous angel. “Well,” she offered hesitantly, “we’re doing better. I’m still upset about that ‘incident,’ but, then again, I’m not one to talk.” This she said reassured, but just as quickly shifted back to depressed, “Still, he didn’t want to come to the Wallace Cup with me.” This light princess continued bitterly, “He thought this one ribbon wasn’t worth the travel, because he has his own work to do, even if the travel was for me.”

    Brock tries to remedy her mind, “That’s not so bad, May. He’s right about focusing on himself, too. Maybe he should also be paying attention to you, but you have to give him credit for loving what he does.”

    May disagrees, “But he really, really should pay more attention to me. Ash is the most passionate trainer I know, but he always included me in his prioritized time.” She reminisces the time they shared quickly through her mind – how he would end training early to have ice cream with her on a tree stump, nature providing a romantic scenery – until she hears Brock’s response and snaps out of it.

    “You can’t compare your boyfriend to Ash. What you two had is different from what you will have with any other guy. Maybe Ash has some qualities you like in a man, but it’s obvious he didn’t have the right amount, or enough balance of likeable qualities, since you two are now broken up. The question is: does your new relationship have what you need and want?”

    May thinks about this, her heart and gut confused as ever, until she kindly answers with her mind, “Of course it does, and of course I’m happy.” Her powerless smile faintly twinkles, “And now I’m even happier to see Ash happy again.”

    “That’s a lot of happiness,” Brock states skeptically.

    “I’m fine,” May assures. “Really, I am.” Brock finally gives in to May’s exclamations, and the pals collect the trays and shopping bags, and, after looking out the window at the pink horizon, prepare for bed.


    Ash stares at the ceiling, going over in his head what he’s just been told. Is that it? he thinks. May finds out I’m in a relationship, and she gives us her blessing. We went out for two years! She should have been upset about it. Did our relationship mean so little to her that it didn’t affect her? He twiddles his thumbs and presses his teeth hard against each other in his mouth. Wait, why would I ask that? Of course she wouldn’t care! After all the pain she’s put me through, it should’ve been no surprise that she’d feel nothing over my relationship.

    “Don’t worry, Ash,” Dawn says as she lies beside him and begins to comfort him by stroking his valorous, black hair. “I know I overreacted a bit, and I know it upset her, but now that she knows about us, and she totally supports us – and plus she has a boyfriend of her own – I don’t feel threatened by her, and we can all get along.”

    Ash is moved by Dawn’s insecurities, “Oh, Dawn. You never had to worry about her. I’m with you now. When the past meets the present, it’s only for a little while, and then the present moves on forward to a better, happier future.”

    “Where did you get that from?” Dawn asks curiously.

    “I think I read that somewhere in Eterna City,” he states.

    “Well,” she responds, “have you ever heard of ‘history repeats itself?’”

    “No,” he jokes, and then follows with a laugh, “Where did you get THAT from?”

    “That’s not important,” Dawn retorts. “What’s important is how I’m gonna beat it into your pretty little skull!” At this, she jumps on her boyfriend and attacks his head with a pillow. Ash fights back by grabbing her arms and shaking them wildly as he struggles to protect himself. They both share a chorus of joyous laughter until Dawn gives up and they both pant on each other’s faces. They stop panting, and begin to exchange lips passionately, Dawn’s hand slipping into Ash’s shirt and sliding up his defined abdomen, until his shirt is pulled off altogether. Ash’s hands, meanwhile, rest on Dawn’s face until they slide down to her waist. As Dawn begins to rest her knees on her lover’s lap, she moves her foot up to his leg and accidentally pinches his calf, which causes the boy to wince in pain. “Oh, no! I’m sorry, Ash,” she cried.

    Ash replies coolly, “No need to worry. It’s not like anything was gonna happen.”

    “Sure,” Dawn says sarcastically. “That definitely was the message I was getting.” She climbs off of him and reaches for the remote; after that, she turns on the television to one of her soaps. She looks at Ash, “Are you gonna try to stay awake this time?”

    Ash jokes, “No guarantees!” He pays attention to the show for a second until he traps himself in his thoughts again, May can react however she wants. I don’t need her emotions. I don’t need her, period. I’m over my past, and I look forward to the better, happier future. He holds Dawn’s hand as they watch her ridiculous drama, until Ash’s eyes soon after begin to flutter.


    A rocky valley stretches out farther than the eye can see. Large, craggy mountains are carved out by the extinct river that once flowed through this dry, rough land. Small collections of shrubbery are barely seen, a few growing on the mountains, the most of it gathered at the base, perhaps feeding on the little water that has lingered, and remaining there with the help of the uncommon drizzles that fall upon this wasteland. The sun’s coloration during the transition from daytime to evening is unique due to the way light is reflected by the mountains, possessing a very radiant, majestic glow that covers the entire area with ease. Life is at a minimum here, except mostly around the Pokemon Center on the cliff, and the Battle Pyramid a long distance away.

    In the Pokemon Center, Ash walks back and forth in his room, breaking into a nervous sweat, reflecting on his adventures for the past two years, and reviewing the decision he is about to make. After much thinking, he’s had enough of the mental torture and charges out through the doorway, until his path is blocked by Max. A confused Max sees nothing but Ash running right to him, only for the teen to suddenly halt, trip on his ankle, and fall backwards on his spine. Despite being confused over this rushed behavior, Max hurriedly falls on his knees as he wonders if Ash is okay. What occurs next is, however, completely unexpected by the glasses-wearing lad: as Ash winces in pain, a shiny trinket slips out of his left pocket and drops on the floor with a clink. Upon closer inspection, Max stands up dramatically at his discovery.

    “Ash!” he exclaims frantically. “How… when… where…?” The boy was speechless as he stared at the silver ring, designed with the utmost beauty, embedded with a gorgeous ruby center, and two enchanting sapphire gems on each side. The inside is engraved with the beautifully stylized words,
    May Ketchum. Max finally chose a question, “Where did you get THAT from?”

    Ash, having picked his self up, answered seriously, “Steven Stone gave that to me; it was a thank-you for stopping Team Magma and Team Aqua.” Ash paused for a while, and then went on, “He offered me a championship match – his father said he really owed me – about a couple of weeks ago… And I turned him down, for something much more special for someone much more special.”

    Max cannot believe the words he is hearing, especially from his friend whom me met in Petalburg City; this was the same friend who emanated an unparalleled passion for battling, yet he turned down the opportunity of a lifetime for something Max would never have predicted. He finally spoke up, “Why would you do this?”

    Ash said calmly, “That’s a silly question. This is the way it’s supposed to be; you spend the rest of your life with the woman who completes your soul, but to do that, you have to ask her. After two years of unimaginable happiness, I’m ready to ask. Our official ceremony can be postponed until we’re of age, but I want her to know that it’s something I want, and, this way, there would be no doubt that we are fully committed to each other until that very day, and forever after.”

    Max isn’t sure what to say, for fear of Ash’s fragile heart shattering. “Ash,” he starts nervously, “are you sure it isn’t too soon?”

    “It’s not too soon when I feel this way about her, and I know she feels the same,” he states.

    Max is once again not so sure, “And, besides, today is the wrong day. You two were in another fight today. It’s just bad timing.” Max was hoping this fact would change things, but not even Celebi could alter the events to occur this day.

    “Max,” Ash offers his comfort as he bends his knees to reach his level, “love is tricky that way. There will always be problems, but, between me and your sister, there will never be enough to end the endless love we have for each other.” He softly removes the ring from Max’s fingers and places it back into his pocket. “This day will be remembered as one of the best we have all lived,” and he picks himself up and strides away, out of the doorway, and on his way outside. Max looks into the emptiness of the room, picturing the emptiness that will soon replace Ash’s full, loving, innocent heart.


    (Nothingness; everything is pitch-white; nothing can be seen nor heard, as if the universe ceased to exist, and this is what is remained, if this could be called “remains.”

    A male voice can be heard, “No……… this……… can’t… be…”)


    “Aack!” Ash speedily picks up his upper body from the bed, sweat pouring down his face, as if his eyes were flooded rivers. He looks outside the window and sees the darkness of the night, with a crescent moon hanging in the middle of the stars. He looks down beside him and sees Dawn resting soundly. He struggles to maintain his focus on her due to the guilt he feels for his latest dream. He stares forward, through the television, which has now become a passageway to his innermost thoughts, A better future; a better, happier future. After at last calming down, he lies down and returns to his rest.


    The next morning, May, excited for the contest, and a new beginning with Ash and Dawn – individually and as a couple –, abruptly opens the couple’s door to share her enthusiasm, but her passionate spirit fades at the sight of the her friends asleep and cuddling for what seemed the liked the entire night. May quietly closes the door. As she fights back tears, she heads outside of the Pokemon Center to the battlefield for practice.


    Ash walks through the front door as he reacquaints himself with the paradisiacal surrounding of the Valor Lakefront, which he welcomes with a yawn and stretching of the arms. Dawn and Brock follow behind him. They all head to the battlefield and see early-bird May commanding a Blizzard from a Glaceon. Ash and Brock are puzzled at the sighting of this new Pokemon, so the latter investigates, “Hey, May, where did you get that Pokemon?”

    May turns around, the wind around her suddenly picking up to gently pull her hair out of her vanilla face. She giggles, “What’s the matter, Brock? You don’t recognize my Glaceon?”

    Brock his confused, but, after some momentary thinking, Ash comes to the rescue, “Oh, I know!” he exclaims confidently, Dawn’s presence being the source of it, “That’s your Eevee!” Brock repeats Ash’s understanding “Oh.”

    May giggles again, “You’re right, Ash. Before I docked here at Lake Valor, I stopped by Snowpoint City.”

    “Hey!” Dawn adds, “My friend, Zoey, is from Snowpoint City!”

    “That’s great!” May rejoices. “Then you could probably ask her, and she would also tell you how there is this special place where, if you train your Eevee, it evolves into a Glaceon. I thought it would make for a nice surprise when I return to Johto.”

    “That’s so cool!” Dawn says amazedly. “So are you using Glaceon for the appeals round?”

    “No, Dawn,” May responds politely, “Glaceon will be saved for later. I’ll be using my Wartortle.”

    “Whoa!” Ash exclaimed with surprise. “Your Squirtle evolved? Can I see?”

    May giggles, “Sure,” she teases, “at the contest.” Ash feels awkward about the response. “Don’t worry, it’ll be soon. But didn’t you say you’d show me your Buizel today?”

    Ash smirked, “At the contest; don’t worry; it’ll be soon.”


    After some final practice was squeezed in, the gang was dragged by May to the shopping center for some last-minute shopping. Ash, bored by the crazed purchasers and vendors surrounding him, heads to the check-up booth a few feet away to see who his competition is. Just as he is about to ask the receptionist, a voice calls him, “Hey! Are you competing this time around?” The voice was familiar, but, to Ash, unable to be assigned to its person, so he had no choice but to turn around and see who it was.

    “Zoey?” Ash exclaimed. “You barely made the deadline to sign up.”

    Dawn heard this within the depths of the sales, and yells, “Zoey!” as she runs towards her best friends, arms flailing about to embrace her.

    Zoey is pleased by this reception, “Hey, Dawn! I’m glad to see you here.”

    “I’m glad to see you, too,” she replied. “So are you entering the contest?”

    “Of course I am! It’s not everyday you get to compete with coordinators around the world, and, with all the variety, this contest will definitely help show me how much I’ve grown as a coordinator.”

    May appears, with Brock beside her, and interjects, “Oh, you must be Zoey. I’m May, from the Hoenn region.”

    “Nice to meet you, May,” she says.

    Brock explains, “May is currently competing in the Johto region but came here to compete for the Aqua Ribbon awarded in the Wallace Cup.”

    “You see, Dawn,” Zoey states joyfully. “This is what I meant.” Then she says to everyone, “Let me get signed up and we can all get ready for the contest together!”


    “Eek!” Dawn cried.

    May and Zoey turned worriedly, wondering what caused Dawn to yell like that. They turn to see sitting in front of a mirror, her hair uncombed and sticking up on the top of her head. “My hair!” she whined. “Everything is ruined! I can’t go out like this!”

    May, dressed in a mystical veil containing a green gem, an orange, short-sleeved, fancy shirt that ends above her naval, and a matching, stylish skirt, and Zoey, dressed in her usual royal red suit, both shrug off the blue-haired girl’s meltdown and assist her with this minor malfunction. As they comb her hair and reassure her of her talent and potential, Dawn, dressed in her pink, elegant dress, looked nervously at Piplup. May offers, “No need to worry. Right, Dawn?” Dawn nods diffidently.

    Meanwhile, Zoey, seeing that May has handled the situation, enters the next room, where the other contestants are waiting, including Ash, who is dressed in an extravagant, black suit worn around a white, defined vest and a camouflaged, high-class tie with complimenting dress pants and a black gentleman’s hat. She approaches him, “Hey, Ash! How is everything going?”

    Ash excitedly responds, “Great! I can’t wait until this thing starts! I can’t wait –” but Ash doesn’t finish his sentence, for from the dressing room enters a mermaid-like figure, donned in majestic, Mediterranean attire that captures her beauty and sex appeal perfectly. It is a beauty only of this magnitude that could ensnare Ash’s words and his heartbeat, and then pause them, until it wishes to free them from its enchanting prison. When Ash was finally let free, he stutters, “I c-can’t wait… for the contest.”

    Zoey turns around and glances at May, and then, after a moment, turns her gaze back towards Ash. “I see,” she says. “So that’s the girl you dated before Dawn,” she says with a grin, but then her tone gets more serious. “How are you?”

    “Oh, I’m fine,” Ash replies embarrassedly.

    “Are you sure?” Zoey asks. “It’s never easy to deal with an unwanted past.”

    Ash looks at May for a second, but then looks at Brock, at the corner checking out the crowd of attractively dressed women, and finally returns to Zoey, “My friend told me to do what I always do – charge through it.”

    Despite Ash’s grin, Zoey takes this in with uncertainty. She then, with deep consideration, offers her own opinion, “I think charging through is only part of the solution.”

    “Huh?” Ash asks startled.

    “Don’t let your past force you to charge through your life,” she explains. “You have to enjoy your surroundings, too. Make sure you stop to take a look.”

    “Huh…” Ash considered. And it suddenly dawned on him, Maybe that’s why I’ve been having so much trouble dealing with May showing up. Maybe that’s why I had that weird dream last night. Of course! I’ve been approaching this the wrong way. How could I ever avoid what was a part of my life for two whole years? “I never looked at it that way.”

    “Yeah,” Zoey says with a smile, “it’s like a contest, minus the big finish.”

    “Hey, you’re right,” Ash states. He stares at the pokeball in his hand, sealed in a capsule with a lightning bolt on it, and then looks back up at Zoey, “I’ll be right back; there’s something I have to fix.” And before Zoey can respond, Ash runs, with pokeball in hand, out of the room.


    “And now, everyone,” Marian, the M.C., shouts through her microphone to the audience, “Please welcome our next contestant! All the way from Pallet Town, this coordinator is raring to go! Here is Ash! Ketchum!!!!”

    The audience cheers at the top of its lungs as Ash steps into the arena. He gives the crowd more of a reason to scream as he slowly makes his way to the water, thus creating a nail-biting anxiety for everyone watching, whether it’s for the frenzy that is the arena, or his friends watching through the television, except for one callous boy with violacious hair, looking intently at his well-dressed foe through the monitor.

    Ash is one step away from action, until his mind stops time, and, row by row, the crowd disappears. Ash is to himself, in a white space resembling his dream from the night before. He asks himself, “Any last piece of advice?” He thinks about this for some time, until, directly in front of him, a mermaid-like figure appears in front of him, with hair like an autumn meadow, and eyes like the summer sky. “I know, Ash; I just have to let go.” With this, the figure, white smile and all, suddenly disappears, and the crowd, along with Marian and the judges, suddenly reappear, loud as ever. Ash takes his final step.

    He tosses out his pokeball, and cries adamantly, “I choose you! Buizel!” The weasel comes out in a battle stance, “Bui BUI!” The capsule creates its effect, releasing small bolts of lightning. Buizel punches the bolts with perseverance and creates an electrical, dynamic impact with each blow. Ash doesn’t miss a beat, “Buizel!” he cries passionately. “It’s time to charge through! Aqua Jet, let’s go!” Buizel spins through the air like a turret and propels itself forward at extraordinary speeds by releasing through its fur a gush of water that sends it flying straight into the water. Here, Buizel shows off his agility as he zigzags through the water as if he were colliding with invisible walls floating on the pool. For every zig and every zag, Ash remembers an individual conflict in his life – Pikachu being injured by a flock of Spearow, losing at the Silver Conference to Harrison’s Blaziken, moving on after a nasty conclusion in Kanto – and how he had to charge through them all, but he couldn’t do it without his friends.

    “That’s it, Buizel!” Ash commands, “Take your time! Enjoy your surrounding!” Buizel comes to an abrupt halt directly beneath the surface of the water with the assistance of its well-groomed floatation sac. Marian comments on the beauty of this furry ring around Buizel’s neck, and how the weasel shines in the water. “Alright, Buizel,” Ash prepares himself. “It’s time for the big finish! Sonicboom!” “Bui BUI!” Buizel wags his twin tails majestically in the water, charging the energy there until a forceful wind shoots out and breaks the surface tension, giving room for Buizel to skyrocket out of the water and into the pleasant air, with the sun shining on his glistening fur. The crowd goes insane, and Marian applauds Buizel’s power and poise. The weasel concludes with a back flip, landing and posing beside his valiant trainer. The crowd again yells their support.

    “Well done, Ash and Buizel!” shouts Marian through the microphone, loud enough to disrupt its frequency. Ash looks at his Pokemon, mentally thanking the weasel for what it has done for him this day.


    As Ash heads back to the waiting room, he sees Dawn, more nervous than he had ever seen her, heading down to the arena. She stops him, “Ash, that was a great job! I’m so proud of you!”

    Ash, feeling freer than a Pidgeot, takes Dawn swiftly by the arms and gives her a tender kiss. After releasing the stunned girl, he replies, “I know you’ll do even better.”

    She looks at him warmly, and, with heightened confidence, rapidly paces to the arena. Ash continues his way to the waiting room, where he is welcomed by the praise of his friends, including May.

    “Wow, Ash! That was terrific!” Brock exclaimed.

    “Your Buizel looked amazing out there!” Zoey chimed in.

    May offers her compliments, “I’m so proud of you, Ash!” Ash gives all of them an appreciative nod, saving the last one for May, whom he also offers a hand shake. Brock’s face is motionless at this, but Zoey simply thinks, That’s right. Don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying your surroundings. May completes the gesture, and they both shake their hands firmly, yet also caringly.

    “Up next, from Twinleaf Town…” Marian begins, her voice transmitted through the television.

    “Oh, look!” Zoey pointed out. “Dawn is about to start!” The gang begins to crowd around the television, everyone except for Ash, who is smiling at the corner. He finally feels free – not from love, but from hate. He feels the hate has dissipated through his soul, and the new beginning he wanted when he first made his mark in the Sinnoh region can finally begin. The question is: where will this beginning end? Ash seemed to have definitively answered that when he gave Dawn a kiss before her performance, but the answer is once again unclear, as he reaches into his suit pocket and pulls out a silver trinket, with a ruby centerpiece, surrounded by embedded sapphire gems, while looking up at the mermaid girl with the graceful wind, and the heart of an angel.
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    Another wonderful chapter. I'm glad Ash and May can enjoy being together as friends without feeling awkward. Now I'm wondering how this will end in advance since both Ash and May are both in happy relationships.

    Anyway a few typos here and there, but nothing major.
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    I have a feeling i am going to feel so sorry for dawn in the next chapter.

    Awesome work by the way
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    well if you look at the end, ash kissed dawn, but he's also looking at the ring intended for may. so while his mind is clear of hate, his heart is undecided. and thanks for the comment

    hehehe... well this is primarily advance shipping so something is bound to happen in the following chapters. thanks for the compliment :)
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    It's coming along really well seems to be a competition between advance and pearl, but I have a feeling advanceshipping will win.
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    like i said in my preface, there's gonna be multiple shippings, some of them conflicting. we'll see what happens. thank you for reading and commenting :)
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    I can't believe it's been two weeks since my last chapter. Sorry about that, but this is a busy time of year. I was hoping to have more done for the year, but I guess 5 chapters will suffice. I'm not sure if that qualifies me for any 2012 nominations (not that I expect any), but I can at least pat myself on the back and say that I did my best to stick to a schedule. Enjoy :)

    Chapter Five

    Pop! Dawn opens a tightly corked bottle of the Seven Stars Restaurant’s finest sparkling apple cider. She does it so forcefully that the wine substitute seeps out of its container and runs over Dawn’s fidgety hands while she struggles to reach for her napkin. This causes her to almost drop the bottle on the floor, only for it to be saved by Zoey, who was already on the floor picking up utensils that her rival had dropped during this frantic display.

    “Take it easy, Dawn.” Zoey urged. “You’re gonna burn down the restaurant before we get a chance to eat.”

    Dawn plops into her seat and releases all her anxiety with a jovial laugh. Her friends, confused by her actions, join in nervously. At this time of day, when the sun slowly sets, and the sky reflects the many colors that make up white light, the restaurant is fairly empty, with only three or four tables being occupied, one of which is in use by Ash and his friends. The grand dining room is bordered by three glass windows on one side, each equaling the height of the wall; several doors on another side that leads to the kitchen, and is used by the waiters; and two great doors on a third side, filling up the passageway that separates the dining room from the battle arena. The dining room is lightly lit, creating a dim, personal atmosphere for each party of guests, with a single candle making up the centerpiece of each table. This occasional meal for Ash and his friends follows Dawn’s accomplishment in today’s contest.

    Dawn finally calms down and, after everyone filled their glasses, she proposes a toast, “I just wanna say how I happy I am, you guys—”

    “You’re happy?” May asks sarcastically. “I didn’t notice.” Everyone chuckles.

    Dawn laughs, too, “I know I’ve been a little on edge since the contest today, but it’s just that… well, it’s just that—”

    “It’s just that you lost in the first round of a Pokemon Contest twice in a row, and you finally advanced to the next round today,” Zoey interjects to support her friend.

    Dawn gets teary-eyed, “Yeah, I finally did it.”

    Brock saves the girl from crying, “I’m proud of you, Dawn; I’m proud of all four of you for advancing, and that’s why we’re celebrating. So let’s toast to that – to success and celebration.”

    “I like the sound of that, Brock,” Ash gives his approval. The gang of five clink their glasses, and, now that the sun has fully set, and the small, crescent moon makes the sky its home, this memorable night has begun.

    “I’m just so happy,” Dawn exclaims.

    “We get it already,” Zoey, sitting across from her, states playfully.

    “Sorry,” Dawn says, “but everything is going great in life: my contest, my relationship –”

    “Our relationship has always been great, Dawn,” Ash, sitting at the end of the table, responds. “That’s nothing new.” May, sitting across from Brock and in between Ash and Dawn, places her soft hand on Dawn’s shoulder to remind her about the truce between them.

    Dawn continues while staring at May, “You’re right, Ash, but it’s stronger than ever.” May smiles again, but this time it’s a façade that’s covering her true emotions. The happiness Dawn feels is an ancient happiness for May. Dawn turns her attention to Zoey again, “Not to mention the success we gained just by being able to dine in here.”

    “Oh,” Zoey understands. “You mean the battle we had to win in order to eat here.”


    “Wow, May,” Dawn says in surprise, “This is a really fancy restaurant. I’m impressed.”

    Brock explains, “May has always had an interest in restaurants like this. She knows how to find the best places in which to eat.”

    The host, noticing the handful of new potential customers, approaches them, “Welcome to the Seven Stars Hotel.”

    May makes her way to the front of the group, “Hello, I have a reservation for five.”

    “Ah, yes,” the waiter remembers. “Ms. May; right this way.” He signals the crowd to follow him to two large doors. When they are near the doors, a young boy opens them.

    The boy pants, “I’m gonna go train some more but I’m gonna eat here if it’s the last thing I do!”

    The host replies politely, “Then we’ll be waiting to serve you at another time,” and the boy runs out of the restaurant.

    Zoey asks confusedly, “What was that all about?”

    The host explains, “That young man lost his battle, so, of course, he was not accepted into our establishment.”

    Ash is dumbfounded, “His battle?”

    “Come with me and I will explain.”

    As they enter the next room, everyone but May is shocked to see a fully developed battle arena in the middle of this restaurant. Across the giant room waited a man and woman dressed in very formal attire, as if they were here to dine, too.

    The host explains once again, “You see, besides owning a successful restaurant that has brought him much success, the owner of this restaurant is also an avid battle fan. As a result, only those who battle the owner and his fiancée and emerge victorious are allowed to pass the doors behind them and eat at his restaurant.”

    Everyone but May gasps at this. Zoey remarks, “Well, I guess dinner just got interesting. May, did you know about this?”

    May replies with a grin, “Uh-huh. It’s one of the reasons why this restaurant is so famous. There’s nothing like an exquisite meal after an intense battle.”

    Dawn asks the host, “So how would this work? Do we all have to battle?”

    “Yes, miss, but not all at once. You may choose to battle by yourself or with one partner. Either way, you would participate in a double battle, your opponents being the owner and his fiancée.”

    Brock asks the host, with a serious yet worried tone, “What happens if we lose?”

    “Those who win proceed to their meal; those who lose leave hungry like that young man you saw leaving this arena.”

    The owner adds, “He was much too weak to dine in my famed restaurant. I hope you lads can give my darling fiancée and me a challenge, if you’re up for it.”

    The host recounts the party, “It seems there are five of you. I suggest you discuss how you will challenge your opponents. Not all of you can battle with a partner, but the choice is yours.” The host leaves the arena.

    The friends gather to do what they were instructed. Brock starts, “Hmm, maybe we should all fight by ourselves. You know, so no one is left out?”

    Zoey disagrees, “I don’t know. It would be easier if we battled in as many pairs as possible. Besides, doing a total of five battles is way more time consuming than three.”

    Brock wants to propose an argument, but Dawn prevents him, “Sorry to disappoint you all, but I personally wanna battle with Zoey.”

    Everyone is stunned, especially Brock, who really thought she would pick Ash. Zoey asks, “Why me, Dawn? You think I can’t win on my own?”

    “Not at all!” Dawn smiles. “You’re one of my closest friends, so I think we should battle together at least once.”

    Zoey asks a question on everyone’s mind, “But wouldn’t you wanna battle alongside Ash?”

    Everyone looks at him, and he stares at Dawn, saying slowly, “It’s not like we’ve ever battled together, either, sweetie.”

    Dawn is puzzled by the remark, “That’s not true, babe. We’ve technically battled Team Rocket together. I already know we make a great team. And besides, we’ll have plenty more opportunities to battle together, but I don’t see Zoey nearly as much as I see you.”

    Ash was ready to fight for this, to win Dawn over so they can fight couple versus couple, and afterwards prove their love by being victorious. He would’ve said it all, but then a draft caused his arm to shiver. He turned to see that the doors were open just a crack, thus realizing where it came from, but next to the doors, staring into space, stood May, the draft from the entrance complimenting the graceful wind that already enshrouded her. Ash began to doubt his previous confirmation of the draft’s source,
    Is it coming from her? Is it calling me?

    “Is that okay?” Dawn interrupts her boyfriend’s thoughts.

    “Huh? Oh, yeah, it’s fine.” Before Brock can ask Ash to be his partner, he is once again interrupted, this time by Ash, “May, you wanna be partners?”

    Everyone is stunned by Ash’s request, except for Dawn, who has abandoned any worries she had about Ash’s and May’s history repeating itself, and, furthermore, is preoccupied with a strategy for her upcoming battle. May doesn’t know what to say, but she does know that she wants to rebuild her friendship with Ash. “Okay,” May says happily. “It sounds like fun.” Brock is trying to read between the lines of Ash’s actions,
    What are you up to, Ash? Just what are you up to?


    “The way you used Piplup’s Whirlpool to hide your Glameow was so smart, Zoey,” Dawn praised. “And then you kept the momentum going with Shadow Claw! That was impressive.”

    “Okay, but your follow-up BubbleBeam was great, too,” Zoey extolled. “We wouldn’t have won at that moment if you didn’t ride my momentum so well, and that’s what being a tag team is all about.”

    “Oh, Zoey, you’re the best!”

    While Zoey and Dawn are caught up in their side conversation, Brock continuously checks on the Pokemon – Pikachu, Piplup, Sudowoodo, Croagunk, Glameow, and Blaziken – that were eating in the restaurant, since, according to the rules, all victorious participants are allowed to dine. Meanwhile, Ash can’t help but stare at May, who is slurping her pasta like a kid, and yet Ash has never felt more comfortable around her. He thinks back to how their relationship first evolved from a friendship to something more.


    “I got… the Dynamo Badge!” Ash yells. Pikachu shares his excitement with a “Pika piKA!” Watson, whose face is covered in white facial hair that shoots out of his cheeks like electricity out of Pikachu’s pouches, applauds Ash’s enthusiasm and follows it with a joke that causes the whole gang – Ash, Brock, May, Max, and Watson’s assistant – to laugh.

    Max suggests, “Maybe we should help these Pokemon back to the power plant.”

    “Great idea, Max!” Watson yelled. The wild electric Pokemon Max mentioned are far from their home, for they are currently occupying a rocky terrain with the edge of a forest nearby, or, more specifically, the site of Team Rocket’s most recent “blast off.” “These poor Pokemon were almost stolen by people, but now they need the help of people to get back home. Oh, the irony!”

    “Relax, Mr. Watson,” the assistant begged. “You’ll upset the Pokemon.”

    Everyone started to guide the Pokemon back to the power plant, all except for Brock and Ash, whom Brock volunteers to walk behind the Pokemon so that none of them separate from the group. Ash agrees, not knowing Brock’s true intention, which the Boulder Badge guardian didn’t reveal until the others were far in the front, “So you got your third badge. I bet you’re really happy.”

    “Of course I’m happy!” Ash cried. “Only five more to go and I can compete in the Hoenn League!”

    Brock chuckles at Ash’s enthusiasm, but afterwards redirects the conversation, “That’s great, but you remember our deal, right?”

    Ash almost freezes thinking about “the deal.” He was ready to panic, but feared that doing so would create a scene that would embarrass himself from ever following this promise. “Brock, you have to be more specific,” he lied. “I make deals with people all the time,” he laughed nervously.

    Brock rolls his eyes, “I’ll pretend that’s true. We made a deal that you would confess your feelings to May before you got your third badge.

    Ash protests, “Shh! Not so loud, unless you’re trying to do it for me.”

    Brock titters, “Shushing me won’t delay the inevitable. You can’t forget the deal.”

    Ash mentally repeated this cursed deal, until, all of a sudden, he finds a loophole, “Before? Before I get my third badge? But I already got it, Brock.” He applauds, “I can’t complete the deal!”

    Brock had suspected this, “That’s why we made that extension to the deal.” Ash shudders; he completely forgot about the extension. “If you don’t complete the deal by the time you get your third badge, then I get two opportunities to tell you what to do, and you have to, without any exceptions, do it.”

    “Fine,” Ash muttered, “that’s better than what you wanted me to do.” Immediately after saying that, Ash realized what Brock was up to, “No, Brock, please – anything but that.”

    Brock smirks, “Sorry, Ash, but that’s the rule.” He pauses when noticing Ash’s frown but then continues, “Now, for my first order: you have to tell May how you feel,” before Ash could find another loop hole, Brock revised his statement, “and by that, I mean tell her how you feel about her, uh, in terms of companionship.”

    “Well, I guess there’s no rabbit hole in this situation,” Ash stated with irritation. Unfortunately for the teen, he never goes back on his word, and convinces himself that, despite how silly the circumstances have gotten, he has no choice but to confess his love to his dearly beloved. After a moment of thinking, he said, “I’ll do it tonight.”

    “Are you sure about that?” Brock asks, doubting his friend’s assertion.

    Ash knew it, too. He wouldn’t be able to do it that night, nor the next, nor the one after that. He has had feelings for this beautiful, innocent, adventurous amazon whom he feels blessed for having in his life, since that fateful day about four months before his victory in Mauville City, a short distance from Professor Birch’s Lab. For four torturous months, he tried to summon up the courage to express his love, but never could. The phoenix not only held a grasp on his heart, but also on his dry lips that craved the red, luscious pair engraved on May’s soft face, a face which glowed from the beautiful aura within her. And no matter how many times or how badly he wanted to open his lips and reveal the truth, his fear would keep them shut, and May would remain ignorant of her greatest admirer’s raw emotions. Four months, oh! for four months did this boy suffer, and he had to wonder: How many more months would it take!? How many more days would he need to prepare!? How many more hours, minutes, and seconds would he spend, how many breaths would he breathe, how many steps would he trudge until he can finally gather the inner strength to release the phoenix’s hold and set his heart free!? The sheer anxiety was enough to tear his soul into miniscule shreds that would plunge into oblivion!

    “I love you, May!” Ash shouted to the sky, past the heavens, to that realm of tranquility where the phoenix dwelled, and his cry was loud and powerful enough to shatter the majestic creature, thus freeing the boy from his infatuating prison.

    Everyone stopped; Watson stopped laughing; the assistant was confused; Max could not believe who said those four words; Brock was ecstatic; even the electric Pokemon felt a disturbance and halted. May turned swiftly at her admirer, tears already beginning to flow. “What?” she asked gracefully. Before she knew it, her mouth had formed into a full grin, and her white, facial skin was already moist from her crying.

    Ash couldn’t stop, because he was displaying the confidence he always wanted. “May, I love you. I think I have since the day I met you. I wanted to tell you for a long time, and my only regret is that I didn’t tell you sooner. I wanna be with you in a way that I’ve never been with anyone else. These feelings scare me, but they’ve made me happier than I could’ve ever imagined, and I wanna explore them with you, if you want to, and I really,[/b]really hope you do.” In the past, Ash ran this conversation through his head over and over, always changing what he would say, but he never imagined saying it like this.

    May was in complete shock. She, on the other hand, had no clue what to say. She saw Watson more serious than ever, her brother’s jaw more open than a Snorlax’s, and Brock grinning like one of his dreams came true. She finally saw Ash, staring at her intently with the look of a warrior, his confidence taking control of the scene, and even May’s heart, until the girl begins to cry more. Ash held his ground, not sure if he should dismiss the subject, but then May finally recollects herself, “Oh, Ash. Those are the nicest words anyone has ever said to me. You’ve helped make these past four months the best months of my life!”

    He interjects, “I can make these next months so much better if you let me.”

    “I believe you, I really do. And you have to believe me that I’ve thought about this, too.”

    This shot Ash’s confidence to infinity, “I’m so overjoyed to hear that. We can take our relationship to the next step, and I promise it would be great.”

    May thinks about this, “You’re right; it would be great. And, like I said, I’ve thought about it.” She stops, remembering the times she’s considered this, the several times where Ash was a hero for her and for others, when Ash brought her out of the dumps, and the countless times that he was a role model for her brother. She was ready for the next chapter of their relationship. But then, to her dismay, she thought about the other thing, and finally spoke, “But I’m a coordinator, and I’ve never won a ribbon.” Ash is confused but stays silent and firm. “After the contest in Slateport City, I realized I have a lot of growing to do as a coordinator. But you’re already such a strong trainer…” She pauses for a long time, choking up from the increasing flow of tears, “And I’m just scared that… you will do great in the Hoenn League, and… I won’t even… get… a single… ribbon.” Her sobbing broke her sentence. Ash saw where this was going, and slowly began to turn away. “My dream is to be a Top Coordinator… I need a dream!” she shouted, then whispered, “not a boyfriend.”

    Brock’s record-breaking grin turns to an equally large frown. Max, hoping for the coolest brother-in-law, feels let down. Watson, the prankster he is, almost begins to cry. His assistant actually does begin to cry. Ash stared into the ground, “I understand.” He didn’t. “I would’ve done the same thing.” He wouldn’t have; not after realizing this day how he truly felt about this girl.


    “Maybe you should’ve ordered the pasta, too,” May jokes before wiping her chin to clean the marinara sauce.

    Ash, who was deep in his memories, gets startled, “Huh?”

    May giggles, “Well you seem to be really focused on my meal. You want the leftovers?”

    Ash realizes where he is – the restaurant – and replies, “Oh, it’s fine. I was just thinking is all.”

    “Oh, I see,” May smiles. “So were you thinking about how good my pasta is?” She giggles.

    Ash wasn’t sure what to say. But then he realized what was going on: he was having a nice conversation with May. The other girls were chatting about trivial matters, and Brock was tending to the Pokemon. It was just him and May, and the familiarity of it was very warm and comforting. This nostalgia brought him back to the happiest time of his life, “I was just thinking… we’ve come a long way, you and me.”

    May is puzzled, “Oh, is that it? What brought that up in your head?”

    Ash blushes, “I don’t know. I’ve known you for a long time… and, I guess… you’re still as pretty as always.”

    May is caught off guard by this remark. Brock, who was leaning to the side, almost falls over. Dawn and Zoey are still in their own world. “Well,” she blushes, “you’re still quite the looker yourself. We have come a long way, but I guess some things stay the same.” The ex-couple share warm looks with each other for the remainder of the meal.


    Back at the Pokemon Center, the five friends were very relaxed after their full-portioned feast, but Dawn is still energetic from her achievement, “So, Zoey, is your room really that big?”

    Zoey yawns, “It is. After you called me that day to tell me that you were also competing in the Wallace Cup Contest, I decided to get a big room for us to talk in at night. And everyone is invited, too.” She yawns again, “Except, I don’t know if I’m up for it tonight.”

    May rubs her eyes, “I’m a little tired, too, but I guess can use some girl time. And I can get to know you both, which I haven’t really done much of.”

    “That’s true,” Brock added. “You two should get to know May. You’ll all make great friends. I guess Ash and I will just quit the day early.”

    “Not exactly,” Ash corrected. “I was gonna go for a walk tonight.”

    May’s eyes are wide open now, “Alone? That sounds kinda depressing, Ash. If you don’t mind, I’ll go with you. The scenery here is so nice and – ”

    Brock demands, “That’s unnecessary, May.” Realizing that his tone has alarmed everyone, he reverts back to cheery, “But you should really get to know the girls. That’s all.”

    “Okay?” May somewhat agrees.

    “Sounds great!” Dawn rejoices. “Enjoy your walk, Ash.” And she leans in for a dry kiss, which Ash, after a moment, accepts. She continues, “You guys go ahead without me; I’m gonna make a phone call.” Zoey heads upstairs, Dawn makes her way to the video phone, and Ash exits the Pokemon Center.

    Brock, however, stops May, “Hey, May, can you stay here for a second? I need your help with something.”

    Zoey adds, “In that case, I’ll see you guys upstairs,” which Brock responds to with a nod.

    May is confused, “Okay, what is it?”

    Brock isn’t sure how to handle this, until he ultimately pushes May with his arms so that she almost falls backwards!

    May trips but then catches herself, “Brock, why would you that!? That was so rude!”

    Brock panics, “I don’t know, May! I guess I felt you needed some discipline.”

    May looks out the window, and then back at Brock, “Okay, Brock, maybe the full moon is affecting your thinking.”

    Brock explains himself, “Fine, I’m sorry I pushed you… But you need some self-control.”

    “No, Brock,” May retorted, “I think YOU need some self-control.”

    “You know what I mean,” he says. She nods her head “no.” “Yes, you do. Ash has a girlfriend and you don’t have boundaries.”

    May is puzzled, “No boundaries? I haven’t made a single move on him.”

    Brock whispers, “So saying he’s good looking is appropriate?”

    “He called me pretty. What was I supposed to stay?”

    “Well you didn’t have to stare at each other like it was your honeymoon. And then you offer to join him in his walk?”

    “Because he’s my friend¬—”

    “So friends walk together under the stars in a romantic environment?” May stops at that remark. She isn’t sure what to say. She hadn’t realized how deep she had gotten lost into Ash’s eyes, his heart, his soul, until now. Brock asks, “What’s gotten into you, May?” She thinks about this question over and over…


    Misty’s Togepi, with the help of the several wild Togepi, creates a shield that sends Colonel Hanson – a tall man with gray hair to his shoulders and a pointy, gray moustache, wearing a large hat and attire depicting his royal rank – falling backwards, thus releasing his hold on the Spike Ball Pokemon. As it floats to the other Togepi, which are floating over Misty, Ash, Brock, May, Max, Princess Sara, and Miranda, it begins to glow a pure white and change its shape. Misty and the others are in awe.

    When this display concludes, Ash says, “No way. Togepi evolved—”

    “Into Togetic,” the princess finished. Misty, wearing a well-designed vest and a matching-colored pair of shorts, shows her relief to see her dear Pokemon safe. Togetic embraces its trainer and then flies to the Togepi and prepares for an assault against their common foe.

    Colonel Hanson is angered by the sudden occurrence, “You dare evolve!? The end is near; I’ll capture every on of you!” He then calls his Shedinja. “Shedinja! Solarbeam!” The Shed Pokemon quickly charges and fires a solar-powered beam at the Pokemon, but Togetic creates a powerful shield to neutralize the attack. Hanson mocks them, “Hah! so much for guardian pokemon winning on defense only!”

    “We’ll just see about that!” the princess yells. “You misjudge the power of kindness and love — the kindnesses that Misty and her friends have given to us, and the love that the Togepi and Togetic have for each other, as well as the love these people have for seeing goodness prevail! It is this kindness and love that you’ll never understand that has given power to Togetic!”

    May thought to herself,
    Huh, love and kindness are powerful… Could these things benefit me? After the princess saying finished, Togetic’s power increases, and the protective shield that it made grows tenfold, its light covering this area that is right outside of the shrine of the Mirage Kingdom.

    Misty takes this as an opportunity, “Togetic, leave this to me, okay?” She takes out a pokeball, “Gyarados! I choose you!” When the blue, atrocious serpent emerges out of its spherical home, Ash is in shock to see that a girl who once feared this Pokemon is now commanding one.

    Hanson snickers, “You think a water pokemon can beat my Shedinja?”

    “I don’t think,” she corrects him, “I know! Flamethrower, Gyarados!” Hanson cries in disbelief at the command, and then the serpent releases a flame the size of a forest fire, scorching Shedinja so that it falls in defeat.


    Later, after the former Colonel was arrested by the king for his misdeeds, the gang watches as the Togepi happily return to their mirage paradise. Misty addresses her Pokemon, “Time to say good-bye, Togetic.” The Happiness Pokemon flies towards its trainer, pleading to join its new friends in paradise. Surprised, Misty asks, “You really wanna stay?” which Togetic confirms.

    May says, “I wonder why.”

    Princess Sarah explains, “I think Togetic is afraid if someone evil were to rise up, this could happen all over again.” She asks Togetic, “You wanna stay and help the Togepi?” Togetic nods “yes.”

    Misty is sad, but understands, “Well, I certainly don’t wanna see their paradise all gray and wilted again.” She pauses and then continues, “You know, there’s another place that needs your protection, too: don’t forget about Sarah, her family, and the kingdom.” Togetic understandingly nods. The two longtime companions share a loving look at each other while also showing their sadness for their upcoming separation. Misty can’t take it anymore and strongly embraces her Togetic. She whispers, “Togetic, I love you.”

    Everyone is upset over this scene, especially May, who begins to cry,
    It must be sad to let go of your loved ones. Battling and contests aside, the people who love you, as well as the people you love, is what makes up what’s important in your life. Togetic flies away, into the portal to paradise, and everyone gives their good-byes.


    Misty’s blimp takes off, its destination being the Kanto region. May finally speaks up, “I’m sorry.”

    Everyone – Ash, Brock, and Max – turn around, wondering why the Hoenn coordinator would say such a thing.

    “Let me explain,” she starts. “I’m a Pokemon Coordinator. But I haven’t won a ribbon, yet. I know I’ve only competed in one contest, but I didn’t do so well. So I don’t know how many more competitions it will take—”

    “Until you win your first ribbon. I know,” Ash said while looking at the ground. He had heard her say this before, and it wasn’t his favorite memory.

    “I’m sorry,” she says again, “because now I know that it doesn’t matter.” Ash looks up, surprised. “I learned today that what matters is love, and kindness, and keeping your loved ones with you.”

    “But May,” Max objected. “Today Misty let go of Togetic.”

    “You’re right, Max,” May replied, her eyes getting watery, “but it was Togetic’s time to go… Ash… I’m not ready to let go of you,” Ash begins to smile, “and I’m sorry I gave up on you… before I gave us a chance.” She loses the ability to speak and falls on her knees, unable to control herself from sobbing. After a while, as she was looking at the ground in front of her, she sees a pair of shoes. As she raises her head to look up, she sees the owner of the shoes extending his arm to her. She starts to laugh, tears still flowing down her face. She takes the smiling boy’s arm and pulls herself upward, landing with her arms around his shoulder. This boy had waited for what felt like a lifetime to seize this moment, hoping it, too, would also last a lifetime. And that second, which makes up not even a hundredth of a percent of a day, the very second where his dry lips met her luscious lips, and their relationship changed into something beautiful, lasted much longer for Ash and May than any other moment up to that point. That moment triggered a series of wonderful moments that would follow this one for the next two years, but it was, in fact, this moment that started it all.


    After thinking for a long time, May answers Brock’s question, “I guess I just remembered something I forgot a long time ago.”

    Brock is skeptical, “Oh, really? And what’s that, May. What did you remember that justifies your actions?”

    May answers, “What truly matters in life is keeping the people who love you around you, as well as the people you love.”
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    ok when i was reading i thought Brock should've lectured Ash but then after May's Flashback she says that she just remembered to keep those she loved close which i am pretty sure made brock "Oh crap, this is not good"

    Great chapter, took a few 180's which kept me guessing, Bring on Chapter six

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