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Non-competitive trainer's hangout mk. III

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Displeased Owl

NCTH Leader
Right so after the fall of social groups, we present to you the 'Non-competitive trainer's hangout mk. III'! Founded by myself around two years ago we act as a hub for all who love Pokemon but don't love EV training to meet for battles, trades and general discussion.

So whether you'd like a battle, a trade, fic advertisement, or would like to discuss what just went down in one of your videogames, post it here! The only requirement to join is that you DON'T EV TRAIN OR FOLLOW THE COMPETITIVE METAGAME!! (vitamin use is fine)

PM one of our leaders to request membership. Once you get the go ahead, feel free to post here. We only ask that you do not post anything defamatory or offensive. We have worked hard for two years to keep the previous two hangouts a safe haven for all members and we would hate for a few bad apples to spoil it.


Natural Trainer

The NCTH Ultimate Journey League:

Other members:

7 tyranitars
Armando Payne
Wild Dragonite
Zweihander Nemesis
The Jock
Warrior Scolipede
Pikachu 2.0


The time has come, friends. The Ultimate Journey has begun again!

Now, the ground rules that apply to everyone in the league, leader, elite and challenger alike. These are intended to keep things fair for everyone involved. If enough outcry is generated about one of these rules, for a logical reason, Feralninja will change it.

-NO EV TRAINED POKEMON. This is the principle our league is founded on. There is no real way to check this, so you're all on the honor system.

-All battles will be conducted in flat rule. The leader may decide on single, double, triple or rotation battles

-If something is banned in flat rules, obviously it is banned here. Sky Drop, and a Smeargle with any banned moves is also not allowed.

-Leaders have a mono-type team. If the battle style is double, triple or rotation battles, the leader may use one wild card of an outside type

-Challenges are to be arranged via PM or VM. Challengers or leaders can post in the thread to report the outcome of battles, but arrange them privately

-Leaders must come online at least once every two weeks to check for league-wide communications or challenges. If you do not, your status is revoked

-A league-wide species and item clause is in effect. A team cannot have two of the same pokemon, nor can two pokemon have the same item.

-Leaders are responsible for getting their own badges. Northern Lights is very accommodating, and allows people to use her badges at their leisure, just so long as she is credited.

-Challengers, once they have a badge to their name, can make a "badge case" post, where they can show off their victories.

-Leaders can make their own rules for their gyms, but those rules are subject to review by Feralninja and Dracoburn at any time.

Now, onto the list of leaders. These can be challenged in any order, though the gym leaders must be defeated before challenging the elite four. Should any restructuring go on in the league, and a leader changes or loses a position, the challenger's victory is still valid. They do not have to challenge the leader's replacement. There are nine leaders so that other gym leaders can challenge all eight gyms, and if there is one you absolutely can't win against, you have another option.

Gym Leaders:
1. Karori'sloveTysuya, Water
2. Keyo61491, Poison
3. Blaziken10285, Psychic: Dave, the Formidable Psybrain
4. Nox_Invictus, Ice: Mathieu, The Frost Wizard
5. Gokuzaru, Rock: Gold, the Rock Solid Soldier
6. Glover, Electric: Glover, Protector of Orre
7. Dittodude63, Ghost: Samuel Specter, the Ghost Host
8. Feralninja, Fire: Cole, the Firebrand
9. NaturalTrainer, Dragon: The Gentleman

Elite Four:
1. Dracoburn, Flying: Becca, the Mistress of the Mountains
2. :342:, Dark: Clair the Eclair
3. Xman96, Fighting: Pokemon Professor X
4. Open Slot

???, ???

We hope you all enjoy your stay here! It would help if you request to join through the 'revival PM'. Please state if that's how you heard of us please!

- Displeased Owl -
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Woot First!!!

We're back with a vengence people!!! were finally at our next destination
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Displeased Owl

NCTH Leader
Hey all now that we've finally been approved I'll add all the members who are interested back into the group. I'll put a link in my sig here too and we'll double our promotion efforts! Here's to another successful tenure on serebii :D


This post details the various fics this group has inspired. My egotism also compels me to mention that it was my writer's block that spawned the movement, but you probably don't care about that.

Well, from yours truly, we have:
League of Heroes
Hero's Path

League of Heroes is the story of our league, and details the epic Omega War, the struggle against Ghetsis and his black-hearted followers.

Hero's Path is a journey through story and song. It is the sequel to League of Heroes, and is the story of Cole's struggle to find his place in the world after the war that left such a deep scar on him. It follows roughly the template of the the Fool's Journey, if anyone is familiar with the major arcana of the tarot.

Dracoburn has:
Dracoburn's Story
Friends of Draco

Both of these are written from the perspective of our Ground Elite Four member, and shows her view of the League's dealings. Both are currently on hiatus. Dracoburn, please start writing again!

From Displeased Owl:
The Journeymen
This fic details the journey Raj takes to rediscover his inner fire as a trainer, and the eventual conception of the Journeymen League, sort of a prequel to League of Heroes.

Xman96 has given us:
The Journey of Xander
Shiny Expert: Xander
Pokemon Professor X

All three of these deal with the exploits of Xander. The Journey of Xander is told in a diary-style, and talks about Xander's initial journey. Shiny Expert Xander is Xander becoming more and more established as a trainer and his heroic fight against a criminal mastermind, and finally, Pokemon Professor X tells the tale of Xander later on, as an official professor.

And last but certainly not least, there is Joanie:
Jo Morgan, Adventurer Archaeologist


Evergreen tail?
I'd also like to join. I get the point of EV training, but I don't think it should be necessary.


oh...so now it's a thread...that's somewhat irritating...
as always, I want to remain a member as this is a very interesting club
I was a gym leader before the club went down, but I'm starting to wonder if I can still handle it. I haven't been playing my game too much lately and my team still needs to be trained.
I suppose I'll be able to do it, but it might be hard for me.....................................................


The King of Town.
Yay, it's back! Can I join?

Wild Dragonite

Ralts Evo Tree Fan
I'd like to be back in, please. It was fun being able to hang out and not worry about being called weak for not IV breeding.


Mes amis
I'd like to join as I don't train with IV's and EV's and I am more casual than competitive.


GOLD, Master Of All
supski dudes and dudetts. im so glad that were all back here and on fb. its nice to have everything to be cool again.


Hey, to kick off the trading, I need a water stone in a gen 4 game. I'm doing a theme run and I need to evolve an eevee. I can't offer too much in return, but I can make it worth your while down the line.


Evergreen tail?
I'll share some information about myself. In the 5th gen is when I got into battling. EV training is too confusing, so I just use Pokemon that I used in my in-game team, mainly Zoroark, Haxorus, and Thundurus. I only battle 3v3 because getting to 100 takes too long for me.

Displeased Owl

NCTH Leader
Trade want list:

I don't need anything at the moment but if I find anything cool I'll put it up as an offer :D

Background on myself: Well most know me as the founder of this thing 2 years ago and I won't bore you with the history of it (as eventful as it is!) but I'm also a 'seasoned' competitive battler. I just can't be bothered to EV anymore but I firmly agree with its benefits :)
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The King of Town.
So, here's something to talk about: what's everyone's reasoning for being non-competitive?
Me, I am because Pokemon is a game, and games should not be work. EV training is just too much work for me.


Mes amis
So, here's something to talk about: what's everyone's reasoning for being non-competitive?
Me, I am because Pokemon is a game, and games should not be work. EV training is just too much work for me.

Well, I actually had no idea about EV's until a couple of years ago because I didn't have internet access, but even after I learned about them I decided that I didn't really want anything to do with them for the same reason as you. I enjoy training normally in-game (though I sometimes use vitamins) and using Pokemon I like, even ones that aren't necessarily "upper-tier."

7 tyranitars

Well-Known Member
Too lazy for EV's and no wifi anyway :(.


The Dojo Master
Sign me up please! I was a member of the mk II for a couple of weeks and then the groups were taken off.
My background: I tried getting into EV's and whatnot but had little interest in actually doing it. And when the group was up, we had a mentor/trainee program, and Displeased Owl was/is my mentor. I am currently trying to create a full team, but if anyone wants to do a 3 on 3 battle, feel free to ask!
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