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Non-competitive trainer's hangout mk. III

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The Dojo Master
Dave, Trysten and Xander all ended up at a table together, and upon seeing a drunk Firebrand, a Becca in distress, and Glover with his wife talking, they found they had nothing better to do than play with Dave's cards. He always had his cards, mainly because they passed the time, something they all needed. It had been an odd party. The Firebrand just minutes ago had thrown a Pokeball right at the Psybrain after some random kid asked him to sign it.

"Keep the world sober? Did anyone tell the Firebrand that? oh, and three two's." Dave said as he placed three cards face-down onto the table.

"Trysten, should we call him out?" Xander asked.

"I still don't understand how to play this game..."

"Ok," Dave began, "we go up the rank of cards, placing a card or cards face-down saying it was whatever you were supposed to place. If you have the cards, then by all means put them down, but if you don't, then you'll have to lie. If Xander or I feel brave or stupid enough and think you are in fact lying, then we'll say "BS'. If you were telling the truth, then we would get all of the cards in the stack. If you are lying, you get all of the cards. Understood?" Trysten nodded and Xander put down his cards.

"Peanut Butter." Dave said to the confusion of the new player. "If you're lying, it is traditional to say that."

"Ok, umm, two four's." Trysten said, "Oh, and peanut butter!"

"BS!" The other two said in unison. Trysten gave them a scornful look and picked up all of the cards.

"You have to wait 'til the next player puts his cards down, or you're giving it away if you lied or not." Xander added.

"Well that would have been a good idea to know before I found myself with half of the deck." the leader of the grass type snorted. "Let's play something different, like kemps!"

"Except we don't have an even number of players."

"I'll play." the voice of Becca said. "I have nothing better to do for an hour, so why not?"

"Ok, so Becca, you and I will be partners," Xander said, "and Trysten and Dave can be a team."

With that the group began on many rousing card games in what Dave thought might be the most disorganized reunion ever.


The Forester
"Hey Xander and Becca don't you think Dave maybe ripping us off considering that he's at least a partial phsychic?" Trysten asked.
"I forgot about that..." Xander trailed off somewhat embarrassed.
"Well my loss is completly because of my lack of knowledge of these games since I have protected my mind from telepaths." Trysten stated.
"How did you manage that?" Dave asked.
"An Alakazam trained me, but that's a story for another time." Trysten said mysteriously.
"Trysten when are you going to tell us more about your background?" Becca asked.
"Soon very soon, but not tonight for it is a not a story you can tell in just a matter of hours and it is a very heavy story that you may or may not want to hear... Enough about me for now though let's just enjoy the night." Trytsen said.


Sorry about it being so short and I hope this one looks better.


Master of Puppets
'Yep, definitely a mistake coming here...' were Nate's thoughts as he looked around the reunion. He didn't bother talking to anyone besides that guy with the Speed Boost Blaziken, who seemed sufficiently attached to said Blaziken, seeing as he wasn't selling. "Well, enough of this, I'm leaving..." he muttered. He made his way to the door, only to find himself captured by the claw of Rogue, who had released himself, in an attempt to make his Trainer stay. "Rogue, I swear to Arceus if you don't let me-gah!" He was cut off by Rogue lifting and flinging him back towards the others. He ended up slamming into the table right in the middle of the card game Trystan, Becca, Xander and Dave were playing. Ignoring them, he got up, sat next to Xander, and pretended to be very interested in the table in front of him. Remarkably enough, he seemed to be embarrased about the whole situation, a faint blush coming to his face. 'Yep, definitely a mistake....'


If Trysten tried to get Cole to admire the workmanship of his sword one more time, Cole was going to whip out Anduril and use it to break something. And that something was probably going to be Trysten. Prometheus was on edge after the brief conflict earlier, mostly because Cole had prevented him from going to Dracoburn’s aid. Though the Firebrand couldn’t remember exactly what he’d said, it was something to the effect of “We don’t stick our necks out. Not anymore.”

Athena was making slow advances in conversation with the baby Azuril again. Unfortunately, the blue pokemon was so young; any kind of coherent thought was still slightly beyond its grasp. The Victini sighed, gave up, and butted her head against Cole’s hand until her trainer relented and started to pet her.

The young man pretended to study his fingers, flexing them as though he had never seen them before. He was completely sober now, but the other party guests didn’t need to know that. “I do believe,” he murmured, “it is time for another drunken outburst.”

Then, he raised his voice. “Becca! Where is my bourbon?” The Mountain Trainer only shrugged. Cole muttered a foul curse.

He gestured to Prometheus. “Bring me that bottle of Merlot from the kitchen. The vintage Opelucid Red. You know the one?”

The Charizard bent his head closer. “Cole, I really don’t think that’s wise,” he hissed softly. “You just sobered up. I don’t want you to lose it again. Please…”

“I’m not going to drink it, fool!” Cole mumbled back. “I’m going to get us out of here. Trust me, I’ve got a plan.”

The dragon grumbled and went to comply. The Firebrand took the time to glance around the table. Aside from Glover and his wife, who had just come back from a few sets of dancing, everyone was on edge. The tension was palpable in the air, and Cole was really damn tired of it. The professor and his wife were the only people here worth talking to anymore. He made a mental note to send them a fruit basket or chocolates or something. Maybe invite them out to dinner later. He also made a note not to get drunk when and if that happened.

Once again, he thanked his foresight in not bringing Joan along. It would have been much more difficult to pull this off if he had to worry about getting two people out of the banquet.

Prometheus returned with the wine bottle. Cole poured just enough into his glass to have five or six sips. He passed the bottle around the table, and the other guests begrudgingly filled their own cups. When everyone had some of the ruby-red liquid, he raised his glass high in a toast.

“Drink with me to days gone by! Sing with me the songs we knew!” He gave a drunken laugh. “Here’s to pretty girls who went to our heads! And here’s to witty girls who went to our beds!” He staggered to his feet and got up on top of the table. “Here’s to them, and here’s to you!”

He continued his ‘drunken’ ballad as he sauntered up and down the length of the banquet table, finally coming to stand before the Journeymen ‘Old Guard’. Now his tone dripped with caustic sarcasm. “Drink with me to days gone by. Can it be you fear to die? Will the world remember you when you fall? Could it be your death means nothing at all?” He cackled. “Is your life just one more lie?”

He took a sip from his cup and his tone softened again. “Drink with me to days gone by! To the life that used to be! At the shrine of friendship, never say die! Let the wine of friendship never dry!” He stumbled backwards. “Here’s to you… and here’s to me!”

Another drink. “Do I care if I should die, now he goes across the sea? Life without my Quest means nothing at all! Would you weep, my friends, should the Firebrand fall? Or will you weep, my friends, for me?” Then, he pitched backward off the lip of the table. Prometheus darted forward and caught him before he hit the ground. Athena was on the dragon’s shoulder, and the Charizard hurriedly dragged Cole’s limp form from the room.

“The dead weight routine isn’t helping,” he growled when they got into the adjoining hallway.

Cole immediately straightened up, wincing at the headache brought on by excess consumption. “Ah, but it did work, didn’t it? We’re in the clear now!” He smiled. “I am a damn good actor when I want to be.”

Athena’s eyes were full of concern. “You let slip more in that last verse than you meant to, didn’t you?”

Cole paused for slightly longer than the average heartbeat. “Anything for the sake of a rhyme, Fuzzball. Now c’mon, let’s get to the roof.”

They hurried up several flights of stairs, emerging onto the flat top of the Tower. Cole leaned over the precipitous ledge and took a deep breath, allowing the wind to play through his hair.

Prometheus flared his wings, obviously enjoying the wide-open space. “Are you ready?” he asked. Cole nodded. The dragon surged forward, hurling himself into the night. He dropped lower, and after a breath, Cole jumped after him, plunging through the dark air.


He landed on Prometheus’s back as they soared past the Tower windows. Cole had no doubt in his mind that everyone in the feast hall saw them shoot by, and he laughed at the thought. He found that he truly didn’t care at all. They were stuck inside while he was out enjoying the night air, caught in the euphoria of flight. Prometheus ascended while Cole and Athena stuck their arms out, Titanic-style. It took a lot of self-control to resist shouting “I’m king of the world!”

“You do realize,” rumbled the Charizard, “that we will have to go back eventually.”

Cole and Athena didn’t reply for a while, and simply watched the arid desert land drift by beneath them. Finally, the young man shrugged. “Yeah, probably. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Won’t they be red in the face when they realize how much more fun we’re having. Right now, let’s just enjoy ourselves. Hey, who knows? Maybe they’ll wise up and come out here where the real party is.”

They cruised beneath the glittering stars for a time, all three of them in a comfortable, companionable silence. They didn’t need words to express the joy they felt in each others’ company.

Athena sighed softly. “This is the first time I’ve been happy all night.”

Cole rumpled her fur. “Me too, Fuzzball. You remember how that song went?

“I’m flying high, defying gravity. And you can’t pull me down.”


In other news, the latest Hero's Path, Sun Rise just went up.

Fellow NCTH fic writers, I hope you have a fun time cleaning up the nuke I just dropped on our canon.


The Dojo Master
"KEMPS!" Becca yelled as she and Xander won again. Dave and Trysten would have won, had the grass typed gym leader not blocked his mind from telepathy.

"So what do y'all want to play now?" Dave asked.

"Can I play?" asked a man as he sat next to Becca.

"Lance? Hey, I'm Trysten. Isn't this an awesome sword?"

"Oh, umm sure. Oh, and just so you know, Cole is flying around outside."

"Yeah, he was drunk. I guess he left for his gym." Xander replied.

"That's the thing! He's just flying around in his Charizard, looking and acting completely sober."

"Ok, that's not cool. Does anyone else want to go visit the Firebrand up there?" Dave proposed.

"I really don't care anymore." Becca said.

"Naw, that would let him know the we know that he's faking! Let's have some fun with it..." Xander said, and they began plotting.


How's that for cleaning the nuke?


Hakumei Tenshi
Keyo and his trusty Absol Jenova, sit on the rooftop of the Goldenrod city mall, Glancing at the peice of paper he received from what he can only describe as "the flying silhouette in the sky". He was a bit suprised to get such an invitation, from a group of people he's only known for a grand total of a couple of hours. With that said Keyo, decided not to go to this Journeymen dinner party.

"I don't belong there anyway" Keyo thought aloud to himself, petting the slowy dozing off Absol laying on his lap. "At least...not yet. Maybe next year".


The King of Town.
"Wow, this is the lamest party I've seen since Mardi Gras," remarked Samuel Specter, to no one in particular. "Time to kick it up a notch!" He pulled out a cell phone and dialed the number of Benjamin, his apprentice.

"What is it, sir?" asked Ben.

"I need the party set. Now. Bring it. Take Beedle."

"Yes, sir," came the reply over the phone.

A few minutes later, Ben came riding on a Braviary, who was carrying a huge tote bag.

"Thanks, Ben," said Sam, taking the bag. Alright, people! Let's get it started!" exclaimed the Ghost Host as Ben flew away. Sam started taking things out of the tote bag and setting them up. Laser lights, a set of speakers, and an MP3 player. He turned on an electric dance beat, set up the lights, and started dancing like a professional. The other Journeymen looked around, puzzled, but then a few started dancing along with Sam. Pretty soon the whole group was getting down with their bad selves.


Lance's protege
The Mountain Trainer slapped her palm to her face. She had been invited to join a card game earlier, and despite a short argument with Dracoburn regarding his suggestion of using their mental connection to cheat, her mood had finally been returned to a position of stability. But of course, the Firebrand had to get his hands on some alcohol that the group had been assured would not even be on the grounds of the Tower, and after babbling out a rather insulting, if sugarcoated ballad, he had passed out and been carried off by Prometheus.

She checked her watch. Still a full twenty-five minutes till her prince was scheduled to arrive. Bloody hell. There was no way she was going to butt in on Glover and Cay. Like she cared enough to do so. Nate was twitchier than ever, and she felt the shadow of concern brush against her conscience, but she wasn't interested in spending time with him after he tried to purchase Destiny and Valoo, the creep. The group she'd played cards with.. Well, they were new, aside from Xander, and he had always been young, fresh. Still was, really. Somehow. That was the only way to explain it. They just didn't get it. The kid, the youngest.. Tyler, was it? No, wait, Trysten. Big difference. If she had to listen to him brag about how mysterious he was or how wise beyond his fifteen years he was -one more time-, she would start cracking skulls. Irritably, she found an empty table and sank down into a chair with a sigh.

A few tables away, Matt; wait, Forrest now, was rubbing his temples. It didn't appear that he had moved once since arriving. He didn't even have food in front of him, just an untouched glass of wine from Cole's little episode. Rolling her eyes, Becca pushed herself away from her table and walked with an uneasy gait to his. "You ok?.." she started nervously.

"Headache. Killer one."

It sounded like it, because he was still speaking in strained fragments. The Mountain Trainer took a moment to pity him before realizing that she may have a solution. She swung around her traveling pack, which seriously clashed with the dress, but which she absolutely refused to allow out of her sight, to rest in her lap. Using her Pokegear as a flashlight, she dug around the mess of a pack until she found a tiny container with an Rx lable. She shook something out of it and offered it to the young man, causing him to finally look up with bloodshot eyes and a creased forehead. "This for headaches?" he muttered, almost desperately.

"Headaches, sprained ankles, bad days.." Becca admitted. "I got them for a broken arm, but sort of took a liking to them. Said my pain levels were still high when I went back to get the cast off. They thought I might have soft tissue damage, and renewed my prescription, but really, they're just my little friend for when I fall on my face. Literally or figuratively." She laughed nervously, hoping to relieve a little tension.

The man pondered the pill for a moment, then shrugged and took his wine glass, only to be interrupted. "Wait! That's Vicodin. You probably shouldn't take it with alcohol. And probably should take it with food. Hang tight." Becca excused herself and retrieved him a glass of ginger ale and some starchy food, just in case the narcotic disagreed with him. He downed the pill as soon as she returned, and within a few minutes, he had visibly improved and was delicately picking at his food. The Glaceon turned up her nose when Becca offered her a berry, but when Forrest offered the same fruit, she consumed it with the same frosty grace of her trainer. "Better?"

He nodded. "Err.. Thanks."

"No problem." They continued in silence for a somewhat painful minute or so.

"Hey, um.. I'm sorry I was a bit.." he broke off.

Becca allowed herself a small smile. "Cold? I think you can get away with it; you're the ice leader, after all. Just like how we allow Cole to be so hotheaded, or why Glover is always surrounded by technology. The poison leader is said to be a doctor or scientist or something that works with venom and antidotes. The psychic guy seems pretty analytical, and the new kid, the grass leader, is fresh and full of youth, like a sapling. Xander's honest and straightforward, like the fighting types he trains. I guess we sort of fit into the archetypes of the type we use."

The young man took a moment to swallow the bite of Aspear berry he held in his mouth. "I've never really noticed that, but I suppose you're right."

"I'm not sure what that says about me, though. I've changed types more times than anyone else in this league. I've been ground, dragon, and flying. What does that say about me? That I'm flighty, like Skyla? Free-spirited, like Winona? Tough, like Clay? Angry, like Clair? Respectable, like Drayden and Drake? I don't really feel like any of those things." She sighed. "I guess the only thing that it says about me that fits at all it that I don't really know who I am.." She drew a pill from the container still clasped in her hand, ready to pop one herself.

Matt, wait, Forrest, stopped her. "You're a Dragon Tamer by heart. That says you're fierce, and persistant. You've changed your type, yes, but not without good reason. You've always had a rival in the current dragon leader, which prevents you from using the type you love most. And you believe that a dragon is more than just a type. But you're willing to use whichever type the league needs you to use the most. You're adaptable." The conversation was cut short by the appearance of a newcomer at the room's doors. It was a fire-haired young man in a cape, tailed by a golden dragon. "And with that, I believe your date has arrived."

The Mountain Trainer had begun to stand, but Matt's comment interrupted her. "Wait, you know?"

The man nodded, looking wise beyond his years, and brushed the blue-black hair out of his eyes to meet hers. "Just because I'm not social doesn't mean I'm not perceptive. You of all people should know that, wallflower." He returned his gaze to his plate, vanishing under the shade of his fedora. "Thanks for the food. And the meds. Speaking of, you should really tell him about the pills. Probably not a good habit to get into. Wouldn't want to end up like the Firebrand. Funny, cause until tonight, everybody wanted to be him. Even me. Even you."


Isn't that Dandy?
Food and delicacies of all kinds where stacked up haphazardly upon the platter. Trainers and pokemon alike surrounded him on both sides as he stockpiled the many dishes on top of his plate. Conversation boomed, with many of the attendees discussing about the exploits of their travels and rumors concerning the many guests in the tower.

Leaving the serving area, Aaron tottered side to side, balancing the many plates of food in his hands. He moved with the grace and elegance of a Spinda on acid, as he made his way across the room toward the balcany where his team waited for their meals. He danced around a Charizard as it made its way toward to serving table, the fire type betrayimg its large size as it politely maneuvered around the table without any incident. After passing a loving couple embracing one another, Aaron successfully reached the balcony without dropping a crumb.

The famished trainer and his team, devoured the many rounds of Bouffalant steak, Basculine fillets, and several other dishes, the favorite of the night being the grilled Ducklett covered in a Tomato berry sauce. Having finished his plate, Aaron leaned back onto the side railing of the balcony, gazing on his Pokemon as they finished their own meals. His Togekiss, mused over the cake before him, savoring each bite, a look of up most happiness upon his face. A poffin in her mandibles, Pachinko crawled up Aaron's arm, nestling herself in his black hair. The Joltik then let out a cooing sound as it devoured its prize.

The cool night air kissed his face, and the stars peered out from behind the cloud cover. Gazing up toward the night sky, Aaron searched for familiar constellations, the lack there of reminding him how far he was from home. A torrent of memories flooded his mind, Aaron closed his eyes as he remembered Hoenn, her fields, her forests, her vast blue waters. Just as he entered a dreamlike state, a painful image bubbles up to the surface, remorse and guilt washed over him as he remembered that day in the Hoenn Battle frontier, the day Magma and Aqua came back, the day Horus died.

"It's not your fault, you know," came a soothing, soft voice.

Aaron's eyes eased open and turn his gaze toward his Togekiss.

"It's not your fault he died. You couldn't have known Team Aqua and Magma would make a comeback, no one did, nor could you have known that Horus would have died the way he did. He was as loyal and great a friend any Blaziken could hope to be."

Aaron then moved his hand, and began to caress the Togekiss' cheek. The Pokemon let loose a low cooing noise, and pressed closer to it's trainers hand.

"I know... But...," the trainer bit his lip, holding back tears. " I just can't help but feel that I'm responsible, that I let him down," his voice was trembling at this point, then Pachinko's fur bristled, letting of a few sparks. Aaron raised his head to see his Pokemon surrounding him, with worried expressions attempting to console thier trainer. Aaron wiped away a few tears, smiling sheepishly to himself.

"You guys are the best, you know that,"

"Of course we do, why else would we make it this far?" Lieto joked, adjusting to a more comfortable position on the ledge.

Just then, the clamour of voices in the dining hall ceased, a man broke the silence, striking his glass, and allowing the sound to resonate throughout the room. He had dark brown hair, and a solid build to him, he looked about Aaron's age, but his eyes were worn with the memories of many past battles.

"Hey, looks like they're about to give a toast. Let's go check it out," Aaron rose up from his sitting position and made his way to the dining hall. While making his way to the table, the man rose his glass above his head, and began the toast.

“Drink with me to days gone by! Sing with me the songs we knew!” he began, in a slurring sing-song voice, obviously the result of one too many glasses of wine. He continued his drunken performance, his hardy laughter filling the air. As his ballad increased in crescendo, do did the audacity of his performance. He climbed the table, still singing his tavern song, tottering back and forth, like a trapezist on the high wire as he moved his way up and down the table, displacing plates of food and and many centerpieces along the way. Once he returned to his starting point, the song reduced in volume and the inebriated guest, fell back as he lost consciousness. He was caught by his Charizard, another Pokemon, with red rabbit like ears and small stature. Aaron recognized the pokemon to be the legendary Victini, which made the bard...

"That was the Firebrand?!" Aaron thought to himself, as the man's two Pokemon rushed him upstairs to his room.

The room fell silent, everyone remaining in the chamber stood dumbfounded, trying to comprehend the reason for the performance. After a few minutes the stinging tone of a slow sarcastic applause was heard, the source revealed to be a man who Aaron had learned to be called Nate, a dark type specialist. Nate's amused expression faded once he felt the eyes of the crowd aimed in his direction.

"What?" he said in a defensive tone, "That was pretty damn funny,"

challenge accepted, my friend :3
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Pain in Rocket side
Pardon me, I'm going to step out from behind the story, I'd liek to address something. First off, my apologies to the dungeongame masters for bringing in Cay. I read the openers as not bronging guests by choice, not as a 1 character per rule. If I need to, I'm not unwilling to play nice and cop-out with food poisoning and the old chamber rooms in the tower. That being said, guys, Glover didn't bring his wife for the sole purpose of skipping out on the party. She's probably feeling like a fish out of water and going back to safe territory in her husband, but this sin't an anti-social thing.

Gee, when did that soapbox get under my feet?

ditto di. heeheehee.

Oh, hi Gizmo.

Don't mistake me, what everyone is posting is wonderful writing, I'm quite enjoying this. We all need to do a little better of reading posts too. We now have two sources of music being played. RP is a lot like writing a story, but there are some kkey differences. You don't write to a closure, your post is a puzzle piece to a larger whole, inclusive only of your own character. Any interactions with other characters are best left brief and general, and open ended so that the other person can write it. If you need an autonomic response, such as somebody getting pushed, then do so, but the vast majority of a character other than your own needs to be handled by their player. Yes, it makes for short posts, and long, drawn out conversations. That's how it is.

In that same vein, we all need to do a better job of building on people's posts. Becca's Pokemon got in a fight with someone else's and the entire showing has ignored that point. We now have two sources of music, one a Rotom playing (music he hates) something a bit more dance friendly and somber, the other by a butler to "Get down with our bad selves" (Yeah. Not happening with the drunkeness and the tensions) I you don't want to be involved in that arc, fine by me. I'd rather be playing cards than get trashed by a Hydregion too, but it should be built upon at some point, at the very least acknowledged by somebody steadying their drink as a dragon slams into the wall behind them.

Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox ditto now. I don't mean to be better than anyone, believe me I'm anything but, I just want to see this work out in the end is all.


It had started with just a quick rendition of “Defying Gravity” before spiraling completely out of control. Now Cole, Prometheus and Athena circled the empty air above the Tower belting showtunes at the top of their lungs. Why? Because they felt like it, that’s why.

Cole was finding he was perhaps not quite as sober as he had thought. For the first time in a long while, he was having trouble remembering the lyrics.

“Join us, leave your fields to flower. Join us, hm hmm something, something join us… hm hmmm hmmm hm hmm hm! Journey to a spot exciting hmmm hm and exotic, journey through anecdotic revue! We’ve got magic to do, just for you, we’ve got something plays to play! Parts to perform, hearts to warm, something hm hmm take by storm! As we go along… our… way!”

“Shouldn’t we sing something we actually know the words to?” Prometheus said with a laugh, effectively cutting off Cole’s big finish.

The Firebrand pulled a face, and then clapped his hands once. “Want to do You and Me?”

“All right, but this time I get to be Price.” Before Cole could object, Prometheus launched into the song. “Now it’s our time to go out, and set the world’s people free! And we can do it together, you and me. But mostly me! You and me but mostly me are gonna change the world forever. ‘Cause I can do most anything…”

“And I can stand next to you and watch!” Cole interjected.

“Every hero needs a sidekick! Every captain needs a mate!”

“Aye, aye!”

“Ever dinner needs a side dish!”

“On a slightly smaller plate…”

“Now we’re seeing eye-to-eye, it’s so great we can agree! That life is about to change for you and me… just mostly me!” Prometheus soared up higher. “Something incredible. I’ll do something incredible! I’m gonna be the one who changed all of mankind. I’ll do something incredible, that blows Arceus’s freakin’ mind! And as long as we stick together…

“And I stay out of your—”

“Out of my way!”

“We can change the world forever and make tomorrow a better day!”

“But mostly me!”

“So let’s quit singing about it and do it! How ready and psyched are we?”

“Life is about to change for you, and life is about to change for me, and life is about to change for you and me! But me mostly!” Prometheus smiled. “And there’s no limit to what we can do. Me… and you. But mostly… me!”

Athena bounced up and down. “My turn! But what to do… ooh, got it!” She shook out her fur. “When I meet the Wizard, once I prove my worth… then I’ll meet the Wizard, what I’ve waited for since, since birth. And with all his Wizard wisdom, by my looks he won’t be blinded! Do you think the Wizard is… dumb? Or like Munchkins, so small-minded, no! He’ll say to me I see who you truly are, a girl on whom I can re—”

“Boring,” Prometheus rumbled, cutting her off. Then, he launched into one of Cole’s personal favorites. “Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men? It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again! When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drum—”

“The hills are alive! With the sound of music!”

“Tomorrow we’ll discover what our fate has in store! One more dawn! One more day…”

“I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! I feel pretty, and witty and bright! I feel pity, yes I pity any girl who is not me tonight!”

“Tonight, tonight! It all begins tonight!”

“Can you feel the love tonight? It is where we are! It’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer that we got this far!” Cole really hoped that Athena wasn’t insinuating he had only gotten as far as he did through the power of love. “And can you feel the love tonight, how it’s laid to rest? It’s enough to make kings and vagabond believe the very best!”

Charizard jostled Athena to quiet her up. “Thick as you are, pay attention! My words are a matter of pride! It’s clear from your vacant expressions the lights are not all on upstairs! But we’re talking kings and successions, even you can’t be caught unawares! So prepare for the chance of a lifetime! Be prepared for sensational news!

“Of course, quid pro quo you’re expected to take certain duties onboard! The future is littered with prizes, and though I’m the main addressee, the point I must emphasize is you won’t get a sniff without me! So prepare for the coup of the century. Be prepared for the murkiest scam. Meticulous planning is simply why I’ll be king undisputed, respected, saluted, and seen for the wonder I am!

“Yes, my teeth and ambition are bared! Be prepared!”

Cole decided to capitalize on the Luxray King theme. “Night, and the spirit of life… calling in a voice, with the fear of a child. Wait. There’s no mountain too great. Hear these words and have faith.” Prometheus soared higher and higher, and to Cole it seemed he need only reach out to graze his fingers amongst the stars. “They live in you. They live in me. They’re watching over everything we see!” He took Athena and put her on his shoulder. “In every creature, in every star, in your reflection… they live in you.”

The night was silent when Cole finished his song. Prometheus closed his eyes and sighed softly. “I remember you sang that back when I was a little Charmander, afraid of the dark.”

“And now the dark is afraid of us,” Cole said with a smile. Athena tweaked his ear and smiled back. The Firebrand glanced at his two friends again. “So can I try Overture one more time?”


“Oh, come on, everyone else is still in the Tower! No one’s going to hear it but us!”

“Yes, that’s the problem! We have to hear it!”

“Cole, I swear, if you try and ruin the moment with that song, I’ll pitch you off my back!”

Because what's something I've written without some showtunes? Nothing, that's what. And if I get bored up until the RP is done, you can expect more where that came from. I've got a sickness, and the only cure is MORE SHOWTUNES. Or people RP'ing correctly. Either one works.


The Forester
I am writing a story and I'm planning on calling it "Birth of a Hero" and I'm hoping to get the first chapter posted this week, but I'll have to see with my school and such.

"Wow! This has been some night so far." Trysten thought to himself "First Cole is drunk then the next thing he's finally somewhat happy maybe he finally embraced the pain instead of trying to drown it out... next an all out dragon brawl begins and then we are in a middle of a card game and then the fight basically lands on our table... lastly one of the league members who I'm not acquainted with pulled out a MP3 player and started playing some music then Glover's Rotom who I belive was named Moto took possesion of a radio and started playing music as well that got of people up to dance. A little more action than I get in the Forest..."
"Earth to Trysten its your move!" Dave exclaimed shaking Trysten out of his thoughts and back to the card game at hand.
"Sorry that I zoned out there for a second I have a lot on my mind." Trysten told Dave.
"In fact Ezio would you mind playing for me? I'm getting hungry." Trysten asked his Sceptile companion.
"Of course this human game has perked my intrest and if you don't mind me saying you kinda suck at it." the Sceptile said. Trytsen chuckled at his partner's comment and he let the Sceptile have his seat. Trysten made his way over to the table with the food and he was surprised at the selection of fruits and berries there was beacause there was some that he saw that had to cost a pretty penny to import. After selecting some he made his way back over to his table and was amazed by what he saw Ezio was winning at the game and carrying a conversation with Speedy Dave's special ability Blaziken.
"At least he's starting to warm up now maybe he won't be so fast to try and slash someones throat this time..." Trysten thought to himself.
"Now where did Nate scurry off to I wanted to ask him about battling strategies using the Crawdaunt I recently found... "
Hope this was better Glover.
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Pain in Rocket side
Glover leaned against one of the pillars, holding a glass of soda in his hand as he took stock. He'd been alternating between it and milk for the entire night, his idea of a good time. Cay had basically stuck to water the whole time, though she had taken the chance with a wine cooler she was stretching through the evening.

he was pleased. Of course, his wife had always been outgoing, but she'd made serious efforts to talk to some people here and there. it was tough to do; this crowd was either full of wild-eyed youths with grand intentions, or with people who's ghosts would haunt them forevermore.

Moto seemed to be enjoying himself with the musical equipmewnt. Keeping the Rotom happy meant everyone else was happy too, although Moto was much more fond of the Ghost Host's modern equipment than the old, clanky stereos that lingered in the Tower and took to it almost as soon as it was set up. After running into another of his own kind in the new devices, They'd worked out what would amount to a Duelling Banjos in Electric Synthesizer style. The music is not what Glover, or probably anyone would have chosen, but few others were interested in the dancing and the fact that the two electric types were enjoying themselves oddly made it a bit more soothing.

Glover held his glass up to his face, trying to hide his chuckle as the DJ swore at the possessed equipment and kicked the table. It blasted a low base tone at him with two aimed speakers in a taunt and went on with its musical choices. Outgunned and with little else he could do, the man stormed off to the back to talk with the other aides and service staff, and possibly find some "Ghost Repellent" and a very large stick.

Over by the lower patio several were playing cards. It looked lke fun, but Glover wondered how one plays with a Sceptile, considering it's nearly impossible to read their "Poker Face". Or, maybe it's not. Guinivere had proven to be a very bad liar the first time we'd played, and wasn't any good at Monopoly, either.

his thoughts were interuppetted when Cayna came back.

"I see you found Azurill."

Zu! Cay set the small creature down on the floor. Her Pichu dashed oout from behind my leg and danced playfully with his friend.

"Yep, the little dear had wandered off to play with Cole. Poor guy, tormented and all. I'd hoped to be able to hear what he had to say. I bet that man has some wonderful stories to tell."

"You saw is friend Athena,right? I'm betting that's got to be a good one."

"I thought I recognized those ears from somewhere. So many rare and wonderful Pokemon here. Ace, his Victini, so many dragons, it's humbling."

"You'll get over that. Although I did feel out of place by not having a Hydregion. It's almost a prerequisite or something. And here I thought they were hard to train."

"Well, they are the best of the best, dear. Raising a Deino and not losing a finger is something that only masters can do."

"Very true. Always so logical, that's why i love you."

"I think i need to go powder my nose. I'll be back." She teased, dancing out of a response.

Why I love her.

A figure shuffled through the door. I'd recognize his red hair anywhere, any wide-eyed new trainer would. A shade of Fire-engine red given a chance to fade to a slight touch of pink, one of the odder natural hair colors scientists believe is a remnant of our ancestors sharing an origin with Pokemon. If you buy into that stuff.

Probably best I not meet up with him right now. I decided. After swearing out the entirety of the International League champions for what I thought to be in-action on behalf of Hoenn, I'd only just repaired a few bridges and this party had enough tension as it was. I needed to catch Becca, it seems I mislabled her as hostess of the party and she;s not fond of attention like that, but maybe I'd catch her another moment.

The new guy, I must chat him up. I looked to my feet, where the babies played. "Would you point Mom to my location when she returns?" They both saluted, Pichu with his hands, Azurill with her tail, before returning to their innoncent romping.

I preceeded over to one of the balconies. The tower had many of them around it's outside, potentially archery points against those who would climb the mountain and its walls in days of old. The man I'd not met before found himself the only one laughing at Cole amidst a quiet, and shocked crowd, and embarredly took a step backwards out of the limelight.

"Pardon me." I told him. "I have spies everywhere," one of the flowerpots returned itself to a gelatinous blue form to show off breifly, "I understand your name is Aarron? I don't believe I've seen you around before. "I'm Glover, the electric leader here."


Lance's protege
@ Glover yeah I understand I was going to go back and edit since I had to leave, but then everyone thought it would be fun to pick on the new guy and that's not a problem do whatever you guys can use my character just make sure you know what my character is like before you do please. I was trying not to let out to much about him before keyword BEFORE I post my first chapter of my story which will start roughly two years before the party and will continue through the present. A couple of things if your going to use my character:
1. He's not one to brag and he's not going to bug people to look at his sword there is a good reason why it never leaves his side and it will be revealed in my story. Yes I am writing a story and I'm planning on calling it "Birth of a Hero" and I'm hoping to get the first chapter posted this week, but I'll have to see with my school.
2. He hardly knows anyone since he's new and he's trying to observe everyone that's why I had him go and talk to the characters of the people I talk to the most. So he's just observing everyone.
3. He's 15 probably the youngest in the group so let up on him he's not an adult, but he's been through a lot more than most adults ever will.

As we say in DnD, player knowledge, not character knowledge. We don't write in our interactions with Trysten based on what we, as writers, know of him. If you think it makes him look bad, it's nothing personal. Keep in mind the fact that many of our characters are emotionally scarred. Hell, two of them are chemically dependant. By having our characters look upon the non-allumni with scorn, we add characterization to them and tension to the situation. Gotta keep it dynamic, you see. Cole and Becca, along with some others, many of which are not writing in this, fought in the War and watched their friends die. They don't know that your character has also been through difficulty. Really, how would they know that? They can't read Trysten's mind, and they're too wrapped up in their own psyches to keep tabs on the lives of the rest of the league.

Don't take it personally if our characters insult yours. We know what we're doing. Some of us are experienced writers, and we wouldn't do this to irk you. We just do it to add depth to the story. There. Hope we got that cleared up.


Lance's protege
The two were in eachothers' arms before either could remember where they were or why it may be inappropriate to embrace like so. "Aye, get a room, you two!" came a shout from some direction, and the two spun to see Xander leering at them, the twinkle of a somehow unscathed sense of humor in his eyes. Becca and Lance shared a startled laugh, and the recently-appointed professor of Shiny Pokemon grinned and departed the scene, a couple of alternately-colored Pokemon at his heels.

"Missed you." The phrase could have come from either of them. They were close enough, and quiet enough, that a passerby wouldn't have been able to discern the speaker. Not that it would have really affected any of the other members. The old Cole might have cared. Maybe Raj. But with that thought, to Becca, came the realization that she was no longer alone, and no longer single. It came with the thought of joining the only other pair at the reunion for a quick rendevous.

"Lance, there's someone I'd like you to meet. He's actually the only one of the new leaders that I find it easy to communicate with.." Becca admitted sheepishly as she took her partner's hand and led him away. The two passed the group of newest leaders, still locked in a game of cards, who directed them to one of the balconies. A woman brushed past them, pausing to greet Becca and her friend, but obviously in a bit of a hurry. The two exchanged smiles before the newcomer darted towards the restrooms. The Mountain Trainer assumed that the glass of bubbly alcohol in her hand contributed both to her social comfort and her physical discomfort. But wherever Cay had been, her mate must not be far from.

Glover had been looking their way as the two approached, but once Lance got through the doorway, the electric leader became suddenly fascinated with a young man whom Becca did not recognize. "Well, nevermind then. I guess he's busy..?" She shook her head. "How about we go see if they've served dessert yet?"

Lance's face began to take on the hue of his mane of fiery hair. "Actually, I'm not that hungry.." He looked away, but the beginnings of a smile formed at the corners of his mouth, and behind him, his Dragonite started to snicker.

"Don't you dare tell me you ate the last of my Oreos!" Becca was answered by laughter, and she playfully slugged him in the arm. "Fine. Then what do you want to do?"

"Actually, I was hoping we could collaborate with Cole. When I flew up here, he was just buzzing around in the sky singing some tune from The Luxray King. It looks like he's having more fun than anyone else here, to be honest."

"First we have to find a way to make an exit, though." The Mountain Trainer took a long enough pause for Glover's wife to return and join her spouse, the spirit still in her hand. The sight of the crystal gave Becca an idea. It sparked in her mind and glimmered in her eyes. "I'm thinking we do this Firebrand-style."

She tugged her companion back into the main room and to the table Cole had paraded across. She whispered the plan to him in hushed tones. "See that bottle of wine? First step is to confiscate it." She snatched it from the table. "Now, just follow my lead, and don't believe what I'm saying. Just play along. All part of the act."

Becca casually led Lance closer to the door, past the table that held the card game. It looked as if Forrest was considering joining. Perfect. She hated the thought that this plan could hurt him, simply from his knowledge of something she was all-but vocal about, but it was neccessary for the theatrics to spice it up. She started speaking, a little too loudly. "What? I can't believe you did that! You KNOW the Eevees are too young to stay out past suppertime!"

Lance played along quite well. "You baby them too much! They've been alive over a year. Hell, they've even started practice battling with Ferocity and Scarr's kid!"

The Mountain Trainer sent a quick mental note to Analyt and Dracoburn, revealing bits and pieces of the plan, just enough to get them to prepare for an escape. "Do you have any idea how dangerous Twist Mountain can get at night? Unova isn't like mainland Johto, Lance! It gets cold here at night, and the wild Pokemon around our cabin can be an actual threat! What if they got mauled? What would you say then?"

"What, you don't think I have any control over them? Arceus, will you ever trust me? I was a trainer before you! Just because you beat me once doesn't mean you're the strongest trainer in the world!" The two were really raising their voices now, and people were beginning to watch, curiosity brimming in their eyes. "You are so conceited sometimes!"

Now, for the pivotal moment. Becca turned away from him, fake tears glistening on her brow, and discretely showed the little pill container just enough to let the audience see, but not enough for Lance to get a noticable glance. She to slipped a pair of tiny white ovals into her palm, and tossed a palmful of mints that conveniently looked like Vicodin into her mouth, downing them with a mouthful of liquor. An audible gasp came from Forrest's direction, as he understood the scene far better than the other viewers. In a few minutes, the narcotics would kick in and she'd be sufficiently loopy. She hoped she could draw it out that long without the ice leader freaking out and trying to pump her stomach. "You just don't understand, Lance! You've lived such a sheltered life, with people training you to be as good as you can be! When I left on my journey, my family completely abandoned me. The only members who still speak to me are Silver and Skyla. But you? You've grown up in Blackthorn with everybody you've ever loved! You've never been completely alone! You wouldn't understand how it feels to lose someone you really care about! Someone you love! I don't even know if my parents are alive!"

As it turned out, the Dragon Master was an excellent actor. Actually, that was no big surprise, what with his years of experience impersonating and infiltrating evil teams and their organizations. "I don't know how it feels to lose someone I love, huh? Have you completely forgotten that day in Goldenrod? You're one to talk about doing reckless, stupid things and almost getting killed!" For emphasis, he yanked the bottle from her hands and smashed it against the floor in fury. The spectators were at the edges of their chairs, and Becca figured that she could start acting a little inebriated. Time for the real fun to begin.

"Lance.. You just.. What gives you the idea that you can think fer me?" She allowed her speech to slur just a bit. Now to make it really personal. She hoped he caught where she was going so that she wouldn't have to spell anything out. No matter how unstable she was pretending to be, she was NOT interested in making false claims about the incoming territory. Leave that to peoples' imaginations. "What? Last night? Ha!! You make me laugh! Ha ha ha!" She allowed herself to stumble just a touch to point out how out of it she was becoming with time.

The man played along perfectly, lowering his voice into a growl. "This is NOT the place to talk about that. If you insist on bringing that part of our lives into this discussion, then we'll just have to leave."

"You try and make me! This is my party! M-I-Knee-N! You got that, buster?"

Lance stalked over and tried to take her hand, but she reared back and slapped him across the face, leaving a hot handprint on his cheek. The two locked eyes for what she hoped would seem like an agonizing moment, before the fake tears returned. "Lance, you can't control me! I CAN'T EVEN CONTROL ME!" She spun around and dashed to the balcony where she hoped Glover and all in his little group remained. She was thrilled to hear multiple sets of feet following her.

As she approached the edge of the balcony, she spun around. With a quick mental note to Draco to be on guard, she allowed her face to fall into a devilish grin, one that would leave them caught between accepting it as a performance and believing that the fight really happened. "Goodnight, League of Heroes, I love you guys! NOT!" With that, she turned on her heel and took a running leap, vaulting over the edge of the railing to fall to her death; if not for Dracoburn zipping forward and catching her in the nick of time. Lance followed on his Dragonite with Analyt on their tail, leaving the Tower behind to chase the flitting figures of Cole and Prometheus in the distance.


"Wow, I can't believe we did that so well!" As soon as they were beyond earshot, Becca allowed Lance to catch up, and they were now accepting praise from eachother as if they were at some MTV awards show. "I didn't hurt you with that slap, though, did I?"

"Only a little bit. Thanks for using your better judgment against punching, by the way. You would've broken my nose!"

They laughed raucously the rest of the way to their destination.

Cole was zigzagging through the skies in a disorganized fashion, and even from several yards away, his voice could be made out. Draco angled his body towards the sound, and they caught up just as he began a new song.

"Hakuna Matata!" the Firebrand shouted, just slightly off-key.

"What a wonderful phrase!" Becca echoed.

It didn't stop him, though. He was too far in his head to notice the companion. "Hakuna Matata!"

"Ain't no passin' craze!" Lance entered the picture.

All three fell into an uneasy harmony. "It means no worries! For the rest of your days! It's our problem free, philosophy, Hakuna Matata!"

As the song came to an end, Cole immediately tried to begin a new one, but a grunt from the Charizard beneath him cut him short. He turned to look at Becca, not quite focusing, but at least acknowledging. "I knew they'd come after me eventually. I knew it! You're here to bring me back!"

She tried not to appear startled, assuming him to still have a bit of alcohol swimming through his veins. Of course, there really was no assuming with Cole. "Actually, it just seemed unfair that you were having all the fun out here alone. How dare you leave me in there with the new kids!" But there was a smile to her tone.

Cole mumbled something to Prometheus for a moment, and led him through a corkscrew flight pattern, then came closer. "You guys never answered my question. Or is this your answer? Would you weep if I fell, or if the Firebrand fell?"

Becca swallowed, unsure about the safety of her next words. "The way I see it, one or the other has already fallen. Whichever gets to remain just hasn't quite been decided yet."

"Ha! The only one with brains of the lot of you! Well, then I suppose you've earned a little gift for your visit! Catch!" He made a motion as if to toss something, and the other trainer prepared to catch it, but he threw only air. "But even the wisest can be fooled! Even the smartest can be stumped!" He broke off laughing again.

"Cole, anyone can lose it. We all have, in a way. But you're the only one who could ever do so gracefully."

"Damn straight. No, you have earned something." Before she realized what he was doing, he blew her a sloppy kiss, then began cackling again. "Anywho, my mistress awaits! Off to bed, all of you!"

"Right. Think we'll head back home, too. Let them have their party. I wish you luck, with all in life. Lay off the booze." At this, the little Victini on his shoulder let out the trilling of a child's laughter. "Hopefully our paths shall cross yet again. Perhaps under better circumstances."

"You always were the only one of 'em with any sense. Stay away from them. They'll kill you, all of 'em. And with that, I take my leave!" He kicked his heels into Prometheus' sides. The Charizard exchanged a nod with Dracoburn, then angled his body away, and flew North, to a world of perpetual Autumn.

"Goodbye, Cole." Becca murmured to no one in particular. "May our paths cross again."


“Do you want me to…?”

“It’s okay, Prometheus. Go. Get some rest.”

“And you’ll be all right?”

“I’m walking maybe fifteen feet. I can manage.”

The Charizard nodded, spread his wings, and shot up to the gym tower, to one of the aeries built on its side. Cole let out a breath. The effort to keep the slur out of his words, to hide his throbbing hangover headache and to not fall over where he stood was just about all that he could manage. He took one last look around the Flare Gym clearing, breathing in the cool stillness of the air. It was just over an hour before dawn, and the moon had long since set. Even now the stars were fading.

He staggered into his cabin, illuminated by the flickering blue glow of the TV. A movie was just starting its end credits. Joan was lying on the couch, her dark hair partially obscuring her face. Her chest rose and fell in the soft, steady breaths of sleep. Eris, her Banette, was clutched in her arms.

The Firebrand tried to walk silently to their bedroom, but stumbled over something and cursed. Joan snapped awake, her hand going to the steel rod at her side. When she saw it was him, she smiled softly. “I waited for you. But you never called.”

“I was flying,” Cole replied. His words were a little slurred; he wasn’t going to waste time hiding it. “I left early. Couldn’t take it. Prometheus and I flew back as fast as we could. There was no time to call you.”

Eris stirred to wakefulness, glared at Cole for waking her up and drifted out of Joan’s arms. She glided into the bedroom where she probably flopped onto their just-big-enough double bed to go back to sleep. Athena placed a brief kiss on Cole’s cheek and followed just after. A Chatot sitting on the back of one of their chairs gave a sleepy murmur before hiding his head under his wing.

Joan sat up on the couch, giving Cole room to sit down. “You didn’t sleep, did you?”

“I would have fallen out of the saddle if I did.” He sank down with a sigh. “So yes, I’m pretty tired. How was your night? And how was the movie?”

Joan gave an impish grin. “I rented all the chick flicks you don’t want to see. I watched Dear John first, then The Notebook. I started watching The Time Traveler’s Wife, but I fell asleep about fifteen minutes in.” She picked up the remote and rewound back to the beginning. “I’ll watch it tomorrow morning.”

“It is tomorrow morning,” Cole murmured sleepily.

Joan leaned her head on his shoulder. “So how was this party anyway?”

“A freaking train wreck.”

“Was that because you drank so much?”

“My drinking was the only thing that made it fun.”

“Why did you do it?” At Cole’s quizzical glance, she clarified. “Why did you get so wasted? Back on the Quest, you hardly touched liquor because you didn’t want to bring people down. And usually you don’t drink very much, only when you’re trying to cope with something. I can put two and two together, hon.”

“I figured being drunk would mean people wouldn’t talk to me, because I just couldn’t deal with it. It worked, kind of.” He winced, his headache worsening. “If it was the same group as who fought in the Omega War, that would be one thing. But Arceus, Joan. Most of the people there were just kids. And our league… we fight bad people. People who are going to hurt those kids, and people those kids care about. And yeah, they can tell me they’ve seen conflict before, and they know how to handle it.

“But they haven’t held their best friend in their arms while he died. They haven’t watched as men and women they led into battle die all around them. They haven’t seen what truly awful things people are capable of. They still have faith in the goodness of the world. They haven’t taken life into their own hands, they haven’t played god. They haven’t killed.” He looked away.

“They haven’t learned to hate.”

He felt Joan slip her hand into his. He tried to pull it away, but she squeezed tighter. He turned back, found the strength to look her in the eyes. “I’ve got to protect those kids, Joan. They can’t end up like I did.”

“Shh,” she said softly. “Shh. There’s nothing you can do about it right now. There’s peace right now. They don’t have to go off and fight any wars, not like you did. They’re safe.”

“I know, but how long will it last?”

“At least until morning. They’re safe until the morning.”

Cole nodded slowly, and Joan squeezed his hand tighter. The Firebrand glanced at her. “I’m tired. So tired.”

“It’s okay. Try and relax. Just go to sleep.”


She turned The Time Traveler’s Wife on again. Cole tried to watch it, really tried. Five minutes later he was sound asleep. Joan put his head on her lap and brushed the hair out of his eyes. When he was asleep, Cole finally looked at peace. Perhaps, in the right light, even happy. “Sweet dreams,” the lady knight murmured. “The sun will come up tomorrow. So sweet dreams.”

So cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince. The rest is silence.
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Sgt. Sunshine
Ah, excuse me, I need a handkerchief. That was-- sniffle-- quite nice. Well said, Firebrand.


Frozen Cold
Forrest arrived home two days after the.. Party? No. That sort of gathering couldn't be called a party. Not how it ended. At least, how -he- saw it end. He knew that as soon as those pills swallowed, there wasn't much he could really do to help. So, after Becca and Lance left, he said his farewells to those who remained, and calmly left. She was right, he was cold. He had always been good at hiding, and controlling his emotions ever since his sister died.

When he did arrive, he immediately began repairing the damage a young fire trainer had wrought while he was away. Tytan, his Walrein, oversaw them, as he was the one that helped build the ice tower in the first place.

He was supposed to take her challenge today, and he planned to do so as soon as possible.

He hated making people wait.

He sighed as he returned the pokemon that flew him home, and strode towards the front door, Wyntre in his wake. What now? she asks. He glances once to her with a smirk. We take care of our new visitor. I'm sure she's got the fire they needed. Then we get her to lead us there, if we win. He replied, before turning back as he pushes open the frosted entrance.


The Dojo Master
After a while the card games ended when more than half of the guests left.

"Well, I'm off!" Dave said to his friends.

"Are you sure you want to travel all of the way back to Hoenn tonight?" Xander asked, "You're free to stay at the lab tonight."

"Or the tree," Trysten added.

"Haha, thanks, but I'm gonna stay in Nuvema Town with my cousin Cheren's family, but thanks for the offers."

And with that Dave left the most disorganized party he had ever been to. After a night in Nuvema the boy arrived back to his Resort on Mt. Chimney.

Note to self, he thought, next time hold the party here.
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