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Non-competitive trainer's hangout mk. III

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Sam stared at the letter he had just received and scratched his head.
"An invite? To a gala? On the Royal Unova?"

He read it over again, sighing as he did so.
"Now who do I actually know who would actually think to invite me to such an event?" He turned to his Growlithe, "Do you know, Orthrus?"

Orthrus responded with a shake of his head while next to him Cerberus rolled his eyes before giving Sam a pointed look.
Sam smacked his forehead "OH RIGHT!" Smiling sheepishly he continued "I guess we sorta kinda got into contact with a whole group of people didn't we?"

Folding the letter, the trainer nodded to himself. "All right! I guess I better find that vest and tie..." Once again, he looked to the brothers, "Er...do either of you know where they are?"
Both dropped their heads and sighed.


Fighting Leader
Xander looked over the invitation, "I haven't seen these people in a long time. Salamence, do you think we should go?"

"Salamence." (It would get you out of this old lab and seeing people again.)

Xander shook his head, "Salamence, you know I haven't felt like going out since Christy was killed."

"Mence, sala." (Except when you went on your rampage for revenge you mean.)

"Fine, you've made your point, I'll go."


The Dojo Master
I'm still aliveif I have neglected any challengers lately, sorry, but my life has been completely crazy. I can probably do challenges Saturday. A new RP? My turn!

Dave walked down the road of a rural road in a town north of Unova, when his Alakazam flashed in, handed him a letter, and poofed back to his ranch on Mt. Chimney.

"Umm, ok, thanks." The trainer opened the letter, "Journeymen Gala... Castelia City... Royal Unova... Formal. Tomorrow. Kinda short notice, huh?" He looked at his Pokemon, who he was traveling the world with, learning of the wonders of the multitude of places trainers rarely frequented since there was no official league. He had made some breathtaking discoveries and was ready to get together as a league again.

"Do you guys want to go?"

All of his Pokemon screamed yeses instantaneously, "HVRUEIAHERAJUGGEGAYESFHJEBFJHSFGEF!"

"Ok, but we'll have to find a tailor on the way. I think Lacunosa Town has a fairly famous one, and that is probably in our ways." he had fostered a way to make a grand entrance to Castelia.


The Forester
Trysten was balancing on a tree limb high up above the forest floor practicing his sword technique, when a Scyther suddenly dropped down in front of him forcing the Forester to stop in mid-swing and almost making him fall out of the tree.

"Blade, how many times have I asked you to not do that!?" Trysten asked after regaining his balance.

"You've never asked me before now." Blade replied curtly.

"Well let this be the first and last time I have too please." Trysten said said while chuckling lightly "Do you need something?"

"No, but an invitation from fire-type loving man just arrived." Blade said.

"Oh, what did it say?" ínquired Trysten.

"To meet them in Castelia so that you can leave on a ship, and the dress code is formal" Blade reported.

"I'd guess I'd better go down to the tree house and pack my suit, my two butterfly swords, and choose which of you to come with me then so I can be there on time." Trysten said.

"I'll stay here with the gym team, hatchlings, and elderly, but you should take Ezio, Blaze, and Glurak." Blade said.

"How about Posiden, Dragoran, and Boltz for the other three?" Trysten asked.

Blade nodded. Sounds good they all need a good break from around here."

"Yeah, I'll go tell them the good news." Trysten said.
Just some notes: 1. Ezio is a Sceptile that's also a card shark and an amazing fighter. 2. Blaze is an Infernape that loves to blow things up and setting everything on fire. 3. Glurak is a moody and easily offended shiny Charizard. 4. Posiden is a strong and silent type Empoleon. 5. Dragoran is a shiny Dragonite that has a lot of emotional, physical, and mental scars. 6. Boltz is a shiny Electivire that loves a good fight and punching stuff.
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Lance's protege
"How did they even find me?!?" The Mountain Trainer slammed the letter down on the table, exasperated. "I'm in a different continent, for Arceus' sake!"

Silently, her fire-haired companion retrieved the bit of parchment and scanned the writing on it. "This doesn't sound so bad, Becca. What have you got to lose?"

"Lance, have you forgotten how busy we are right now? We don't have time to go out and party. Hell, this is the first free time we've had in how long?" She smiled just a little at Valoo as he wandered in to the kitchen, begging his father for a snack. Dracoburn grunted and handed the little Charmander a piece of fruit, which was rejected as the younger Pokemon whined, staring pointedly at a box of cookies. Though Draco couldn't see the box, it was obvious what the conversation was about.

"You know the Elders won't complain if we take a couple of days off. We've been working our flaming tails off, so to speak."

At that, Dracoburn grunted, communicating with his trainer through their mental link. At least somebody understands. See, this is why I approve of this mate. Even if he is a little old for you..

"Shush, Draco. Lance, we've made so much progress. I can't go back now. Too much has happened. It's time to move on with my own life." She sighed, the weight of her words upon her. Life had taken some pretty serious turns, and she didn't want to risk the incredible happiness which she now felt with her new world, even if it meant giving up the old one in exchange. "You know that if I could go back and change anything, I wouldn't. I know it, you know it, Draco knows it. But I don't know that anyone else really needs to. I'd hate to think that it could open old wounds to revisit the people whom I left behind and the world I had with them. I miss them sometimes, don't get me wrong, but.. Not enough that I would throw what I have now away to get them back. Man, that probably makes me sound so self-centered, but I guess I've just changed. And there's no going back."

Lance rolled his eyes. "Just seeing them again isn't going to cause you to sacrifice your new world. They're just people. It's not like you're moving back to Unova permanently."

"I don't know that I can handle that right now. I've got enough going on already to not want to live with a toe in two different worlds." The stubborn young woman cracked her knuckles defiantly. "I made a promise that I would remain an elite four member in this league, and I plan to keep it. But I don't want to get any closer right now. I don't know how much is too much, and I can't let myself be dragged back into such a world of dependence again. This is my life now, and I plan to keep it that way."

The Dragon Master sighed, resigned. "At least promise you'll think about it. We've still got some time to decide." He then met her eye and grinned, just a bit devilishly. "Besides, it's a formal event. You can't fault me for wanting to see you in that sexy dress of yours."

Becca laughed to hide the slight blush in her cheeks. "How did I know you had some sort of ulterior motive?" She shook her head, still grinning. "Fine. I'll think about it. But no promises."


I love shiny pokemon
I've...never done an RP in my life. So I have no idea how this is supposed to work or what it does. I might just read this. :(


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Sam lifted his egg-carrying satchel over his head, refusing to leave the egg he had been caring for behind.
"All right, are you all ready?" He asked, turning to the five pokemon who had been accompanying him most recently. Various cries of affirmation followed.

"Okay. Since we're going to be traveling a ways, I'm going to have to return you to your pokeballs." With that, he returned each with a smile and a promise that he'd let them out again at the first opportunity.
Sighing heavily, suddenly getting nervous, Sam picked up the small duffel he had packed. "I hope I have everything...Eh...Here goes nothing I guess."


Pain in Rocket side
"I'm in Nimbasa, introducing the first seeds of a story I've written many moths ago and not posted. Come play with me!

"Ah, Good old Nimbasa," I told no one in particular. I stood in the center of Gear Station, The circular rotunda of Nimbasa's Union Terminal. A dangerous place to be during the weekday commutes; even its wide ring around the central information kiosk could get crowded. People knew where they were going or got ran over; It was the center of the transportation hub for all of Unova after all, and the easiest way to get to anywhere bar maybe walking or a stout Pokemon, the latter two somewhat slower.

Gizmo perched happily on my shoulder. he was really the only Pokemon light enough to do so in my arsenal. I wasn't too worried about him falling off, and anymore we stopped worrying about the kind of attention he drew. Especially right now, since I had chosen to dawn my League jacket with the shoulders and hand guards, and looked a rather intimidating target.

"Ditto? Ditto di!" He pointed over at a poster on a wall between the trains to Nuvema and Undella Bay.

"Ah, yes. Good eye. Melody and Ty are performing next weekend." I walked over to the poster. Below its header, a blue haired Meloetta was leaned against a Tyrogue, her arms outstretched and her fingers woven into his. Underneath it were several flyers for various events. I grabbed the last one for Melody's show. "Huh. I don't see Miror B on here as backup dancer anymore. I wonder if he finally found his solo carrier she promised she'd help him with."

"Ditto. Dit di to. Ditto Di."

"Well, yes, I suppose they could've had a falling out."

"Ditto ditto. Di di di."

"Well, yes, I suppose he could've tried to imprison her in her Pokeball and sell her to the highest bidder. But I don't think he had the cajones for that."


"See, the last thing he said to me when I boached my concerns on their buisness partnership was: "You'll have no trouble from Moi. I don't know what you'd do to me if I stole her, but I;m pretty sure I can guess what that Tyrogue would do, and I happen to like my mirrortastic head of hair on top of my head."

"Ditto di?"

"Yeah, I believed him. When a man like that has a two foot tall afro in the shape of a Pokeball, you know he is a prideful man. And Prideful men, no matter how corrupt or misguided they might be, will not risk harm to said pride. Ad I firmly believe that if he did try to harm Melody, Ty would punch him in the ballz so hard his hair would fall out. And not just because that's all the higher Ty could reach, either."

Gizmo took a sageful breath of understanding, and nodded. Ty's father had been a Shadow Hitmontop who had a grudge against humanity for what happened. His mother was a Ditto, whose best descriptor would've been psychotic. She was the kind of Pokemon who amused herself by assuming the shape of a Guilotine and dicing the fruits from a Tropius' neck. Arceus help the Exeggutor who got too close.

I felt a certain someone's Pokeball shake on my belt.

"No Moto, we're not far enough from the trains yet..."


Frozen Cold
"Dear honored guest,
"You are invited to a gala aboard the Royal Unova on the XXth day of Y month. Please RSVP to Cole Culain at the Tower of the Ancients as soon as possible. Dress code is formal. Boarding begins at seven pm, and the boat leaves at eight sharp. The party shall begin at nine. Your cabin is ###. I understand that for many of you, the trip will be a long one. Castelia City is truly a place of wonders, and to make the trip worth your time, I strongly encourage you to go out and explore it. I am certain you will find some way to captivate yourself. For all those interested, I shall meet you in the central park at half past ten on the specified date. Please make every effort to attend.

"Yours truly,
"Cole Culain"

Matt read it aloud once. Then twice in a funny accent for effect, Wyntre giving him an annoyed look. He smirked, "You really hate it when I do that, hmm?" he said with a sigh. She huffed, No.. I just find it strange that you can do that with your voice.. she replies in a rather bored tone, if you could describe mental speech as bored. He laughed gently, "Practice, silly, like I told you yesterday." he said.

"I suppose I could go." he mused quietly, glancing to the Glaceon who gave him a yawn, "Not much in the way of outfits, though.." he sighed, glancing to his closet with a grimace, before slumping slightly, "And now you're going to make me ask -her- for advice on what to wear, aren't you..?" he asked to a now empty room, the Ice-Type having answered by leading the way out. He face-palmed and shuffled after her.


Cole sat down on the lip of the fountain with a sigh. Prometheus regarded the cascading water warily, his upper lip curling back from his fangs. “Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Cole sighed, dipping his fingers into the pool and flicking them at the Charizard. Prometheus recoiled with a startled roar, making Cole and Athena fall into hopeless laughter.

“It’s not funny!” Prometheus snapped. “I don’t like getting wet!” He tucked his tail flame up against his back and well out of reach of any errant splashes. “I’m a fire type, or did you forget?”

Athena tugged at the hem of Cole’s jacket. “Can I throw a penny into the fountain?”

The Firebrand smiled and fished in his pockets for a bit of loose change, eventually finding a nickel. “Here you go. Remember to make a wish.” Athena nodded, closed her eyes and hurled the glinting coin into the clear pool. “What did you wish for?”

“I can’t tell you, or it won’t come true! Those are the rules!”

“I guess you’re right, Fuzzball. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Prometheus exhaled, making a ring of smoke rise into the sky. “Joan is coming back.”

Cole stood up, scooping Athena into his arms. The young woman was balancing a brown paper bag and two disposable cups, while also trying to put her change back into her pocket. “Let me help,” the Firebrand said, taking the bag. Joan smiled graciously and went to sit by the fountain. She put the cups down on the lip and called out Eris, her Banette. Cole passed her the bag of pastries, and Joan pulled out a chocolate donut. The ghost type snatched it up and began to nibble at it.

“Did you get a Striaton Crème?” Athena chirped as she bounded out of Cole’s arms.

“Yes, just like you asked for, but let me get Prometheus’s first. His are on top.” The woman pulled out two cinnamon twists and tossed them to the orange dragon. Prometheus caught them in the air and swallowed them down in three quick bites.

Athena gave a gleeful cry and dove headfirst into the white paper bag, her feet kicking over the opening. “You didn’t really get her a Striaton Crème, did you?” Cole whispered.

“Of course not,” Joan replied, equally as softly. “It would get all in her fur, and what a mess that would be. No, I got her vanilla glaze, she won’t know the difference. Here’s your tea.”

Cole warmed his hands on the outside of the paper cup and took a sip. “Three sugars?”


He smiled. “Perfect. What did you get?”

Joan took a tentative sip. “Chocolate pumpkin latte espresso chai… something or other. It’s not bad. Want a sip?”

“Pass, you know I don’t like coffee.”

“I don’t even know if there is coffee in this.” Joan took another sip and pursed her lips. “I think it’s just pure caffeine.”

“Don’t let Athena try any,” Cole muttered. Then, he glanced up. “Oh, hey, there they are! Hello! Over here!”


The Forester
"Now Blaze, remember you can't set fire to the boat, or blow it up... unless in the unfortunate and highly unlikely event I say its ok too." Trysten said as he and his six companions arrived at the end of Route 4.

"Can I just a little bit pleeeease?" Blaze whined.

"Blaze, you know there is not little bit with you... its always an excessive amount." Trysten said recalling all those days watching Glurak training him in trying to control his inner fire.

"It wasn't entirely my fault that I blew up that heli-carrier... Oh no, wait that one was my fault. Give me just a momment to think of one that wasn't my fault." Blaze said.

"What about the volcano?" Ezio asked.

Turning to the Sceptile Trysten said, "Nope, that was his fault too because he was the one that pissed off all those Magmortar."

"How was I supposed to know that their leader was a male and that he wasn't pregnant!" Blaze exclaimed trying to defend himself.

"Well had listened to Trysten when he gave you 'the Talk'..." Started Ezio earning a laugh from everyone in the present company except for the Infernape.

Glurak stopped and started sniffing the air and said, "I smell another Charizard and I'm guessing that's Cole's companion Prometheus." Stated Glurak as they rounded the corner.

"Ah, there they are over there by the fountain and he's waving let's go join them." Trysten said after knocking off the sand from Route 4 off his satchel and cloak.
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From across the train station, he'd singled me out. My fault, I chose to wear my deep blue League Jacket witht he shoulders and hadn guards. Made me a target to some punk greaser. It was Gizmo who coined it, there had to be enough oil in his hair to use him as a candle. And the black leather jacket wasn't saving him from any stereotypes, either.

I tossed him one of my poffins to feed to his fallen starter. The baked in Revival herbs began to work almost instantly, for the Dark type that lay on the floor, although the rope burn where Gizmo had it by the neck would probably show for a while.

"Take some advice, kid. Confidence is good, but you can shelve the cockiness. And a Gimmick is no replacement for talent, trust, and paying attention."

He growled angrily at me, a second ball clutched in his hand. Gizmo made motions of "Put 'em up" and "Bring it!"with his gloppy little arms.
"Ditto dit."

"You must be feeling proud of yourself, trouncing a Zoroark and all."

"Ditto. Di di di tto."
Yes, yes I am.

"And I'm sure you've forgotten already that it was my idea for you to aim over the Keckleon illusion's head.

"Ditto dit."
Sure did.

"Still, good work on your part finding what you couldn't see. How about we head to the amusement park? Enough people there to see us do our take off."

He beamed a huge, prideful smile. It begged the question, why was I stroking his ego?"


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Ok, so I just realized how close we were to the release of BW2. I've made a rough outline of what my team will be and I wanted some help. I'm going with a Greek mythology theme for White 2.

1. Emboar/Hephaestus
2. Electivire/Zeus
3. Krookodile/ Hades
5. Crobat/Achlus
6. A Water Type- I really don't want to use Keldeo on the main quest, but I can't think of any good replacements

And since I'm already posting...


A steamboat pulled into Castelia's dock. The steamboat, a call to a different time for the busy residents of Castelia, looked out of place compared to the modern ferries, cruise ships, and cargo ships. Dave had come to the Journeymen gala in this.

He looked at the captain, a man many years older who never took a day off of the rivers, "Thanks for the ride, sir."

"Anytime! And are you sure you don't want a ride back?"

Dave gathered his belongings, "Yes. I'll leave for some other place when I get done restocking my supplies and seeing my friends here."

"Ok, you take care."

The young man walked onto the dock and his Pokemon—a Gallade named Croesus and Speedy, his Blaziken— joined him.

"Blaziken, Blaze."

My Gallade, who talked little himself, took the honor of translating my other Pokemon when needed. Speedy says that he is happy to be off the water in, to quote him exactly, so he does not catch the boat on fire and die a horrible wet death.

"It always amazes me how what seems like a simple phrase ends up being so long and cynical once you understand it." Dave remarked as the trio got to the main road of Castelia. "Cole said to meet him by the fountain. I hope they haven't started toward to Royal Unova yet."


He did not know that there was going to be more boat travel. I just spared you all of the colorful language he used, primarily because there is no translation to your language that would suffice.

"You can stay in your Pokeball, but I did want to show you off to them." Dave pointed over to the fountain, then in sight, and the people near it. Most notably, the Firebrand himself with his Charizard and Victini.


He is now ok with getting on another boat. And so am I.
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Pain in Rocket side
Ok, so I just realized how close we were to the release of BW2. I've made a rough outline of what my team will be and I wanted some help. I'm going with a Greek mythology theme for White 2.

1. Emboar/Hephaestus
2. Electivire/Zues
3. Krookodile/ Hades
5. Crobat/Achlus
6. A Water Type- I really don't want to use Keldeo on the main quest, but I can't think of any good replacements

My Gallade, who talked little himself, took the honor of translating my other Pokemon when needed. Speedy says that he is happy to be off the water in, to quote him exactly, so he does not catch the boat on fire and die a horrible wet death.
You should tell Speedy about how a steamboat works, namely the act of fire enslaving water and bending it to its will...

Oh, and its Zeus, but who's counting?

"Gizmo... Giz... Pull up, Giz... Whoah..." I sighed. Ol' Goopeyhead was having too much fun rocketing through the canyon between Nimbasa and Castelia. Unfortunately for the both of us, that meant he wasn't paying attention to anything... I sighed and braced for my next move. I hated recalling him midflight, but this wouldn't be the first time.

Gizmo vanished in the flash of light. Throwing myself into a cartwheel to burn off momentum, I put both feet under me and landed like a cat burgler out of a movie. Several trainers just leaving the northern-most rest stop were carrying on a conversation about Burgh, and were understandably startled by a strange man in daark blue dusters falling from the sky.

I opened Gizmo's ball again; the lighted poited a foot away from my foot where I could tower over him.

"DITTO! DI DI DI DITTO DI DITTO DIT! DIT! DITTO DIT DIT DI-" I leaned down and snapped in his face, breaking his concentration. He follwwed my hand around, as I sharply pointed to a billboard on the roof of the Rest Area.

"Ditto, dit. Ditto Di... di... di... Dit! Ditto di ditto di dit. Ditto di?"

"Yes, you read that right, good job working through that. "Welcome Trainers. Castelia City is a NO. FLY. ZONE. Please Dismount your Pokemon before entering the city."


"Yeah, oh. You've got to be looking. I've told you this before."

"Ditto ditto dit."

"It's alright, but please make sure your paying better attention next time, I don't like falling twenty feet anymore than you do. And not a word to Cay, got it?" Come on, the sign didn't say we couldn't bike." I produced my folding bike and pointed to the rear basket. "You want to ride?"

"Ditto di!"

"Good. Castelia Square is straight ahead, if I remember the City right."
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Sam sat with the egg in his hands after deciding to take a short break. "I'm glad I was close...if I had to bike any farther I think I'd die."
He sighed, turning the egg around, observing each little spot. "I hope you hatch soon. Then again, maybe hatching on a boat wouldn't be the greatest thing....Hmmm..."

After a bit of thought he reached for one of his pokeballs and released who was inside. "Hey, Azazel, I have a question for you..."
The Trapinch tilted its head slightly.
"Well.........see....You're the most even-minded out of you five and I was wondering...If, and only if, this gala will feature pokemon battles, do you think we should participate?"
Azazel slowly tilted his head in the other direction before slowly shaking it.
"Yeah, that's what I thought. I mean, we don't even know the skill of anyone who will be there but I'm assuming they will be good. Plus all of you are still pretty new to battle trainers..."
Azazel nodded and Sam sighed again. "I can tell you right now Zenith is not going to like this...Neither are the others but he...well...you know how he likes to prove himself."

The Trapinch nodded once more before Sam stood. "Alright, thank you for your input. We're close to Castelia City now so we'll probably be on the boat soon. I'll release you all then."
Returning Azazel to his pokeball, Sam placed the egg back in his satchel before lifting the bike he had unceremoniously tossed.
"Eh...just a little more...You'd think I'd be in better shape..."
On a whim, he glanced at his watch. "....And now I'm late..."
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The King of Town.
"Another Journeymen party?" complained Sam Specter, the Ghost Host, to no one in particular. "The last one was such a downer. I like the Journeymen and I like parties, but together they're pretty lame. I do suppose it's my duty to liven things up, though. I'll leave Ben a note to watch over the gym while I'm in Castelia. Why am I talking to myself? Mr. Roboto, we're flying to Castelia," said Sam, sending out his Golurk. He then walked outside with the huge golem, climbed onto his back, and then took off.

(And no, I wasn't dead for the past 42 days.)


Lance's protege
"I should be studying right now.." grumbled the Mountain Trainer as she dropped a pair of high hell(not a typo) shoes into her backpack, rolling her dress into a ball and tossing it in on top.

Lance chuckled, leaning against the door to Becca's room. "Oh come on, you know this will be fun. We haven't seen the league in months."

"And that's exactly as it should be," she scowled crossly. "Last time went oh so very well, now didn't it? I can't believe you're making me do this.."

The Dragon Master crossed the room and took her hand in his, forcing her to uncross her arms. "It's a gala!" he grinned, a glint in his eyes.

"Oh no, we're not going there.." Becca muttered, trying to remove her hand from his, to no success.

"With all that we've imagined, the reality of this night is sure to make this the best night ever!"

"With all that I'VE imagined, it'll be horrendous. We'll probably end up setting the bloody ship on fire.."

"All our dreams will come true right here at the Gala, at the Gala!"

"The Gala is about the furthest thing from my dreams right now. I'm living them right here, in Blackthorn."

"All our dreams and our hopes from now until hereafter, all that we've been wishing for will happen at the Gala, at the Gala!"

"Can you even here me, Lance? I've already got critters who love me, I don't make a living selling food, I've already got my Prince Charming.."

Lance swirled her around, taking her dancing across the room. His strength and charm were enough to keep her from resisting too much. "This is what we've waited for, to have the best night ever. Each of us will live our dreams, tonight at the Gala, at the Gala!"

"Don't you get it? I'm already living my dream! This is counterproductive!"

"All we've come for, all we've dreamed, our happy ever after! Finally they'll all come true, right here at the Grand Gala, at the Gala!"

"I have no need to prove myself any more than I already have! I'm already living my happy ever after!"

"Happiness and laughter at the Gala, at the Gala!"

"If it goes anything like the reunion, the LAST things to happen will be happiness and laughter! More like intoxication and injury!"

"This will be the best night ever! Into the Gala we must go, we're ready now, we're all aglow! Into the Gala, let's go in and have the best night ever! Into the Gala, now's the time, we're ready and we look divine! Into the Gala.."

"They're not my friends!"

"Into the Gala!"

"Don't make me go..."

"Into the Gala!"

"Kill me now.. I feel no need to prove myself to them!"

"To meet!"

"To drink.."

"To find!"

"To hide.."

"To whoop!"

"To cry.."

"There at the Gala! At the Gala!"

"And we'll have the worst night ever.."

"At the Gala!"

Becca disentangled herself from Lance's arms. "Your optimism. It suffocates me."

Lance grinned. "Hey, at least it means we've got a long flight ahead of us. Not even you can complain about flying."

She glanced away, resigned. "Fine. I'll give you that. I'll go, but I'm not making any promises about having fun, ok?"

Lance looked down at her fondly and tugged her in closer for a deep kiss. "If you don't have fun at the Gala itself, I can guarantee we'll find something to do that will be a little more exciting, k?"

Her cheeks flushed, Becca could hardly argue. She fell into a submissive pose and began absentmindedly playing with a strand of her hair.

"Aww, you're doing that cute girl thing!"

She stopped. "Oops. Didn't mean to let you see my X-Chromosome. Umm... How about you stop distracting me and go finish packing your own junk?"

His eyes glinted again. "Already done. But I can see that you, uh, need a moment. See you at breakfast!" He kissed her once more, this one just a quick peck, then left her by herself as Dracoburn ambled into the room.

Yuck. I sure hope I don't have to share a cabin with you guys.

"They're suites, I think. We should have separate rooms."

Those walls had better not be thin. The Charizard yawned and stretched out on the bed.

"Nobody asked you, you overgrown lizard! Now, get off my bed so I can finish packing."
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