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Non-competitive trainer's hangout mk. III

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There was an unfortunate arrangement of shops on the particular Castelia street that Jo found herself in. There were clothing shops, one with a dress in the window that she would happily wear, but just next to it ...

Three hours later, and Jo was ready for the gala and, although cutting it close, just in time to meet Cole. Unfortunately, though, the short blonde was more engrossed in looking at one of the many books she had just brought to pay much attention to where she was going. Luckily for several passersby, though, her Gallade, Gallant was walking beside her, mentally directing her until they reached their destination where Jo stood for a while engrossed in her book before abruptly realizing where she was.
"Hi," she smiled sheepishly at Cole. "It's been a while. No end of the world stuff this time, right?"


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Sam all but fell off his bike before haphazardly folding it up. "Garuda, I cannot wait for you to evolve..." He muttered to himself.
Jogging to the city center, he paused upon seeing a small albeit growing group of people, a couple of which he recognized....sort of.

Long-distance contact being the only way he had spoken to any of them as of now, the only thing he had seen was a picture or two.
Making an ill-fated attempt to smooth his disheveled appearance, he started forward again, becoming more and more nervous with each step.
"Why did I do this? I'm not good with people...Especially these kinds of things. Ugh, curse my shyness, my general awkwardness along with it...."

Needless to say, social interaction was not a strong point of his.


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A Cocophony of ringing hearlded Glover's arrival.

"Gizmo... Giz, you can stop ringing now, I'm pretty sure everyone in Manhattan County can hear you..."

Pulling up to the Fountain, he grabbed the bike bell and pulled up on it until it returned to its usual gelatinous blue form. "Sometimes, I don't know why I indulge you."

" dih dih dih dih dih." the shiny blue Ditto giggled.

"Hello, Cole; Joan. Good to see you again Jo. And the youung gentleman off to the side must be Sam." Glover offered a friendly hand not occupied by a cheeky Ditto to the new trainer. "Welcome to the Journeymen. The best of the best of the world."
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Nate sighed as his Shiny Hydreigon, Rapture floated down close enough to the ground to allow Nate and Crina to hop off it's back. He returned the Hydreigon and looked around Castelia City. "Alright, let's go..." he muttered grumpily. Crina looked at him and frowned.

"Why are you so unhappy about going to this thing?"

"I've already explained that I don't like people!" he snapped.

At this, Crina recoiled sharply. Nate blinked and sighed. Although it was nice that Crina loved him and all, due to a dependency problem, Crina quite literally needed Nate around to function properly. As such, whenever he became angry or upset with her, she became very upset and apologetic, terrified that if she didn't calm him down, he'd leave her. He had explained multiple times that this wouldn't happen, but she still was that way. He looked away.

"Sorry..." he muttered. She blinked and hugged him.

"It's okay...." She slipped her hand into his as they made their way to the meeting place. As usual, he stayed apart from the others, just standing there. Crina leaned into him, and Nate wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his chin atop her head. He recognized most of the ones who were already there, although he didn't recognize one of them. His eyes just surveyed the area, waiting for others to arrive.


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Slowly managing to catch his breath, Sam quietly approached the group, silently hoping no one would really notice his arrival until his nerves were a bit more...schooled.
But of course, such things never happened with him as a hand was offered to him, as well as a welcome.
Sam, hoping he didn't look as nervous as he felt, took the hand offered him and gave what he thought was a firm shake. "Uh...hello. Yeah, I'm Sam." He paused a second, noticing the blue ditto Glover was holding in his other hand. "And...er...you're Glover, I think..? Thank you very much for welcoming me."
He looked to the others and lowered his head in greeting "It's very nice to finally meet you all."


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While I await Feral and Joanie's turns, I'm posting a bonus features pseudo-chapter to World Turns tonight. This is a chapter starring Teletraan the Porygon-Z, and what happens to your anti-virus when it visits some very bad sites. I trmmed these scens out of the regular chapter, but I liked them too much to jsut pitch 'em. They aren't my greatest, but I hope you enjoy this Wednesday special: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showth...rld-Turns-Back-Around&p=15154039#post15154039


Cole ran his hand along Prometheus’s spine, feeling the ridges and contours of the Charizard’s back. He winked down at Joanie, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “Well hey there. Nope, I haven’t got an apocalypse scheduled ‘til next Thursday. If you want to catch up, I’m sure I can find time to pencil you in.”

Joanie grinned.

The Firebrand took another sip of tea. The other Journeymen stared at him expectantly as he savored the brew, of surprisingly good quality for a city coffeehouse. He blinked back at them. “What’s going on?” he asked out of the corner of his mouth.

“They probably think you should say something,” Prometheus rumbled back. “You are the host after all.”

Cole chuckled. “So I am, so I am.” He set down his cardboard cup and cleared his throat. “Well. I’m glad you all made it out here; I know it’s a very long trip for some of you. There were no difficulties traveling, I trust?” He allowed his smile to grow a little wider. “Well, anyway. The city is your oyster for the day. Shop, eat, explore, but do try to stay out of trouble. If you’re looking for a place to eat, I know of a lovely bistro down by Unity Pier. I’ll be heading that way around one o’clock this afternoon, if anyone would like to meet me. Until then, Joan and I are going for a stroll around the city.”

He picked up his cup and tossed it into a nearby trash bin. Athena bounded onto his shoulder. Cole offered Joan his arm, and the lady knight slipped her hand into his. The Firebrand touched two fingers to his brow and winked. “Until tonight, au revoir.” He and Joan strode off into the crowd, quickly vanishing amongst the throngs entering and exiting the park.

Prometheus inclined his head to the other Journeymen, looking as apologetic as a dragon could. “He gets rather flighty nowadays,” the Charizard confessed to Glover’s Ditto. “Joan and I think it might be pain killers, or antidepressants.”

“Have you ever considered he finally just went completely batty?” Gizmo replied with a chuckle. “I’ll call the psych ward.”

Prometheus shuddered. “Oh no, don’t do that. We… no. You don’t want to do that.”

The amorphous creature leaned forward. “Oh really.”

“Besides, my claws aren’t very good at dialing human phones. And you don’t really have fingers.”

“Not now, but I could.”

“Still, it’s probably a bad idea.” The Charizard glanced after Cole. “Anyway, it was good to see you again, Gizmo. But I really have to go now, and make sure Cole stays out of trouble. See you tonight.”

“Take care of yourself. I think they have leash laws in this city. I know I’m getting one for my human. You might want to do the same.”

Prometheus grinned. “That may be the best idea you’ve had all day. Adieu, my friend.”

And with that, Prometheus swept away, cutting a path through the mass of humans with his sense of presence. The Journeymen briefly glimpsed Cole as he grinned at the dragon, and then they were gone.
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Becca froze as she circled over the busy streets of Castelia and saw the mass of Journeymen members standing circled around a single focal point.. which she could only surmise was Cole. Dracoburn slowed his pace as he felt his trainer's thighs tighten around his sides, and Lance, who was close behind on his Dragonite, leveled off to meet them.

"What's wrong? That's them, isn't it?" The young man had to shout to make his voice audible above the wind and the hum of pedestrians below, who were closer than the Mountain Trainer was comfortable with.

"I-I don't wanna do this.." she stammered.

Lance angled his body towards her, causing Dragonite to fly close enough that the two dragons were practically wing-to-wing. "Why not? We've come all this way."

Becca looked away uncomfortably. "Let me rephrase that: I can't do this."

She flinched as her companion reached out and rested his palm upon her shoulder. He held it there until she met his gaze. "Of course you can. It's far from the most difficult thing you've ever done."

"You don't know the half of it.."

"Really? Have you not traveled the globe and earned badges from famous trainers?"

"Well, I guess I have.."

"Have you not achieved Champion status in enough leagues to earn you a spot in a globally-ranked Elite Four?"

"I suppose..."

"Did you not rescue and protect Lugia, the legendary Guardian of the Seas, when his life was threatened? Was it not you who saved all of those humans and Pokemon alike when Goldenrod was in peril? If anyone is brave enough to face something intimidating, it's you. Hell, you're world-famous for training Gyarados for Arceus' sake!"

"Lance, that stuff is different!"

"How?" He challenged.

"I could do all of that without needing to rely on anyone but myself and my Pokemon. And you, in the case of Goldenrod, but still. You're one of the few people I can trust." She sighed, miserably gritting her eyes shut to keep the tears from coming. "Arceus, I could use some Vicodin right now.."

"Becca." Lance's firm voice startled her into looking back up. "Some of these people were with you when you became the League of Heroes and took down Omega. You can bet that they've got your back. And even if you cannot bring yourself to trust them, you can trust me, right?"

"Right.." She admitted, defeated.

"Then trust me when I say this is going to be ok." They held each others' gazes, lingering in the depths of the others' eyes.

Dracoburn grunted from beneath his trainer. As touching as this is, can we land already? You can talk on the ground. I have seen you do it.

"Right, right, sorry Draco. Let's do this."


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Off topic for just one moment I just posted the prologue to my first fic about my character Trysten the link for which is in my sig or for your convenience here http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?585568-Birth-of-a-Hero
I'll try to post chapter 1 of the story tomorrow. Now to the RP...

Trysten was deep in thought while watching more and more of the Journeymen slowly arrive, when he felt a slight tug on his arm. He turned around and saw that it was his Infernape companion, Blaze.

Your thinking about HER again aren't you? the fiery ape asked cautiously knowing the conversation he was starting was like juggling an atomic bomb; one wrong move and an explosion that'd put anything he blew up to shame would ensue.

Trysten surprised that Blaze had brought that up had to take a moment before solemnly answering, "Yes, it is kinda hard not to when this is where we went on our first date..." but then Trysten perked up a little bit and said, "But hey don't let my deep thinking keep you from having fun with the other Pokemon go mingle just don't blow anyone, thing, or yourself up please. That goes for the rest of you too."

Most of his companions except Ezio immediately left to see if they could find another Pokemon that wanted to chat.

Are you sure your ok Trysten? Ezio asked with a concerned look for the Forester.

"Yeah, I'm fine it is just one of those scars that will take a long time if ever to heal." Trysten told the concerned Sceptile.

"Ok, just don't do anything stupid while I'm gone like the last time, because if you do and live... I'll kill you myself." the Sceptile half jokingly said.

"Don't worry, I'm probably going to talk to Glover." Trysten said with a chuckle.

"Alright, I think I see him over there. I'm going to see when we are going to be departing." Ezio said before walking away.

"Well I better go find Glover." Trysten thought.


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Hey, if any of you see Glover, would you tell me to stop and wait for me to catch up with me? Phew. Sometimes I loathe life.

Gizmo made an effort of oozing out of my grip, puddling on the ground as Sam introduced himself. In the growing crowd, the little blue glob found a familiar face to talk to in the form of Prometheus.

"That I would be. And really, its our pleasure to see new interest, Sam. This group of people especially could benefit from some outside innocence."

Cole cleare dhis throat and announced Dinner plans. It was good to see him leading in his old usual confidence again. More suiting to his airs. I couldn't help but wonder if Joan had had that effect.

I looked back over at my new aquaintence and had to stifle a smile. "You can relax Sam, we don't bite. Well, Cole might, but only because he cares. I've seen trainers more calm when they come to the lab for their starters. Come on, I'd like to meet your friends." I ponted to a little clearing off to the side, a bench and a wide field.

(Wartiger: Feel free to have trysten spot us walking and follow.)


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Trysten was still searching for Glover, when he spotted him and another man walking towards a little clearing with a bench and a wide field.

Perfect there's Glover. Oh, and that must be the newcomer. I'll follow them and I'll introduce myself to the new guy. Trysten thought to himself before picking up his pace so he could tag along.


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After listening to Cole's introduction and the rather quick dismissal of everyone, Sam was more confused than anything. Though, then again, he supposed he wasn't sure what to expect in the first place.
He turned back to Glover who had begun to talk to him once more and laughed sheepishly "I'm..sorry. I'm just not the, er, greatest at interacting with people... I haven't had a lot of practice in recent years."
He smiled as they made their way over to the suggested clearing, "Though, I'm sure my friends would revel in the opportunity to meet some new faces."

As they arrived, footsteps caught his ear and he turned his head to see another catching up to them. Nodding his head in another greeting he said "Hello. I...don't remember if I'd seen your face... I'm Sam."
He reached to his belt to remove the pokeballs, releasing the pokemon within each. "And these guys are the ones I've been traveling with most recently for training."
Gesturing to each, he began naming them. "The Growlithe is Orthrus, the Houndour is Cerberus...they're considered brothers due to them more or less hatching and growing up together. Over here is Azazel the Trapinch, Garuda the Rufflet...And finally, the Cranidos' name is Zenith."
He looked over each "They're still a bit on the young side...well, that's probably obvious. I'm kind of giving the pokemon I had been traveling with a vacation, so it's just been me and these guys."


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Sorry I haven't been active much lately. I have had nearly everything on my mind lately, and my school workload isn't helping. I'm still free to battle, and in a couple of weeks I will be a lot freer.


Dave did not know what to do once Cole announced that they had time to explore the city. I haven't said hey to Glover or Trysten yet! he thought as he saw a nervous-looking boy sitting on a park bench with the two. Since when did a new guy get here!?

The fighting type gym leader ran over to them. "Whazzup? I'm Dave, and welcome to the league!"


Do almost whatever with this, as I won't have time to it seems.


It's great that BW2 come out the weekend I'm home from college, so I can actually get them on the launch date. I just got to Castelia City with my team of Arthur the Dewott, Lancelot the Riolu, Gawain the Growlithe and Mordred the Elekid. When I get back to school I'll trade over Morgana the Zorua with my roommate's DS, and I'll add Excalibur the Drilbur and Guinevere the Roselia as soon as I encounter them.


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It's great that BW2 come out the weekend I'm home from college, so I can actually get them on the launch date. I just got to Castelia City with my team of Arthur the Dewott, Lancelot the Riolu, Gawain the Growlithe and Mordred the Elekid. When I get back to school I'll trade over Morgana the Zorua with my roommate's DS, and I'll add Excalibur the Drilbur and Guinevere the Roselia as soon as I encounter them.

I'm guessing you got White 2 also?

I'm stopping at Route 4 until tomorrow so I can easily get that Braviary. So far my team is Wilboar the Pignite, Genesect, Keldeo, Gibson the Sandile, and Zeus the Elekid. Brviary or a Sigilyph will be my final Pokemon, but I'm not sure which.

Does anyone know how the N's Pokemon thing work? If you knock it out or flee will they come back or do you only have one chance?


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EDIT: CH 33 of World urns is up now. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showth...rld-Turns-Back-Around&p=15206474#post15206474 Do enjoy.


"You sound like my Daughter. She's been off crossing the Johto region. She didn't make many travelling friends either. Glover bent down to offer a friendly hand for each of the new Pokemon to sniff, lick, and rub against as Sam introduced them. "Well hello." He said to their curious, eager faces.

"They all look very healthy for their age. Remind me of my Pokemon at home. I built a ranch for my caught Pokemon that's now part or the Gateon Research Lab, you see. So good on you."

Slowly turning and sitting down, Glover produced six pokeballs of his own. "This is Sunbeam and Moonlight" he said, opening two Luxury Balls. An Espeon and an Umbreon emerged, the former sitting erectly while the latter took a more active role in sniffing out Sam's Pokemon. The next Ball Glover opened was a Priemere Ball. "This is Moto," he said of the playful Rotom that appeared. A nest ball followed after. "And this Galvantula is called Ferriday. He does a lot of my traps when I worked within criminal compounds undercover." The Ultra Ball revealed a large, cheerful looking Magnezone. "Dreadnaught's my eye in the sky and my air support."

Glover turned, surveying the park. He was looking for someone. "Ah. And over there, you see the bird fountain? The one with the Gargoyle? That's Gizmo. You've met him." Glover motioned to Sunbeam. "Would you be so kind as to do something about that before he can scare off those Pidove and get them hurt, please?"

"Espi." the Sunbeam nodded and dashed over.

Which just left the seventh Pokeball Glover held in his hand. It looked like a Heal Ball, but was slightly thicker than standrd and painted more in a Red Cross theme than the normal pink and tan. "This is Ace. He's somewhat sick. Cipher experimented on him, they believed that as a Deoxys, he could unlock the secret to genetics unlike anything previously. I don't open his ball out of respect to the standards of Six, but he's mastered overloading the failsafes and can let himself out."

"A pleasure to meet you, Sam." He said telepathically from his Ball. "If you'll forgive me for not leaving my ball at this moment."

Ferriday seemed to take the quickest to the Trapinch, the two Bug types finding the most ground in common.

"weell, seems like their making friends fast, anyway." Glover rubbed Zenth's crown when he spotted the others approaching. Ah! Hello, Trystan. Sam, this is Trystan, our Grass type leader. And this is Dave coming up behind him, the Fighting type leader from Hoenn. We were just introducing our Pokemon and ourselves. Have a seat."
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hey can i join i am a friend of wartiger97 he said that he would write me into the rp since i know him in real life


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I know I can welcome you to the group so...
A young man of about fifteen years in a forest colored cloak and similar apperal with two Dao swords strapped to his back with a quiver full of arrows between them, and a bow in his hands walked up a stage with his Sceptile, whose name was Ezio and said, "As the Grass type leader of the Journeymen I want to welcome you to the fold of the undefiled battlers were we use pure skill to defeat our foes, not the unclean EV training styles, where most of us are mostly mentally unstable after the Omega War some even before that. I hope you enjoy your stay here and maybe you can retain your sanity."

After the Forester had finished his speech a hooked cane started to snake out of the curtain behind him to attempt to drag him backstage, before his Scpetile partner saw it and stepped backstage, which was followed by a scream of "AGGGH!" From an unknow person.

"I warned him the last time I gave a introduction speech..." Trysten said with a disturbing smile on his face.
Hope you enjoyed the into, now I'm not sure about the RP we'll just have to wait for Feral or Draco to approve of me writing you in.


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I see no problem of anyone writing anyone in, so long as (s)he's a cleared member fo the NCTH. Though I think technically I'd feel better if he did his own character introductions, jsut so we're not clodding on people's toes and all.

So, I have a BW2 related question for ya'll: Do I start BW2 from Janie's perspective? Or play it from Glover's so I can get the DW Pokemon like Emolga for him and restart my Black version? I'm not really one for going back and replaying old games, but...
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