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Non-competitive trainer's hangout mk. III

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Displeased Owl, Jul 17, 2011.

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  1. Keyo61491

    Keyo61491 Hakumei Tenshi

  2. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    I'll be over, eventually. I promise.

    And speaking of, Chapter 34, No Witnesses Part 2.3of World Turns is up. It's late, but alive. Which is more than I can say for... well.. you'll just have to see. ;)
  3. Earth Wolf-Howl

    Earth Wolf-Howl Nuzlocker

    Sorry I haven't been on in a while, people! (BTW, this is Warrior Scolipede speaking) If the founder's on, could you edit my name please? I just haven't been on in a while and stuff, sorry...
  4. DittoDude

    DittoDude The King of Town.

    Hey everyone, I've noticed something about our RPs. Namely that they're both about parties. People, we are not the Non-competitive Gala Hangout! As the Firebrand so eloquently stated in our first RP, "And our league… we fight bad people." Does anyone else like the idea of starting an RP in which we do that? If I was a group leader, I would, but I'm not, so I petition those above me to create some action for us!
  5. Wartiger97

    Wartiger97 The Forester

    I second this and I suggest starting an all the time Journeyman RP thread I'd be willing to head it up or watch over it since I'm on daily.
  6. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    That sounds like a lot of fun, but which area would the thread be in?
  7. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    The issue with this, like Blazi mentioned, is I haven't the foggiest where aforementioned thread would go. Is there an RP section on this forum?

    The other is, I tend to leave the "fighting bad people" stuff up to the fics the group writers write. It's a lot easier writing it all down yourself than relying on on others to carry things on, especially in big action scenes. The reason I have done the party settings for the RPs is to allow people a chance to show a different facet of their characters, one that isn't just the warriors and world-changers that the Journeymen become in the fics, a way to humanize them, give them a chance to unwind and experiment.
  8. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    There's notagroup Rp forum here, just fizzy bubbles and the Serebii RP. I looked into sticking our RP into a seperate thread to keep it free from League business, and therefore clearer.

    never mind. When did this get here? http://www.serebiiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?44-Role-Playing-Games

    For an evil doers RP to work, you almost need someone playing the badguy, even if its just a one dungeon master. That's too many roles though for any of us to be able to keep their characters as well. That, and someone killed off all the bad guys. (i tease because I like ya) You'd be welcome to parallell universe the NCTH though, even adopt some of the bad guy plans I have cooking for Turns. (warning: spoilers) and we could have a lot of fun with NCTH taking down members of ??? in HOlon, I suppose, but we've written out almost all the games now.

    ...hmm, i could distract Glover for a while and do that, I suppose. Let me think about that...

    Not to mention, a lot of our characters here could really use some humanization development. We write them as world savers and heroes, and then fall apart at public gatherings. (remember, the Royal Unova is a plot device here. Cole,s given us hours to do what we eant. If two of you want to dive into the sewers and pummel some thieves, go right ahead. I'm just talking to characters to help Sam build himself. ) there are a lot of things to do in Castelia. Our poison leder could even go over to Virbank for a while. Go see a concert by Roxie. Hop the train to Nimbasa, it really isn't thT far when you compare Unova to the islands around NYC and the adjacent cities in New Jersey. Visit the Battle Company (unova's Silph Co, i believe.)pester that guy who gives out medals for sneezing. See Athena's old lighthouse. Visit the toy store with the Honkin' big piano. (if you don't get it, you haven't read the League fiction...)

    I think some of you may need to read a few chapters ( it may end up only being 1) of mine coming up, i've got a clash brewing about heroics and humanity between two characters, and it may well be too apt.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2012
  9. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    Exactly. I wanted to take a chance to show Cole in a situation where he was not either a) liberating an oppressed people, b) battling a madman, c) fleeing for his life, or d) engaged in some kind of physical activity of that nature. I also wanted to be able to show that despite being a very charismatic and incredibly competent warlord and commander, thrown into a standard social situation, he is completely and utterly out of his depth, unable to carry on a conversation with more than three people at once, and the heavy toll his adventures had exacted on him. For those who have read Hero's Path to the end, you understand that a weight was lifted off his shoulders, but he still has a lot of the scars from the journey, and even though he did a lot of great things, he's still a human being who doubts himself, has plenty of weaknesses, and can't rely on his Firebrand persona to save him. So yeah, the RPs allow for us to showcase elements like that, where Cole simply cannot rely on the competence of the Firebrand, he has to be just Cole, and that's hard for him, driving him to turn to substances like alcohol and painkillers to cope.
  10. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    Well, it has really been a while. Here is the next chapter of Maelstrom, Operation: Fortree. Maybe I'll get the next chapter out by next month...
  11. Keyo61491

    Keyo61491 Hakumei Tenshi

  12. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I've found it! The Dreamworld Emolga is MINE! A Motor Drive Emolga, and it belongs to ME!

    And she's female, to boot. Although admittedly, a male one I could call Rocky. Maybe if I find another one...
  13. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    Well, since Hurricane Sandy is lashing campus right now and my classes are cancelled, I've been prepping to send my pokemon from White to White 2. Maybe the storm's put me in a rather sentimental mood, but I've started feeling rather maudlin about the whole affair. There's something sad about it, lining them all up and giving them a hold item, then exiling them from the only home they've ever known...

    Guys, don't mind my rambling, I'm just drunk off adrenaline.
  14. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    You want Sentimental, how about the three hundred or so guys who are sitting lonely in the Gamecube cartridge for my copy of Pokemon Box? Yearning for the very fate you consider so sad, they sit, twiddling their claws, feet, and tails.
  15. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    Haha, true that. At least these 120 have a place to go. Actually, now that I think about emigration, Unova doesn't really have an Ellis Island-inspired place, does it? Unless Unity Tower counts. Actually, made it is Unity Tower, because it's where "people" from all over the world converge, and it's in sight of Liberty Garden.
  16. psyrose3

    psyrose3 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I'm psyrose. This is nice club y'got set up here. Maybe I'll do some battling sometime.

    ...120 mons is quite a lotta mons...
  17. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    Welcome! And yeah, it is. Some of the ones I'm sending over are from my first playthrough of Ruby, ten years ago or so years ago. The Charizard on my gym team is only slightly younger than that, from my FireRed playthrough.


    I've got some pokemon that are older than most pokemon players.
  18. Mug

    Mug Sergeant Sunshine

    Hey, guys...
    Uh... I'm not dead. Thought I should establish that. Have I been fired yet? If not, then frankly, I should be. I will have more free time in the coming months, but I don't know how much of it I can donate to... this. I may visit every now and then, but I am going to have to respectfully resign as the Rock Gym Leader who was hardly ever an official Gym Leader. Don't miss me-- you hardly knew me to begin with.

    Mug folded up the note and, giving it a somber look, slid it gingerly into an envelope. She placed it at her feet, brushing a clearing in the light snow that had settled on the ground. She looked up at the door that served as the golden gateway to enter the Journeymen's tower. Looked at the note taped to it: Royal Unova. Back whenever.

    "I think it's better that I don't tell them in person. The less they see of me, the better." A sigh slid past the Lea-- the trainer's lips. She turned and walked towards the Fearow that sat, feathers ruffled, in waiting.

    "That's it? Ready to go?" The great bird waited patiently for an answer as Mug adjusted her scarf around her neck.

    "Nothing else to do, Aria. Let's just go home."

    A lone tan feather drifted from Aria's wing as she took to the sky with Mug as her passenger. It drifted down, thrown drastically off course by even the slightest breeze. It fluttered out of sight, letting its path be chosen for it, never to be seen again...
  19. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    Aww, don't sell yourself short, my last gym match was a month ago, the one before that was quite some time ago.
  20. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    And I have probably only had one since becoming the fighting type leader, which at least felt like a long time ago.
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