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Non-competitive trainer's hangout mk. III

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Displeased Owl, Jul 17, 2011.

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  1. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    I'm probably going to go with Dave for my first go in X, and Ralph in Y. I could go as one of my other head canons, but I'll probably just do it the way I did with BW2. Speaking of canons and fan fictions, where has World Turns and all of the others been?

    I'm going to take this opportunity to announce the new chapter of Mealstrom, A Fool's Venture. Please take the time to go over to it and read. It's not long, and not something that we have had lately.
  2. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    Regarding thefirst one: burnout, lack of vocal interest in other parties, (coughmostofyoucough)and working fulltime plus is what happened. In any order. And I'm so far ahead of what I've wroteen down ih tain't even funy...
  3. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    I think I'm going to go back to a little fic writing after I wrap up Fire Eternal (which I hope will happen in the next two months, fingers crossed). I like working on two or three big writing projects at once, and since I don't have an idea for a longer novel length original fiction after FE, I'll just keep working on Dark Pawn and then the Nuzlocke write up, on top of a little series of short stories to polish some technique things that I need to do in literary fiction, not so much genre.
  4. ThePhoenixarisen9

    ThePhoenixarisen9 Blazing Spirit

    Anybody have a water stone? I just continued my White 2 playthrough, and I need it to evolve my Eevee. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Just noticed how my most of the conversation is about the fanfics/miscellaneous writing. Hate to be the guy who just goes off-topic...
  5. Keyo61491

    Keyo61491 Hakumei Tenshi

    I'm back from the dead and I've recently completed my White2 which mean, I can access the day care and possibly reopen my Gym, Yay!
  6. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    No big deal, we've gone so long without a single one, it seems, that it will be nice to maybe have multiple ones going. I probably have a water stone. I'll have to check, but it's likely
  7. voidhawk

    voidhawk Blergh!

    Hey there everyone! I'm about to begin a playthrough of pokemon White 2 and thought that I'd really enjoy playing in a league like this. I'll update when I can (I'm really busy) with role-playing kinda posts tracking my journey through the games. I may also be doing an emerald run through, but we'll see :)

    Also, phoenix, I have a water stone on my competitive cartridge (all finished, etc) if you want it?
  8. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    Welcome to the club! It really is one of a kind, a mixture of a whole multiverse of heroes that somewhat tie in and a group of people who honor the form of battling where you don't have to create the 'perfect' monster and only that.

    Phoenix, I haven't played much and still don't know for certain if I have a water stone. It might be a good idea to take this definite offer.
  9. voidhawk

    voidhawk Blergh!

    I'm really looking forward to this :)

    Is there any particular pokemon you need? I can have a look for one to trade over for you as well, if you'd like?


    I've started my White 2 run through, and have been playing for a half hour or so... Does someone want to suggest some members for my team that would fit in with the rest of the league and the story?
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2013
  10. ThePhoenixarisen9

    ThePhoenixarisen9 Blazing Spirit

    I would recommend any eeveelution to cover the types you don't have. You can now catch zweilous in victory road, so that is good late-game. Overall, just use your favorites! For example, I will use serperior, flygon, electivire, vaporeon (that's why I need the water stone), Volcarona, and lucario. So, it's all up to personal preference.

    Voidhawk, nice to see you join the club! I'll take you up on the water stone offer. Message me when you can get on, please.

    EDIT: Just read your post again... Scratch what I said about the eeveelutions and zweilous. Keep using your favorites. Water stone is still the same.

    I really need to stop skimming...
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2013
  11. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    There isn't anything that fits the "League". That's the beuty of it. We discourage somewhat the use of WEapons of Mass Destruction, (eg, walking around with a Groudon) unless yours is a characterwho could handle such power... But by the same token, even the most fearful Tyranitar mAy simply be looking for a good bellyrub. Do try and avoid catching the singularity pokemon (only one) like Mewtwo or Arceus if you Truly want to fit in. But beyond that, play it however you choose.

    The real question is, who's your character? A shy farm kid stepping cautiosly outside the old rail fence for the first time isn't gonna start with the same kind of Pokemon a tough guy born on the streets of Celadon would, nor will he catch the same Pokemon. His first Pokemon may not be a true starter, he may start with aa Poochyena or Lillipup bred by the farm's herding dogs. He may not have the gumption or the gusto to raaise a Hydregion, who are feircesome and reportedly hard to train. (even though everyone here but me seems to have one for every day of the week... >_>)
  12. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    I agree with all of that until the end. (By the way, my March Hydriegon wants to talk to you for a moment.)

    Plus, different settings will play into his choice. If he comes from the big city, a more immediate, interesting starter would be something like a Ratatta or Trubish. There are also many kinds of rural areas. My character hails from Lavaridge, so he started with the fire Pokemon, Torchic. If they come from an island, an aquatic Pokemon would suffice make the most sense. Kinda like Iris from the anime, she comes from a town devoted to dragons, and she trains (and started her journey with) Axew, a dragon type.
  13. Firebrand

    Firebrand Indomitable

    Right, my character was born in Pallet Town and raised by Professor Oak after his mother died, so it makes sense that he began with a Charmander. Seriously, to get half of this club you might want to check out our fanfics. They're all rather good. See, as much as we're pokemon battlers, we've got a bustling community of writers too.

    In other news, I'm on break this weeks, so I'm home with wifi and White 2.
  14. Keyo61491

    Keyo61491 Hakumei Tenshi

    I kinda lost interest in continuing my fanfic... long story short My character who doesn't care for pokemon, eventually learns to care for pokemon and has a Absol. Eventually Annie Dote the poison Gym Leader in Lavender town dies, and keyo takes over the positon which leads him to meeting with the journey men. side plot blah blah blah, evil nurse joys blah blah blah, mew clones blah blah blah...nothing special
  15. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    Keyo: it's a shame that you didn't feel like continuing. It sounds like it would have been a cool storyline, especially the evil nurse joys.

    Anyway, I would like to wish a happy tenth birthday to Ruby and Sapphire. That's right, on this day ten years ago, kids swarmed to stores to purchase the Pokemon games with the most controversies of opinions. To me, I loved these installments, but I can see how other didn't. They were my first games in the series, so I guess I have a sentimental attachment to them. How does everyone else feel about these games, who are now ten years old?
  16. Glover

    Glover Pain in Rocket side

    Minor confession, i don't know that i'll get to finish either. Considering forty short chapters and I'm not even a quarter done, thething just grew too big. Too many ideas, too far ahead of myself. For those interested in seeing my production bible of ideas, pm me. I still want to write, i stillwant todothe thing with Mahogony, the Azure Flute, and Gyradosii of mass destruction (GMDs) I just don't know when it'll be...

    AnywY, my list of characters is a family. The namesake, Glover, is a fathernow, who's watching hisdaughter go into the world. Hewas a trainer, and a darned good one, who grew up in Orre. The events of Colosseum broughtt him home and refocused his interests from travelling to helping, although he'dhad a pastof small favors and right place right time stuff. He retired, aquired land, which is now a ranch behind the Gateon Lab, and plays host to trainers pokemon as well as his own. Although much of the science that goes on in Gateon is over his head, he does a lot for cleaning up Orre's reputation, trying to create a thriving, hospitable battle circuit and trying to undo a long history of envirnmental destruction by systematically repopulating the region with Pokemon from around the world. Some native, some not.

    His wife is a teacher, her tenure as a trainer had nothing to do with battles, or contests, although she did takepart in a few of each as it struck her fancy, shehit the road justto see what was beyond Floaroama. Their daughter has a few traits of both,although slightly favoring her father's interests in being helpful and a bit of a hero, she really doesn't have the passion for being a champion trainer that he had at her age.

    Miffed that they couldn't talk to rbygsc, excoted about new critters, and I liked the graphics, th secret bases, and the opportunity to play friends characters even when not near them.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2013
  17. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    In the wake of celebrating what brought us Hoenn, I worked on the next chapter to Maelstrom. I'm not giving in on this story, as much as it feels like I should just get to the other fic that I have planned. It's up, so PLEASE, if any of you have some time, take the time to read it and write in the comments. new chapter
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2013
  18. Keyo61491

    Keyo61491 Hakumei Tenshi

    I might change my mind depending on what's going to happen with Gen 6. The only reason I started a fanfic is because :342: felt the need to include my character and I didn't want him to screw up my back story. Turned out because of this my fic would end up taking place before RBGY, so I decided to do kind of a re-telling of the Mewtwo project.

    I hate writing, I find it boring compared to drawing. But if I'm ever gonna start making my own mangas, I have to build the patience for this kind of thing. But at the same time, I don't want to force myself, and end up making the story bad, because it feels more of an obligation.

    In general, I just lack motivation. I may continue eventually, but right now I'm not feeling it.
  19. Blaziken10285

    Blaziken10285 The Dojo Master

    That's understandable. Lack of motivation is why Maelstrom is only on its 13th chapter, but started in May of 2012. It should be done now and I should be on number 3, but I have been unmotivated a lot of the time. By the way, does anyone know about the others' Fics? (TheNorthWind's Dark Waters, Charze's Tale of Two Trainers, and Phoenix's Rise of the Phoenix)
  20. Omegaman1144

    Omegaman1144 New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm not new to pokemon but I hate doing the IV/EV thing. I've had fun playing Pokemon since 2000, when my favorite pokemon was Victreebel. I've always wanted to make a grass based team, but have never found a place where I could battle without seeing all OU tiered pokemon who wrecked my team. When I saw this, I was excited. Does anyone on here play on pokemon online or just through the wifi? (I think wifi is better cause you actually have to have the pokemon you're using!)
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