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Noodles: Roamin' Off (585)


burning it down
A nice episode. The bored reactions of Brock, Ash and Dawn were priceless. When TR fell into the water, Jessie's hair looked lovely, like it always does when it's wet. She should keep it like that, instead of using gravity defying hairspray :D

Shiny Metagross was great, nice to see noodles :D I got hungry after that, and went and had some :)

So all in all, a good episode. Can't wait for the next.


Sera Kureseria
I love you Team Rocket! Always have, and always will! Finally got around to watching this episode today.

I'm not much for noticing graphical details, but I loved the 'Jessilina' and Chef!Meowth dialogue scene. It was really cute.

Also, I ADORED the music that was playing towards the end of the fight with Metagross. It was totally actiony, and I feel it fit the scene really well. I just wish I knew what it was called, and if it was available anywhere.

Rocketcentric episodes are almost always, in my opinion, some of the best. I loved the nod to James family (and fiancée) when Jessie was saying at least he had something to fall back on. Even if his family is creepy incarnate.


I thought it to be an okay episode. Unfortunately for me, I watched the version up on Cartoon Network Video, so there was some quality issues (pixelation a bit), but that's what I get for missing it on TV.

Like others said before me, I found the whole Ash/Brock being uninterested thing at the beginning was hilarious, and I liked the "Ramen Noodle Shop owned by a Team Rocket student/apprentice who is grateful to Jessie and James" idea.

I sort-of actually thought that they were going to break up, at first. But, I sort-of came to my senses when James decided to truck on alone to get the shiny/oddly-colored Metagross. I was thinking like "No way is Jessie or Meowth not going to join him/rescue him."

And I too liked it when Ash guessed dead-on that the "shooting star" Dawn saw was actually Team Rocket blasting off because of the Metagross.

Overall, I thought it was okay for a regular episode, but for a Team Rocket episode, I actually rather liked it.


Mismagius Girl
I liked it, even though it was a Team-Rocket-Hogs-The-Show episode. It was soooo funny! :) Parts I liked: When Team Rocket attacked and the gang was all like "Sorry Team Rocket, but we don't have time for you today..." :D Lol! And at the end of the show when Ash was all like "Maybe that was team rocket flying off saying 'We're Blasting Off Again'!" :D ROFL! :D


cutes.u.2.death >: )
it was an ok episode, im not a big fan of jessie and james, but i love meowth,
the uninteressted and and gang was hilarious
and the noodle guy was pretty cool
loved that their was a shiny in this episode, although they called it off colored (which is a good name for it too)


Unova Trainer
i wish rocket would at least once get something good, so giovanni would be proud of them, but we all know that won't happen. i liked the episode though i missed the first ten minutes.... :(


Arriving glacially.
The only reason I watched that episode was because it featured a shiny Metagross...and they end up not catching it. -_-;

I was disappointed at that aspect of the episode, but I felt the whole emotional rollercoaster that Team Rocket went through made up for it.


Well-Known Member
Slightly good episode. I liked how they split Team Rocket up but was eventually brought back together again. I liked Meouths obsessions with noodles lol but i teared up slightly at when Jessie and James left one another, was quite kinda sad
When Ash said to pikachu to thundershock them that was quite funny as well the way he just said it as well
Haha Ash is right and i like the impression he gave as well. Dawn wishing for her 5th ribbon was quite funny as well. Overall an okish episode


Drink Responsibly
Haven't had the time to brose the forums much this past week, but I did get a chance to see this ep and found it full of cute moments. Oh James you sweet little moron, when a triangular sign has a big old ! next to a pokemon's picture it means stay the fudge away, not run right up to it!
Anyone else struck by the similarities between Christopher and Mondo (of the Japanese-only CD drama "It's A White Tomorrow")? Both are brown-haired young men who look up to Jessie & James and called them Sempai/Master, express a desire to work with TR's Meowth, and have jobs in the food-service industry.
I am NOT saying that Christopher = Mondo especially since they are given different names in Japan, Chris was Yusuke IIRC from when I youtube'd the original, but I do wonder if his design was as a reference to that CD.


Well-Known Member
I'm surprised at the end how Ash said that it was team rocket blasting off from that metagross. I was like o_O


<-- so adorable ^_^
boring boring episode...... they NEED to ger rid TR......
the only good part was when I saw Jessie's hair all wet....it suits her...../:
and James.....being all nice and stuff trying to capture Metagross all alone:)
but that's about it


Well-Known Member
celebitrainer; said:
TR is just getting sad now. That noodlebot thing they had was ridiculous; and it wasn't even electricity-resistant. When will they learn?
never thats when:D


Aspiring Guitarist
*sniff* i wish i could see a shiny metagross in the wild...:( This episode was ok...


"I need a mustache."
this episode totally made me lol i <3 tr focused epsodes!!!!! (maybe i still gots a trace on my old James crush....)


Active Member
I thought this episode was quite good. After seeing that Metagross I grabbed my DS straight away to get a shiny Beldum. Had to change days to get the Swarm (took ages) then got it on 36th PokeRadar attempt. Back on track I thought the episode had too much Team Rocket.