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Wired, Yet Tired
Person 1: Yo, have you seen where I put my home insurance paperwork?
Person 2: I haven't, but I will help you search every Nook and cranny.

Kid Iccarus


the Greninja Geek
What do Pikmin order from a Sushi Resturaunt?



Lieker of Mudkipz
I don't have a Shadow of a doubt that the next Sonic game will be Super.

Mudkip Tetris


Hey, you know Joanna? Shes evil.

No, I dont know her, but she must have some dark intentions.

Advance Wars


Fiery Blaze Lucario
Can Mr. T have a piece of a combo punch?



I am back!
"We have all of them?"
"Yep, Olimar here!"
Final Fantasy


the Greninja Geek
What is it called when water evaporates in Final Fantasy?

Fire Emblem Awakening. I never said you couldn't be specific, did I?


Lieker of Mudkipz
Hey, have you played that new Fire Emblem game?

Yeah, Awakening?

No! AVaikening!

Pokemon Gen V


the Greninja Geek
What did the lumberjack say when he turned into a dragon?
I'm going to Axew!

Animal Crossing New Leaf


the Greninja Geek
It's supposed to be a NINTENDO game franchise. Sonic is Sega. Read the rules before playing games.